Coyote Injured

Dallas Heritage Village

After dark at the Heritage Village, and the shops on Main Street are all closed. That these places actually close around four in the afternoon is no deterrent for quite a few folks. People like to wander through the place at night, due to the ghost stories and sightings that happen at various locations.
While such things make for great reading, hauntings are definitely not the reason why Summer Houston is out and about this late at night. Just as she was preparing to go out to dinner, someone called the clinic and mentioned an injured animal skulking through the area. As a Veterinarian, it's not really her job to go out looking for the poor critter, but she can't sit back and wait for the pound to go hunting for it.
Armed with a flashlight, a small bag of broken up pieces of meat, and her cellular phone, she wanders through the village. With the night being mostly silent except for the distant sirens, and car noises beyond the park and village, she stands in the middle of Main Street. Eyes closed, sniffing the air every once in a while, and attempting to get a lock on the poor injured animal.

One of the vehicle noises happens to be a motorcycle, passing through the regular park and into the village. Austin really isn't here for the ghosts or anything either, just a place to hang out, and ponder in silence, sometimes. Or as close to it as possible. Not that he has real reason to think tonight, other then just take a break from studying for finals here in a week or so. He stops the bike, shuts off the motor and removes his helmet. Fluffing his hair back into place. The one thing he hates about helmets is it kills his hair. He locks up the bike and then notices the flashlight. Wondering what's going on, but he doesn't get too nosey.

It's a very odd place to find oneself after dark. Quite creepy, in fact. What in the world Todd is doing there is anyone's guess! But whatever it is, it can't be what he is /supposed/ to be doing. While Austin rides up on his motorcycle, and Summer is creeping around with her flashlight, Todd has taken up residence balanced precariously upon a wooden post near a grassy area. He looks vaguely distressed, notebook in hand, as he looks out at the grassy area in the dim light. He ignores the sounds of life, and focuses on that shadowy patch of grass. His lips move in a silent chant, but given that it is silent, it's impossible to know what it is he's trying to keep in mind.

Hearing the motorcycle has the woman spinning to see if it's actually trying to come through the historical village. When she spots it near the edge of the street, she frowns. Without a word, as she's afraid that speaking will scare the creature she's trying to find, she flashes the light at a sign which states 'No Motorized Vehicles'.
They tend to damage historical things.
There is a whimper, then a small howl, and she's back to the task at hand. She listens for another, or some rustling. Nothing. What gives it away though is scent.
"There you are," she says gently. Where normally she might have dropped onto all fours and tracked the beastie with 'yote senses, now that there's an audience this is going to prove to be difficult. She still drops onto all fours, probably ruining the Calvin Klein's she's wearing, but it is for a good reason. Crawling slowly along the ground until she reaches the Saloon, she shines her light under the porch.
"Come here, you. I won't hurt you," she coos at the injured animal.

Which is why Austin stopped at the outskirts and slides off the motocycle. He makes sure it's all locked up and the helmet hung off the handlebars. He hasn't yet seen Todd, though he is sure the man won't remember him if he had. He then begins to wander over to where the woman,"You need any help there?"he asks her. Seeing as she seems to be looking for something.

Although Todd is some distance down the road from Austin and Summer, he can certainly hear them from where he is. He glances over his shoulder, spots them, and grimaces. He looks toward the grass at the bottom of the post he's balanced upon, then back to the notepad in his hands. Finally, he gives in, and looks down the street at the two people. "Hey! Hey you people!" he calls. He's clearly trying to keep his voice down while still carrying over the distance, which results in a rather odd tone. "Psst! Watch out over there!"

