Rescue and Return

Sheriff's Estate - The Vault

Unfortunately, when Isobel received the call that someone had bothered a person under her protection, she was out taking care of other business. The guard was ordered to take Rose to the apartment, or bring her to the estate and wait with her.

While she has no doubt that the Tyler girl has put up a big fuss on the way over, she doesn't rush her business. Taking care of something for the King while he visits the other Areas is quite a bit more important than some girl that Fontane enjoys bunking with.

Faith will find herself escorted to the Vault, a couch made available for her, and food and beverages offered. Nothing more than quaint, southern hospitality while she's made to wait.

It only takes Isobel approximately fifteen minutes to complete her business, and another five to run from one end of the city to the other as she returns to her home.

The call is made and that is the easiest part of the trip for the poor vampire guard. A certain someone, once she snapped out of her longing gaze at Susan, decided that punching and kicking him would be a good idea. He's done well to get her to the vault. He's done well to keep her in a comfortable environment and offer her all the best that he can. What he can't do well is continue to take abuse for actually saving the woman's life.
This is why, when Isobel returns, she'll find Faith asleep on the couch. The woman is fine, not at all bitten, but she's out. Her escort is standing in the room nearby, watching over her. He stands still as a statue, thankful for even a moment's reprieve from the madness that is Faith Tyler.

A look is given to the woman on the couch before she turns to the guard. "Thank you. Please wait outside." Not literally outside, though that is where the guard bolts to once given permission to be gone.

Isobel does not bother to wake Faith yet, instead moving toward the small fridge in the bar area, and taking out a bag of AB negative to heat up and pour into a glass.

The microwave is not loud, but the beep-beep-beep may be enough to wake the 'younger' woman up.

It isn't that she's in a deep slumber. Any who know Faith well know that it's not easy for her to sleep sound without medication or else the nightmares strike. She's not entered REM sleep just yet, which makes it even easier for her to be stirred back to the land of the un-living. A few sounds are made as she wakes before she realizes that she's not in Kansas anymore. And at that moment the young woman startles, and because of that she falls directly off of the couch with a loud thud.

"You humans are quite amusing when you awake from slumber." Isobel sips from her mug, then peers at the young woman. "I apologize, Miss Tyler. I was unaware that Ms. Baker had moved into your building. Had I known, I would have gotten word to you sooner." The woman is likely still disoriented, but the Sheriff seems to be keeping her distance at the moment. Not advancing to help her, and not retreating either. Simply staying put, barely moving as she feeds for the evening.

The lingering of slumber plus the fall does cause things to seem a little hazy. That's why she is remaining as calm as she is. A hand comes up to rub at her eyes before it falls to cover the hidden wound to her abdomen. She's no longer wearing bandages even if it's obvious that she's been mauled recently. The voice, however, causes Faith to blink and stare in Isobel's direction. Her heart begins to beat out of control almost due to fear as she backs away as best she can from the floor. "What? Who?" She doesn't seem to recognize where she is based on her reaction.

"Do relax, Miss Tyler. The faster your heart beats, the more your blood pumps, and the hungrier I am apt to get." Isobel takes another long drink from the mug, licking her lips to remove any stray blood from them. "You are safe for the moment, but I need you to tell me exactly what it is that Ms. Baker did to you. Clarence was not at all thorough with his telephone call, and I thought he would have brought you to see your beau before dragging you here."

The fear doesn't really seem to dissipate in the least bit. From her position on the floor, the scared, crazy Tyler just watches Isobel. "Who?" Then she retraces what all is said and adds a few questions. "Who? Who?" She might as well be an owl at this point. In fact, that very thought causes her to giggle, to the point that she falls over on her side during the fit of laughter. "I'm an owl. Who, who." It's safe to say at this point that Faith is more than a little broken, which if anyone is up to speed with the current theories on her mind they may know what happened. As far as her body is concerned, there are no bite marks.

"Back on the couch," Isobel says. The mug is set on a nearby table, and moves toward the girl. Then she reaches down to gingerly lift the woman up to the couch once more. "I see now, what he was attempting to tell me. She glamoured you. This does not make me happy in the least. She will be dealt with accordingly." Until then, however…

"I will see to a safe location for you and your paramour until Ms. Baker has been removed."

At first she attempts to move away from Isobel but it really does no good. So what is the Tyler to do as she finds herself lifted up onto the couch? "Wheeee!" Of course that was going to come. It's impossible to tell if this sort of insanity is going to last, but it certainly has caused her to forget just how afraid of Isobel that she is. "My what? Who?" Faith shakes her head. "You're making no sense, Miss. Are you okay? Did you hit your head?" She even looks genuinely concerned as she's asking this. "You're kinda like that lady from the elevator that wanted to make me tea. She was nice."

