Blood Friends

Bloody Mary's Bar

There are times when things are just so crazy, and weeks are just so stressful that a man just has to go out and get himself a drink. What better place then Bloody Mary's bar, right? It was actually just a place he had scene that was listed in his hotel's 'places to go' pamphlet. He's really not much of a barhopper.

Who knows how late it is this eve, probably well beyond 10pm, and the bar appears to be pretty bustling.

Luckily Tripp isn't afraid of crowds, and he walks in seeming to blend pretty well in just casual ensamble of jeans and a t-shirt with a denim vest over his shoulders. People are either being social, playing some pool or smoking up a storm- Tripp already starts to feel out of his element here. But he heads on over to the bartender and takes a seat.

"What'll it be, stranger?" the bartender asks.

"Oh, uh.. I.. I uh.. Just.. Need a moment." It's at this point he's realized he's never actually ordered a drink in his life. God. How lame!

Several places are on a V-Addicts list of 'places to never go'. Bloody Mary's happens to be one of them. The conundrum here is that Hailee's regular supplier can't be found, and the only other one besides her ex that she's aware of, happens to work here. At least, the only one that she's willing to pay for the stuff.
There's a small jittery feeling as she pushes open the door. DAMMIT! That's all she needs is to wander in here looking like a junkie. Taking a deep breath, the woman becomes one of utter poise as she sashays her way to the bar. She's definitely not dressy, and not trying to pick anyone up. Jeans and a blue NYU t-shirt seem to be the fare. Hair looking a bit bedroom mussy. "Red wine, and let me know if Cooper's in tonight."
The bartender goes off to get the woman her glass, and see who's supposed to be working behind the bar.
While the man is busily doing that, Hailee glances over at the young vampire at the bar and grins. "You'll be wanting a bottle of TrueBlood, darlin'."

There isn't an immediete reaction from Tripp, though a couple of heads do certainly turn when Hailee enters- She may not be dressed to impress but there is an air about her and a sense of charisma in her steps that seem to turn heads regardless.

And when Tripp is approached, the vampire turns his head suddenly, as if having been caught off guard, "A -bottle-?" he asks, "Oh right, yeah. Thanks." he can't help but grin back at her, though it's a slightly uncertain one- His eyes have trouble focusing on her own, instead looking to her hair.

As he waits for someone to return, he crosses his hands, taps his thumbs togeather, then finally decides to turn to the woman seeming to have finished making a 'difficult' decision, "I'm Tripp, by the way. Can I buy your drink? You know, like, as thanks."

"Oh, you are new." The name of the game is to act like she belongs here. Like she's not a junkie. Like she's not out to talk to Cooper about getting more of their blood. Hailee actually smiles, throwing in a little extra charm. "That's awful nice of you, Tripp. I accept."
The bartender returns shaking his head. That one movement is enough to make her fear level rise quite a bit. Keeping up the act is going to be tough without another hit of V, but she'll have to make due for now. The glass of wine is slid toward her, and she nods to the young vampire. "Put it on his tab."
After downing the wine rather quickly and not bothering to taste it at all, she stares at Tripp. "Hailee. Hailee Rose."

'Hey, cool, I just bought someone's drink.' Tripp thinks to himself, 'I'm a natural!'. At least, that's what he thought until she declared he was 'new', making his brows raise, and then laughs nervously while running a hand through his hair. Busted.

But yeah, he pretty much buys her act hook, line and sinker- it wasn't like he had a reason to be suspicious after all, "A bottle of Trueblood, please." he adds to the tender. There was a lot of noise about, so it'd be difficult to distinguish Hailee's heartbeat from others, or he'd pick up that she was shaky.

"Hailee Rose?" he then repeats, the word 'Rose' seems to touch him in particular, but that isn't the whole reason why he's repeating it, "Like.. The -model- Hailee?" Yeah, he'd been reading tablods, mainly for articles on Rose. A number of them had been about Hailee as well but that'd probably be way too rude to bring up- That is, assuming this is the same woman. She certainly looks a lot prettier in person than in candid photos.