With her head under the porch, and someone right up close to her talking to her, Summer raises up quickly. This results in her banging her head on the wood, and crying out with a little yelp.
This would have been so much easier as a coyote.
"Hmm? Yes, actually. If you wouldn't mind moving down to the other end of this porch in case it decides to run, and catch him, I'd be rather grateful." Her voice is kept at whisper level, nice, even, commanding a little.
Ignoring the goose egg that's going to appear on her head soon enough, she grabs an elastic from her pocket, and with the flashlight in her mouth, she ties her hair back. Having done that, she slips back under the porch, offering out a piece of the meat. "Shhh, now. It's alright. No one is going to hurt you…" That the creature is back in the dark, and still not identified doesn't phase her. It's a canine of some sort, and getting in there to check the injury is more important than determining what exactly it is.

Austin does hear Todd, ad though the man can't remember him, Austin surely remembers Todd. "Hey Todd how's it going?" Looking at him confusedly "Watch out for what?" Wincing as she hits her head, "Oh, sorry.. didn't mean to startle you. You alright there?" But then nods and heads to the other end of the porch. Peering under to see what she had cornered. Hoping it's nothing too dangerous, but determined to help.

Todd gives a nervous grin as Austin recognizes him. "Um. Not so bad, really. You know, except for the evil bunnies. How're you?" He leans sideways a little, trying to see without leaving his safe perch. "You know, she really shouldn't be going under there. I /saw/ one of those evil bunnies out here. They could be hiding anywhere!" He seems genuinely concerned for her safety.

"It's not a rabbit," Summer says, slipping right under the porch. It's a tight fit — not that she's an overly large woman, but she's working on getting under a place where it's just a thin slat. "It's a…"
With the light flashing on the creature, she laughs. Just her luck that it would be what it is. Turning the light off, she rolls it toward the side Austin is on. "I need you guys to be very, very quiet," she whispers loudly. "It's not a dog like the caller thought it was."
Another whimper issues, and then there's a small 'ow' from the woman.
"I see what this is." Indeed. Would have been so much easier had she just shifted before anyone got here. "Gentle now." There's a bit of movement, then, "Hah! Got'cha." Very slowly, she begins to wriggle her way out from under the porch, quarry wrapped tightly in her arms.

Austin grins, though with him tucked on the other end of the porch, might be hard to see. Though, when Summer announces 'quiet' he is for a few until she catches, whatever it is. He smiles and shinnies out as well to move over to see what it is she has. Though he doe offer to Todd, "A lot better now.. thank you." He tells the man… Then lifting a brow, "Evil bunnies eh? Sound interesting. Almost a Monty Python kind of thing." Trying to keep the man involved, after helping Andra save his life, he owes him something. Though unsure what..

Relief passes over Todd's face as Summer reassures him that it's not an evil bunny. He continues watches, rather preoccupied. "Yeah. Apparently bunnies are evil. I mean, I thought they were fuzzy and cute, but…" He shrugs, and falls quiet for a moment, looking toward the porch. "Be careful," he repeats, as Summer reappears. "It might be an evil bunny."

The canine creature who's greyish silver head pokes out as Summer extracts herself, is most definitely not a rabbit. It could very easily be mistaken for a dog, but it's not. It looks to be a coyote pup. A fairly young one at that.
There is a bit of blood trailing down Summer's hand, but it doesn't look as though the bite is too serious at all. More like a little nip of warning.
A glance at Austin, and she asks, "Can you reach under and grab the flashlight? I'd really like to see what's wrong with him before I bring him back to the clinic."
Waiting for that, she looks over at Todd and hmms. "I assure you, bunnies are not evil. They do like to bite though."

Austin spots the pup and 'awwws' yeah, he loves dogs. But before he can get a closer look, he's back under the porch for the flashlight. "poor little thing, I hope he'll be alright." He keeps talking while he digs. Finally spotting the flashlight and grabbing for it. Then back out, as quick as he can so she can examie the pup. Heading over, he turns the flashlight back on, ready to hold it where she needs it.

