Kissus Interruptus

<Phone> You hear the phone ringing at the other end.
<Phone> The phone is picked up at the far end.
(Gruffly into the phone) You say "You know…you're supposed to answer the phone with an introduction of who you are or something."
<Phone> The Ramones 'I Wanna Be Sedated' can be heard playing in the background. Loudly. "Hello?" Scarlett hears the voice, then adds in a falsetto, "Haaaiiii~ This is Scarlett Fontane, Proprietress of the ARTS speaking how may I direct your call?"
(Directed into the phone) Hyde says "You may direct me to your ass." Beat. "Hey, Princess…"
<Phone> Scarlett says "Surly. To what do I owe the pleasure?""
(Directed into the phone) Hyde says "I…I've been thinking…"
<Phone> Scarlett says "I'm guessing that's something you do quite often…"
(Directed into the phone) Cue a long, dramatic pause. "I want my space. I mean, not that you can't stay over and leave your shit over and stuff like that, but don't be trying to move in, 'cause that bugs the shit out of me. And don't sign us up for 'couples' workshops or anything. In fact, don't bother signing me up for anything unless I've given you permission to do so first. And don't expect freaking flowers or gifts or anything - even on Valentine's day or whatever. If I get you something, appreciate it, but don't act like I had to or owed you it or something." It comes out in one long, rant-like blurb.
<Phone> "Hey, Hyde?" Scarlett is doing her utmost to keep from laughing. "I don't do couples retreats, Valentine's day is overrated, and I'm keeping the damned shirt." By now, she's turned the music down to a livable volume.
(Directed into the phone) Hyde says "Oh." Cue awkward silence. Clearly the man hasn't thought beyond getting that bit out. "Okay…Oh - and I like being messy. And I am messy, so don't think that'll change."
<Phone> Scarlett says "Mm. At least keep the clutter to a minimum." It's an order of sorts. Mess she can handle. Clutter might set off an attack. "Otherwise, I don't mind cleaning, but you have to buy your own vacuum."
(Directed into the phone) Hyde says "Okay. I can do that. So…what now?"
<Phone> Scarlett says "Now you keep those hands off of any other women, or I'll have to get violent."
(Directed into the phone) Hyde says "Well…that means you'll have to keep me satisfied. Often and repeatedly. I hope you understand the severity of the obligations you are about to take on."
<Phone> Scarlett says "Do you honestly see that as being a problem, Surly?"
(Directed into the phone) Hyde says "…Touche. Listen - I know I…you're going to have to give me some slack here. I'm not good at this shit."
<Phone> Scarlett says "You don't have to be good at anything. Just… faithful. Otherwise, nothing's going to change."
(Directed into the phone) Hyde says "Okay. Alright. I can do that, I think."
<Phone> Scarlett says "Good. Great. Can we get off the awkward call now, and have you come by to pick up that print?"
(Directed into the phone) Hyde says "Pfft. You love the awkward call. My voice is sexy. But…yeah. I'll be right there, I guess."
<Phone> Scarlett says "It is. I do. See you soon."
<Phone> There is a click as the phone at the far end is hung up.

ARtistik Talisman Studios

It's an art studio. A cluttered, bohemian, art studio. One wall is a mess of various artwork and trinkets, mirrors, clocks, a small shelf filled with art books and records, old lamps, fans; pretty much everything the resident artist has ever worked on or treasured. To the right of the studio is a wall filled with neatly organized drawers filled with paints and brushes, several easels with unfinished paintings, a small pottery wheel and kiln, a sculpture stand, and a table filled with implements to create jewelry.

After hanging up due to the awkward call, Scarlett cranks the music once more. The larger print from the watch is sitting out on a table near the door, carefully framed and wrapped. Her hair is pulled up into a messy ponytail, and her tank top is extremely paint spattered.

Things are slow at the shop at the moment, due to tourist season not having yet started, and so the project she's working on is just one that she wants to do. A large canvas, taking up a great portion of her work space has been set up, a sketched scene looking not unlike the lake has been set up. In two places, people are sketched in, but neither has any real shape or form as of yet.

The ringing of the door's bells indicate that someone has just entered the studio. And if Scarlett bothers to look, then she'll see that that someone is none other than a rather solemn, out of sorts Hyde. With his hands shoved into his pockets, he sulks into the studio, casting his discerning eye around to try and find out if anything has changed since his last visit. If he seems awkward…that's because he is awkward. He hasn't been in a relationship with anyone but Megan in so long, that he's caught slightly off-guard. "Oy."

Just as she's about to paint the first stroke, the bells sound. The brush is set down into a pail of water, and she swings around to see who it is. Spying her awkward man, Scarlett laughs. "You made it in record time," she says, advancing on him quickly. "Come in. I was just about to take a break." A little white lie, but being her own boss has benefits like taking breaks whenever she pleases.