"That would be me," Hailee says, her mood seeming to lift once she's been recognized. "Fan?" Arching an eyebrow up at him, she shakes the wine glass at the bartender. "Make it a scotch neat this time," she says, slipping the glass back atop the bar.
Leaning back against the bar so that she can watch this young vampire, she scours the room. Would Oliver be here? Doubtful. Gabriel certainly wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this, not with who his parents are. Which leaves Cooper who's not here, or someone else who's possibly holding. Chances are very slim that anyone here has the V she so desperately seeks.
"I take it you've never been here before?" Her eyes scan the room and she frowns. "You'll probably want to be wary of the humans dressed all in black with the black polish and lipstick." So says the model (ex!) and V-addict.

A fan? Well, Tripp didn't really follow on the whole modeling thing, but he decides it may be best to just swing with it, "I'm.. Not sure that's really something a guy should be confessing to," he replies with a grin, "But my parents are always following pageants and stuff. I think they always wanted a girl or something."

When her eyes start wildly looking this way and that, Tripp pretends not to notice but it's a little strange. She must be looking for someone or something? "Yeah, I don't hit bars much but it's been a crazy week. Are you talking about goths?" he asks, his voice going a little lower, and finding it more appropriate to ask, "Is that what you're looking for? You seem kind of restless." Actually he isn't completely oblivious to what Hailee may really be referring to.

"Fangbangers," Hailee replies. Goths are entirely different, and safe. It's the ones that try harder that tend to just throw themselves at the vampires. "Me? Oh, I'm actually looking for a… friend." Cooper is anything but. "I thought she'd be working tonight, but apparently not." Shaking her head, she grins as the bartender plunks the Trueblood in front of the vampire, and hands her the scotch.
"You should. Hit the bars though. They can be fun. A lot of fun." Glancing at the bottle of synthetic she makes a face. "I bet that stuff tastes like ass. Nutrients, but no actual taste, right?"

"Ah, right." Tripp replied. Actually he'd yet to actually run into one, but he so rarely goes to hang out for the sake of hanging out thus making himself an easy target. Had he just been lucky so far? "I've got bigger things to worry about but thanks for the heads up."

Bottle plunked in front of him, Tripp takes a good look at it after taking it into his hand, "Yeah I know how that can be, that sucks. Well the place is certainly -interesting-, that's for sure. I guess I'm not much of a mingler as I used to be." and with that he takes a swig from the bottle.

After a couple gulps and the bottle's drawn away, another glance is given to his company, "Urf.. Yeah. It could be worse, I guess."

"Don't we all," Hailee quips, downing her scotch.
"Mingling can be fun, you get to meet new and interesting people." Her glass hits the top of the bar, and she moves over to rest a hand on Tripp's shoulder. "Like me." Winking, she tickles her fingers over his cheek.
"What say we get out of here when you're finished that. Maybe we can find you something a little more authentic."

"Can't deny that, I've met a lot of interesting people so far," Tripp replies, grinning again, "I tell you, Dallas.. It's one big wild ride, there hasn't been a boring moment." When she touches his shoulder and tickles his cheek, he doesn't draw away but he does freeze up a moment.

If he were a dog, he'd be thumping his foot like crazy. Thankfully he is not.

To say Tripp afterward looked quite interested in leaving with the woman would be an understatement. Tripp is pretty expressive for a vampire, though he just tries so hard to be casual about it! "I.. I uh.. Ee-" he starts talking before thinking about what he wanted to say, eventually stunned into silence. Like a kid who'd been promised to go to Chuck E Cheese if he finishes his peas, that bottle is pretty much chugged in record time.

She is so going to hate herself for this in the morning, she really is. But desperate times call for desperate measures. What is a girl to do when she needs a fix and none is readily available? Well, make a deal with the devil so to speak.
Hailee waits until the bill is settled, and she glances around again. One last chance to see if Cooper is around, and when she's not she makes her decision. Back straight, shoulders slightly back, she turns and winks at Tripp.
"Come on then." Making her way to the door, she beckons him with her finger. "Hurry up, we can make a deal of sorts."

