Brief Meeting

Sheriff's Estate - The Vault

There are times when patience is a virtue, and times when it's not. A little later this evening will be quite busy with retrieving a fledgling and showing him the ways of the vampiric world first hand. For now, there is time to take care of a few matters and touch base with a few of her minions. As such, the Sheriff of Dallas is seated at the center of one of the white leather couches, sipping languidly from a glass filled with O-positive. The real stuff, not the synthetic.

"That will be all, Milosh," she says to the man who is currently guarding the door. "Please send in the next meeting."

Patience? Oh, Tripp Reynolds has plenty of that, rest assured. And with his patience comes many troubles- But, there have been plenty of blessings as well, and thus far the good outweighs the bad.

Working for a really good-looking boss? That's one of the good things.

He had to admit he was a little nervous tonight though because he had a feeling that Isobel might be disappointed that he hadn't convinced Faith to contract yet- Even if he did have a good reason; only time will tell how this will go. Which brings us to: NOW.

After half a minute when the doorman passes word of the summon does Tripp arrive, his hair looks a little neater than usual, and is clad in jeans and a a red, button up shirt, "Good evening."

Without looking up from her relaxed position, Isobel notes, "You need to go shopping." Finally giving him a once over, she motions to the couch. "Milosh, be a dear and procure our guest a bottle of True Blood." Beyond this, she barely moves. Sitting still as a porcelain statue. "Now, Mister Reynolds, do tell me how you are coming on the Tyler issue."

Tripp thinks to himself 'What the' though he doesn't say it aloud. Ok he won't lie, he's not the most fashionable of people, at least not without the assistance of the Tyler twins. But those days are long gone. Instead he just looks kind of awkward and nods, "Y- Yes ma'am."

Well great, where's he going to find help for -that-.

He heads on over to the couch and seats himself, taking note of the womans glass. Ah, real blood. Envy envy. He then looks to the woman, "It's been going well so far, as you suspected she was quite accepting of having me as a bodyguard. The claiming process.. Ah, is still undergoing." his fingertips drum nervously on his knees at the last part, but it's more of a sign of being nervous than lying.

"Do you have a reason to be nervous, Mister Reynolds?" Isobel arches her brow upward, and then glances toward Milosh. "Do hurry, Milosh. Our guest is likely getting hungry." Real blood in such quantity is difficult to do, and it's only through setting up a deal with the blood bank that she's able to actually enjoy a bag or two a night.

"So it is still progressing then. Good." There is doubt that he will manage to pull it off. "I would say to perpetuate an incident and force her to have no choice, however, that will not go over well with Fontane, and unfortunately I would much like to keep him happy for the time being."

"… No." Tripp replies, a bit dishonestly but it was kind of true, Isobel didn't seem to be annoyed so he should be relaxing in a moments time. His gaze shifts to the direction of Milosh- That trueblood was sounding pretty good right now, "Just the, ah, new employee jitters, I guess. I'll get over it."

"And no offense, Miss, while I agree that would be a wonderful idea that would work, I feel I'd perform much better on a more trustful relationship.." Tripp admits, tapping his thumbs togeather, "Really I haven't been overly honest to some friends and I'd rather not continue doing that. But I'm certain I can do it under a natural circumstance." Beat, "Though I'm not really sure why I just blurted that out considering what you just said. Eh-heh."

"Thank you, Milosh," Isobel says as the man delivers the heated True Blood to Tripp. "That will be all. Wait until you see this young man leaving before sending in the next." Business from home is not something she generally prefers to do, but she needs to be here so she can help Elliiott out.

"That would be, Mister Reynolds, because you are nervous. You are afraid of what I might decide to do should you prove useless in this regard." Isobel, taking a long drink from the blood, licks her lips and then locks her icy gaze onto his face. "You do well to be afraid, though should she refuse I can honestly return to Fontane and point out that I did the best considering that they are allowing very little. Foolish mortals believe they have some semblance of idea how our hierarchy works, and yet they have very little idea that the best protection from a vampire is that claim."

One word: Ouch.

The look of surprise on Tripp's face as Isobel assesses him is almost comical in a way, and really what can he say to it? He certainly can't -deny- it. Accepting his 'drink', his attention remains focused on his boss.

And quickly reminded just how different their outlook on human thoughts, particularly emotions. Well he had to admit it did make Isobel extremely efficient.