Unlike her Maker, Isobel has little patience for insanity. "No, Miss Tyler. The lady from the elevator was intending on luring you to her apartment, and using you as the tea." Arms fold over her chest and she glares at the young woman. There would be a glamour to tell her to snap out of it, but there is not telling what sort of damage that might do. "I believe the term these days would be 'boyfriend', though that sounds completely ridiculous, since Fontane is hardly a boy."

If she has little patience, she likely needs to get rid of this woman rather quickly. It isn't so simple to just come back from insanity whenever convenient. "Don't be silly. I'm too big for tea. And alive. And I doubt I'd taste very good. Who are you again?" Faith obviously isn't at her best at the moment but she seems to have calmed down and is enjoying herself. "Ewww. I have a boyfriend? Are you sure?" Even if the images and the faces are there, blurry, she just hasn't pieced it all together yet. "Whatserface said that she just wanted to be nice to me. Then that brute stole me away. I had to go somewhere, I think. Now I'm even further away!"

"You will be going home shortly. I will bring you myself if you would rather it not be 'that brute' who delivers you." Isobel knows that deep down the woman before her is aware of who she is. So she does not bother to reintroduce herself. She merely watches her for a moment. She is loathe to glamour the girl, knowing her history, but she does offer a very strong suggestion with just a smidge of a glamour. "Faith Rose Tyler, you are not insane. I need you to snap out of this immediately, or I shall become very cross and deliver you to your 'boyfriend' as is." Her icy blues lock on to Rose's eyes and she does not move or waver. "Susan Baker is a nuisance at best, and I need for you to stay away from her."

The glamour put upon her was weak in comparison, made by someone young and nowhere nearly as experienced. There's no desire to look away from Isobel. In fact, Faith nearly seems entranced by her eyes. She listens to everything that is said as she does her best to do as instructed, trying to remember it all. It doesn't take much with the help of Isobel and soon enough Faith startles again. Down she goes, again. "I please. Don't hurt me." There goes the fear again, this time for a reason. "I swear, I've been good. I didn't even leave the building and she caught me. I promise I've been good."

"Miss Tyler, if I wished to hurt you, I would have by now. Trust me." Patience has been worn completely thin, but Isobel is still maintaining a decent amount of composure. "I do not care whether you have been good, or whether you wander off to visit other men while dating Mister Fontane. Quite simply put, I offered to keep you safe and put you under my protection. I did not state that I would insure your faithfulness." Moving over to her mug, she finishes off the blood and then turns back to Faith. "Now, I have a question I should like to pose to you. One which I have been trying to ask of you for quite some time. Would you care to seat yourself properly so that I may pose my question, and then allow you to be on your way?"

That's not fair. And just like that, Faith is standing. "I never said anything about that! I meant that I've been being careful about being out at night. Despite what people think, I haven't done anything with Tripp." Oh, yes, she's gone there. It isn't as if she doesn't realize that's what people suspect. As bitter as she is, she's still very scared, so immediately sits when prompted to do so. In fact, she even sits quite proper, hands on her lap. "I just found out about this protection thing. I didn't know about it. Don't feel obligated if you're putting yourself out." Which is Faith for 'I won't mind if you people go away'. Even though she's still somewhat confused about how she's gotten here, it will sink in in time. For now, she just watches Isobel, waiting for this question.

"The protection would not have been necessary had you come of your own free will to speak with me ages ago." Isobel frowns at the young woman, then walks toward the couch to seat herself beside — though not immediately beside Faith. "The intention was to have you be claimed by me for your own protection. At the moment, this is not feasible as there is another that I must protect for a time. One whom is willing to be so. However, since you are already well acquainted with Mister Reynolds, might I offer an alternative?"

Oh, she has a retort for that. She'd love to respond to that. For now? Faith continues to sit prim and proper, wide eyes on Isobel. The twin may not be the smartest person in the world but she knows who Isobel is and isn't going to go out of her way to push buttons just yet. "Clearly you need to tend to this other. They need you. I can certainly wait." It's said with respect even though the meaning is clear. When Tripp is mentioned, however, Faith slouches slightly. "Tripp's my best friend." Hello, news flash. "But I haven't heard from him in a while." This obviously upsets the crazy.

"Mister Reynolds is in my employ. Should you rather Clarence not watch you, I can always promote your friend and have him be the one that watches over you, with Clarence as a back up as necessary." Isobel's expression reveals very little, kept snapped in its generally icy neutrality. "This was not my alternative, however. I would strongly suggest that you have a vampire take claim of you until the imbeciles in this city decide to leave you alone. There is nothing sexual about a claim, there is nothing romantic about it. It is merely a contract between yourself and a trusted vampire, for you to be able to say that you are under their protection should another attempt to do what Ms. Baker did to you earlier."

