Evening Off

Bloody Mary's Bar

The night is calm, dark, and peaceful. As though in reverence to the Sheriff's day of birth, the sky is clear and not a foreboding cloud appears over the city. Though she is decidedly taking the evening off, there is something she must attend to. As she has another set to guard Fontane's woman for the evening, and there was no sign of her beloved bodyguard Clarence at the Estate, she has come to pick something up from Mary's and see if she cannot find the man here.

Everything within the bar stops the moment Isobel Skye Symon makes her appearance known by opening the door. Icy blue eyes flit around the bar, and they land several places for a moment before she makes her way toward the bar. Gracefully, poised. Each step causing her back to straighten all the more. "Good evening," she addresses the bartender. "I do believe that Mary has set aside a case of AB negative for me." This receives a nod, and the woman behind the bar hurries to procure it.

Having seated himself in the corner of the bar, away from the busy middle of the bar yet with a clear view of the entrance, Clarence quickly realises that the Sheriff had stepped into the bar, the silence that follows her entrance only ensuring that it is her that enters, no other woman has that much power over the people. His dark orbs slowly following the graceful gate of his employer, a smile flicking across his lips, as he slowly lowers his own bottle of O+ down on the the table infront of him, he slowly stands ensuring that she sees him. Indicating the empty seat near him, or if she wanted him to join her by the bar.

A glance toward the usual table shows that it is left empty, but the one beside it holds the bodyguard. A simple dip of the head, and she acknowledges his presence. Though before moving on there, the bartender reappears.

"I-I'm sorry Miss Symon… I c-can't find it!"

Wry amusement touches her lips, and she says, "That is alright, my dear. Quite likely it is in her office, and I will just pick it up later. If you could be so kind as to bring me a glass of real O positive to the table beside my usual, I would be ever so grateful."

Then she's making her way direct to Clarence's table, not stopping to talk to anyone.

Allowing that smile to remain on his lips, as he nods his own head in acknowledgement of his presence, that smile does faulter slightly as he hears the human bartender stutter out his mistake, yet he is pleasently suprised by the way she reacts. As he remains standing while she walks across the room, "Evening, Sheriff." He says to the woman, as he waits for her to take her seat, before he returns into his, leaving his bottle upon the table for the moment.

"Good evening, Clarence. You are healing well, I trust?" Isobel may not have been in attendance while the poor man was dealing with Susan, but she has eyes and ears everywhere. "You show far too much restraint, by the by. You were well within your right to put her in her place for laying a finger on you. Especially considering your position in my household." Seating herself gracefully, she watches the bar to ensure the terrified woman behind it does not try to feed her anything synthetic. "Beyond that, how are you finding yourself on your evening off duty?"

"Just a minor irritation, nothing that warrants anything further…" Slowly bring his hand up to his right eye, lightly rubbing under it, where his eye's had been bloodshot the day before, they were alright at the moment, if not a bit itchy. "I know, I just didn't feel it was in my place to spill any blood in your household." Clarence drops his hand, as he allows his lips to curl up into a smile, "It won't happen again, I assure you, I'll put her in her place sometime…" He chuckles softly, as he leans forward, wrapping his cold fingers around that warm bottle of synthetic, "Its good to have an evening off, but I prefer to be doing something, rather than sitting idly waiting for something. I've had 161 years of just waiting around. I prefer to keep myself occoupied at the moment."

"Should it happen again, you have my permission to defend yourself or put anyone that troubles you beyond myself, the Whip or the King, in his or her place." The ordered blood is delivered, and once more she offers the nervous bartender a charming smile. "It would be good of Ms. Baker to learn her place. As it is, she has been labeled as problematic. She is lucky that she still retains her life, as it took a lot of discussion with the Magister to ensure that this would be her punishment instead of meeting the sun." Though there is no need for a straw, Isobel cannot help but take an almost childish delight in sipping the blood through the one that is in her glass. "Such a short life," she muses softly. "However, if you would prefer, I can ensure that you are on duty every night. Though that would hardly afford you time to enjoy yourself."

