Southern Methodist University Campus

Green grass carpets the campus area, the central focus of which is a large concrete fountain. Tall sprays of water spout straight up from the center, with smaller sprays blossoming out closer to the edge. Seven low buildings in a variety of architectural styles are arrayed around the fountain.
To the right is the old Science building. Continuing in a counter-clockwise manner, there is the Humanities Building, then the library, a track, two tennis courts, a gymnasium and finally the dormitories.

Late afternoon is slowly spreading out into early evening, and the sun is not even bothering to set yet. That is the one wonderful thing about Spring and Summer, the longer days. It means that a certain Hope Tyler, poster girl for the Fellowship of the Sun, can be out quite a bit longer than normal and still have plenty of time to get home before dark.

Though classes have pretty much ended for the previous semester, extra credit courses and Spring Semester is set to start up later this week. Having just signed up for a second business course, as well as an early evening floral arrangement course, the Tyler twin marches determinedly through the campus.

Class schedule clutched in her hand, she stops outside the sciences building to dig through her book bag for her cellular phone.

It's a quick step for Dr. David Trudeau as he exits the sciences building, checking his watch as he goes. The middle distance look in his eye tells volumes of exactly how much he's paying attention to what is going on around him, and it's a near thing for him to avoid hitting the young woman who seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Hands out, he makes a quick course correction, bringing him on the side of the class listing announcements on the bulletin board just outside the building.
"Excuse me.."

"Eep! Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!" Hope swiftly side-steps and glances to make sure her sudden appearance in front of the door didn't knock someone to the ground. "Are you alright?"

Thoughts of the cellular phone are forgotten, though she will call Bobby as soon as she remembers it. "Oh, hey! You're the biology guy right? Listen, are you offering an evening course this Summer? I was going to take it, but I'd really like to know what time you figure class will end at." All because she can't stand to be out at night after dark.

Pausing his step, David brings an automatic hand up to adjust his glasses before dropping it again. "Ah.. really.. I should have—
"Hmm? Oh.." His brow furrows briefly and nods, his tones dry as he confirms, "Yes.. that biology guy." He's certainly not offended by it; more… amused.
Turning to the posted schedule, he takes a step closer. "Let's see…" David begins. "If it's an evening course, I like to start around 6 and we should be out by.. which one are you taking? Two nights? Then that'd be out by 7:30. If you're taking the single night, that should start at 5 and end at 8."

Two nights seems like a whole lot of extra work, but it does let out earlier. Hope glances over at the class schedule and sees what two nights they are. "Seven-thirty? Hmm, I can probably handle that one." She dips her hand into her bag and pulls out a pink pen, beginning to write down the schedule on her schedule.

"Definitely early enough that the sun won't be setting yet," she murmurs happily. And it will take care of her science credit for next year, so she can spend more time at home getting acquainted with married life.

"You've got your pre-reqs for that?" Unless, of course, she's taking the basic, basic course?
"Shouldn't be too bad. If not, you'll have to check in with me at my office so I can make sure you've got the background on it." While that could be terribly misconstrued, there's just something in the tenor of his voice that makes him seem completely clueless. He ducks his head slightly in askance, "Class conflict in the evenings?" David didn't catch the murmuring regarding getting in before dark. "My schedule is still somewhat flexible as nothing has closed yet."

"I've got the pre-reqs for most everything," Hope says. Before her sister was feeling better, she managed to spend the majority of her hours in classes, which meant that she should have technically graduated by now but rather than focus on her core subjects, she's been taking a few other classes to give her a broader spectrum.

"But I don't mind checking in with you. To be honest, my focus is mainly in Education, but biology is one of the core subjects I need to graduate, and if I can take it now before the Fall semester, I'm ahead of the game." A cheerfully bright smile, and both pen and schedule are tossed back into the bag. "Oh, no! It's less of a class conflict and more of a darkness avoidance issue. I tend to be a target at night, and I really prefer not to be."

David nods slowly, his head canting slightly to the side as he does so. "Gotcha." He smiles and offers a single, definitive nod. "Great. Then I'm not really seeing a problem." Letting his voice trail off for the moment at what Hope has just said, he's in the position to look briefly .. inquisitive once again. "Target." It's a statement rather than a question. "There is security on campus if that's a problem…"
David doesn't recall a time when there was any real crime on campus; this is a pretty quiet, pretty safe place to be. "I mean, sure.. middle of the city and whatnot, but I couldn't imagine any problems." As he speaks more, there's a roundness to his vowels; certainly not a Texas accent or points in the area. "If there's issue with it, I could," David thumbs over his shoulder and twists slightly, "contact security to walk you out to your car?"

"Campus security really sucks," Hope says, considering she's been accosted here a time or two. "It's not regular assailants anyhow. It's those crazy vampires." Frowning, she shakes her head. She knows she's extremely verbal about it all, but she's really only telling the truth.

"One chased me here a few months ago. Well, the parking lot really… and I'm pretty sure that it was a vampire that kidnapped me too, though there's no proof and the police think it was this whacked out group of people that kidnapped my twin."

With all that being said, she just shakes her head and pushes through another smile. "Though I truly thank you for the offer. It's rare to find a professor willing to go out of the way to help a student like that. I appreciate it."

