Biker Babes

Preston Forest Shopping Center

Darkness fills the city, the majority of businesses are closed, and this means that parking lots are fair game. The lot at the Preston Forest Shopping Center is large. Very large. It's also long. This means that with proper care, off-duty Officer Leigh Rossum, can get up to exorbitant speeds without breaking any of the local laws. What's more, she actually has permission to do her set-up here.
Orange cones mark a rather large, elongated oval in the center of the lot. While not race-track sized, it suits her purposes enough to blow off some steam.
Sitting astride an rust-orange, 2003 Suzuki Hayabusa in full form-fitting leather gear, with a flashy orange helmet, she holds a stop-watch in front of her and prepares to depress the button.

A red remodeled harley is what Abbey is driving, or riding on at the moment. The faint reve of the engine is heard but she isn't speeding by any means. She has on a black leather jacket with red trim, and leather bike pants along with the standared leather boots. Even with it dark out she has on a pair of sunglasses, while the helmet is strapped to the back of the motorcycle. She's not going all that fast so the thought of wearing the helmet doesn't cross her mind. The bike comes to a stop as she catches sight of the another biker some distance away and curiously glances over the course that is set up and titls her head at the sight. Well this is something new.

Annnnd GO!
The stopwatch is tossed to the side, and the Hayabusa rider starts the course. After two circles around it, she picks up speed. This continues until she's made it ten full circles around the track before she veers the bike off to the side, shuts it off, and goes to collect the stopwatch.
The minute amount of time between dropping it, starting, then stopping and retrieving it is calculated before she pulls the helmet off. Giving her head a shake, hair tossing to the side as she does, she frowns.
"A straightaway would be faster," she mutters. No way she can do that in the city without breaking the laws she's meant to uphold though. Dropping the stopwatch into her pocket, she attaches the helmet to the bike and then leans against it lightly while she unzips the jacket.
Full leather body suit, in Texas, not as needed as back home.

Abbey looks rather amused as she watches the other ride their bike around in circles. She waits for the other to stop before she rides forward, heading towards where the other happens to bed. The scent of werewolf catches her attetnion and she hums fiantly to herself. "Evening.." Is offers once she is near by, her motorcycle engine rumbling while she pauses the bike once more. "Interesting little show there.."

"Wallace, right?" Leigh spent a lot of time in West Dallas, it used to be her beat. She knows everyone that's been there a while. "You're the one that took over Bunker's?" Fingers rub her scalp as she runs them through her hair.
"Nice hog. What's that baby do on the highway?"
Moving away from her new toy, she grabs a bottle from the backpack near one of the orange cones, then extracts a second. The second is tossed toward Abbey as she pops the top off the first bottle of water and takes a sip.

Abbey hums faintly while she lets her feet rest against the ground, a arm resting across the handle bar while the other hand turns the engine off. "That's right." She faintly remember this one, though a name escapes her. "Thanks.. An that depends on what traffic is around and if the cops are watching." This said with an amused tone. The bottle of water is grabbed from the air with ease and she glances to it a moment before nodding. "Thanks." Is said with a friendly tone. "So.. you do this often?"

"We're always watching," Leigh says, pointing upward. Police choppers generally monitor the highway in traffic, and during daylight hours.
"Whenever I get a chance. Haven't gotten this baby out much yet. She does real well on straightaways, but not so much in a track setting." Not that the 'track' is very large. "Still, she might handle Motorsport Ranch decently." The one out in Cresson.

Abbey looks amused at this while she opens the bottle of water and takes a sip from it. "That I know.. Which is why I never speed of course." Which of course makes her a lier. "You could always take her out to the longer desert stretches.. Doesn't take to get that busy till closer to the weekend."

"And get her full of sand?" Leigh wrinkles her nose at that just a little. While she doesn't mind getting herself a bit dirty, the thought of sand in the air filter, and clogging the engine, just doesn't float her boat. "It'll wreck the engine or the pistons, and she's too pretty for that."
The bottle is lifted to her lips, the cool water easily sliding down her throat. "A chopper in the desert isn't so bad, but a something like this? More damage than what most'd bargain for."

Abbey ahs faintly and chuckles a moment. "I suppose Its easier for me seeing how I know how to clean everything out.." This said with a slight roll of her shoulders. A soft hum escaping her as she seems to be pondering other places for the cop to take her bike racing. "Problem in the city there isn't that many places to go driving so to speak."

"Not many unless you rip'er open on the interstate," Leigh remarks. Cities are great to live in, not so great for most of the speedier toys. "You do a lot of work on bikes like this then, or mostly the choppers?" Seems a fair question to ask, since that seems to be what Wallace is driving. After a beat, her voice lowers. "You MTP or rogue?"

