Bloody Stubborn Anger

Bloody Mary's Bar

Given to irony, Bloody Mary's Bar is decorated primarily in black and varying shades of red. From the black bench seats and chairs, black tables, black walls with chilling red blood flowing down them in a continuous manner, it's quite obvious why this bar has the name it does. Deep red mahogany makes up the floor and bar. Dangling red star lights illuminate the bar, lending to it's somewhat creepy look.

Mid-evening when the nightlife is in full swing. With the nicer weather coming in and the schools beginning to wind down for the semester and/or school year, Bloody Mary's is seeing a rise in activity. It's a double-edged sword, really— if the vampires are out, the fangbangers and the curious will come. Conversely, if the fangbangers are out, the vampires will come.
Thus it is written, thus it has become.
Most have simply ignored the opening and closing of the front door of the establishment now. The bar is almost filled to capacity and the booths have their share of patrons piled in. It's one sure place in the city where vampire and human mingle, and in come cases, are entwined with the other.
There are a couple of young collegiate types that are sticking somewhat close to each other, whispering furtively at each other, each one taking their turn to stare at the rugged, dangerous looking vampire that sits at the bar with a bottle of the 'cheap stuff' before him.
The bottle of TruBlood is by purpose; the bartender is now well aware of 'who' Marius Schlachter is. Marius specifically asked for the crap even though the flavour is disgusting and it barely takes the edge off his hunger..
One of the girls pushes the other towards the seated Marius, and he remains still, even though he's fully aware of what it is that is occurring. The pushee spins around with a laugh and squeals a laugh, 'yelling' at her girlfriend while the other erupts in laughter.

Mellie is the reason she's here this evening, not Will. Even so, when Chloe enters the establishment, more than a few fangbangers and vampires alike drink in her presence. She didn't ask for this, it all comes as part and parcel of being 'owned' by the King of Texas — her fan following as promised.

Truthfully, it freaks her out just a little bit.

When a quick scan of the minds (the active, human minds that is) in the bar area reveal that Mellie is not working this evening, she exhales a heavy sigh. Not wanting to call the night a total bust, Chloe sees herself to the single empty booth — that reserved for the King and the Sheriff — so that she can have a drink and see if her wayward beau appears. She's about mid-way there when she notices the new Whip.

Gritting her teeth, she moves instead to the bar, a look is given to the idiotic laughing girls, and she shakes her head. It's the only non-verbal warning the pair is going to receive, because she's now aware of what this man is and it won't be good for either of them.

Even the Whip doesn't avail himself of the booth reserved for the Sheriff and King, even though he's sure that they wouldn't mind his being seated there in their absence. After all, after the pair, his is the visible face in terms of the vampire, and well it should be. Never let it be said that the vampire hierarchy isn't aware of what their vassels are doing at any given time. Tight controls need to remain in place.
However, Marius has chosen the bar for Hunting purposes, and the two girls are so close, so very close that he can smell the blood flowing through their veins, can feel the heat radiating off their bodies.. and in a single beating of a heart, the girls are waved off by—
Crystal, cold blue eyes narrow as he stares at the bottle before him, his hands wrapped around the warm glass, and his voice is hard, quiet in the crowd, "You will not do that again."

"When and if I become a vampire, and you are in charge of me, I'll listen to you. For now, I'll nod her off so we can talk without you spilling her blood on my toes." Chloe gives him a narrow-eyed look of her own, knowing full well that Will would likely backhand her for such insubordination, and not rightly caring.

"Besides, that girl thinks it would be romantic for you to kill her and turn her, and we both know you wouldn't bother with the turning part."

Will and Marius are of the same mind in many things, and this is a case when one sheep with knowledge and understanding comes in the middle of a vampire and his meal. With speed bourne of age, his hand reaches out to strike the girl in the face. It's a warning, and he's pulling his blow.
"I will do what I like with these sheep.. and spill as much blood on this floor as I care to." His voice remains low and deathly even.
"I do not care at all what she thinks will occur. What I do care about is the interference by one who should know better."
If Valentinus punishes him, then so be it. There is no irreparable harm done, nor is Chloe's life in danger from without.. and correction is done in the manner that every vampire understands; immediate retribution.
"If you see Valentinus before I, tell him that there is in discussion a second arena where blood also may be spilt. It needs only his approval and that of his Magister."

