Indecent Proposal


Friday night, and things at Absinthe are hopping. Thankfully, there is a live band this evening instead of another dreadful poetry reading. While it's not hard rock, or even classic rock, the music isn't bad. Soft, poppy, something with a subtle beat. It's gotten a few people dancing, though there really isn't a great deal of room for that.

Hailee has been here for a while. A better and safer hangout than Bloody Mary's, since she can't afford to go there again after her last 'rendezvous' there. The majority of the vial she extracted that night is still on her person, even if the blood is extremely weak. Slipping a red-colored aspirin under her tongue, she taps the bar. "Give me the absinthe," she says, taking a chance tonight at something a little harder.

In an explosion of laughter, a group of youthful males, led by an Abercrombie-laden jock, stream in through the door. The cause of the laughter appears to be a crack delivered by one Gabriel Rosco, who basks in the glory of humour. Still, he's only briefly attached the group; he extricates himself with aplomb, not letting his eyes roll and the sardonic, bitter disgust at the other men show until he's free of them.

Then he's to the bar, sliding onto a seat and demanding attention with the ease of his smile. Only once it becomes obvious he's not being immediately served does he scan the rest of the bar; of course his eyes alight upon a girl he knows intimately. He flashes forth the beam of a smile, and de-slides from his seat, sauntering in Hailee's general direction. "Hey," he greets, easily.

"Gabriel," Hailee says with a generally good natured smile. This is all thanks to the hit of V that's currently flowing through her system. "It's been a while. I haven't seen you since that little soiree you dragged me to." A tumbler glass filled with green liquid is placed before her, and she eyes it momentarily before focusing on the man once more. "What have you been up to? Please tell me it's been no good…"

"Depends on your definition of good," Gabriel replies, his smile stretching towards a sly grin. "If disappearing for a month or so to import a new car counts as bad, then I have been one naughty little boy." He eyeballs the back of the bar, obviously considering something before shaking his head. He threads ambiguity through his tone as he continues, making it difficult to tell if he's joking or not. "Congrats by the way, you totally impressed my parents. They think I should consider marrying you."

"Depends on the type of car, I suppose, or what was coming with it in the trunk." Hailee sets her eyes on the absinthe again, and offers it out to him. "Yours if you want it, I can order another." Again, she taps two fingers atop the bar and waits for the bartender to appear. It's been a decent month for her, so she's not exactly running broke these days. Making a half bow from her barstool, she laughs. "Now wouldn't that just make them peachy. You could get the engagement party, then air all my dirty laundry to irk your parents."

"TVR Tuscan, black, parked outside," Gabriel returns, allowing an outbreath of humour for the second. "Nothing exciting inside - I look stupid enough to travel international like that? No thanks." He looks hungrily at the green substance. "One." He takes it delicately, with a quick murmur, "Thanks. I can see the look on daddy's face. I'd probably save it for the groom speech for real entertainment value."

"Ahh, but then you'd actually have to marry me, and I'd wish that on no man," Hailee says, good naturedly. "Blackpool, right? I haven't been in one of those since 2000 or so. Gorgeous cars, but you didn't have to go through all that trouble for lil' ol' me," she teases. The bartender returns, she points to the absinthe and nods. She'll just get another of the same.

Gabriel's reply is amused, as he lifts the absinthe to his lips to drain it in one. "I think we'd make a cute couple. It'd get the 'rents off my back, anyhow." He allows a faint nod for her knowledge of the vehicle in question. "Not many who'd know what I was talking about. I could get to like you." Head tilts. "Say it was a gift. What does that get me?"

"There's no doubt about that, sug'. We'd definitely make a cute couple, and I'm not adverse to an open marriage." Hailee does what she wants, when she wants, so long as she's not getting hurt she doesn't really give a damn. "You need a sham marriage to get your parents off your back, I'm your girl." Hell, if it means the ability to go shopping like she used to? She's definitely all for it.

"A gift, hmm? Well the seats are hardly wide enough to fool around in, but if it's a gift it gets you whatever you want."

The glance that fires across to Hailee is not entirely without surprise. "Shit, you'd seriously go for it?" Gabriel blinks, placing the glass down on the bar a little harder than strictly necessary. "Maybe I should think about it. Any—" He cuts off, flicking a smile back into place. "Whatever I want? What about if I just let you have a ride?"

