Tripp, Lies and Videotape

Sunday. Midnight? Maybe a little before? A little after? All Tripp knows is that it has been one -hell- of a couple of days; our favorite vampire Tripp simply cannot remember the last time he had been involved in so many arguments, it'd been simply headache after headache but.. Well, out of everything, at least Tripp -had- come to understand Hope a little better.

The duo are stowed away in a hotel that he'd been staying in, and the moment he had noticed the full moon was out and.. Well. -Nothing- happened, he actually looked extremely disappointed, ".. Well great. I'm a felon for absolutly no reason. Wonderful." he muttered to himself. He also learned how to tie new and interesting intricate knots, but that's.. Uh, another story for another time. Having borrowed Hope's phone, he called up Bobby and told him where he was- BObby was probably pissed that he didn't call three days ago but he hadn't thought about that right now.

So right now it appears to just be Tripp and Hope; Hope likely just coming to yet again and finds that she, yet again, is tied up but this time to a chair; the ropes bound about her upper arms and wrists tied to the arms, ankles to her feet. LEss intricate than normal but whatever, right? And Tripp? Well, he seems to be groaning, hands and face pressed against the window and just.. Grumbling about what a huge waste of time this was.

At least this time, her mouth isn't taped shut. So when Hope's eyes begin to blurrily open up, she groans.

"Where am I?" It's not that she's forgotten, it's just that she's hoping these last few days have been a nightmare. Although all too soon she's wide-eyed and fully awake.

"Again with the ropes? Come on! Let me go already! You should have let me go days ago. Why are you keeping me here? Are you insane? You know I'm going to kill you when I get out of here, right?" Likely find where he's staying for real and burn the place down if she has to, but by golly, Hope is going to be on the warpath.

So much for Stockholm Syndrome.

Pissed is not exactly the best descriptive word to explain which emotion is coursing through the older man's veins. In fact, there are many, but pissed is a sedated form of what's happening. It is with luck that Bobby is getting a shoe thrown at him and is not able to answer his phone. Tripp would not like dealing with that. Instead he makes his way to the hotel as best he can. It's a slow pace that brings the man to the door but still he arrives. Instead of raising a hand to knock, however, he uses his cane to do tap at the door. A bad habit he's picked up from a certain television show. His face is good at hiding how he feels, but he's not afraid to use fire if need be.

".. Huh?" Tripp looks over his shoulder to Hope, his wandering mind brought back to Earth, though he seems a little annoyed, "You're still here, Hope. And of -course- I didn't forget, why else do you think I'd have tied you up aga-"

Knock knock

"… Mnngh." He has no clue why a cane's being used, but Tripp doesn't think it'd be anyone else but Bobby at the door- He's honestly not sure if he's relieved or saddened but one thing was for sure, it was time for his captive to go!

"Well, it looks like you're going to be fine." he heads over to the door, peeking into the eyelens. There's a slide and click, then draws the door open. He's dressed as he usually is, a blue t-shirt and jeans, though he looks a little tired. His expression is that of clear discomfort when he sees the man face to face. "Bobby. Well, this is awkward." is his greeting.

"Awkward? I'm going to kill you, Tripp. Friend or not, you took me! You brought me to this place and…" And there's a Bobby at the door. Hope would run to him if she could, but that's a little hard to do when she's tied to a chair.

The rest of what she was going to say goes unsaid. She simply won't say anything that might hurt Bobby. Instead, she sends her knight in shining armor as bright a smile as she can muster under the circumstances.

It's a transition between crutches and walking free. Besides, it looks rather cool and is fun to use, so Bobby will keep it around for as long as he can. It is, however, meant for walking and not for beating. Yet. It is all that he can do not to actually just take the cane to Tripp's face for what he's caused. Yet Bobby isn't Ivan; he can at least try to be calm enough to get the full story out of the situation. "You took my wife." Short and to the point, the bouncer attempts to move past Tripp and over to Hope. It's slow and pained still but he kneels in front of her to cup a hand to her cheek and check her status before actually untying her. The faintest of smiles is offered to her, this being too much of an emotionally charged moment. "You see? We're both fine." After checking he will then begin to untie her.

"I.. Um.. Yeah." is all Tripp can say at first to Bobby's comment. That is pretty much what it boils down to after all, and he steps to the side- Offering no resistance to letting him in- There's nothing really unusual about the hotel room, well, aside from the tied up lady. Nothing appears to be broken.