Unfortunately, Todd is not convinced by Summer's statement. "No, I'm pretty sure that bunnies are evil," he corrects, looking down at the notepad in his hand. "It says so right here in the book. Bunnies are evil. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be written here if it wasn't true. It just feels right…" He glances toward the grass, then suddenly comes to a decision. He hops off of the post, and trots toward Austin and Summer, putting some distance between himself and the grassy area.

"Don't get too close," Summer says to the boy. "It's a coyote, and he's extremely scared right now." Evidenced by the racing heart. Without her stethoscope, she can't be certain, but the poor thing is terrified. Gently turning the pup, she notes a broken leg, a gash across the eye — though eye still intact, and several abrasions along his body.
"Oh, you poor, poor dear. What were you running from?"
Nodding to Austin, so that he'll know to turn out the light, she says, "He'll be fine. I'll need to get him back to the clinic though. He's front paw needs to be set, and the wounds cleansed. Then he'll need to get to the wildlife sanctuary…"
A strange look is given to the man with the notebook. "I am a Veterinarian. Bunnies and rabbits aren't evil. Annoying pests to the farmers, perhaps, but definitely not evil."

Austin nods "I'm usually pretty good with dogs, but yeah, he's wild, so I know better… It's the rabid somestic ones that are my downfall.." something about her seemed familiar, and with her a vet, he thought he'd mention the last 'dog trouble' he had. He looks at the pup, "poor little guy…" he turns off the flashlight. "Need something to cover him with so he's not so apt to bite, or something. A ride maybe?"

Todd smiles politely at Summer, "He probably got attacked by an evil bunny," he says, knowledgably. He even holds up the paper for her to see. Indeed, it does clearly say that bunnies are evil. The scrawled handwriting doesn't really match the rest of what's written there, though. In fact, it has a decidedly feminine slant. "I'm sorry, but it wouldn't be written here if it weren't true," he repeats, to Summer. "I think you are trying to pull my leg. But it won't work!"

"I think someone is trying to pull your leg, but it's not me." Summer shakes her head, giving Todd a curious look, but then her attention is back on Austin.
"I really dislike when people don't get their dogs the proper shots. Lose a lot of good animals that way, and it's sad." Veterinarian she may be, but she actually seems to care for animals as well. It's not just about the money with her.
"I should be okay. My truck is up at the other end," she says nodding toward the park. "I've got a dog crate in the back, and the clinic isn't too far from here."

Austin nods, "Yeah, I don't care for that either, gram's dog always has her shots and my girlfriends dog is too, he's a service dog." He wants to pet the pup, "I'll go with you, if I can? Poor little guy." but he doesn't. Smiling at him, "It's ok buddy, I won't hurt you." He has her flashlight yet anyway. "I'll bring this over." indicating the flashlight. "I'd like to help."

Todd frowns a little, and looks back to the notepad. "What do you mean?" He looks it over, puzzled, then shrugs. "Whatever." He dismisses the thought, and tucks his notepad into his shirt pocket. He smiles toward Austin, politely, "Could you point me in the direction of a pay phone? It seems a little late to be out…"

Summer tries to think. She's not overly familiar with the area, but she points back toward the park again. "I think there's a payphone over by the recreation center." Makes sense that there would be one there. For the children to call for rides and all. "I don't think you'll find one here in this village. I doubt there's even a rotary phone anywhere around here."
With a glance to Austin, she nods. "Sure, you can follow behind. I don't know how much help you'll be once we get to Rutherford, but you're welcome to come in and watch."

"Yeah, I used it before I got my cell." Austin nods then at Summer and smiles, "I'd like that." he heads for his motorcycle, "I gotta call Gram first, let her know I'll be late." he says as he slips onto the bike, then digs for his cell phone.. "Be there in about five." then heads to his contact list. Then waiting for it to dial.

Todd looks a little confused, following her pointing finger. "Okay…" He glances over and gives a polite smile. "You guys take care of your puppy there. And watch out for those bunnies. G'night!" With that, he heads off, following the direction that Summer had pointed.

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