"Yeah well. I was in the neighborhood when I decided to drop by." Which isn't a lie, really. Considering he lives in the neighborhood. As Scarlett approaches, all laughs and smiles, Hyde rolls his shoulders back, attempting to loosen himself up literally and figuratively. In the end though, he licks his lips and holds his hands out for hers. "Yeah? Well, will you look at that…"

"Glad you did," she says, taking his hands as they're offered. Scarlett is about to say more, but decides against it. Trying to drag him a little further into the studio. Speaking is going to be awkward for the next little while, until they get over the whole 'dating' thing. So, instead of speaking she leans in to kiss him.

She might be of the thought process that speaking is a bad thing - but for once, Hyde is not on the same page. He merely takes her hands, threading their fingers together, before furrowing his brows a little "So…I guess we should try moving in closer…" He narrates. And then, he catches her leaning, and slowly reciprocates the movement, his lips just barely brushing against hers in what is possibly the shyest, sweetest sort of kiss he's ever given her.

And of course, that has to be when Ivan bounds into the studio, a faint grin upon his features that slips away faster than a speeding bullet at the sight he is presented with. If the jingling wasn't enough to alert them of his presence, then Ivan will be kind enough to inform them through other means. "Hey! This is a respectable place, you hooligans. Keep it in your pants!" He's bemused, as well as slightly nauseated. He's a younger brother, alright.

The sweet, shy sort of kiss just takes her by a heck of a lot of surprise, considering what they have been like. Just as Scarlett's eyes close to savor it, the bells ring again and she jerks away from Hyde as swiftly as possible. "God. Ivan. Learn to knock." Never mind that this is a business, and the sign is flipped to 'Open'. Her brother should always knock. Running her index finger over her lips, she has the good graces to blush and look incredibly embarrassed by it all.

Brilliant. Their first official kiss, and it's ruined by some smug bastard. Needless to say, when Hyde jumps back, he is not in a good mood. Retracting his hands from hers, he looks around the studio all the while shoving his hands into his pockets and licking his lips. This is all done in an attempt to buffer his ire, so that he wont feel like smashing the kid's face into the floor when he does face Ivan. He is silent, deathly silent and brooding as his dark eyes fly towards the newcomer.

"And miss the look on your face? No way," Ivan drawls, a broad, boyish grin on his face as he takes in his sisters blush and the clear embarrassment hanging in the air as a result of them being 'busted'. "Next time, put a sock on the doorknob or something. Hey, is it safe for me to come closer? You're not going to start reaching for second base or anything anytime soon, are you?" Ah. It's good to be the one with leverage every once in a while.

Scarlett's sentiments are much the same, and chances are were she younger she'd run off and hide. But this is her place of business, and it's her brother being the pest. "I wouldn't say it's safe," she says evenly. "It's not beyond me to want to punch you in the nose for interrupting." But she's also not going to just leave Hyde there on his own, so she side-steps toward him, and goes to loop her arm through his. "I'm guessing you're here to see Helen then?"

Hyde is cold. Hyde is steely, and the way his jaw locks up, and he's suddenly become as stiff as a board is indication of his very obvious amount of irritation. It's his first instinct to jerk away from Scarlett's touch - but he manages to control the impulse and merely stand, with her arm in his, staring bloody murder at Ivan.

"Ohoho. Feisty, I see. Yeah, but sorry about that. I didn't - well, obviously I didn't know until it was much, much too late. But, ah…is he the guy?" The taller Fontane turns to inspect the man his sister had been currently smooching, inspecting him with a surprising amount of intelligence behind those green eyes. "Mhmm? Yeah. Anyway," And he steps up towards Hyde, holding out his right hand. "Ivan. Ivan Fontane. Her twin."

While she can feel the impulse that Hyde has to draw away from her, the female Fontane twin leans in to whisper something to him before looking back at her brother. "Instead of interrupting you could have just waited," she says to Ivan, fixing him with an icy stare. Then he opens his mouth again and she wants to smack him. "Christ, Ivan. Do you think that lowly of me that I'd just be kissing some random guy in my shop? Yes this is the guy." Yet she doesn't offer an introduction.

Scarlett whispers: He'll go away faster if you play nice…

Hyde listens to Scarlett's words, and just eyes Ivan. Silently, and quite eerily. However, eventually, he does pull his hand out of his pocket to give Ivan one impersonal pump. "Hyde." That's all the other taller man will get. That's pretty much all anyone'll get out of him at this point.

"Whoa, I never said anything of the sort. You're just shoving words into my mouth, trying to get offended for God knows what reason." Ivan points out, trying to diffuse the situation. "I said sorry. And I am. But - nice to meet you, Hyde. I've…kind of heard about you. Good stuff though, so don't worry. Anyway, take care of her, eh? She's a good girl."

And so Scarlett is floored for a second time this day. Ivan is being… nice… to her new guy. Blinking at her brother, she simply nods her head. "Thanks." Even though she really and truly wishes that Ivan would have just stayed outside so she could make proper introductions after the whole 'relationship' thing was explored. "So you never did say why you were here, Ivan. Was there a problem with the McNaab bust, or did you come to tell me something?"

