Le Divorce

Dallas Public Library

The library is a rather large building that extends two levels. Security gates at the entrance lead past a long rectangular circulation desk where patrons may check out or return books. Across from the circulation desk is large, archaic looking card catalogue beside which is a computer that is set up to locate books. Following the typical Dewey Decimal Classification System, the rows of shelves are laid out systematically, with large signs overhead so that patrons can find precisely what they are looking for. Study carols and tables line the walls, and one corner of the library is set aside for two separate lecture rooms that can booked for meetings.

With school out, children have found a better usage of their time than studying. The library is pretty desolate tonight. Only Doris and Mischa are on. Doris mans the counter and Mischa sits idly in the break room, eating something that looks like a chicken salad sandwich, probably homemade. There's a book open on the table in front of him (which is garnering some veeeery dirty looks from Doris) but he doesn't seem to be terribly engrossed in whatever the book is. But he's also not leaking chicken salad all over it, which is a definite plus.

There was a promise made last evening, and one she means to keep. Though she's not working today, Chloe Cornett is in the library. She was having a discussion with 'the man'. The head honcho of the entire place. A discussion in which she was seeing about having the place kept open all night in the summer months — a trial run to see how many vampire patrons they would receive, and possibly get a vampire employed here.

There is a stop at the lunch room, merely to grab a bottle of water before she heads out. Pausing when she sees Mischa, she takes a deep breath. "There is something I need to ask you," she says, finally.

When Chloe comes in, retrieves her water, and takes a deep breath, Mischa tries to act rather reserved about the whole thing. He gives her a nonchalant nod but his facade is shattered when she wanders over to him. He puts his sandwich down on the plate, finishing his bite before looking up at the redhead with some hesitance. "What would that be?" Mischa asks, pushing his plate away. Somewhere in the distance, you can almost hear Western showdown music.

Scanning the room both physically and mentally, and ensuring that they are alone, she takes a seat across from him. Chloe eyes him for a moment. "Information, actually. Who won the challenge?" How she knows about it should be obvious, her mother was adopted as one of the Pack. But that she doesn't have any followup information is bothering her, and since she's promised to get it… "Actually, I just need to know if it was Donato that was victorious or not. I don't need to know any specifics."

Mischa seems rather disappointed by the question. From his crestfallen facial expression, it's clear that he was hoping for something with a little more depth. Perhaps about their very unique situation. But when Mischa is faced with the question he lets out a quiet sigh and pushes his glasses up on his nose. "Yes, Eli won the challenge. It's all a little sad really… I wasn't there, but a friend already called and told me the news earlier this morning. Why do you ask?" Mischa asks in kind. "And how did you even know there was a challenge? Your mom?"

"I have my ways," Chloe says, mysteriously. Though after a beat, she adds, "Yes, that's how I knew. She was worried about how things would fare for her if Eli lost." Cracking open the bottle of water, she notes the crestfallen look as she takes a sip. "What's sad is that someone challenged him to begin with. I owe Mr. Donato a whole lot for taking care of my mother, and helping us through the entire thing. I would have been sad had he lost."

Mischa doesn't seem to have an opinion on the whole thing one way or another. There's no doubt that Donato has probably called in a few favors for him personally and taken it easy on him, but he remains on neutral ground nonetheless. He's finding it the best bet when Chloe is around these days. "I knew James very vaguely. Your mother'd have been fine, I think." That's all he says on the issue before taking a bite of his sandwich and licking his lips before he glances up to Chloe. "Anything else I can help you with today, Miss Cornett?"

"Jesus H. Christ, Mischa, can it already." Chloe, who's still a bit moody from the previous evening, nearly pushes the bottle of water across the table at him in a fit of pique. "Though really, if you want, I can go back to pretending like I don't even know who you are. Not stop and talk to you while I stack the shelves. Besides, within a month you won't have to worry about me at all. I'll be running the night shift full time, once we open twenty-four hours and all." Pushing back off of the chair, she gives him a look. "Hell, I'll make it really easy on you, and I'll sell my damned apartment too."

The glasses-wearing librarian frowns at the redhead before he stands up and moves over to the fridge. The motion is simply meant as something to do with his hands. He has no intention of getting something else out of the fridge. He takes in a deep breath and lowers his voice, hoping not to cause a scene. "I thought we'd established that I'm always going to worry about you no matter what state you're in. I can see you're still as stubborn as ever. And I'm sorry. I just… I don't know. This isn't easy on you and it's not easy on me. I don't know how to make it better. And everything I say or do seems to screw it up even worse. And you don't have to sell your apartment, Chloe… I'm moving out soon." He pauses, staring deeper into the fridge as though he might bore a hole with his eyes. "I'm going to put a down payment on a house with some of the money that Will — err, Mister Grant — gave me."