There is only a slight wince as the hand comes toward her face and she braces for the blow. "Hit me, and he will know of it immediately. You underestimate the power of the blood bond," she says to the Whip. Will can feel her pain, though he generally blocks it out. But he will know.

"And you will not. Killing someone in a public establishment, owned by a vampire or not, is still illegal in the state of Texas. Besides, I don't think Mary'd like it much if you got her floor all sticky with blood." Yes, she's chastising the Whip, and going to be hit for it, but really it's more for his own safety in the end than any enjoyment.

"An arena?" The telepath has no clue what to make of that, but she nods. "Of course I'll deliver the message, Mr…" There is a small attempt to pronounce his last name, then a failure, so she just says, "… Whip. I apologize for the inconvenience and all, but had that girl been my sister I would have been mighty angry."

The blow lands. Marius is certain Valentinus would learn of it, blood bond or not. It is pulled, certainly; a tap to him where a vampire would receive a great deal more force. It is his concession to the frailties.
His voice remains low and even, deathly serious. "I spoke not of killing, did I? If I wished to do that, I would leave his Majesty's land." Now, he is trying to 'fit in' a little more. Trying to see if 'living like the Romans do' suits him, and if he is even capable of doing so. He had taken a little much from the lamb a couple of nights ago, and she's still recovering.
Of course, with the vision of his striking a comely creature like Chloe, the fangbangers will stay away, though the girls still watch, their eyes growing wide. The power the vampire seems to radiate hasn't yet completely allowed them the 'escape'. It's curiosity's magnetism…
Marius may get lucky later, anyway?
"It is more than an inconvenience. It may very well mean the difference between life and death for another." One saved the savagery of a bite they survive for one that is killed due to the need to satiate later?
"That is assuming you see him before I. I am certain it will be a topic discussed as we spar."

The blow, softer that it would have been were she the living-dead, is still a pretty hefty thing for a woman who's not trained at all for fighting. A red mark, already darkening appears upon her cheek, bringing the blood up to the surface. It will leave a rather nasty purple bruise by morning. Her lip is split more from her not being fully prepared than the actual hit, her face having been turned toward him a little as the strike crashes against her pale skin.

Marius has made a mistake.

He has made an enemy.

Chloe may not have the strength to fight back yet, but she knows full well that Will is going to know about the strike before she sees him again, and that he will have to deal with her anger — something that generally amuses him though this time it will not.

Rather than deal with her 'attacker', she turns to the girls. Without a verbal word to them, she gives them each a stern look. « Run, you idiots. I'm already protected, you aren't. What do you think he'll do to you if he has the chance? »

And it comes back around to that which she did on the onset to bring up his ire… she's getting between him and his food supply. Marius dislikes insolence… immensely, and if it was any other that did such a thing, they would be lying dead on the ground. Particularly after the second stunt pulled.. and he'd be well within his rights.
No one interferes with the Hunt.
He is furious, and it is taking a great deal of self-control to keep his temper in check. Lifting his gaze to the three girls.. he watches the pair of co-eds go wide-eyed at Chloe and take a step back. Pushing himself up and out of the chair, his fists are balled in the physical effort not to lash out. There may be enough time to cross the border, or perhaps he can attempt to find another away from this place, and the child who thinks herself a Queen.

Queen, or not Queen, Chloe will never allow people to be treated this way. It may be who certain vampires are, but humans deserve better.

Dear God. She's been listening to Fontane too much.

"Will you hit me again for giving a pair of girls a look? Surely, even you aren't that cruel." Actually, Chloe knows better. She really does. But if it comes to her life versus that of someone who has no idea? She'll put herself in the crossfire. She did warn him of that on their first meeting.

"I promised Will that I'd be nice, and that I would try to be friendly with you. But for that, we're going to have to have a little give and take. You promise not to tear apart my sister, no matter how much she throws herself at you, and I'll be less insubordinate."

