A Turn of Decision

McCree Cemetery

For the most part, the cemetery seems to be a quiet and serene spot for both the souls that rest below and those that come to pay respect to their loved ones. A packed dirt pathway continues through the grounds boxing off expanses of green lawns that have gravestones of different shapes and ages.
Off in the southeast corner is an area of the grounds that seems to have gone forgotten. Overgrown with weeds, vines and various other plants, a cluster of old and broken gravemarkers clutter the area. Even on the sunniest of days, this section has an extreme sense of foreboding to it.

Busy. That is Isobel has been since the King of Texas left to check in on the other Areas in his state. The Sheriff of Area 9 has been handling not only things for her own section, but several things that were left for Will as well. Setting up appointments, contacting the Magister to set up a potential punishment for someone that has rather upset her, and taking care of regular vampire business.

Due to her busy schedule, some important things have been neglected. Not in the ways that matter — physically, she has made herself available every night the ex-priest-to-be had requested her presence. Conversationally, she's been absent though.

Until tonight.

Strolling through the McCree Cemetery as though she's looking for an ancestor's grave, the 'young' woman waits for her companion. A single blood red rose is carried with her.

Such absenteeism has been noticed but not commented on. Every single person, breathing or not, has their own duties to perform. If one were to speak the truth, not having many duties is enough to drive a particular young man insane. So he does fill his evenings with what attention he can manage from the Sheriff of Dallas. When not in her presence he resorts to reading, almost studying, as if returning to school.

Where some might pale or flat out refuse to enter a cemetery so late at night, this seems to be no bother to the former future man of the cloth. Elliott maintains his typical level of calm as he slowly makes way to where he was requested to meet the ever so lovely Isobel. The background of their encounter is curious to him but not enough to raise alarm.

Reaching the edge of the cemetery, the 'young' woman takes a seat on the grass. Looking out at the ancient stones, and some of the more recent, she waits. Icy blues lock upon Elliott, and she does nothing else except crook a finger at him, beckoning him closer. While he may not be able to see all that well in darkness, she can, and she's got no end of patience — at least when it comes to this.

Night vision is not something that he's developed, no. Although he can claim to some rather uncanny skills when dealing with carnival games. Here in the cemetery there are no special skills he can rely on, nor does he feel the need to. His pace quickens, only barely, at the sight of his lover. It wouldn't do to leave her seated on the ground for very long, after all, at least not when he can stop wasting time. Eventually he reaches her and kneels, unsure if she plans to stand or not. Either way, a hand is extended so that he may take hers gently, if only but to bring it to his lips.

Isobel has no plans to stand. She is quite comfortable on the grass, and it's not as though she gets much of an opportunity to be herself, and not 'the Sheriff'. The kiss to the hand is allowed, and she pats the ground beside her. "Elliott. How good of you to join me. Will you not sit for a little while, so that we may have a 'chat'?" Smiling, she settles the rose upon her lap and then glances back out at the cemetery.

A rose. A cemetery. A 'chat'. These are the best ingredients for a break-up, or so one might surmise. Considering his life and those within it, Elliott isn't about to jump to conclusions just yet. "You have but to ask and I will be by your side in an instant." With this said, the young man settles in next to the Sheriff. He makes no point to keep a respectable distance between them as those barriers have long since been broken. "What is it that you wish to speak about?" The sight of her smile brings a small one of his own before he, too, looks out.

As Isobel does not truly consider this to be a 'relationship', the only way that she would end it is by taking his life. As it is, he knows far more about vampiric kind than any conventional human should. "Tell me, Elliott," she says, barely moving now, eyes still locked onto the cemetery. "How have you been finding your foray into our world? You have experienced much of what we are — far more than many of the breathers, though you have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing a true bond or the taste of blood. Have you considered this?"

There may be no actual title to whatever it is that is happening between them but he knows only the term 'relationship'. Then again, he is an extremely sheltered man, even with what he has experienced as of late. "I have sampled that which is labeled a Tru Blood. That is not exactly enjoyable." It may not exactly be exactly what was asked yet Elliott for some reason feels the need to bring that moment up. "Admittedly, I have wondered about the difference between that and the real thing, both mine and yours. Yet that could be explained by simple curiosity."

"Tru Blood is not all that they say that it is." That Isobel cannot even touch the synthetics at all is probably her reason for feeling this way about it. "Do you desire to try the blood, Elliott?" The icy woman finally turns to watch his expression. Just quietly waiting for his response. "More so, have you considered what it would be like to become one of us? To have the opportunity to see history in the making? To experience life in a completely different manner?"

