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Dallas Heritage Village

Dallas Heritage Village is a living museum boasting thirty-eight buildings. The entrance road, Main Street, leads into the Village proper; left behind are the electric lights of the park and upon entering the world of the mid to late 1800s, gaslights line the street.
Along the causeway, the small town takes form. The Blum Brothers' General Store and the Main Street Saloon sit side by side, their sides in clapboard. Along the side roads and alleyways, the various other services such as the post, the physician's office, schoolhouse and the church can be found. Further in and up against the edges of the village are the two story, pre-Civil War residences of the solid, upstanding citizens of the day including the Millers and the Sullivans.

Playing hooky. There is nothing wrong with taking a day of Annual Leave to spend it outside in the sunshine. The sky is clear and blue as far as the eye can see, which is pretty far when one is in Texas, the clouds fluffy and white.
Dr. David Trudeau, remarkably, has nothing in hand today as he strolls the main thoroughfare of the little historic village. His hands are tucked deep into his pockets except for the brief moments of having to push his glasses back up on his nose. Beyond that, he is decidedly 'on vacation', if only for the day.
Groups of school children move as one under the supervision of their teachers and guides a couple of houses beyond him, and David is deliberately keeping them at that distance. It's close enough to listen, yet far enough away that he can actually see the sights being described. Texas history is something that he is completely unfamiliar with.

After the night before Abbey isn't in the best of moods to say the least. At the moment she is slowly walking along the street, a rather large and fuzzy tibetian mastiff puppy is walking at her side at the end of a leash. She's nervous and jumping at times, careful of who all happens to be around her knowing very well she made some shifters and wolves mad at her last night at the meeting. Her gaze slowly drifts over the area, pale gaze resting on a few people but never watching them for long as she moves forward. Dakota, the puppy is rather happy as he trots along at her side.

Conversely, David is in a rather good mood. After all, the sun is shining, and he's neither in the office nor in the field. While not a government slacker, certainly, he's not got anything that requires his full attention for the next.. twelve hours. A quick trip into the office to check print-outs, then home.
Whistling a tuneless.. tune, bright blue eyes look over the clapboard General Goods shop before he takes a step forward to read the sign beside the door that gives a quick little blurb of information.
Brows raise as he reads, and his head bobs unconsciously as the information is gained, and taking a step back, he isn't quite looking exactly where it is he's going…

Abbey isn't about to bite anyones head off, yet at the same time she isn't her normal friendly self. Dakota catches sight of David and is quick to tug and pull against the leash which Abs wasn't holding onto that well and the large puppy is taking off running right towards the man and leaps up to wruff out at him while his tail wiggles about. Blinking the woman watches and erks before following after the dog. "Dakota!" She calls out after the dog.. Great this isn't what she wanted to happen now.

Tripping backwards off the step is more than a little embarrassing, but to have it caught the attention of one very large .. puppy?, causing it to come bearing down on him is just a little more distressing. His arms wave out, trying to balance himself so he doesn't hit the ground, and manages. However, getting leaped on is just enough to bring David down, and down he goes. First instinct, of course, is to keep the dog from his face, and with his glasses askew, thanks to the boisterousness of the puppy, he feels the need to fix that as well as put a hand on the dog's collar. "Hey!"

Abbey ers faintly as she is quick to get over to where David and Dakota are, perhaps a bit quicker then most humans would be. She is quick to grab hold of the large pup around the shoulders and hauls him upwards before he can do more damaged. "I'm so sorry.." Is said quickly while peering at David with a rather nervous look across her face. Dakota wiggles about a few times before just going limp ins the hold upon him. His an innocent puppy really! Great.. This isn't how she wanted to start the day.

As the dog is pulled off, David defends softer spots on himself from exuberant paws before resettling his glasses back into position. "Ah…" Okay. Let's try that again? "Ah.. yah.." Even the two syllables declare that the man is definitely not 'from around these parts'. The vowels are too long and rounded.
Putting a hand onto the ground to give himself some leverage to rise, he gains his feet. Brushing his hands together first, he begins the process of dusting his clothes. "That's.. well, I'm glad he's not vicious?"

Abbey holds the large pup for a few moments longer while stepping back to give David plenty of room. She swallows slightly while glancing to Dakota and then looks back to David. "Ya.. His not vicious at all.. Just a very happy puppy I promise." She offers softly, her own thick irish accent picked up as she goes about speaking a bit more. "Are you alright?.. I hope he didn't hurt you.." It seems to dawn on her that she is still holding onto the large pup and she soon sets him down so it doesn't look that strange.

Irish.. not a sound one hears in Texas, certainly. "And a very.. exited one." David continues brushing himself off, finishing up with his lower legs before straightening. Smiling tightly, he nods in response to the question regarding his general health, "I am.. and no, he didn't hurt me. Just.. surprised me." Beat. "A little." David chuckles, "Okay, a lot." Reaching out slowly to panting, happy dog, his brows raise in inquiry, "Did I hear 'Dakota'?"