"Ah." David takes the opinion of campus security in stride, though it is registered. "Vampires." His brows raise and he exhales softly but audibly through slightly pursed lips, "They.. kidnapped you.. and your twin?" He frowns soon after and shifts his weight as he stands, "Why?" He adds quickly, "If you don't mind my asking. I mean, you'd think they'd have something to gain from it, but I couldn't begin to imagine what…"
Smiling tightly, David inclines his head, and shrugs ever so slightly, "I like to make sure students are safe. I mean, maybe I'd care less if I was a full time professor here?" There's the attempt to lighten it a little. "So maybe they just haven't given the new kid the memo yet?"

"Oh, well we don't know for sure that it was vampires that took me, but I can't honestly think of anyone else with such a hate-on toward me." Hope shrugs her shoulders. That she's really not wanting to talk about. "It comes with being a public figure, I think. I'm the poster girl for the church I go to, so my face is out in the public a lot." There should be enough clues in that to let him know which church it is, without it being said.

Giggling, she gives her head a shake. "That could be it. They're hazing you or something. You should watch out for Professor Edelstein, she's a mean one."

David manages a somewhat weak if not slightly confused smile, and nods, comprehension dawning. "Ah.." Pushing errant glasses back up, it gives him a chance to duck his head slightly so he doesn't seem completely like he was out in left field somewhere for some of the conversation. "Yeah.. that will do it." He does follow the reference and puts things all together. "It isn't as if they'd be helping their cause any." One would think they'd be smarter than that?
The laugh makes his smile a little less self-conscious and he twists around, just to be sure no other staff is at least within hearing distance. "Yeah," David exhales in a hiss through his teeth, "I appreciate the warning, though I'm pretty sure I can handle it. If not, I can give back as good as I get. After all, the skeleton is in my classroom, and I'm not afraid to use it."

Hope nods twice, in rapid succession. "That's just it, right? I mean, the church isn't evil or anything. They just teach people about vampires and how to protect themselves, while following the path of Christianity." There may be a darker side to the church, but Hope herself is not privy to that. "So for them to kidnap someone that's the face of the church is just silly… only I don't really have any other enemies."

There is mention of skeletons that just sort of wigs her out a bit, but she doesn't let the smile fade really. "As long as it doesn't get up and start dancing around on its own, I'm sure it has some very good uses. Otherwise, you might give Edelstein a heart attack, and no one really wants that." Even if the History professor is a bit of a loon.

If all that doesn't sound like someone isn't setting up vampires, David isn't sure what does. No reason to voice any of that, however. Not the place, not the time, and not necessarily his place.
"I'm sure they're doing what they can with the information they're given," should be a politic answer? "It just doesn't make sense for them to go after you if they're trying to get on peoples' good side. There's no benefit to them because they won't succeed in marginalizing the church." Not that he's a card carrying member.. anymore.
David chuckles and shakes his head, a step taken away from the boards now. He still has other things to attend to. "Oh, it won't. I could put a remote speaker in its skull, though, and have it talk during her lecture. Or dress it up as an historical figure…" He looks as if he seriously considers a few of the ideas before he shakes his head and waves a hand dismissively. "Nah."

Actually, Hope's in full agreement of that. She may really loathe vampires, but she never for one second thinks that they're stupid. Still, there is that niggling feeling in the back of her mind that says she should be remembering things that she can't…

"It's true, and it's out of my hands anyhow. A matter for the police, and so until the mystery is solved, I'll just avoid the night." Safest thing for her to do really, until she's positive that the night can be safe again.

"Dressing it up as a historical figure is a great idea, though I think she'd see through it right away. I bet if you went to talk to someone in the drama department, they could rig you up with something nice though." As she talks, she flips her wrist over to peek at her watch. "Oh! I'm going to be late. I promised to be back before now to take Serenity out. With any luck, you'll be seeing me in those classes. I'll check with the registration office in the morning to see if there's any spots left available."

Grinning, she digs out her phone. "Thanks again," she says happily, starting to punch in the digits to call her fiance.

She's right. There's no danger in avoiding the night, not too much inconvenience, if what he sees is the case. David agrees readily and easily before he comments on the skeleton idea. His smile grows and he raises a hand to point in her general direction, "Now that is an idea. Drama department." He's still not acquainted with a good portion of the staff or the TAs. A little input is always appreciated, but not necessary.
Seeing Hope check her watch, he's assured that he'll be able to keep his schedule. He's got to be back in the labs and check on the results of his vector tests. He should have a spread—
"Ah.. yes." Before his thoughts ran away with him again. "I'll look for your name on the roster, Miss…" He fishes for a name as politely as he can. She obviously knows who he is, and there's a slight advantage there.

"Tyler. Hope Tyler," she offers with a smile. "You'll have to forgive my manners, my brain is quite focused on wedding plans these days, and I tend to be remiss in these things."

Before pressing send on the phone, she offers out her free hand toward the professor and smiles. "To be fair, I'm only aware of who you are Dr. Trudeau, due to the write-up in the student paper about your arrival. It was a pleasure to meet you."

Taking her hand in introduction, David smiles, "A pleasure, Miss Tyler. And I'll look for you on the roster. Let me know if you have any problems getting in. The lower numbers tend to fill up quicker, but I'm not sure how much response I'll get for the summer semesters."
His hand is retrieved soon after, "At least you recognized me. I'll file that under 'flattering'. Thank you." He does know that they both have places to be, so he continues, "I won't keep you. I'm sure you've got more on your mind than having to remember a paper article. Congratulations on the engagement, and have a good evening."

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