"You're his new job?" That might sound wrong but her head is spinning at this point. "I don't know. I trust him more, but he's not allowed in the apartment, either. I don't think Ivan would like that very much." The twinkle in her eye, however, indicates that Faith just might enjoy spending more time with her best friend. Finally she looks away from Isobel, either uncomfortable or shy. Or both. "It wasn't supposed to happen to me as it is and it did. If I'm not bitten I'll be eaten by a wolf or something else. I don't want to put anyone's life at risk just to watch over me." There's a small pause as she almost slinks into the couch. Remembering where she is, however, she manages not to. "I've been claimed before. As I remember, it never does any good."

"As I recall, that was an unlawful claiming as you were not in your right mind. Now it would be entirely different, and entirely up to you, Miss Tyler." Isobel watches the young woman, almost thoughtfully. "While Fontane may not allow your friend to be in the apartment, he can always escort you to your door. Escort you out at night when Fontane cannot be around. Though I will warn you that I highly doubt Fontane would like this arrangement much more than if you were to allow your friend into the building." There are no illusions so far as Isobel is concerned. Ivan will be upset either way, but in truth this is his own doing… asking a vampire to keep Faith safe.

The thing about Faith is that she doesn't trust anything that is said by Isobel. She doesn't really trust any vampires, only Tripp. She'd follow him to the end of the Earth it would seem. Michael's still been good to her but she's kept her distance. "He's not going to be happy until I'm inside all the time unless he's around." It's a sad truth. Perhaps it isn't even a truth but it certainly feels like one to Faith. This isn't counseling, however, so she doesn't elaborate. "I mean, do I really have a choice? I can't just ask for you to stop this. And if I'm going to have someone following me around all creepy like I'd rather it be someone that I know."

"At that point he may as well tie you up in a leash, or lock you in a cage. This would have been acceptable in the time when I was brought up, but these days it is unlawful to take away a woman's freedom." Something that is a rather big deal to Isobel. Should this ever happen, Faith will have a savior in the woman, trusted or not. "As the deal was not made with you, Miss Tyler, you do not have a choice in the matter. Should Fontane request that you no longer be protected, it will be removed immediately. But I shall not break a promise that I have made on the mere whim of some woman."

She knew it. That just confirms him. "I asked him to make it stop but he wouldn't." Yes, she sounds rather defeated in that. "We were working on things. I think he needs to realize I need more freedom just like I need to have more patience with people." This could be directed at Isobel but Faith isn't going out of her way to suggest as such. "I'm serious, though. If I don't have a choice in that, I'd at least like a choice in who's watching me. Not saying that they are, but I don't know if they're perverts or not. If they'd really save me." Her wounds are a good example of that. "Either way, I'm going home long enough to pack. I'm not staying there, not with that creepy lady. Why she's so fascinated with me I have no idea, but I know she'd be happy if I wasn't protected."

"Miss Tyler, I do believe he is doing what he thinks is best in order to keep you from running into another of our kind who will treat you as Mister Nishimura did." Isobel is well apprised of that situation. "My previous offer still stands. I shall put you and Fontane up in the best hotel in the city, at my own expense, until Ms. Baker has been removed." Removed from what remains the question. The building, obviously, but quite likely removed from life as well if she continues to give Miss Tyler a difficult time. "I assure you that Clarence will not harm you. He is a eunuch. Should you desire Mister Reynolds to be your guardian, I will see to it this evening if he checks in. Otherwise, I will leave him a voicemail. I do not like to keep my employees at my side at all times. I do like to offer them some freedoms."

That's all it takes for Faith to stand and begin to pace. It's a nervous habit but she really doesn't want to think about Hiro. "Yeah, and before that he thought I was willingly sleeping with him." A barb, a jab, and not intended. Immediately Faith covers her mouth and shakes her head. "That wasn't fair. He's done the best he can for me considering the fact that for some reason people don't like me. Or like me too much. Maybe it's because I know far too much. About vampires, and werewolves, and witches and psychics." Seems she knows a lot. "Thanks for the offer but I'll get us a place if I have to. I have that money I never touch and this is kind of my fault." The pacing continues. "I'd really like for it to be Tripp. And then maybe he can help me look for Hope." Faith blinks as she looks around for some sign of the time. "I'll be surprised if he doesn't report me missing soon."

Barbs and jabs that are not directed at Isobel are fine and do not shake her from her neutral state. She allows the Tyler woman her little tirade, and then chuckles. "It may have something to do with the fact that you are an exact replica of your sister. Your sister who is very outspoken about her beliefs." That the King has taken to teasing Hope is not something that she will yet reveal. "No, please allow me to do it. It will be a secure location, and I will have one of the witches in my employ put a vampire warding charm on it that will only be broken should you call for help." In order to allow her protect entrance to save her. "There is no reason for you to waste your money when I have far too much as it is, and I feel that this incident was my fault. I was remiss in not keeping better track of Ms. Baker."

