Come hungry, leave happy

International House of Pancakes

The International House of Pancakes somewhat maintains that small diner feel, even though it is a much larger franchise. Beige walls are decorated with pictures of various menu items, and are lined with four-person booths. The center aisle is also comprised of booths, with a short privacy wall between them. The kitchen is mostly hidden from view, but the smell of cooking food continually wafts through the restaurant.

The advertising for the restaurant boasts that it is open 24/7, and it is of this that Marius Schlachter takes advantage. He stands like a sentinel at the corner of a booth, arms crossed in front of his chest, while a young, blonde, pale complected woman shakes as she lifts her cup of coffee to her lips. Cool, crystal blue eyes watches as the first sips are taken, and the cup is lowered. She doesn't look directly at the man in dark clothing when she states in a quiet voice, "Th-thank you for this.."
For his part, Marius' expression remains the same; neutral, his eyes blank as they watch. One watches over their flock to keep the other predators at bay, yes? One feeds the animals in their keeping so they may be of some use later, yes? Thanking him is a worthless pleasantry, and there is no reason to acknowledge it.
"When the woman returns, order what you will."

Having opened the door, Steve leans on his cane so that he can limp around one of the behemoths loitering in the lobby. IHOP has yet to market itself as a health-food purveyor, and perhaps there's a reason for that. Once he has skirted a dumpling-shaped family, he approaches the hostess standing behind her podium. She brightly asks if he'd like a table for one, but Steve quietly requests a job application, instead. Confused, the girl goes off to seek a manager, leaving Steve to stand there at the podium alone, looking over the diners.

"Marius?" The word is quiet as she now looks back up at the vampire, her tones uncertain and a little wavering, "Will you sit with me?"
"Ple—" The word dies before it's even spoken with a look from Marius, and she nods her head and looks straight ahead once again, her hands on the coffee, but the hot, tan liquid forgotten for the moment.
"Drink it." The words are softly spoken, though there's certainly a hint of command that lies beneath them. "Then you shall eat…" And then he shall eat.. again.
The comings and goings of other breathers, for the moment, don't concern him over-much. There is little threat to him, and, after a slow twist of his shoulders to watch those entering and leaving, nothing to bother his next meal. If things go well, perhaps she'll be useful beyond being a source.
The blonde certainly isn't dressed for an evening out at IHOP. Her makeup is darkened, her clothing is of a gothic cut, in the traditional sense of the word rather than 'goth'. Perhaps it is what had garnered Marius' attention in the first place? Undoubtedly a fangbanger.. or perhaps a girl who thought it'd be fun, and has met up with a vampire that she didn't expect?

Steve eyes the chick in the weirdo clothes for a moment, then looks at the guy who won't sit with her. But, lest anyone object to staring, he eventually averts his eyes, looking back toward the kitchen. He changes his grip on his cane a bit and shifts his weight. Finally the girl comes back with the manager. Apparently she didn't think to explain the situation, since the manager looks blankly at Steve. Steve takes a breath and lets it out again. "I want a job application. Please."

"Oh—" The manager looks at the waitress and shakes his head before responding, "Sure. Let me get it for you." He pauses and looks at the man, and for a moment there is something that might be a flicker of recognition? That spark of 'Hey..', but it's short-lived, at least for the moment. Why would someone like that look for a job in an all-nighter pancake joint? "Can you work nights and weekends?"
Steve leans on his cane in the front area of the restaurant, a waitress and young man whose nametag proclaims him as manager. The waitress breaks off to return to a table that looks as if it's beginning to give her the creeps. A young, blonde woman sits at the table alone, her coffee cup rising to her lips once more after being reminded that it lays unattended. The girl is dressed in a 'gothic' outfit.. dark colours, lace, her eyes done in a dark colour as well to make them stand out.. and stand out they do against the backdrop of her pale complexion. Standing at the corner of the booth, his arms crossed before him, is a sentry of sorts.. a vampire keeping watch.
The waitress comes back to the booth in which they sit, her pad at the ready. Her gaze darts up to the man on his feet and immediately determines that.. no.. not eating here.. for obvious reasons. So, it's back to the girl, "What can I get you, doll?"
"Oh.." The woman didn't quite expect to be spoken to, so enrapt with her coffee that there wasn't much else in her world but that. Distracted is perhaps a good term? "I.. um.. Eggs, please. Over easy. Bacon. Pancakes on the side." Now, she looks up to Marius again, "And a glass of orange juice on the side?"
If she's looking for approval, Marius gives it in a single nod, which is enough for the waitress.. and she smiles at the girl, a touch of concern flickering, "You got it, sweetie." Ah, youth…

Steve lifts his eyebrows unhappily at the manager. "I don't know, man, just give me an application," he says, sounding tired. "I'm pretty sure you have to. There's some kind of law where you have to give applications to people when they ask for them. So…I'm asking." To round off his rather testy words, he gives the manager a smile, somewhat insincere.

