Who Killed Demoin?

Grisly Bar

It's the usual time. The usual fair. As always Eli can be found near the back of the Grisly Bar - it's almost enough to have people wonder if he actually sleeps at the bar. At the moment, he's laughing raucously and sharing tales with a couple of unnamed pub-goers. Surprisingly, he's not drinking or smoking anything.

The laughter is going to stop shortly.
Leigh has one pit-stop to make on her way home, before crashing for her early shift. Rather than wearing her uniform, or a nice set of civvies, she stops in wearing a full leather suit and carrying an orange helmet under her arm. Quick footsteps bring her to the table, a stern look on her face. There's no pleasantries, no niceties. Simply, "I've got the information."

Eli doesn't turn to face the woman just yet. He finishes up his chuckle slowly as he begins to slide out of his seat. "Well then, boys, seems I better step out for a second. Good ta see you Rossum." And just like that, he turns to face her, all business. A hand is placed on her shoulder and he guides her to a more discreet location so that they cannot be overheard. "Lay it on me."

Good to see her? Leigh wishes she could say the same thing. Once she's guided to a quieter location, she furrows her brow. "Gun from the wolf attack matches the bullet striations in the Demoin case." Copies of the paperwork are drawn out and she exhales a sigh. "Not sure how I'm going to get this out of the precinct without causing a fuss. Still working that out."

Eli sobers considerably, and he pauses to inspect Leigh slowly. "And that means…?" It's not that he cant put it together himself. But with such serious business, he doesn't want to assume anything - as the responsibility will lie on his shoulders if he's wrong.

"It means that I know who shot Demoin, and I know it was accidental." Offering the paperwork out to Eli, she shakes her head. "I can bust him legally for this, but the case'll likely be thrown out. Due to the fact that Demoin was more than three blocks over from the shot, and the shooter has an alibi for the time of death — he was giving his statement to the police."
Leigh's frown deepens a little. "I know I'm not Pack, but before I give you the name, I need your guarantee that the man is not going to be killed outright."

Eli accepts the paperwork, squinting down at it without much comprehension and clearly relying more on his ears than his eyesight. However, he pauses then. Stopping to stare at Leigh with a curious, unreadable expression on his face. "Rossum…" He begins slowly, carefully. "This cannot be overlooked as some mistake. I have Demoin's parents to report to. I have a responsibility to protect the weres of my pack - and in failing to do so, protect the honor of those that have fallen. I wont be able to let this slide by without a response, I'm sorry." Beat. "But, he will not be killed by my ilk."

"That's all I can ask for then," Leigh says with a heavy sigh. She'd rather that this be dealt with in a legal manner, but she can't do that without upping the guy's record. Reaching over to the paperwork, she taps the front page and points to the name and address. "Try not to break into his house either. I still have my duty to the DPD to deal with, and if he presses charges for B-and-E, then I'll have no choice but to investigate it."

Eli looks the name and address over, before his lips curl upwards slightly. "He was being hailed as a hero before by the media, wasn't he?" Oh, how deliciously ironic. "There will be no breaking an entering. No deaths…by our direct paws. I can promise you this. But he will serve as an example - and as a warning to the shifters of Dallas to watch themselves while around humans." Eli needs to crack down on someone, considering how out of control things have been. Hopefully, by reacting harshly, some order can be restored.

"Mm." Leigh nods once. "He was. Humans are still, for the most part, unaware of us. Generally better for us. By the by, you find that Shifter that started all these issues feel free to kill her. It'd make my life a lot easier." Technically not at all legal, considering that said Shifter is a person too, but at this point she's more of a danger and likely can't be rehabilitated.

Eli pauses to turn his head to the side, in the process cracking his neck. "Ah, I plan on it," he murmurs about the shifter that's causing trouble. "She has been laying low lately. And, I suspect, has a good idea of how the pack works, as she has managed to evade us thus far."

Leigh considers this for a long moment, silently. Then she nods. "Likely has an informant in the pack. See it on the force quite a bit, and I've seen Jared have to deal with it." Slipping the helmet to beneath the other arm she shrugs. "Could find a telepath to bore into their minds and find out which one is feeding her the information. Could just interrogate them. Whatever you do, Mister Donato, you're going to want to plug that leak up."

"Absolutely. Thank you, Rossum." Eli grumbles, his eyes fixed upon the woman without blinking. "Your work is impeccable. I know I don't have to remind you to try and flub the results of that test at the office…I have a few members in place at the precinct as well. If you need their help, just mention that it is following my wish." And with that, he offers her a dismissive nod of appreciation.

A curt, respectful nod is given to the man. Leigh turns to walk away, then gives him an odd look. "A heads up for when you're executing the plan would be great too." Without waiting for a response, she slips the helmet onto her head. Walking through the bar, she steps out the doors and hops onto her Hayabusa to make her way home.

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