"I'm sorry, I meant to call you earlier," he starts, rubbing the back of his neck. And keeping his distance. "I'd heard about Hope's attack.. And what the possible side-effects could have been. And as you probably already know about her threat, I thought I'd take matters into my own hands.. I figured I'd probably be the only one with the physical strength to restrain her if she went through with it." Tripp explains, thumbs hooking into his pockets.

"I.. Um, really, I meant to call you sooner, I didn't realize there was so much going on but I.. Uh.. I was in a tough spot."

"I think the correct term is bride," Hope says, correcting Bobby. "We're not married yet." Poor Tripp is going pretty much ignored by her now, as she's focusing on Bobby and trying her best not to just cry. "I see. I know. Oh, Bobby, this means…" That she did something very stupid not long before she was kidnapped. She broke a promise to herself and to her religion.

Even so, the very second her hands are untied, she throws herself at Bobby. Since her legs are still tied to the chair, it comes along with her.

He isn't ignoring Tripp, or what's being said. Currently his priority is on his fianc, however. The time she's been gone has been rough on him for many different reasons and right now she just needs someone not tying her up. "Well, I'm hoping that someday you will be." That's about as honest as he can be right now. Slowly Bobby turns just enough to get a glance of the uncomfortable vampire in the room. "I know what she's been talking about. I was willing to take her to Vegas just to try and comfort her. I was /going/ to be around for her through this." As he begins to make himself angry by talking about it, he instead shakes his head. "Getting angry with you isn't going to do anything. You did what yo…" That's as far as he gets before he has a Hope and a chair on top of him and he's now on the floor. Only then does he fully realize what she said. "Don't hate me, please. And don't hate yourself."

Yeah, please don't break the chair, it isn't his. And he's not paid well enough for damages! Tripp goes quiet and at least pretends that he isn't listening in on the duo; in fact he'd probably be gone by now if he hadn't felt he owned Bobby an explaination.

And to hear Bobby planned to be there for her, he feels rather guilty about his thoughtlessness there, "I understand, I admit I didn't put a lot of thought into it, I just wanted to make sure that the weddeing was going to happen. Congrats by the way," he says, suddenly noticing how -interesting- the wallpaper was. He'd offer a favor or, some sort of penance, but he won't do that around Hope, the girl will turn into a bomb at any mention of it- Perhaps another time. Or, heck, maybe he won't want to ever see him again, who knows?

He's quiet for the most part though, and thinks maybe he should excuse himself while they're on the floor and all. Just don't make a mess.

"I don't hate you, Bobby." She may hate herself, but she doesn't hate him. After all, it was Hope that literally begged for it to happen. "You though," she says, turning her head toward Tripp, "I do. What kind of friend," she continues, trying to get herself upright — a very difficult feat considering she's stuck to the chair. "What kind of friend just kidnaps someone and ties them to a bed? I bet you didn't even tell Faith where I am. I bet the police are looking for me, and they'll have the tapes from the Ravello… and… and…" With a frustrated cry, she just rolls off of Bobby, giving up on getting to her feet. She doesn't want the weight of the chair to hurt his knee further.

The attempt by Tripp to not just bolt might actually be commented on if he weren't currently preoccupied by the weight of a still semi-bound Hope. Slowly he helps her free of his form before he begins untying her legs. "Faith doesn't know. Ivan doesn't know. Oh, and your parents are in town." With both of the twins listed as missing at one point he really had no other options. Even while he's saying this, Robert continues to be as calm as possible. If Hope plans on charging Tripp at all, he'll be there to stop her. "I understand," he does say to Tripp. "I mean, why you did it. But that doesn't excuse it, especially to everyone that has to know what happened. If I were you I'd tell that Isobel what's going on. She seems to be in a position that can help you." Oh, he's beyond angry but he can't take it out on Tripp unless provoked.

He rubs at his temples, Tripp shaking his head at the girl, "Hope, we are -not- having this argument again, ok? Please? It wasn't exactly fun for me either." he says with a deep groan. Seriously, three days of that! Then to the mention of the twins -parents-? Tripp would pale if he could any more- Obviously he didn't tell their folks or his own folks that he was still around! "I.. Wh- What?" he starts, with deer in headlight eyes. He runs a hand through his hair, ".. Oh man.. Oh man.. Rrrhg.

But he's worried about Hope's vengeance as well, there's no doubt in his mind she will tell -everything- and then she'll be coming after him with a shotgun loaded with silver bullets. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Maybe Isobel could help, that's not bad advice at all, but still! He runs his hands over his face, shaking his head. "I- I'll figure something out. I don't have any doubt I'll get what's coming to me, but.. I can't, I can't let her parents know." the last sentance said very very quietly.