That she is not a fan of Tru Blood is no surprise to the man, but the questions do seem rather out of nowhere. Yet, being Elliott, he does not show physical surprise. Instead he turns his attention, slowly, to her direction. Eventually blue meets blue as he considers it all. Immediate responses on such heavy conversations are not his signature style. "I have seen a great deal lately, and have met many. I have not given up on my vision of humanity but must admit that I feel more comfortable around you and yours. This has led me to wonder what it would be like but I have yet to consider seeking such answers. It would not be my place."

"Elliott…" There is a hint of warning in her voice. "You should know by now that it is your place. You are welcome to speak freely in my presence, and since, unlike my Master, I do not have a telepath at my disposal, I should like to know what you are thinking." Isobel works the front of her top down a little, baring the top of her breasts. A small utility knife is removed from her pocket and flipped open. With the knife in hand, she slices across the top of her right breast, and dips a finger into the pooling blood. The finger is then brought toward his lips. "You may taste if you like, my pet."

It may be a hint, but it is there and he can realize this much. "I feel comfortable around you, Isobel. Enough to speak my mind. I still do not wish to turn into a pest if it seems that I cannot understand or am too curious." As he is not completely the typical man he does not immediately jump at the opportunity to see any bit of her breast bared. Instead he watches her closely, aware that she is acting with reason. When the offer is made, however, he looks down at the finger for a moment before looking up to her. He may not be the most knowledgeable person with many things but he does understand what can happen. The unasked question of her certainty is there before he even dares bring his lips to her digit.

"Such a minute amount will not turn you, Elliott. It will not even change you all that much, though it may enhance your libido." Isobel smiles at him, and once the blood is removed from her finger, she motions toward the healing cut. "If you enjoy it, you are more than welcome to have more. It is not uncommon for a vampire to share their blood with a lover." Leaning back, leaving the bloody trail to drip down her porcelain skin, she offers a sly smile. "Should you wish to be turned, you have but to ask. It would be my pleasure to do so."

This is far from the ideal location for an enhanced libido, as far as he is concerned. It is something that he'll eventually come to get over but he always has that sense of hesitation about him. So the man swallows as he watches her, his eyes falling to that blood trail that eventually ends at her breast. Elliott takes the initiative to lean in, his tongue gently moving along that delicate skin of hers, before he ends at the wound. With the blood already in his system, he can't help but to display just exactly how enhanced his libido is no matter where their located. Yet the man does have the ability to back himself away eventually, pulling his head up just enough to look into her eyes. "You would do such a thing?"

Isobel keeps her icy blue eyes upon him, listening to the beat of his heart as it gets a little faster. While she looks incredibly impassive, she does lean in slightly to graze her teeth over his neck. There is no bite, just the promise of one later. "As what? Sharing the blood, or creating a new Child?" Truthfully, she would do both, for different reasons. "Though I would not leave you here. There is a beautiful tree out behind the estate that would be a much nicer resting place…"

"Either applies, depending on which scenario I consider." Things are becoming difficult at the moment as Elliott would prefer nothing more than to just have his way with her, at this very moment. She'll be able to tell this easily enough in the way that only vampires can. A hand slowly is extended to reach her cheek as he considers her words on top of how he feels at the moment. "I trust you to find a place most fitting." That may very well be his consent, or his way of asking.

"Which scenario are you considering at the moment?" It is imperative for her to hear him say clearly what he wants. Isobel will not make the mistake of turning someone who does not truly wish it. As his hand brushes against her cheek, she slowly rises to her feet. The rose is left upon the ground, and her hand reaches for his. "If you do not mind my carrying you, Elliott, I can have us back at the estate within a matter of moments."

The one he's considering is the one that involves both of them being naked. Even if he's thinking it Elliott will not mention any such thing to Isobel. Asking anything from her should not seem so difficult yet here he is, staring at her. The hand is taken as he looks up to her before slowing finding his feet. "I am considering what it would be like to no longer need to breathe. I'd like to experience such a thing, if you are willing." He realizes that to live forever does not mean that he can be with her forever but that does give him longer to know her. "I never mind."

While Isobel cannot read his mind, she nods. The next thing she does is going to look quite awkward, but she leans in to scoop him up into a fireman carry. Before taking off at full vampire-speed, she gently says, "Then let us ensure that your last night as a human man is as enjoyable as you desire it to be. Anything you wish this night, will not be denied you. Even if your wish is to merely be alone with God." As she begins the speed off through the woods toward the estate, she adds, "Before dawn, we will see to your turning, and allow you three days of rest before rising." He may see the irony in it. That becoming a vampire is much like the resurrection of Christ.

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