Cheap Rundown Blakeley House

It's the afternoon. Hyde's just come home from a six hour shift to grab something to eat before he's due to return to the garage. Therefore, he is one very dirty man, all greased and grimed up. Though his hands were cleaned thoroughly, the rest of him weren't, which leaves a curious juxtaposition between the whiteness of his wonderbread sandwich and the blackness that his sooted up face is currently exhibiting. He's just standing in his kitchen, eating and drinking from his cold beer.

Shortly after his arrival at his home, he'll be receiving a knock at the door. Outside of the house is a squad car, and two officers. One who happens to be Officer Leigh Rossum, the other her partner for the week Officer Max Winters. Both wear matching expressions of stoicism, though Officer Rossum is holding some paperwork in her hand in order to present it to the home owner.

Hyde is mid-bite when he hears the knocking on the door. Then, with a groan of irritation, he puts the remainder of his sandwich down on a plate. "Hold up," he calls out, downing some beer to help clear his throat, before striding over to swing the door open. And when he does so, dirty, still wearing his work boots and overalls, he looks almost as dark as his clothing. The sight of two police officers at his doorsteps just leaves him unimpressed and irritated. "Can I help you, officers?"

The warrant is held out to him to look over. Officer Winters waits while Rossum takes care of the spiel. "We've got a warrant to search the premises," she says, her voice low and calm. "We're looking for a Glock 17 nine millimeter handgun which is registered to one Hyde Blakely." Even with the warrant, neither officer is really pushing their way into the home. Time should be given for the owner to give the go ahead, and if that's not given then they'll continue in. The warrant does give them permission to do so.

Hyde looks confused - and rightly so. He's not done anything wrong this time! Snatching at the warrant, he's eyes are flying over the document as he looks it over. "I'm Hyde Blakeley," he offers in a grunt. "And that's my gun, yeah. Why? Why d'you want it?" He's not keeping them out, but he's also not jumping up to go and fetch the weapon just yet.

"It's all there in the warrant, Mr. Blakely," Officer Rossum offers. Winters edges past Hyde to begin his search, even though Leigh does attempt to hold him back. In a precarious situation like this, it's very important to play things by the books. While Winters begins the search, Rossum continues, "We're looking at as a possible murder weapon, Mr. Blakely. Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated. If you could just retrieve the weapon, we can be on our way." While Winters searches, he sniffs around a little as well testing to see if he can catch a scent of Demoin anywhere within the home.

"Murder weapon, what!" Needless to say, this shocks Hyde. And he glances upwards, pinning Rossum down with his intense, dark-eyed gaze. "Are you trying to insinuate that I'm some sort of murderer?" It's tense for a moment. Her sidekick is riffling through his stuff. Going through his home. And then there's this…this warrant in his hands. But after taking in a deep breath, he turns on his heels, disappearing further into the house to enter the bedroom. When Hyde reappears, it is with the weapon in hand. "I need to get back to work soon," he warns them, holding out the weapon so that they can retrieve it.

"Not at all, Mr. Blakely. At the moment, we're only interested in your weapon." At the moment indeed. Leigh can smell the fear on him, though she can't tell if it's merely the fact that he believes himself to be accused, or if it's the fact that he's actually guilty. It is simply what it is: fear.
Before taking the gun, Officer Rossum looks it over to ensure that it is the one in question on the warrant. Should he be in possession of any other weaponry, is not her concern this afternoon. The warrant only covers the retrieval of this particular handgun.
A pen is retrieved from her pocket, and this she uses to carefully lift the gun and slip it into a plastic bag. "Your cooperation is being duly noted, Mr. Blakely, and I assure you it is appreciated. However…" A look is given to Winters, who quickly exits the home. "… I would suggest that you don't make any plans to leave the city for a little while. We may need you to answer a few questions."

The gun is the one on the warrant. There is no trickery of tomfoolery going on here - because Hyde knows he didn't do it. The only time he's recently shot the gun was that incident with the wolf - and there's no way he'll be arrested for shooting a wolf that was attacking people. "Great." He drawls, pursing his lips tightly as his brows furrow. But then, he crosses his arms over his chest. "Who's murder. Who's death is that gun tied to, if you don't mind me asking."

After ensuring that there are no rounds in the gun, and securing both bullets and weapon in the bag, Officer Rossum points to the warrant again. "It really is all there in the warrant, Mr. Blakely." The bag, handed off to Winters with a nod that she can handle this discussion on her own, is then carried toward the squad car.
"Franklin Demoin," she offers finally. "Found several blocks away from where you reportedly shot the wolf."

"Well, I'll be sure to give it a thorough one over when I don't have a couple of police officers in my house, thank you very much." Hyde drawls about reading the warrant. But then she's offering the information he needs. And after the name is given, there is no sign of recognition from Hyde. None whatsoever. Not a flash of guilt, or remorse, or anything. "Huh." He comments, just to let her know that he heard her loud and clear. "Is that all?"

"You do that, Mr. Blakely. I assure you the entire warrant is on the up-and-up." A card is extracted from Officer Rossum's front pocket, and she hands it over to him. "If you recall anything from that night that you didn't already provide Officer Young with, please feel free to call at any hour." Leigh does not look over her shoulder at her partner, but she does nod. "It is. For now."

Hyde retrieves the card, looking it over curiously. "I've already given my story. There were witnesses to back that up." Hyde speaks. It's not that he's trying to be confrontational of defensive, but that's just how he is normally. "But if something magically pops up in my memory, I'll call then…Officer Rossum." He nods to her then, if rather stiffly, now just waiting for the officer to take her leave.

Officer Rossum is well aware of the statement, and the witness statements. She's been over the case file at least a dozen times, while trying to make the incidents look totally unrelated. "Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Blakely," Leigh states quite solemnly before taking her leave. Now that they can get the gun to the forensics lab to check the striations, she'll have to be very careful where this particular case goes.

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