Thank goodness for his job, it's easy for Tripp to pay his tab since he rarely splurges but he seems a little surprised by the total. Geez, drinks aren't cheap, are they? He doesn't have much idea of what he's about to get himself into here, but darn if he isn't a sucker for a member of the opposite sex offering a deal!

"Yeah! Sure, be right there," he replies, while mentally badgering himself to calm down. 'Really Tripp, it can't be that serious, get a grip!'. But really, what would he give to have Faith acting like Hailee does? Actually he may regret questioning that later. He clears his throat, adjusts his vest and nods to the bartender, "Thanks." and with that he slides off the stool, following after the ex-model. Though please please, he thinks to himself, may he not get involved in something illegal. That'd be bad!

Given freely? V's not illegal, it's just vampire blood. Hailee's aware of this little loop hole, though she's never actually explored it before.
Once outside, in the darkness of the night, she makes a grab for the young vampire's hand. Eyes dart about, and finding a suitable alleyway not too far from Bloody Mary's but far enough away to not be right there, she grins.
"Here's the deal, Tripp… I'll let you feed from me this once, if you fill this up for me with your blood." Hailee's extracted a decently sized vial. The V she'll get from him will be weak, but it'll be more than enough to tide her over when her regular supply gets low. "You can take a full pint, I just want less than half that."

He staggers along a little with Hailee's steps; it's actually an amusing sight to see Tripp being dragged along by someone smaller than him but he doesn't have a really good idea what may be happening until the offer is finally presented to him.

He gives the ex-model an incredulous look, "Are you out of your -mind-?" he asks, his voice low, "Just.. Just dragging someone like me into an alley, that's not safe!" Note he doesn't say this until -after- he's already done and followed the lady into a dark and private area. It's kind of backward the -vampire- is the one that's looking nervous suddenly but.. Wow if that wasn't such a nice offer. Wait a minute.

Asking for 'V'. Suddenly things were making a lot more sense; he shouldn't be encouraging habits like this, and before he knows it, he's stuck in a moral connundrum. ".. You can't.. Really ask that of a fan, right? Isn't that kind of weird?" he tries.

"I can ask anything I want. Question is, how hungry are you." Hailee tilts her head to the side, baring her neck. Her fingers trail over it ever-so delicately enticingly.
"You're so adorable! I've been in worse situations than this. Besides which, if you meant to hurt me, you'd easily have been able to pick me up and speed me away somewhere." She winks at him again, then dangles the vial. "What's a little bit of blood between friends? It's not like I'm asking you to turn me." Something she'd never do. Doing that would mean much less fun than she'd like.
"I'd be willing to up the ante a little, if you want more than my blood…"

Ooooooh!! What a turnaround on his question! Tripp actually wasn't used to intense cravings, but as his eyes settled on her very bared neck, she displaying it all Vanna White-style, the interest in his eyes were clear. And if he could, his cheeks would darken considerably to the offer after that, and he seems a little flustered. It was embarrassing really, as this woman was pretty much playing him like a flute and he knew it. But he just.. Couldn't.. Resist.

"No, that's.. The blood's fine." he reluctantly resisted as he accepted the vial. He glanced it over briefly, then raised his thumb to his mouth. He turned to the side a moment, and it's perhaps a minute or two when it's returned. Tripp seeming a little less alert, "Here you go."

Dainty little hands reach up to try and take hold of his neck. Hailee is prepared for the pain of this, but a deal is a deal, and she'll be able to get a bit of a fix. All worth it then. Gently drawing his head down toward her bared neck, she murmurs, "Try to be gentle…"
It's very rare for Hailee to sound so meek. She's not at all a meek creature. This is new territory for her, and while she's positive he's not going to leave her for dead, she's still a bit nervous that he's got the ability to.
Just before he can bite into her neck, she takes the vial and clutches it for dear life. A good supply, and it will last her for a while.
"Tripp, I believe that this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship…" Though hopefully she won't run into him again for a long while. It's dangerous for a vampire to know her little… secret.

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