If The Left Shoe Fits...

Ah, what Ivan would give for a moment of respite. A brief pause from all the drama, so that he can properly catch up with his beloved and return to being the happy camper that he instinctively is. Unfortunately, Hope's recent disappearance has shattered this pipe dream of his, if only for the moment. And so, Ivan is left to speculate and wonder about the remarkable frequency with which the Tyler twins disappear.

At least this time Ivan knows that Faith is out there, searching for her sister. During the day. And that he can pinpoint her location via GPS if necessary. Ivan himself would be out there with her, if he didn't have a paperwork from the office to fill out. Besides that - someone has to man the telephone in case she calls. Right?

Time has passed. More time has passed. He's done all that he can without going places that he's not wanted. There has been no news about a second Tyler twin missing, so by this point he can only assume that Faith is okay. Sending the police to Ivan's apartment is something that he's considered but he actually elects not to do. Robert is well aware of the issues behind Faith being with Ivan and isn't about to make anything worse for the man. Not when he already has to deal with the Tyler parents. With no other options, no phone numbers to call (thank you Faith for changing your number), Bobby has only one option left; to just show up. The man appears rough, rugged, as if he's been drinking but he's completely sober. The crutches have been traded in for a cane, one that he leans against thoughtfully as he finally knocks on the door.

Showing up without prior warning will prove to be a mistake, as Robert will learn soon enough. Ivan had been relatively calm and content when he got to his feet, meandering over to open the door. And when it proved to be Robert, he managed to even go five whole seconds without over reacting or freaking out. In fact, he looked perfectly civil.

Until that is, the sixth second came - and with it, the formidable attempt to punch to Robert's cheek. It is not a nose shot, and it's not really strong enough to break or dislocate bones…but if it lands, then it sure will sting.

That is a response that isn't actually unexpected. Ivan should have known, however, that using his powers is the best way to enter into a fight with a bouncer. As soon as the fist comes flying at him, Robert manages to successfully dodge it. Again, it is what he has made a living out of doing. Instinct takes over, however, and he can't help but push back. It's a wonder that he doesn't use his 'weapon' but he honestly just tries to shove Ivan back into the apartment as opposed to actually hurt him. At this point, however, he likely could do a great deal of damage considering his pent up anger. He is trying to take the higher road at this point.

Can Bobby honestly blame Ivan? Can he honestly blame Ivan for the instinctual urge to inflict some sort of pain on the man, after all that he's done to the Tyler's and to his twin sister? Can he honestly blame Ivan for…apparently being something of a wimp?

Untrained, and in general a pathetic baby when it comes to hand on hand combat, Ivan had not anticipated Robert's incredible reflexes. And soon enough, the shove to his person sends Ivan tripping over his own person, falling to his ass in the most undignified of ways. This only fuels his righteous fury, of course. And so, even from the floor, Ivan gropes around in search of something

And he finds it in the form of an attractive leather shoe. Here, Bobby, meet Ivan's attractive left shoe! To the face! However, that's the extent of his actions. No more rampage attacks, no more attempted to hurt the man are made.

The shoe hits, but mostly because there is no real urge to fight. Plus? Who throws a shoe? Honestly? He just stands there, shaking his head. The grip on the cane tightens but he doesn't actually move to attack the now prone Ivan. It would be too easy to get the drop on him, to shop him exactly why he shouldn't mess with him, but Robert just stands there. "Your girlfriend hits harder than you do." Does he know this for a fact? He isn't elaborating at the moment. The insult really isn't all that strong for him. He's not in the best condition, after all. The man has just lost his almost wife.

"Wrong Fontane house, Cornett." Ivan drawls, pure acidic vitriol dripping out of his words as the man gets to his feet - and out of the other man's reach, at that. "My sister doesn't live here. That's who you're looking for, right? You want a quick fuck while Hope's gone? To play your little fucking game." Ignoring the fact that he had just thrown a fit - and a shoe - at the other individual, he is quick to continue on. "I know why you're here. And because I'm worried and need to find Hope - and only because of that - will I let you into my home. You are to stay a total of three feet away from me, and I will refrain from calling you out on the piece of shit that you are in the name of civility."

"Do you actually listen to yourself as you speak or do you like to be a walking contradiction?" He really has no time for this, but he hasn't stepped one foot inside as of yet. "The only reason why I'm here you already know, so I suggest you kindly shut the hell up before I actually give you a reason to throw more punches." Just because Robert is around out of desperation does not mean that he's going to take this sort of treatment. "Your sister and I had our thing, fine. Whatever. She's moved on. I didn't hurt her. I hurt one person and I'm /trying/ to make up for that." Then he shakes his head. "You know what? It doesn't matter how nice I try to be, or what I've done, or the medical bills I've technically racked up because of /you/. You're still going to be a loudmouth prick. Under normal circumstances? I might respect that. But seeing as how you'd rather act like a dick instead of finding my wife, I see I really am in the wrong place." Yes, he said wife. They were so close, arrangements had been made. Finally a move is made, but not to step inside. He turns to limp down the hallway.

"Didn't hurt her? Are you seriously as stupid as you fucking look? You hurt both women. You played both women. And frankly, I should break your other knee so that you'll never be able to walk again, but I won't. You never tried to be nice you fucktard. You took advantage of two women who, for some insane reason, thought they saw a glimmer of something positive in you. And look how you repay them. I told them. Both of them. That you were a piece of shit, playing with their emotions. It's too bad they didn't listen to me." Ivan snarls out, eyes narrowed. There is absolutely no love lost between the pair. "And the fact that you're walking away, right now, just proves what scum you are. I'd sell my soul to the devil if it meant I could keep Faith safe. You won't even suck it up long enough to face the fucking truth."