Rather than sipping the absinthe that appears before her, Hailee grabs the glass and downs about half of it at once. Not the best idea, since it sends her for a bit more of a loop than she'd have liked it to. "Why the hell not? The sex is good, the fun is good, and as long as we know what it is…" The whole sham/open marriage bit, that is. "A ride, hmm? Now are we talking in the car, or elsewhere?" Wink.

Arms open into sardonic humour. "Never before has the world witnessed such a romantic proposal," says Gabriel, majestically. He shifts slightly, to better delicately place a hand against the small of Hailee's back. "How about… both?"

Laughing, Hailee glances over her shoulder at him. "Honey, if you wanted romance, you would've brought flowers," she teases. "Both, hmm? Which do you want first? I hear the bathroom here is pretty roomy." Waggling her eyebrows up and down, she turns to look forward at the bar once more.

"And I guess if you wanted flowers, you wouldn't be anywhere near me," Gabriel replies, easily and well-humoured. "Car first," he continues, a little more seriously. "Then we can get somewhere I can get wrecked."

"Car it is then," Hailee says before quickly downing the remainder of the absinthe. Giving her head a shake, everything becomes rather clear and she smiles again, more broadly than before. "I have a little something that might help you with that wrecking, though it's weak… good stuff though." Just from someone a bit younger than what she can get from her usual supplier.

The youthful man flashes a beaming grin. "Awesome; saves me finding my own guy out this evening. I've got a goody bag at home as well." He drags fingers across Hailee's back, a signal it's time to move. "Any particular reason it's weak, or just the way the supply is drifting?"

"Fresh from a young vamp," Hailee replies very quietly. Slipping off the bar stool, she starts toward the door. Her movements hampered only a little by the drink she's just had, her body swaying slightly as she walks. "Straight from the source. Not as powerful as the stuff others can get, but I was in a pinch." And she'll not go into just what exactly she did to get it either.

Gabriel appears unaffected by the absinthe starting to filter into his system. Perhaps a good faker, perhaps a good tolerance. "I guess it means if you're brought short, you got a place to go, right?" With a gentlemanly sweep of an arm, he opens the door to the bar, allowing Hailee to pass through. "So. You driving or am I?"

Good question. Does she have a place to go if she's brought short? Hailee will have to avoid the vamp bar, but then again it's not like the poor young thing was all that troubled by the offer she made. "I do. I know a few places." Stepping out into the cool night air, she takes a deep breath and then rushes toward the car. Without giving a thought to anything, she hops up onto the hood and strikes one of her signature modeling poses. "This works better in a bikini," she points out. "Really think you should drive. I'd hate to wreck my 'gift'."

Gabriel stops short, taking a long moment to drink in the sight of the girl/car combination. He nods, once, approvingly. "You're making marriage a more tasty prospect," he approves, unashamedly ogling. "We shall try it with the bikini back at my place. Also with drugs. Lots of drugs." His head tilts, considering something as he steps slowly towards the car. "Yeah, maybe best. I kinda like it."

"Baby, I don't have a bikini at your place, and there isn't a shop open this time of night…" Hailee lays back on the hood for a moment, staring up at the lights of the bar. A slow, sly grin appears upon her face. "Think you can handle silk and lace substitutes?" Running her tongue over her lips to moisten them, she edges gently off the vehicle, the goes for the passenger door. "Hell, if you've got a blanket to spread over this baby, we could have fun in the parking garage too…"

"I reckon I can handle anything you can dream of," he tells her, eyes still betraying more than a hint of purest lust. Slowly shaking his head, Gabriel laments, "What did I do before I met you?" A quick touch, and the driver's door opens. "I… yes. Just yes." Quite whether he's seriously stunned or just teasing is unclear. "C'mon, Hailee." Another deft movement and the engine purrs into life, a beautiful sound. Gabriel wriggles against the leather, revving the engine to warm it up.

Slipping into the car, she grins. "I'm sure you found other ways to amuse yourself. Though, hmm… let's see how fast this baby can go while you're distracted…" Hailee leans over toward the drivers seat, and starts to lip and nibble at his ear. "You better hope you can make it back to your place. Like I said, not that much room to maneuver in one of these baby's…"

A gentle noise of pleasant distraction hums from Gabriel's lips, but he remains resolute. "You do your best to distract me, and we'll see," says he, with great amusement, voice threaded through now with lust. One hand moves, gears slide into place and the car leaps away, into the night.

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