There is the ringing of a bell as Todd enters, announcing to the workers that a new customer has shown up. Likely /someone/ will recognize him as a regular. Probably a waitress or maybe the manager. He's a memorable chap, he is. Soon after entering, he sees the sign saying 'Wait to be Seated', so he does just that. He stands, and waits. He is good at following instructions! He notes Steve's presence, and stares at him for a moment, but he doesn't say anything just yet. He still has a slight puzzled expression that suggests he hasn't /quite/ recognized him, yet.

Apparently the page that the pair of men, one older, the other younger, are looking for under 'How to make friends and influence people' has been torn completely from the book, and in its place rests a picture of a burro. The manager rises to the bait, and finds a response that he deems to be fitting, "And it's my responsibility to make sure whomever applies can fill the positions we need. Unless you want me to just hand you one and tell you that 'we'll keep it on file'?" Peering closer at the man, the manager smiles tightly, "Unless it's for unemployment, to make it look like you're actually looking for a job." If it's that, the younger man is torn between refusing and helping the fallen actor out.
That brief moment of sympathy wins out, however, and he nods, "Yeah, sure.. hold on."
The blonde at the table nods as the waitress turns to put the order into the kitchen. Once she's 'alone' again, the young woman looks down into her coffee before pushing it away from her with both hands. "Marius, I don't think I'm hungry anymore."
"You will eat." The vampire sounds certain of that. "Then, we will return—"
"We're going back?" The girl sounds happy about that.. the first bit of some positive emotion since they arrived. "I want to see the horses again, and you promised—"
Marius makes a quiet shushing noise. No need to have his business broadcasted around the restaurant. "Be quiet and wait for your food. Once you are done, we will leave." Did he have to spell it out more plainly than that?
The door bell brings Marius' attention around; each time the door opens and closes, there's something of a 'threat assessment', even if it's not truly out of care or concern. Simply habit. Todd is recognized, though he is given a look that is as impassive as he's given anyone else in the restaurant.
As for a waitress for Todd, the greeter puts a finger up at the newly entered, signifying 'one moment, please'.

Steve scratches his jaw, keeping a lid on his growing irritation. "Look, man," he begins, "You have to—" But since the guy acquiesces, he just nods. He glances over his shoulder to see if he needs to gang way for another large couple, but sees Todd instead. He gives him a little nod. "Oh, hey," he says. "You were at the gym, right?"

Todd doesn't have any reason to recognize Marius, so he doesn't really pay any attention to the vampire or his companion. He does seem to be preoccupied with Steve, and gives an embarrassed little smile as Steve recognizes him. "Me? Probably…I guess." He continues watching Steve for a moment, then suddenly brightens. If he were a cartoon, a lightbulb would appear above his head. As it is, he just beams, and says, probably a little louder than Steve would be comfortable with, "Oh, hey! You're Captain Sunshine, aren't you? What're you doing /here/?"

The manager disappears into the back office, behind the counter and away from most foot traffic. It's going to take him a few minutes to dig out the pad of applications.
Todd's lack of recognition amuses Marius, though there's nothing that expresses it on his expressionless face. Instead, he simply looks down to watch his sheep; he can see the blood coursing through her veins at the base of her throat, can smell the warmth and imagine the slick feeling as it slides down his throat with each pull. This is a change for him. Normally, it's late evening that he goes on The Hunt, but this time, the Whip is considering 'settling down' a little.. and do that which the Romans are doing, so to speak.
The voice that rings out 'You're Captain Sunshine' brings the meek young woman's attention around. She remembers the show, remembers—
"Oh!" And she's craning her head to find where the call came from, and.. could Captain Sunshine really be here? In IHOP? Unannounced?