Oh, Ivan. "And you know this for a fact? You've spoken, in depth even, with Scarlett about this? Because last I heard you two weren't exactly talking about it." He does pay attention. "And for your information, I honestly don't /care/ what you think. I'm not here for you to judge me." Yet, while he's on the topic he's not going to stop. So he turns back to face the apartment and the Fontane inside. Robert really doesn't care who around might hear him. "You're talking about not considering my actions yet /you're/ the one who's playing house with a crazy woman. What, do you get off on her dependency on you? Because that's what you seem to like." His hand remains ever tight on his cane as he does well to not actually act on his anger. "And I'm /here/, aren't I? I think if you honestly cared you would offer up information instead of using any opportunity to come at me. Want to fight later? Fine. But as it stands, my wife is /gone/ and you're the last person she actually spoke with. I've sedated her parents so far but do /not/ tempt me to send them after you."

Ivan smiles. Broad, and jagged, decidedly dangerous. "Have you met you 'wife', Robert?" His name? It sounds vulgar on Ivan's tongue. "Faith is no more insane than Hope is." Ivan can say this, for a fact, having been given a couple of front row seats to Hope's occasional bouts of lunacy. Now, this isn't an insult to Hope, as Ivan clearly doesn't find Faith exceedingly insane…but to Robert, it might seem like it. "Does it make you feel like a man, Robert? To mock the mentally unstable and oppress them? To jeer at the twin sister of your 'wife'?"

Here prompts a roll of her eyes, follow by a pursing of her lips. "If you want this to work out, just shut the fuck up. I'll pretend it's not you, befouling my apartment, and…Bleh. Hope came over at my request two days ago. Something around…six-seven? Just before sundown. She dropped her day planner off - I needed a few numbers out of it so I could find Faith." And he's moving, trying to collect the artifact.

That earns him a look that nearly is as painful as a strike from the bouncer. "I happen to know that every minute wasted is another minute closer to the full moon. That our scheduled wedding has already been delayed because of this and I likely won't get another chance before I have to try and keep her from killing herself. You know what? After all of this, when she recovers? Hate me for allowing her the happiness she's wanted due to thinking that she's going to die. But I have been doing /only/ what she wants. I'm well aware of her current situation, perhaps more than you are with your little shut in." Yes, oh yes, Robert is implying that Hope can at least function in daily life. "The same shut in that, I should point out, is the very reason why Hope is missing. Twin sister or not, this wouldn't be happening if Hope wasn't here that night." But he's not done. "And if you think this is me disrespecting your home, I'm so wonderfully happy that you forgot what you've done to mine." Turnabout is fair play, Ivan Fontane, and at least Bobby didn't come with immediate accusations. Ivan's earned those. Bobby, however, is not the total douche that everyone calls him. "I take it that at least Faith is safe then. At least one of them is."

"I thought I told you to stop talking." Ivan drawls out. All of his other words are complete ignored, primarily the points about a supposed marriage. Lying to a woman about something so important just so she can feel better isn't exactly on the top of Ivan's respect list…though, truthfully, he would have likely done the same thing. Slowly however, he returns with the woman's day planner in hand, tossing it over towards Bobby. "She dropped that off and…we talked. For a little while. Not very long, thirty minutes at the most. And then I left. I left her in the apartment behind me, and went to see if I could find Faith. That's the last I heard of her. She locked the door when she left my place, so she wasn't attacked here or anything. She…she called someone. A guy named Wit, that had Faith. And Tripp. Their vampire…whatever. Before leaving, I think."

The day planner is caught easily enough. He was in sports, legitimately, and remains in peak physical condition. "Yeah, and I'm opting not to listen." As far as he can tell, since he's still in the hallway he has every right to say what he'd like. He also proposed out of love, before she actually decided what she wanted. He also doesn't expect Ivan to understand anything that severe in a relationship. "Never heard of Wit before. He had your girlfriend, huh?" Yes, there is something heavily implied in the way that Robert asks that. "I've met Tripp. He doesn't really like you. Calling him would make sense."

"Yeah. Wit." Ivan stubbornly ignores the rest of Robert's comments, although the definitive clenching of his jaw proves that this is taken a concentrated effort from the politician. "He's a friend of Faith's, or so I've heard. I suppose it might be worth noting that Tripp didn't pick up. And that Tripp has Faith's old cell phone - so that if you want to get in contact with him, calling her old number would be the way to do it. I don't have anything else. I don't know anything else. But if I do hear something I'll…" Beat. "Well, I'll make Faith call you." It's probably the best course of action, devoid of the most cussing.

This is useful, as much as he hates to admit to it, but he's not going to let up on the man who just assaulted a cripple. "A good friend to take her. Hopefully you thanked him for keeping her for you." The implications will not stop. That's what he gets for implying things that he doesn't know. "Why would she give him her cell phone? You know, that doesn't matter. I'm sure the reason would make my head explode." She is insane, after all. "I'll keep calling the number, though. I have that from the time that she came to see me." It was to drop off hamsters and find out about her sisters but Robert is making it sound like it was a different type of call. "Likewise. I'll be sure to speak with Faith if I find out anything." He begins to turn again but stops. "Oh, should I send their parents your love?"

Ivan clenches his fist, doing his damnedest to refuse from rising to the bait of Robert's words. It's difficult, but somehow he manages. Somehow he manages to ignore the lot of it and proceed in the strictly professional air he has built up. He is being so good!

Until that is, he starts to be bad once again. "Sure. Send them all my loving. Oh, and fuck you." And with that, Ivan slams the door shut before him, the impact enough to make the entire hallway shudder.

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