Abbey ehs softly while glancing to the pup and then back to David. "Ya.. I imagen that. I'm sorry again.. He is harmless.." There is a slight pause while she watches him, as if making sure that he is truely alright, she doesn't want someone to complain later that the pup hurt someone afetr all. Dakota leans up into the attention that he is given. A soft ah escapes Abs and she nods. "Ya.. His name is Dakota.. Crazy little pup he is."

Giving the puppy a scritch around the ears, David finishes that off before standing straight again. "Really, I'm okay." Wiping his hands off yet again on now somewhat dirty hands, he extends his right hand with a slightly apologetic smile; it's dirty, after all.. "Dr. David Trudeau.. and if you continue to apologize, I'm going to think you came to Texas through Canada from Ireland."

Abbey blinks slightly and hehs a moment before glancing to Dakota and then looks back to David. A faint smile offered. "Alright.. An no I didn't." This said with an amused tone, accent picked up a bit more. She lifts a hand to take hold of his lightly. "I'm Abbey Wallace.. Nice to meet you.." There's a slight pause. "Your a doctor.. Of what if you don't mind me asking?"

"Both, really.." David bounces his head slightly and adds, "MD and a PhD. My work is mainly in the field of diseases, though, and how it affects genetics." He chuckles softly soon after, "To use a broad example, why some people are actually immune to the black plague while others caught it." Retrieving his hand, he looks down at the dog again. "Where did you get this fellow?"

Abbey hums softly and nods with a soft smile see. "Well that is rather interesting I have to say." She offers with a friendly tone. "Bet that keeps you busy then hum?" A faint oh escapes her and she chuckles. "Well.. I got him from a breeder down near the coast actually." Dakota wruffs out softly.

"Busy enough," David replies. "Of course, when the days aren't filled with that, there's always something else to do. Right now, it's fund raising for a local group." He smiles again and shrugs, his tones light, "Next month, who knows? Could be the teasing of a major breakthrough, or it could be the fact that I actually find myself a good mechanic or plumber." Or Electrician. Turning back to the dog, David lowers himself a little to pet the little beastie again. "What is he? I don't recognize the breed?"

Abbey ahs softly and chuckles as she hears him. "Well I actually know a few good mechanic's actually." This said with an amused tone. "Dakota is a Tibetian Mastiff.. There rather large dogs when the fully grown." Dakota lifts his head and eagerly leans into the attentions he is getting.

"Ah.. then do tell," David's smile brightens at Abbey's chuckle, even as he continues the now-renewed scritches. "Unless he's overworked and you don't want to. Which will bring me back to the beginning, as it were." Venturing forward, he has to ask, "What about a plumber? Electrician? Always useful there." His attention gets diverted back down as he sidesteps an inquisitive nose. "Ah.. no.." His brows raise again, and his gaze moves over his glasses to the woman, "Bigger. Well, he's pretty big now.."

Abbey hums softly and smiles once more. "Well.. Actually I'm a good mechanic. I own Bunkers Garage over on the west side." She looks amusing and nods while glancing back to Dakota whom is leaning into the attention and licks out at David's hands a few times. "Ya his a big dog already.. They get over a hundred pounds give or take. I think its mostly the fur and that makes them look even bigger."

Well, how's that for a little bit of awkwardness? David chuckles his slight embarrassment and straightens once again. "Sorry.. I didn't mean.." He takes an audible breath before tries again, "Right. Bunkers." Easier, now. "I'll have to remember that. Getting around here takes a little more gas than, say, Chicago. There, I used the metro all the time. Here?" David shrugs, his smile rueful, "Not so much." The dog, seated center stage, is a difficult draw to resist. "They get over a hundred pounds." A soft whistle sounds. "Adding the fur?" Shaking his head, the chuckle sounds again. "Don't envy you." Beat. "At all. That's a lot of fur. And a lot of dog to feed and.." clean up after.
The childrens' tour has gotten little ahead of David again, and realizing it, David twists his head over his shoulder to look. "Ah.. my sort of tour is leaving without me." His tones lower slightly, "Far enough away so I can actually enjoy myself and close enough to be able to hear what the tour guide is saying."

Abbey doesn't look angery, she finds it amusing really. Most don't think she owns a garage but she is more of a grease monkey then some guys actually. "Its alright.. No offense taken." This said with an amused tone. "Yes.. His going to be a big dog, but I don't mind. I need a guard dog at the the garage after all." She smiles and nods. "Your welcome to come by when ever.. Place is open basicly every day." A glance is offered towards the tour guide and she hehs sotly. "Sorry for bothering your tour.. Was nice to talk to you."

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