Sugar Attitude

Grisly Bar

Abbey had the shop closed for the day, its nice to give the workers a day off after all. Not that she was off mind you, fixing stuff here and there to keep herself busy. At the moment she is sitting at the bar, a half drunk beer bottle sitting before her. Clothing being a white tshirt, over this a gray colored button open work shirt that is open with the name Bunker's Garage across the back of it. Upon her right forearm is a bandage that is covering a wound of some type. She lifts a hand to let her fingers grip hold of the bottle and lifts it taking a sip from the drink.

Long weekends are for family, and when your family is a good distance away it's always good to take a day or two off. For Leigh, the time off came at the beginning of the weekend rather than the end of it.
So it was that she flew back earlier this morning, and is now on duty. Yet there is a stop she needs to make, and since she can't get in touch with the man via cell phone, she's going to scour his usual haunts while things are slow.
It only takes a small peek into the bar to tell that he's not around, which elicits a small 'damn' from her.
This is added to when she spots Abbey.
Rather than turn to leave, the officer meanders into the bar, nodding at Abbey as she does. "Miss Wallace."

Abbey tilts her head slightly, pale gaze narrowing a moment as she catches the scent from the one that wanders into the bar. Great.. This isn't something that she wanted to deal with tonight. Young was a hot headed fool, but he was one of the few friends that she had. A faint huff escapes her in her greeting, she doesn't need to be polite to her if she doesn't feel like it, not like she is part of the pack after all. Her tired gaze drifts back to the bar while she leans back upon the stool, her pack of cigarettes pulled from her pocket along with the lighter and she goes about lighting one.

To be fair, Leigh isn't part of the Muea Tseena Pack either, even if she does frequent the Pack bar.
"Yeah, figured that would be your greeting. You may not like the politics of it, Miss Wallace, but the truth of the matter is, James Young was a hot-headed fool, and had he just kept his idiotic mouth shut he'd still be alive."
Hardly Leigh's fault that the man made a challenge without heeding the consequences of it. Or that Eli Donato won the match.
She waits a beat, because while she's Pack through and through, it doesn't mean she likes losing a good Officer to such a thing. "Still, I'm sorry about your friend."

Abbey takes a slow drag from the cigarette as she listions to Leigh go on about James. Her pale gaze drifting towards the other slightly and just watching her for a moment. "I know very well what James was.. Doesn't matter if he was a hot-headed fool, he was a friend. Excuse me for feeling miffed over the loss of a friend." She has her own thoughts on Eli but she won't ever comment on them, especially here of all places. "Did you want something Officer?"

"Obviously you don't know what he was at all, or you have no clue as to the political positions within a Pack." Leigh gives her head a shake, then motions to the bartender.
When he arrives, she pulls an envelope out of her pocket. "Donato shows up tonight, you give him that, alright? You see him before I do, you give him that. You do not open it, you do not give it to anyone else. Tell him it's from Jared."
Then she turns to go. It's only as an afterthought, she glances back at Abbey. "Problem is, Miss Wallace, you're just as stubborn and pig-headed as he is. If you'd just open your eyes, you'd realize that you have more friends than you thought, but acting like that? Sure fire way to see that your little street racing problem is brought to the attention of the DPD."

Abbey is quiet for a moment while she glances to her cigarette. "I know very well the policies of a pack.." She picked up plenty as a child before her family was killed, by other wolves no-less. "I tryed to join Eli's little group.. But I'm not worthy of it and I have no reason to be in it now. Nor do I have reason to be friends with them." A brow lifts as the officer brings up the street racing and she just chuckles. Funny thing is Abbey hasn't been in a street racing in four months. The Richerson gang is making sure she doesn't attened anymore races. "Good luck there sugar.. I have no idea what your talking about." Another drag is taken from her cigarette.

"No? Do I need to bring you up to speed then? See, there's a nifty little file on you down at the station. May not have been processed, but I know where it is."
A nod is given to a man as he enters the bar, obviously someone Leigh knows.
"The problem is, Miss Wallace, you know policies of other groups, but that doesn't mean you know or understand why Donato does the things he does. But I can see why he wouldn't think you're worthy of it. You act like a whiny little child, who cares only about herself and not the rest of the community."
She pauses, almost as though she's taking her sweet time deciding what to say.
"That being said sugar, I'd be careful what I say if I were you. You're only still around by Eli's good graces, and I know for a fact he doesn't like rogue wolves. You're in Pack territory, and you're in a Pack bar."
Turning toward the door once more, she glares at Abbey. "And don't call me 'sugar' again. I'd thought we could be friends, but I guess in the end you're an idiot like Young."

Abbey lifts a brow slightly on the news of a certain file at the station. "Right.. Suppose that would be interesting if I was arrested close to a fullmoon hum?" Her pale gaze lifts to Leigh as the others goes on. "Every pack is different.. I follow his rules and I don't cause a problem." If she has no one has told her about it. "Thing is you know very little about me, so you can say that I may not care about the community but I do.. I've cared about it a hell of a lot more then you have over the years." Abs knows very well this is a pack bar, hell her garage is right across the street from it. She smirks faintly at the friends while letting her gaze turn back the bar. Though she is quiet now, figuring its better then adding any other comments. There are reasons why Abbey has a hard time getting friends, and only a few have hung around long enough to find out why she is the way she is.

"Actually, Miss Wallace, you know nothing about me, or how long I've been in Dallas, or my ties here to this community. I can tell you straight up, without a word of a lie, that if you cared one iota about this particular community, you'd actually grow up and let them help you instead of acting like a huffy little bitch, who's put out because she was told that she didn't quite fit in at that time."
Trouble is, getting Officer Rossum's anger piqued so much is never a good thing, and there are much worse things that being tossed in a jail cell to cool off.
"But you live as you want to live, Miss Wallace. Like I said when I came in, I'm sorry about your friend, but if you don't smarten the hell up, and soon, chances are you're going to be next… and as I'd thought we could've been friends, I thought giving you the heads up was better than waiting for you to fall into the same pit of disaster."

Abbey lifts a hand and rubs across her eyes a moment as Leigh goes on. "I'm not put off over being told I didn't fit in.." There is a slight pause and she shakes her head. "Right.. Thanks for the warning.. Woah.. Didn't know I could get into so much trouble minding my own damn business and working.. I'll have to remember that one." Its not like she wants to control a pack, she is just trying to survive in this crazy world. There is a pause before she goes on. "Thing is.. I wanted to be friends with you too.. Funny how the world works. Thank you for the warning I'll remember it." Her thick Irish acent heard a bit more as she continues to speak.

"Attitude, Miss Wallace, says a great deal about a person. You say you're not put out, but you sure are acting like it." A shake of her head is given and she wipes a hand over her face.
"Can't say I didn't try," Leigh mutters as she heads for the door.
Really, she can't be held accountable for the actions of others. She tried to get Young to rescind the challenge, but once it was issued and accepted there was no chance of that.

Abbey is more miffed over her friend getting killed.. Still Abs knows it was going to happen, she warned James and yelled at him so much that did to stop him. She's quiet as Leigh speaks, choosing it is better that way. Perhaps the dear officer is right, yet at the moment Abs isn't about to agree to that. A faint sigh escapes her while she pushes the cigarette out and pulls a few dollars from her pocket to pay for the drink, waiting for Leigh to be gone for a few moments before she leaves herself.

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