"W-WHAT!? My parents are here? Did they tell you about last time they were here?" It really didn't end well for the Tyler clan, any of them. "Does Faith know that they're here?" Hope has something to focus on now other than hating Tripp, but oh boy, that is still there. She is most definitely the type to tell people that a vampire took her to a hotel and tied her to the bed. She's most definitely the type to bring it up publicly, and at the church, and to anyone that will ask.

"That argument isn't over. It's never going to be over, and if it wasn't fun for you, then you should have let me go. Especially if you had my phone the entire time!" A deep breath, then she mutters, "God grant me the peace of mind I am going to need to get out of this unharmed…"

Apparently he's said something that he shouldn't. "I haven't said anything to them yet, but they're going to want to know what's happened." Bobby would want to know if he were them. Yet Hope is freaking out as well and Bobby can't figure out what he's done wrong. "Are you kidding me? I had no way of getting into contact with anyone since she went and got a new number. I had to go to see her and all I got was Ivan taking a swing at my face." So no, Faith has no idea what's going on. Robert sighs as he looks back and forth between them. "I didn't know what else to do. It made the news, and Faith was still missing, and I couldn't hide it. It's all I can do to not tell them where she is." He is not going to try and calm Hope down. That just would be unwise in general.

Tripp takes in a calm breath, hand over his mouth. He remains quiet and responds to Hope's complaining with a roll of his eyes. He's not completely desensitized to it since she has excellent reason -to- be bitching but he can't take too much more. Geez he's so -tired-. Heh, poor Bobby. That sounded like Ivan all right.

And the dramatics! She -knows- he isn't going to do anything! Though ok, maybe the leather cuffs were a little weird, but that wasn't necessarily -harm-. Either way, though, he gives Hope a look, "Look, knock it off, all right?" he asks, as an attempt to get her full attention, and then, "'When you leave this room, you absolutly -cannot- clearly remember what happened', all right? Just, I don't know, say you don't know where you were for a while, that's not an outright lie.." the very first request, of course, is an attempt to subtly glamour Hope. He really -really- didn't want to have to come to that, as it's a rather unfair thing to do, but Hope is, in his mind, way too dangerous. And it'd just be flat out rude to not be subtle about it in front of Bobby. "If our friendship in the past meant anything to you, please.. Please just do me this one favor until your parents are gone."

"Thank you for not telling them anything. So is Faith back? Is she okay? Please tell me that she's been found… if she's not then… then I don't know what I'll do, but I'll likely feel it's my fault." Since Hope was trying to get in touch with people when she got nabbed by her undead ex-best friend.

For some inexplicable reason, she turns to Tripp. All just to yell at him again when he tells her to knock it off. Her eyes widen a little, and she just falls oddly silent. Not a word is spoken. She looks almost as though she's in a trance, and while she does her utmost to fight it, there's just no way that she can. Staring at him, she blinks once or twice, then turns to Bobby. "Why are we in a hotel?"

This isn't fair. Granted, Tripp is in a bad position and Robert can't exactly blame him, but he's placing a large secret and responsibility upon the older man. Does he do the honorable thing and tell the truth, or does he do what is best for all parties and go along with it? He does know a thing or two about vampires and so understands what's going on. Finally he looks away, from both of them. "You went missing." Oh, yes. Here it comes. He looks to Tripp, pointedly, before looking to his love. "We couldn't find you, but Tripp did. He called me here to come get you so you wouldn't freak out about him bringing you home."

Uh oops. Tripp didn't mean to go quite -that- far and even he looks taken aback by Hope's reaction to his move. ".. Er." Yeah. Real smooth, Tripp.

When Bobby turns his back to them, Tripp has a feeling he's just going to explode- So he cringes until the words come out and yet again he's nearly floored by what he hears.

He's absolutly stunned, no words can pass his lips for a couple of minutes as he lets the words sink in, and the guilt he feels only increases as a result of all this. He'd apologize again, but he also knows Bobby doesn't want to hear it. "…" He doesn't say anything, fearing Hope will see through him. "I'm glad you're all right. But you two should probably get going, it'd be bad for her to be seen around me." he says, at least that much is heartfelt he's glad in the end that she's -alive- which is most important. But the weight he put onto Robert's shoulders; he's not exactly happy about it.