When Todd seems vague about remembering the gym, Steve gives a guilty little nod. "Oh, right, you have—" The sudden recognition makes him wince and he lifts a hand. "Let's, uh…let's keep it down," he murmurs, barely opening his mouth. He shuffles a step closer to Todd and, perhaps in a bid for distraction, gestures with his eyes over toward Marius. "Look at that guy," he says, voice still lower. "He's been standing up at Mrs. Dracula's table there for like fifteen minutes, now. Who does that?" He glances over again and then sotto-voces, "Maybe he has hemorrhoids." He offers a quick grin to Todd and a little wink. His breath smells a little of gin. When he looks back, he realizes that the girl is looking over toward him. "Oh, shit," he mutters, and turns a little so he's facing Todd, three-quarters of his back to the table he just mentioned.

Todd doesn't seem to notice Steve's discomfort with the whole thing. "Oh, dude. You know me!" He gives a delighted grin. "Captain Sunshine knows me! This is awesome!" Luckily for Steve, Todd is pretty easily distractible. He follows the instructions to look at Marius, and watches the vampire for a moment with a friendly smile. He waves, then leans slightly toward Steve. "Well, I dunno. Maybe he's being polite. I mean, you're not supposed to sit down until all the ladies are seated, right? Maybe he's waiting for her," he suggests, pointing to one of the waitresses. He looks back to Steve, with a beaming smile. "So, are you here to fight the bad guys? Ooh, can I help? I'll be like your side kick! That'd be /awesome/!"

The girl begins to rise from her seat after wandering eyes find their target. Is that.. him? Wow..
"Sit down." The words come out quietly, but again, there is no question that it is a command to the young woman. While he doesn't particularly care how it looks from others, he does give a brief explanation. "He is full of drink, and therefore unpredictable." Now, his words come tightly as he continues, "So sit and wait for your food. It will be here shortly."
Disappointed, she does as the vampire asks, however, and looks at her coffee cup, the contents now cooled. "That other one looks like he knows you."
"He does not."

Steve makes a bit of a face at Todd. "No, dude, I don't—" He clears his throat. "Look, I'm an actor. Do you have that notebook on you? We met before. My name's Steve. Remember?" He looks hopeful. He glances toward the table again, but since the girl is sitting, he relaxes a bit. Still, he eyes the man who insists on standing. But then he's back to Todd.

Todd reaches for the notebook in his pocket when Steve mentions it, and pulls it out. "Sure, right here…" He smiles pleasantly at Steve, and tucks it away again without bothering to look at it. Maybe he's distracted. "Oh, right. /I/ see what's going on. Incognito!" He glances around, then leans toward Steve and winks, as he lowers his voice, "No problem, /Steve/." He leans back, and says a little more loudly, "So, /Steve/… How are you doing, today?"

It takes a few minutes, but the waitress returns with the food on a large, circular tray. Winding her way around the tables, she stops at the pair's table and sets it down. "Eggs, over easy, bacon, pancakes.. and your orange juice. Nice health apetite, there.." Pulling out the ticket, she writes on it and looks expectantly, first at one then the other. "Will that be all?" She's hoping that she can count out this couple and get rid of them.. and soon.
"Yes.." It's the girl that answers as her eyes take in all the food. "I don't think.."
Tearing the order slip, she's got it added up and tucks it under the top of the plate. "You can pay over there when you're done. Thank you."
"Marius.. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to finish it all."
"Then we take it with us when we depart." Seems logical, yes?
"Oh.. okay. Thanks."
Marius' attention is drawn back to the 'children' in the back.. Todd.. and now the identified 'Steve', or 'Captain Sunshine'. Not really worth much more than the glimpses, though it does amuse him as to their interplay. To pass the time.
In the meantime, the manager, too, returns with a slip of paper that has lines and boxes all over it. The coveted application. Slowing on his path out, the manager looks for the person who'd asked…

Steve narrows his eyes a little, not entirely sure whether or not Todd's making fun. He runs a hand through his hair. "Uh…kinda shitty, I guess. I'd rather be working out. Do you always go to that same place? I'm trying to decide on a gym so I can buy a membership." Steve glances over when the manager appears again. "Lose something?" he asks, eyebrows lifting. He puts a hand out for the application.

Todd's smile falters a bit, and he tilts his head. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that…" he says, in a more normal tone of voice. The question causes him to give a little smile. "Probably," he replies, more cheerfully. "I could use a good workout, but I'll have to eat breakfast first. I'm starved." He glances toward the waitresses, but they are all still busy.

