Time for Tea

Doesn't Hope know that the only Tyler twin allowed to go missing is Faith? Apparently not. The crazy twin has been working day and night to try and find her sister. Normally she'd not be out alone at night to look, but she honestly isn't planning on going out much further than the front of the apartment complex. Ivan can watch her from the window if he has any concerns. Rose is hoping that one of her sources will show up and hopefully with some information. The elevator dings as it reaches the lobby and she begins to step free from it. Due to the time her steps are slower and more cautious than normal. One never knows what goes bump in the night.

Nothing bumping yet, but the outside door swings in at that very moment and invites a breeze of spring air along with the tiny figure of Susan Baker. Half turned to smile at a youngster outside, scribbling an autograph on a stylized photograph of herself. "Sure thing hon, next saturday, same station, same time."

Her biggest concern at this moment is the woman named Vivien. She is her most mortal enemy and Faith can't promise that she won't jump her next time she sees her. So she's distracted just enough not to recognized Susan just yet. It's not until she makes it to those doors leading her to the outside world that Rose recognizes the woman who's speaking to the youngster. Hoping that she's not been noticed yet, she immediately turns and walks back towards the elevator.

Apart from the ticking if high heels, there's a momentary audible light sniffing. Right before Sue's head snaps towards the elevator and a slow smile starts around her lips. Behind Rose, the heels speed up. Just that much. No blur, no rush, only that obvious nearing of those high, high heels. "Why, what a pleasant surprise," the vampire drawls softly. She doesn't have to raise her voice, knowing fully well Rose will hear.

It surely is a coincidence that the sound of heels is nearing her. Still, she wastes no time getting into the elevator. Once she does, however, Rose turns to face the opening and press the desired floor button. It's then that she finds herself practically face to face with the woman of her recent nightmares. "A surprise. Yes." Faith just watches Susan, hesitating to press any buttons that might indicate which floor she lives on. "Actually, I was just leaving. Maybe we'll run into each other another time?"

"Don't be silly," Susan smiles brilliantly now. She really is in such a good mood, there's not a trace of any teasing, threatening or blood lust. None of that, instead a perfectly manicured hand now stops the doors from closing on her nose and she steps into that small, small elevator, in such a way that leaves Rose a corner to stand in, blocking the exit. Daintily she presses the button for the nineth floor, chirping, "Which floor's yours sweety. Or did you want to get a peek at mine? I won't think any less of you if you did. You'd hardly be the only one." Which would probably indicate the youngster now looking enviously at Rose.

No. Just, no. This is -not- good. Rose plasters herself in that corner, afraid to really move anywhere else. She watches as a button, the wrong button, is selected. Ivan's going to freak, she can just tell it. "You live here?" They're moving. That's all there is to it. "None of them are mine. I was just visiting. But with Hope out there somewhere I really need to get going." Her eyes move back to the elevator doors as they begin to close. "You don't have to worry about me trying to get a peek of your place." All she can see in her mind is the poor man that Susan had used her abilities on.

And just might have used again, the dress Sue is wearing of exquisite quality, flowing around her smoothly. "Aw, don't be silly, my darling Rose. "You're very welcome. In fact, I insist…" And the doors will close, the vampire not moving an inch - or giving Rose an opportunity to leave. "I might even have some tea. Somewhere." It makes her giggle.

Ding. That sound is one that nearly breaks her heart. She continues to stare at the doors even past the time that they seal off all hope of escape. "The insisting is what I'm so worried about." Rose's heart begins to race as she squeezes herself more into that tight little corner, doing her best to keep as much distance between them as possible. Trying to take a new tactic, one that doesn't show as much fear, Rose speaks softly. "It really is late. I have some appointments in the morning. Rain check?" As if she plans on keeping that.

That same, slow smile is her answer as Susan slowly shakes her head.

This is not going to end well, at least not in her mind. She can't even be saved by her invisible vampire guard while in the elevator. So Rose just slinks down to the point that she's sitting on the elevator floor, her arms holding her legs close to her.

There's a second of absulute stillness, Susan watching calmly how Rose reduces herself to less of herself. Then deliberate compassion softens the century old features and the vampire -slowly- crouches right before the girl. "Rose," she urges, the melodic voice soft now, compellingly gentle. "Hon, look at me. You'll be alright, nothing bad is going to happen. You're with me."

This is where she's going to die. In an elevator, in the very apartment that she deems so safe. Scared eyes focus on Susan as she lowers as well but she doesn't seem to ease up at all. This isn't helping Rose. "That's sort of the problem." It's said somewhat respectfully given the fact that Faith is on the verge of a mental break down.

Susan can't prevent the glee curling her lips a little more, but she corrects herself after a second and continues in that same, soothing, gentle voice, "It's alright Rose, you feel fine." And she intensifies the look in her eyes, turning the words into glamour. "You feel right comfortable with me, don't you Rose. At ease and relaxed. It's just lil' old Sue, you know that. You're coming up to see the apartment I'm so proud of, to share my joy. You're looking forward to it, in fact, ain't that right. Hey, I might just be the one vampire in all of the world you actually trust…"

If she could push herself more into that little corner of the elevator she would, but as of right now she's stuck. Stuck with someone who is likely going to kill her, or at least make it so she doesn't remember what happened so there won't be any trouble. Then it happens, that thing that Rose fears so much. She can literally almost feel her mind breaking, the sanity that she has slipping. That's the last real thought she makes before she feels relaxed, calm, and -almost- comfortable around Susan. "O-okay. I can see your apartment."