Abbey nods slightly as she lisitons to Leigh. "That's true.." A slight smile is seen. "Yes since I took over we've been doing more working on the bikes." The questions on the pack makes her smirk slightly and she shrugs. "Rogue.. You could say.."

Rogue means she watches what she says beyond shop-talk. Leigh's fine with that, but it's better to know beforehand instead of spilling someone else's secrets.
"Too bad though, since this baby can go well over 200 miles per hour if she's ripped open, and we just don't have speeds like that on the interstate," she says with a laugh. "She's still fairly new, and beyond a few minor repairs and oil changes doesn't need much work, but I'll keep you in mind."

Abbey is just fine with not talking about pack stuffs, she isn't the pack type an is rather fine with this now. "Oh yes I know how that is. I have a mustag back home. Would be nice to open it up sometimes." This said while a faint humming tune escapes her. "Sure thing.. You know were the garage is.. An I tend to give discounts to certain clients." She says while grinning a moment. Meaning the furry kind it seems.

"Oh now, Miss Wallace, I can't allow you to do that. You need to make a living too, hmm?" Leigh is by any means not rich, but she doesn't want to make things difficult for a business owner by expecting a deal. "Though it's appreciated," she says, softening her rejection of the offer with a smile. "Heard they're coming out with a new Cobra for next year, based on the Mustang body. Waiting for the Ford dealer to get one in."

"Well that is true.. But with how business has been doing I don't mind giving people discounts. It works on both ways sometimes. I've gotten help with other things for giving someone a break." Abbey blinks and smirks at herself. "I didn't mean that I would be getting a break from you though." She nods. "Yes I've heard of that too. I like the older models. I tend to rebuild them and other cars as well on the side."

It's potentially a good thing that Abbey tacked that little bit on at the end, otherwise Officer Rossum would have to take offence at the verbal bribe. Instead, she nods. "I'm an above-the-board type of woman, Miss Wallace, but all the same I appreciate the offer." There's no shame in paying full price for repairs.
"I'm waffling between the new Shelby, or the Viper. Both a bit out of my price range, but with a bit of squeezing…" She can manage it if she pulls a few double shifts.

Abbey wouldn't ask for anything other then help, though from cops she doesn't ask for anything unless its James. They are friends and she would ask him for help but not in the bribe sense though. "The Shelby is a nice car. The one I fixed up was an old Shelby actually."

"You still got it at the shop?" Leigh finishes off the bottle of water, recapping it and tossing it toward the bag. "Wouldn't mind swinging by on my next day off and checking it out if you do. The '67 is an absolute classic." Arms reach over her head, stretching them as high up as she can, just to pop her back a little. "Haven't gotten to see one except on the classic car calendars."

Abbey smiles and nods. "Yup.. I bought it, was a pile of crap to start with.. Took me nearly a year to get it back in one piece and repainted. It was sold as a '67 but I am still not fully convenced that's what it is. Though everything fit it without a problem and it looks like one now."

"Hmm. Next time, make sure you get the authenticity checked." Leigh grins a bit, then shakes her head. "If it's still got the original VIN, I can run it for you, check the year. For resale purposes." Not an illegal thing to do, per se, but she'll have to make sure to do it when she's not on duty so she doesn't get her hand slapped.

Abbey chuckles softly. "Ya.. I should have checked into it better but I was just thrilled to get my hands on one that I could rebuild from scratch so to speak. The next one I'll be checking to make sure of for sure. An for the moment I'm keeping the car. Haven't found the next one that I want to work on just yet." A slight nod is seen. "Thanks for the offer.. Maybe I'll ask for a check up on the next one to make sure I'm not getting a bum deal."

Nodding, Leigh slips the jacket portion of her leather suit back on. "Just call the precinct. Ask for Rossum." Reaching for the bag, she zips it up and slings it over her back like a backpack. It's a tight fit thanks to the leather gear, but she manages. "I should be going. Have to be back in at four, and I should catch a few hours of sleep."

Abbey hums softly and nods. "Sure.." She offers while watching the other, the bottle of water she has is stashed into a bag upon the bike. "Nice speaking with you.. Hope you get to drive ride your bike more. Especially with the weather getting nicer an so forth."

"That's what tracks were built for, Miss Wallace. Should check them out with your 'stang sometime." Another nod of the head is offered to the other woman, and her helmet is grabbed and slipped back on over her head. Sliding the visor up, she starts to gather the cones and set them off to the side. When this is done, she hops back onto the Hayabusa and starts her up. "Drive safe."

Abbey nods slightly. "That's true.." Though she has other ways to deal with the need for a drive. Not that she's actually be doing much illegal racing over the past few months. "You as well." This said before she starts up her Harley.

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