"Missing? I was taken, but I don't remember…" Hope sounds quite worried about that. "I hope I'm not becoming like Faith. I like remembering things." She looks at Tripp, confused for a few moments. "Thanks, I guess." It's about all he's going to get from her, since she's already explained that she can't be seen with him.

"But who took me? Why would they just leave me here?" Glancing down at her wrists, she blanches. "Why'd they tie me up. Bobby… what happened. They didn't… I mean, you don't think they… oh God…"

The only opportunity he has to make his real feelings known is when she looks to Tripp. The glare that Bobby sends should explain full well that he realizes just how heavy of a weight he's taken on. That is his job, after all, but he clearly isn't happy. Yet when that flash of emotion is gone, he softens for Hope, to be there for her. "Remember how your sister said that she was taken by a group that wanted to make the church look bad and vampires attack? Like a third party? I think it's something like that. You two are identical and you're the poster child for the church. It only makes sense." With each lie he feels his heart sink further and further. "You were found in the chair, Hope. Completely fine. I think you were like a political prisoner, of sorts." If the truth comes out, he's moving to Mexico. Maybe he knows someone who can lend him a fake mustache and sombrero. "I know how you feel about being seen by Tripp, but he really went all out for you." This causes him to look at Tripp again. All out, indeed.

A glare from Bobby and Tripp's gaze drifts off to the side. Coincidentally he does have a sweet sombrero and poncho, but it isn't for sale. But he doesn't have to go -that- far, he could have come up with something! .. Um. Maybe. .. Probably. …. Not.

"Don't mention it." he says to Hope. No. Really, don't mention it. He has to admit, that is an astoundingly alaborate story- but considering the source he finds himself a little sidelined. -That- happened to Faith in the past? He's missed so -much-.

It's getting to the point of exhaustion, "B- Bobby, please, it isn't necessary I just.. Need some sleep right now, and she needs to get home before, with my luck, the paprazzi arrives or something. We'll talk again later, all right?"

Hope chews on her lip as she listens to Bobby. It makes sense, it does. "I don't remember anything except leaving my car at the Ravello, and my silver mace, and trying to find Faith. I think it was a vampire though." She's not positive now. She looks to Tripp again, and smiles. "Really? You spent all this time looking for me after the way I treated you? Thanks." This time it sounds a lot more sincere.

Though Bobby had better hope that the truth is never found out, or there will be Hell to pay. Anyone who has ever been subject of Hope's wrath would know that.

If he's going down, he's going to take a lot of people with him. As of the moment? Bobby is ready to take on this burden. It isn't ideal, but it really is the best for all of them, especially Hope. He moves to place an arm around her shoulders. No further comments are made about Tripp's sacrifices for her. He can't lie that much, after all. The only reason this is so convincing is because it literally is a possible scenario. "Perhaps. Or perhaps that's what they want you to believe." Like when they convinced Faith that she /was/ a vampire. "Your parents are at my place, though. We should go meet up with them, then you should get some sleep. Maybe you'll start to remember something later." Bobby begins to attempt to guide her towards the door, his cane used for its actual purpose. "Thanks, man." It's hard to tell if he means it or not, but that's up to Tripp to wonder about. "Get some sleep. I'm sure we'll talk later."

Tripp can't help but raise a brow to Hope's smile. To see her so sincere after all this time is just.. -Really- weird. Weird and awkward. Well, now he's silently indebted to Bobby, and it looks like it'll be more than just the sisters he'll have to watch out for now. And that's fine for him, it's not like he really has anything -better- to do.

Tripp believes Robert's thanks is a sarcastic one, and he can only just smile awkwardly in return. "Yeah, I'll be around." he holds the door open for the two, rubbing at his eyes.

"They're at your place? I…" Hope smiles, and nods. "I don't know if I'm up for dealing with them, or explaining why I've been staying with you, or that we're engaged, but we should probably go see them so that they stop worrying." She clings onto Bobby's arm for dear life. "I'm pretty sure it really was a vampire, but you're right. They could have drugged me. That would explain why I can't remember anything, right?" Maybe she's not going crazy after all. As she reaches the door, she doesn't even think to ask for her cell phone back. She'll just have to get a new one in the morning, or when she's feeling up to it.

"Good. I'm looking forward to it." He's able to keep any venom from his tone, surprisingly. "Look at it this way, Hope. It's my house. As soon as you want to go to bed, they leave. I'll make sure it happens." He finally musters the strength for a cheeky grin. At the end of all of this, however, he's likely to feel just like Tripp. For the meantime, however, he takes his bride to be and leaves Tripp to his own devices. Maybe he has another Tyler to pester for a while.

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