"Good to know…" He returns a smile, as he takes a sip of his own blood his eyes darting across to the bartender as that glass of blood is brought to the woman. "It hard to teach someone her place, when they don't even know it themselves. Shes a stubbon one, that Ms. Baker…she seems to blame everyone but herself for her current situation." He chuckles, as he pulls the glass from his lips, his tongue darting out to trail across his lower lip, "No, I'm good with the current situation, I'll have my nights off, but if you need me, just know I'm always ready and waiting…" He chuckles slightly, as he lowers his glass once more onto the table, leaning back into his seat, as his hand comes to rest on the arm of his chair, lightly tapping his fingers against it, "Until of course I find something to enjoy myself with…" He chuckles softly, as his gaze flicks past the woman seated and the rest of the people in the bar, before his dark orbs return to the womans.

"Stubbornness will be her downfall, mark my words." Isobel has attempted to help the woman, attempted to save her life. Compassion can really only go so far when someone defies authority by such leaps and bounds. Another suck to the straw is given, and she actually smiles. It would seem the Sheriff is either in a very good mood this evening, or at least relaxed in the presence of someone that she trusts even a little. "Everyone should be able to have at least one night a week when they are not on duty. With young Mr. Reynolds taking up position with the Tyler girl, I may be placing you on another detail soon to give you a break. Watching that woman can be tiresome. It would appear that she is in trouble or wanders off every other week."

"Where ever you think I will be best suited…" Slowly allowing his head to tilt forward slightly in a nod of somesorts, as Clarence smiles as the Sheriff continues on, "But that woman does make it somewhat exciting, pretty boring if I'd have any trouble to get her out off." Giving a soft chuckle, his gaze lingering on the Sheriffs smile, something that was a rare thing to see, especially a smile that did not seem menacing at all. His brow furrowing slightly, as he allows the corner of his lips to curl up slightly into a grin, "So when exactly is the Sheriffs night off then…"

A laugh, gentle and almost girlish issues from the Sheriff before she takes another pull of blood through the straw. "Excitement is all well and good, I suppose, but it affords very little time to do things one could deem actually enjoyable." Flashing her tongue out to catch a droplet of blood as it lazily drips its way down the straw, she sets her icy blues upon the face of the bodyguard. "That would be tonight, actually. I can afford an evening off at the moment, and so I shall be taking one." Susan has been dealt with, the King is back in the city, and thus she can easily relax and have a spot of fun for one evening. "There is a beautiful lake not far from here, and I do believe I shall go out and paint."

Feeling that icy blue gaze upon his face, he returns the gaze with his own dark orbs, a smile on his lips, "So leading by example then…" Clarence allows his lips to press into a thin line, as he watches the Sheriff, not expecting the woman to actually be able to laugh without some blood spilling. "I suppose its only right then that I do have my nights off then…" His head tilting to the side, as he brings a hand up running it back through his hair, "So you paint, hopefully just as well as you dish out punishment, you mush be a master painter…" He smirks slightly, as he remembers the way Susan had been so soon after her punishment.

"My skills with the brush far exceed that which I can bring about in punishment," Isobel replies, knowing full well that she has not the stomach for punishment really. It is done out of necessity and nothing else. "Though since the advent of photography, I have spent a great deal of time with that as well." Yet it is a yearly thing that she allows herself; the painting. No matter where she is, or what is happening, she paints for herself once a year merely to keep her skill at the top of its form. Another smile touches her lips. "I do thank you for the compliment, Clarence. You have seen one of my paintings in the Estate. It hangs over the couches."

A final draw of the blood is taken, and she settles the glass upon the table. "I should, however, be off before someone here decides that my presence is needed for something asinine. I do intend to enjoy my evening, as I hope you intend to enjoy yours." The last word is left hanging, trailing off as Isobel is already upon her feet, and speeding through the establishment to a car that waits outside.

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