Hyde purses his lips, uncertain of what to do. However, he does end up glancing over to Scarlett out of the corners of his eyes. "Yeah…" He drawls out, quirking his head to the side curiously before relapsing to his state of relative mute-ism.

That's fine. Because if there's one thing Ivan can do, it's talk. "Oh, just thought I'd drop by and say hi. Going to see Helen upstairs. Oh - and I wanted to drop a notice, too. McNaab was really impressed with your stuff, and fully satisfied with the end work. So…good job! I'd give you a sticker, but we don't have 'em at the office anymore - budget cuts." It's a joke, obviously. Who says politics and stand up comedy cant mix?

"Damnit. I wanted a gold star," Scarlett says with a roll of her eyes. "I'm glad he liked it though. Was happy to do it." Mainly because the City of Dallas pays quite well for artwork. "Helen's not home. She went out early this morning." She may be back by now, but Scarlett's been working on her new painting, so she's not been paying much attention to the apartment. With a wry grin, she shifts her gaze to Hyde and shakes her head. "He'll take good care of me, Ivan. He's a good guy." Even if he's not saying much, and generally acts like an ass when other people are around.

Hyde is in the middle of a very awkward cycle. Because really, what should he do, when both twins are talking about him like he's not currently here. As for the impression he's giving Ivan, Hyde doesn't really care. He'll be fine with being given the title of the 'Quiet one' if necessary.

"Well then, glad to hear it." Ivan smiles to Scarlett, broadly and without hesitation. When his eyes slide over to Hyde, he gives him the once over. "He better. That's all I'm saying. Now that I know your name and what you look like, bub…" Before Scarlett can kill him for the obligatory brother threat, Ivan is practically skipping out of reach. "I'll call her and see what's up. See you later, Scar - you can commence necking right about…now!" And he's gone. Just like the wind.

"I don't know if she has her pho— " But just like that, Ivan's gone. Scarlett exhales a long, slow sigh, not moving or saying a word until she watches Ivan waltz down the street. Then she extracts her arm from Hyde's and goes to lock the door and flip the sign over. Her studio, her hours. Leaning against the door, she turns to face Hyde with an awkward smile. "Hi…"

That certainly was a bit of a trip. "Your brother talks alot." He points out in dry monotone, lacking anything else to say. But then she's running about, closing the establishment before turning to face him. And though he looks a tad bit more hesitant than before, he ends up licking his lips once again and taking a step closer to her. "Hey…"

"He does, and he doesn't know when to shut up and go away." As though she's uncertain that he's not going to loop back and peer in the window, she gives a quick glance in that direction. Stepping toward him slowly, Scarlett smiles. "Hi," she says again, this time her voice barely above a whisper.

"Hey," Hyde repeats, before clearing his throat as he is struck by how incurably lame they're being. Hence the quickening of his steps so that he can eliminate all the distance between them. "Let's…try this again, shall we…" And with that, he attempts to dip his head forward, to coax her into a kiss similar, but more assertive and sure than the first one.

There's something to be said for being lame and awkward, and though Scarlett was really trying to avoid that by saying nothing would be different, things are different. The somewhat less shy kiss is met gently, her arm wrapping around him enough so that she can brush her fingers over the nape of his neck.

It wont always be like this. In fact, there's a good chance it'll never be like this again. She should just sit back and enjoy the ride. After all, you can only have a first official kiss once. Or, in their case, twice. Hyde's hands settle upon her hips, drawing her flush against him. His mouth moves against hers without hurry or pressure - just exploring and enjoying the feel and the taste of her lips. And when Hyde pulls away, just barely, it is with a sense of peace that's surrounding him.

Technically, not their 'first' first kiss, but their first kiss as a couple. Scarlett is enjoying it, and makes a small noise of displeasure as he pulls away. Her eyes are closed, and despite the fact that she doesn't seem to have wanted the kiss to end, there is a look of contentment on her face. She'd whisper 'hi' at him again, but that's bordering on psychopathically cutesy.

No worries; Hyde can pick up the cutesy slack. For, once he's slowly gathered up the willpower to crack his eyes open, he looks down to Scarlett silently, up until he decides to move. Tilting his head upwards, a chaste kiss is delivered to the middle of her forehead, before he finally pulls away entirely. "I…guess I ought to let you get back to work."

The man is full of surprises today, and each one just has Scarlett smiling all the more. Peeking her eyes slowly open as he kisses her forehead, she nods once. "I suppose… though I don't have any commissions, so you're welcome to stay if you want." The invitation is there, but she suspects he'll run off anyhow and figure out what the hell just happened with her brother's interruption.

It is then that Hyde ends up removing himself from her person entirely, and once again tucking his hands into his pockets. When she speaks, he glances around, as though curious - but really, it's to give him something to do rather than just stand there. "Ah…yeah?" Silently, he takes stock of what he could possibly be doing otherwise. "…maybe. Yeah. Alright, I guess." If it's horrible, he'll just get up and leave. No big deal…right?

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