The urge to destroy something is great.. a violence release valve of sorts. To see something broken in his hands.. limp, lifeless.. no longer whole is overwhelming.
Marius hears the buzzing of words in his ear, reverberating around his head, but at the moment, even though he's fluent in English, things are just not registering completely. Not immediately, anyway.
Of course Marius would strike the child for giving the pair of girls a look. He's more than aware of messages and warnings that can be sent via what is referred to as 'the window to the soul'. He's seen many, many messages there.. fear, loathing, begging and pleading, sadness and resignation. All convey messages.
"Bring those girls back and I will do as you ask.. and not 'tear apart' your sister." Death. His tones sound of.. death. The grave. He is fighting for control of his anger, and from without, all that can be seen is someone almost as still as the grave..

"It's amusing," Chloe says, "that you think I have the power to do that. What would you like me to say to them," she adds, reaching a hand up to wipe at her lip, now that it feels moist. "Hey there, you know that big, scary, abusive vampire in there? He wants to eat you?"

As she drops her hand, she notes the blood on it, and glances around. For the first time, there's a real look of fear in her eyes. There is a cry that comes up through the bond she shares with the King, a simple yelp of, « HELP! » Though at what distance he is from this location, she can't tell. She just knows that she needs to get out of here before the blood lust of every vampire in Mary's rises to the surface, and they forget their own rules and regulations.

"But, hey, sure. I'll see what I can do." Not that she will, but it's as good an excuse as any to start her quick exodus of the establishment.

Gone, then.. they're gone.
The fury still boils beneath the surface and when Marius sees the flicker of fear that appears on Chloe's face? It's oh so very beautiful. The drop of blood from her lip, the almost terror in her eyes as she realizes the potential consequences of her actions.. and the position she suddenly finds herself in.
There is only one who could keep her from harm with any certainty, minus Valentinus.. but he is not in attendance.
It is he.
On his feet, Marius leans over to whisper, "You need me.."
It's his job, and Valentinus would probably agree that it is also a suitable 'punishment' for lashing out. If any punishment is to be meted out at all for such a transgression.
And there, the Whip offers his services, if the girl accepts.

"I don't nee— " Oh, but the blood. Licking the newly forming drop from her lip, she nods. The bruise will heal, and Will is still going to hear about it, but at the moment all of that needs to be pushed aside, or there's going to be a very angry King on the hands of Dallas if his 'object' comes to harm.

"Fine. I need you. Please see me out of here safely." In return she may be able to find him some bottom of the barrel fangbanger outside that he can have his way with, but that comes second to her getting out without being bitten.

Reaching out to take Chloe's arm to lead her, the first couple of steps are uneventful. The closer they get to the door, however, Marius has to grab one vampire by the throat and throw him out of the way.. literally. Landing on a couple of his friends should be deterrent enough there.
"Move quickly."
Honestly, however, the night is in full swing.. and part of that means that some of the fangbangers have already been tapped.. and those would be by those who simply can't hold out and tease themselves long enough for the payout. So Chloe isn't in as much danger as if she'd have been, say, at the beginning of the evening.
Still, Marius isn't about to tell her that…
Running the gauntlet also serves as an outlet for his anger and aggression; perhaps he doesn't pull his.. defensive tactics quite so much as perhaps would be called for?

There is no argument when he grabs her arm and leads her out of the establishment. Nor is there any outward sign of pity as the vampire that comes toward them needs to be tossed aside. She's obviously seen Will do much the same thing, the night she was foolish enough to seek him here the first time after his return to the city.

The order to 'Go' is taken quite literally, and she moves to the door as speedily as human movement will allow her to go. In a bar full of vampires this is perhaps rather slowly, but it's all she can physically manage. By the time they reach the outdoors, she's already picked up on a mind.

"There is a girl," she says quietly, "in the alleyway. She likes it rough, and as long as you don't kill her, and glamour her fully when you're done, she'll be fine."

There is quite a bit of disgust with herself as she offers him that little tidbit. Chloe doesn't bother looking back either, she just keeps on walking down the street as though she's not bruised and bloody, as though she's not just had to be taken care of again like she were a child. She just keeps walking, trying to wrap her head around the fate she's just sealed for the poor fangbanger in the alleyway.

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