While she starts to rise again, Sue offers a hand to the girl and nods her approval, "There you go, my Rose. You're a smart young woman, aren't you. It's a clever person who can distinguish the good from the bad and oh my, you've got some brains on you sweety. I really don't get why the rest of the world doesn't catch on to that. Ah, almost there." A wink is send to Rose while the number on the display switches to 6.

She's fighting as hard as she can but there's really no match between the mind of a mental patient and a glamour. Susan's just lucky that she's in control because once she steps away? Rose will lose her mind. Slowly the Queen of Crazy stands, yet she does so without taking the hand of the vampire. It isn't a slight, it's just Faith. "I can't stay long," she says as she looks up to the six that is displayed on the elevator. "Ivan will worry about me if I'm gone too long."

"That's alright," Susan nods, opening her purse now to find her key. She looks up, a twinkle in her eye, "We don't want to have Ivan worry about you. He's your beau, hon? Good looking? Takes good care of you? What does he do for a living." All asked in a perfectly amiable tone of voice, considerate and caring.

Where is that vampire protector again? She could use his assistance. As of right now, Rose is getting herself into more and more trouble. "Yes, he is. He's gorgeous." That's her opinion, at least. "He works for Mayor McNaab. Image consultant or something is his title." She could go into more detail but she really wasn't asked. "He doesn't like it when I'm out alone at night. Since I get into trouble all the time."

Soft chuckles wipe the very notion, "You could call him?" she proposes. "I do have a phone and maybe it's nice to let him know you're not in trouble." * Ding! * The doors start to open and Susan makes room for Rose to step out first. "You could tell him yourself that I would never let anything bad happen to you." It sounds so logical coming from Susan, the melodic voice so familiar now, so very comforting. "Here, to the left."

The ting causes Rose to stare at the doors of the elevator as they open. She needs to get out of the elevator, she remembers, but she can't remember exactly why. So as soon as she's able to she steps outside and just stands there. "No, that wouldn't really work. He doesn't like any of you, not even my best friend." That's just the reality of it all. "I don't think I do, either." What Rose doesn't realize is that coming up the stairs at an amazingly fast rate is her vampire guard, now that he realizes what exactly is going on. All she does is look to the apartment door in question, expecting to be let in.

"Of course," Susan nods, all understanding and gentle smile. "It's a good thing not to just trust everyone." There's a short, annoyed pause as her ears pick up someone blurring up the stairs and she brings a hand to Rose's arm to turn the girl so she faces her, for a second, brief time increasing the look, the words, making them bigger than that. "Remember it sweety. You really trust me. I'm not like the others. I'm almost… Human." Another second passes, Sue checking if the glamour sticks. Then it's back searching for her key. "Silly me," she chuckles, "Where did I leave that thing?"

The glamour is doing more than sticking; it's breaking the woman. The sign that it is working is that she doesn't pull away from Susan's touch. She just watches this woman without really doing much of anything. "I-uh, okay." Rose starts to look around, as if the key might be on the carpet or something. She honestly isn't thinking like a normal human being. It's at this time that a rather large, male vampire explodes through the door from the stairwell and immediately moves to pull Rose away from Susan. Rose, for part, just kind of lets it happen, not really sure how to react.

And while the male vampire moves at such incredible speed, Susan really doesn't. In comparison her head lifting, the quizical brow rising, the offended smile dropping, comes in a near human tempo. "Excuse me? Rose honey, are you alright?" All of Susan's concern directed at the young woman, for outward appearances looking as if she thinks the man is some insane attacker. "What is this /outrageous/ behaviour. Don't you have any manners, young man. This is not how you treat a young woman!" Her hand leaves the purse. It finally found the key.

"I-yeah. I'm alright, I think." She attempts to move past the bodyguard but a stiff arm keeps her very much behind him. "What's going on?" As she blinks and tries to make sense of everything, her bodyguard doesn't even move. "The Sheriff of Dallas has decreed that no harm is to come to this young woman. To do so would be to go against her personally." There are no further warnings issued to Susan as he believes that this should be enough to explain it all. He then backs up, taking Rose with him. "We're leaving."

"So it stands," Susan nods her understanding. "I assumed as much," she continues to the man, "And as Rose knows -and you do well to know- no harm will come to her in my presence. Well," and she chuckles with a wink to the girl, "Apart from the risk of getting treated to a nice cuppa. And you are…?" Assuming as well that the man will recognize her face.

Recognition makes no difference to this particular male. If anything else happens to Rose it will be him locked away in a silver coffin for the rest of his life. "She wants to make me tea." The tiny woman does speak up from behind her escort but he doesn't back down. "Fun time is over. I suggest you stay away from this woman until you speak with the Sheriff. I won't actually stop to talk the next time." After a snarl the larger vampire turns and begins leading Rose off. When it becomes clear that she's not really going to make it easy on him, he throws her over his shoulder as he moves for the stairs.

"How incredibly rude," Susan frowns, shrugging her apology to Rose as the woman is bodily removed. "Rose, sweety, the offer still stands." She considers a moment and adds, "If it makes your bully here feel better, bring Ivan as well. It's 902. Don't be a stranger now…" Wiggling fingers even. All /so/ unvampiry.

Such a pathetic sight in the young woman. As she's forced to leave, she looks back at Susan. A hand comes up to wave at her and she's given an almost pained expression. It's as if she's being pulled away from her best friend. "I'll tell him you said hi." There's not much more time for pleasantries as the guard vanishes with her, fully intent on returning her to her home.

Susan doesn't waste more time on the departing Rose once the girl's out of sight. In her same, slow pace she walks over to her apartment, key fitting in the lock. And with her back to the stairs, with the freedom to finally show her true mind, the woman smiles. Had Rose seen, she might truely have wondered why on earth she ever thought she could trust Susan Baker.

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