"There won't be an 'if', ma'am," Tripp replies, "I can assure you that." He just hopes it'll be sooner rather than later, at least he does have a couple of points to keep in mind. "I had an issue come up a little while ago, and I was just wondering.. Do we have any enemies? Besides the obvious."

"That means that you are either planning on succeeding, or planning on failing. Let me ask you, Mister Reynolds, do you keep your humanity intact? That could prove to be your downfall." Isobel settles the now empty glass upon the table, and eyes him quite curiously.

"An issue? What issue, pray tell?" There will be no answer until he can provide further information.

Tripp gives a nervous chuckle, he must not be winning many points of Isobel actually thinkg 'planning to fail' was something he was seriously considering. But it'd seem that reason of thought makes itself clear. Ah, humanity.

Tripp takes a drink, sorting his thoughts for a moment, "Change for me takes a while," he decides. As for the issue, "I was talking to a citizen, they'd mentioned drainers. It made me wonder if they were a common enemy here."

"Oh, them," Isobel says with a voice full of disdain. "You are aware that our blood possesses certain things that can do wonders for the breathers?" There is nary a pause before she continues, "Fresh from our bodies, it can help them heal or provide them with greater strength for a while. However, in some instances, our blood can work much like the human drug lysergic acid diethylamide."

"Which means that yes, they pose a danger to us."

"Well yes, I understand that," Tripp replies, "And I understand why we are targets, but I'm wondering if they specifically are a threat to you here. People know who you are and where you work, and so I was wondering if perhaps we're at a greater risk than most vampires."

"Now I know what you're thinking, 'why would I think that'; I guess you could blame it on my watching too many television dramas, you know resistance groups targeting big companies and all that. But I didn't think it'd hurt to ask."

"Very few people that are not vampires know of the location of the estate or what goes on within the walls." Isobel offers him a briefly amused look. "Beyond that, I am nearly seven-hundred years old, and should a drainer even attempt to approach me, they would be dead within a matter of seconds." There is no pride in that statement, simply fact. "Though I do suppose the concern is appreciated. I have trusted vampires, as well as trusted humans with me a great deal of the time."

"Television rots your brain, you would do better to read a book if you wish to partake in true drama."

The young vampire nods his head in understanding, and looks relieved.. And maybe a little disappointed, it doesn't seem he'll get many chances to prove himself but ah well. Taking another deep drink, Tripp leans back in the couch a little- ONly to feel a little chilish toward the chiding of his preferred method of entertainment.

"That's true, I guess I'd better look into getting a library card then," he semi-jokes. He hated to admit it but even when she does seem amused, Isobel is a little awkward to talk to, so.. Business'y! Well that and she's way older than him, he keeps forgetting that, "Any recommendations?"

"Quite a few. Shall I draw up a list for you," she teases him. Isobel rarely teases, and tonight is not a good night for it anyhow what with worrying about her child about to rise from the ground. "However, you should get a library card. The librarian by the name of Cornett is a good friend to vampires, and will be able to hook you up with several books based on your own likes." That the woman in question is the girlfriend of the King of Texas goes unmentioned.

"What time do you relieve the human bodyguard that watches the Tyler girl?"

Tripp , thusly, will probably never know of such a relationship. Alas. Tripp actually looks to be in a bit of shock when Isobel teases, but he does reactivly shake his head 'no' a bit quickly. "All right, thank you for the advice, I appreciate that."

And so it seems that is that, he likely wasn't the only person in line to be coming into the office he realizes. He quickly finishes his drink, and stands up, "Very shortly, so I'd best take my leave. Thank you for the hospitality." .. And he'll look into getting some clothes shopping done. Too bad though, he thought the shirt was pretty sharp. It had buttons and everything! A slight bow and he's shown the exit.

"Milosh! Procure another bottle of the synthetic for Mister Reynolds, and send the next one in." Isobel allows Tripp to take his leave after that, giving him a bottle for the road so that he doesn't get hungry and make a mistake. After all, he's still a fledgling himself, and as Sheriff it is her duty to keep an eye on the younger ones while their in her city. Which reminds her…

"Actually, Milosh. Send the next one away and reschedule for tomorrow. Get me Ms. Baker or Mister MacKeirnan on the line immediately."

Milosh quickly prepares a bottle, moving fast as possible to get it to Tripp before he gets too far, then scurries back inside to make the calls.

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