Isobel rings a little bell on the table beside the couch, and Clarence appears once more. "Do take Miss Tyler home, and stay with her outside of the apartment until you are sure that it is Mister Fontane that answers. Remain in the hall until you are certain it is safe, then take up your usual position."

Faith will just have to put up with Clarence for at least one more evening.

"I do not think it wise to tell Fontane my suggestion of the claiming. He will not like it, and it cannot be his decision. A claim is something that can exist only between yourself and your claimant, and only should you desire or accept it when in your right mind. Do you understand?"

It still isn't right for her to do such things, not in front of the company she's with. A good point is brought up, though. "Stupid church." Well, that sums up her feelings. "One person thinks I'm in danger because I know too much and am with Ivan. Now I'm in danger because of Hope. Will anyone ever see that I'm just me?" It's frustrating and she is almost completely defeated by this point. At least the pacing stops. "It's okay, really. You can't protect me all the time nor should you have to. That crazy fifties reject knew not to do anything but she did anyway. I clearly heard her say she wanted to check into the status of my immunity."
Wait, is Faith actually having a semi-civil conversation with Isobel? Hell has frozen over. "Secrets are never good in any relationship." A pause as she draws a breath. "But I believe this is a good decision. I know that it has to be my choice and I have to be comfortable with it. I didn't choose with Michael, he just told me because I was crazy." At least she does seem to understand some things. A look is aimed at Clarence. "I'm not riding over his shoulder again." He very likely doesn't want that, either.

"I see that you are just you, Miss Tyler. I also know that you are not insane, and that you are the product of something that those of my kind who have no control have done to you." Isobel does not feel sorry for her, but she does know the woman's history at the very least. "Well she has checked, and she will be dealt with." There is a flash of something in the Sheriff's eyes. "I do not take well to those who cross me, Miss Tyler, and while I have offered her leniency due to her previous deal with the Magister, should she not be reprimanded by the parties to whom I have charged the discipline, she will meet the same fate at Nishimura."

Which, in essence, means death. Susan has been warned multiple times, and Isobel is done playing nice.

A laugh issues from the blonde woman, and she looks over at Clarence, fondly. "No, my dear, I do believe you two shall return in the town car. It is far safer than a run through the city. Clarence was only concerned that you get away from the woman. By the time you have explained things to Fontane, a suite of rooms will be available for you both at Hotel Anatole." It is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the Dallas area. Luxury spa, large gardens, tennis courts, the whole nine yards.

Not once has she ever asked for pity. She just wants people to see her for who she really is, not what the media has painted her to be. "Yeah, well, not everyone's like that." That sloppy, anyway. "I kind of wish she was still alive, the woman who did this to me. But you can't always get what you want." There's no threat of violence in her tone. In fact, Faith is convinced that her death ended the only real cure to her current situation. Yet once Isobel mentions Hiro's fate, her eyes go wide. "Don't let Ivan do it this time. He shouldn't have done it." Yes, she clearly knows what happened. "At some point people have to stop killing because of me." A look is given to Clarence but Faith doesn't protest. "I promise I won't try to hit you." She honestly does hit pretty hard, especially for a girl. "I'll talk to Ivan about it. I'm sure he'll want to leave as soon as I do." A brief pause. "Is it cat friendly?"

"If it is not, it will be by the time you arrive." Isobel has a certain… way with people… to get what she wants. Perhaps not the best thing to do, given the circumstances, but she will make the pair comfortable until Susan is dealt with. "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride," she states in regards to Faith's desire that the original glamourer be available for retribution.

"Do not worry, little Tyler. Should it be necessary to kill Ms. Baker, I should really prefer to do it myself. Fontane has no finesse." No skill with torture before killing — not that Isobel genuinely has a lot of skill in that, but she needs to make it sound as though she does.

That's not exactly something that she likes to hear. Anyone being forced to change by the hand of a vampire scares her, if she's to be honest. Instead of argue, however, Faith just slowly nods. There's really not much else to say, and she's already wondering how much trouble she's in with Ivan for all of this. So she moves over to her escort, silently submitting herself to the ride with him. "I don't want her dead." It's not a plea, but she's stating her case. "If that's your intent, it's your intent. I just want to be left alone." Any further talk about Ivan killing someone is going to make her sick so she just lets it go. No, there will be no more death for her.

Noting the uncomfortable look, Isobel soothes it with a simple sentence, "Money, Miss Tyler. Bribery seems to go quite far in the human world, as many business owners are quite greedy." It is still not the best way to see about the cat, but it will suffice for now. "You will be home in a matter of minutes. I shall call Fontane and let him know where you have been and what has happened, so that you do not need to worry about it and he will be forewarned enough to retrieve suitcases for your little vacation."

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