"Oh no you're not. I'm selling first. I'm never there these days and it's a waste of money." Beyond the fact that there will be no way to make it sunlight proof come August. Chloe just frowns at him all the more. "I'm not being stubborn either, I'm being dead serious. I'm trying here. Conversation and all. Look at that. Not even carrying a damned shield with me today, but whatever, Mr. Alexandrov. If that's the way you want it to be, so be it."

Suddenly Mischa can't help but start laughing. He drapes himself over the fridge door and is soon in such stitches that tears run from his eyes. When he does finally compose himself (it doesn't take too long), he glances over to Chloe and clears his throat. "This is not a competition, Chloe. We're both being so silly." He probably means 'you are being so silly', but nevertheless, he makes it as equal as he really possibly can. "No, you don't have a shield. I'm at least happy for that. Why does this feel like some sort of sordid divorce?" Mischa asks, the words out of his mouth before he even gets a handle on them.

Not that his handle on them would be a good block for her picking up on them anyhow. In fact, the first thing Chloe says is, "I am not being silly. I'm being honest. I told you months ago that I was likely selling since I'm never there." The laughter is doing nothing to stop the anger from roiling within her. "Because you're acting like it is one. What the fuck is with the Miss Cornett crap?" Being as the red-head rarely curses, it's safe to say that avoiding a scene? It's not going to be possible at this point.

By now, Doris is peering in and keeping a close eye on the two. They are getting Very Disapproving (TM) looks while she mutters about being glad that there are no patrons in right now.

«Stupid stupid…realize I love her?» "I wasn't trying to be rude, it was playful. You're so touchy, Chloe. And you shouldn't curse… it just… doesn't suit you." Mischa's mood has gone from strangely jovial to just plain strange in a moment. He reaches up to run his fingers through his hair nervously before sucking in a deep breath. "Maybe because I'm acting like that because that's what I feel like. You're one of the first real friends I've ever made in my life and…" He trails off there. "This all just feels very wrong, Chloe. I miss you. And I need you. And I'm sorry if you don't believe that, or you'd rather believe that it's the influence of…" Doris is still watching, so Mischa trails off there. "But I felt this way long before that happened."

A glare is sent to Doris, and then Chloe turns back to Mischa. Oh, she would send a mental blast at the eavesdropper but she has more important things to deal with, mainly that thought.

"God, get over it! It's not like I meant to make you fall for me!" Where that came from, poor Doris will never know. There is a deep breath taken and she sends that scathing glare to Mischa. "Long before? Really? That's why you went off and got a girlfriend? Funny how that works, right?"

"Chloe…" Mischa says in a gentle tone. "I know you're still hurt over that and I have apologized. I really have. I know it's hard to understand. Even I don't know why I did it myself. I thought it would help me get over you but it didn't. When I was with her, I was still thinking of you. And I know that… doesn't make me a very good person." Mischa considers for a long moment, scanning the room for something to distract himself with. His eyes land on the half-eaten tuna salad sandwich. He promptly turns quite green around the gills. "I'm sorry." Mischa says once more to her before he looks like he's just conceding some terrible defeat, his legs wobbling a bit.

"I'm not hurt over it any more. I have someone in my life and he makes me happy." Mostly. Except when he discusses what the future will be and how she'll be patted on the head like a good little kid. "You did it because you were happy. You can't hide your emotions from me. I felt that. So I don't know what's going on there or what went on, but you didn't do it to get over me, don't kid yourself." Chloe rolls her eyes a little, then goes to grab the sandwich. She promptly tosses it out and looks over at Doris again. "What," she says to the woman.

There's a subtle gritting of Mischa's teeth that doesn't produce much noise. His eyes start to turn a familiar shade of green and he has to steel himself to take a few deep breaths. "Stop kidding yourself, Chloe. Is it so hard to believe that so many people really do love you and that one of them is me? I'm glad that Mister Grant treats you so damned well. But I just want you to know that you're missing out on something great with me." He puffs out his chest and even manages to say it with all the conviction that he can muster.

« Unless you want Doris to know what you are, calm yourself down or go for a walk. » Chloe turns her look from Doris back to Mischa once more. "Yes, Mischa, it really is. You don't know a whole lot about my past, and I'm perfectly fine with that, but to have multiple people even remotely care for me isn't something I'm used to, so yes it is hard to believe."

"Then it's your loss," Mischa says, although from the look in his eyes, it's quite a bit his loss too. Now he's a little angryfaced that Chloe has thrown his sandwich out as well. He frowns for a long moment before reaching up to grab his jacket from the coat rack, putting it on. "When you're ready to accept that I love you, come find me. Think about it." He says before he tells Doris that he's leaving for the night.

The woman tries to ask him what's going on, but he just keeps going. So much for answers.

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