Now that the meal is set before her, the girl begins to eat, and with each bite, she seems to realize how hungry she is. The eggs are cut up, salted, peppered.. and pulled together with the buttered toast that comes on the side. Once the yolk is wiped clean from the plate, the bacon is attended to.. though there is some sign of slowing. She is beginning to feel satiated…
Marius' attention lies upon the young sheep at feeding, and now simply bides his time. Reaching for the check, he doesn't bother reading it. Not yet, anyway.
The manager has to hand the application over, certainly if it means that 'Steve' will disappear from his establishment. When it comes back, he'll be certain to write a note… and maybe recommend him to the next manager after he leaves for better pastures? Nothing is worth the money he's paid..

"Breakfast?" Steve asks, frowning. "Man, what time is it?" He takes the paper over toward the register so he can fill it out. "Todd, you have a job?" he wonders. "Or are you on disability?"

Todd looks down at his watch as Steve asks his question. He looks a little puzzled as he answers, "Oh…It's 11:13. At night." He looks around, with some confusion. "Why are we getting breakfast in the middle of the night?" The next question requires him to reach for his notepad again, this time flipping through it for the pertinent information. "I work at Tom Thumb as a grocery bagger," he recites, after finding the correct page. "I don't /think/ I'm on disability." He smiles, politely, then adds, "But I don't really know what that means."

With each bite coming ever slower to her mouth, the girl finally gives up and raises her eyes to the vampire that still stands as sentinal, almost unmoving. "I think I'm done.."
Nodding slowly, Marius inclines his head in acknowledgment before he leans over to whisper something in her ear. Rising quickly, there's an energy to her movements, and once on her feet, she reaches out to pull her arm through her escort's.. a liberty, certainly.
It's one that Marius allows, for the moment, though it would be obvious to any vampire that there is -nothing- that would suggest that he's got anything but a right of feeding claim on her. Assuming she survives the evening, that is.
Stopping at the front to pay their tab, Marius looks to the two men before leading the girl out.

Steve looks over his shoulder at Tood and smiles. "Well, maybe you're getting dinner," he suggests. "They serve breakfast anytime, so if you're hungry, you should eat. If you want, I'll eat with you." He turns back to fill in the next few lines of the application. "I could go for some sausage or bacon right now. Or hash browns."

Todd brightens, cheerfully. "Oh, they do? That's great… I'd love some waffles, right now." He glances over Steve's shoulder to look at the application, then comments, "Oh, that'd be cool. Breakfast with Captain Sunshine! Awesome."

Steve finishes filling out the application and sort of shoves it at the manager, since the guy got a little ruder than he needed to be. Then he asks the hostess for a table for two, and they're off. This place is only ever full for Sunday brunches, after all. They're seated and handed a couple of massive menus. "So. Todd. How do you like your job."

Todd follows Steve to a table and smiles at the waitress as she hands him a menu. "Hmmm… There's a lot of stuff here. I wonder if they'll get upset if I just order a plate of waffles with syrup…" He glances up, blinking with some surprise at Steve's question. "Hm? Oh. I don't know. I'm sure it's fine."

Steve smiles and shakes his head. "They won't get mad," he promises. "They can handle some waffles and syrup." He leans back in the booth, looking over the menu at Todd. "Well, okay, if work doesn't mean much, what does? What do you like?"

Todd glances up at Steve, blinking a few times at the question. He has to take some times to answer that. He watches Steve for a moment, then brightens, suddenly. "Captian Sunshine is pretty awesome." He goes back to looking at the menu, but this time, he hums the theme song from the old show quietly as he reads.

Steve smiles, although the expression is a little uncertain, and he tilts his head. "Uh…so you watched the show?" he asks. "I mean, it's not on anymore. We got canceled. But you can still get the DVDs on the internet," he says, trying to summon some enthusiasm.

Todd looks up suddenly, his smile suddenly fading. In fact, he looks fairly upset. "Canceled? What do you mean you were canceled?" He drops the menu, and look around the room, lost for words. After a long moment, he looks back to Steve, helplessly, "Well…Um. Surely there's /something/ they can do? I mean…You're Captain Sunshine! They can't cancel Captain Sunshine…"

Steve rolls a shoulder. "Can, did," he responds simply, looking back at the menu. "My agent dropped me like a hot rock, and all my so-called—" He cuts himself off and smiles. "Uh. Nevermind. But like I said, you can still get the DVDs."

Todd still looks extremely upset. "That's…that's /terrible/. There should be like…like a picket or something. I mean… You're Captain Sunshine," he reiterates. "When did this all happen? Why didn't anyone tell me?" Probably he has been told repeatedly.

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