Getting medieval...

Medieval Times

Before even entering the building, one can leave the city behind.
Ivy-covered towers of the Dallas Castle give the locale some majesty. Along with the ivy covered walls is a large moat filled with schools of live Koi.
Once past the doors, the lobby, and the ticket booths, one can get their picture taken with a member of the King's court. Just beyond this is a small shopping area, accompanied with a bar, and a viewing area to see the livestock before the show.
Immense oak-wooden doors that sit on cast iron hinges open to a cavernous entryway, decorated with pennants, pinions and standards that hang upon the wall. Large bronze sconces are attached to the stonework walls, their fires lighting the path to the main dining area.
The dining area is decorated much the same, though tapestries sit on the walls rather than the heraldric pennons. Large rough oaken tables are set around the room, all ringing a large sand arena. Bronze candelabras sit on each table with beeswax candles set and lit when the restaurant is open for business.
The arena is covered with dark tan sand; something that will keep moisture for the proper footing of both horses at the joust and for soldiers at the sword. At either side of the arena are large iron gates that lead into the deeper recesses of the restaurant where the horses are housed and holding rooms are located. Only those with clearance may access those areas.

The thought of learning to fight with any weapon, even his hands, is somewhat off putting to the near priest. He's lived without any form of training or violence for so long that he is honestly hesitant to follow through with this request. Then again, it did come from Isobel so he is bound to comply, even if he does have his unspoken doubts. These doubts resonate within the 'baby' vampire's mind as he currently is face down in the sand, his back quarters stick up in a most embarrassing way. Apparently the training is not exactly going as planned. Quick to fall he's even quicker to stand, however, taking only a moment to brush his mouth free of the sand that he's unrepentantly inhaled. Any protests that might have one point been made are kept to himself as he instead moves to stand at the ready. Elliott truly is a man of few words most times.

With Elliott's fall comes the sinking of the gladius held by Marius right next to the prone body as a chilling reminder that in battle, such a fall is usually met with disasterous results. The fact that the young vampire rises so quickly is a promising sign. Perhaps something will come from this.
"You wish to keep me at a distance. I am far more experienced, and the moment I can close upon you is the moment you will die." Marius could have used the word 'lose', but to him and battle, both words mean the same.
Taking up the buried sword, he cleans the sand from the oiled blade with the side of his shirt and rotates it slightly so that it is back in balance in his hand before dropping it into the sheathe that sits at his side. "We will cease for this evening, but I would return again tomorrow for your next instruction. I expect you will use the pells for practice. They are to be motionless first, then we will begin to bring them to speed."

Die. He has already died. This is not a decision that he regrets, nor will he likely ever. There are moments where he does question certain things, but being so new to this world he realizes he will understand it all in time. Even with the opponent's sword at rest in the sheath Elliott does not ease his stance immediately. "I trust that m'lady had instructed you ahead of time of just how much effort will need to be put into this project?" Even El can admit that he's rather hopeless when it comes to fighting. Still, he takes note of what is said and bows his head deep at the end. "Understood. Those times where I am not under your direct teachings I will continue to practice." After all, if he is to be near Isobel he must learn to defend her properly. "Especially since I gather that keeping the proper distance between myself and my foe does not entail the art of fleeing." It's a poor attempt at a joke yet at least he's trying this thing called humor.

Marius had made a point of beginning the tutelage of arms on a Sunday for a reason, and it is this that he explains. "You are to practice on Sundays as well. This is the only activity that was an excuse for missing Holy Mass." Make sense, right? Training soldiers and missing church?
"It was a far better place for me." And with Elliott's particular.. calling that he'd turned his back on, the Whip wanted to make that clear that as far as he is concerned, and in his own history, such an endeavor was blessed by the Church.
"The Lady has told me that it would be an undertaking, but she was also quite insistant that it should be done." Whether that's the truth, well…
More like his and she'd agreed with the stipulation that Elliott not die his final death.
Canting his head slightly at the humour, Marius doesn't crack a smile, but rather shakes his head, "If you leave the Lady behind, there is no place you may flee where you would be safe." That said, however, the tips of his mouth do rise, "There is, however, the art of a strategic retreat."

"As you wish, it shall be done. I spend enough time with the church that I will take no issue in missing Sunday Mass." There is no need to remind him that he has not turned his back on the church although the words do come to a great comfort to the young vampire. As he finally loosens his stance a hand falls to the mark left on his chest even though it is currently hidden behind cloth. "I can assure you that I will take every possible measure to ensure her safety. As much as I may make jest of it, I believe even a strategic retreat is not good enough for her." Or Marius, or even Will. Elliott does at least remember his current situation and those he happens to find himself amidst. He bows again, this time far more proper than the last. "I thank you for the time you've vested in me so far. I will not disappoint." Eventually, at least.

"Even I would die to assure her safety." There is nothing in those words that could even suggest otherwise. Marius smiles soon after, but it's not an amused expression. It's.. hard. Deathly hard. "The cost to them would be dear."
Still, the veteran nods is acknowledgement of the promise made, and to the bow. "We will make you into a fine warrior, Elliott." His tones take a turn towards the lofty; the expression only a heartbeat ago now replaced with something a little lighter. "You will find difficulty in discovering your like once we are done." Ominous words, perhaps?
Turning towards one of the archways that have the gate up, Marius' attention is on the establishment as a whole. "This is a remarkable place. One that it is easy to find comfort from the city. You have my thanks for bestowing it upon the Lady."

It is in that cold smile that Elliott realizes that he will never share much of any common ground with Marius. They have Isobel, which is quite wonderful, but they are two completely different individuals. As much as Marius can work to train Elliott and make him a warrior, they will always remain as such. In that light, however, he has already earned a newfound respect for the seasoned veteran. This respect will also go unspoken but will be reflected in his mannerisms towards the Whip. "I will do my best." That is all he has to say on the issue, especially as the topic begins to lighten. "I believe it was the King that bestowed it upon her formally, as a gift." His grandfather seems to be a man that he will always hold respect for. "I merely exposed her to the idea. Our first meeting she mentioned being new to the city and while it isn't much, I had hoped to bring her back a bit of her past. I am pleased to hear that you also enjoy it."

"The King," Marius repeats, and that hint of a smile returns, though it now expresses pleasure, "is ever wise." In one swoop, he's also given Marius a place to go where his … energies can be coralled. Controlled. So, while it does belong to Isobel, so does Marius for as long as she desires his fealty.
"She is yet now armed with needle and thread in anticipation of the opening of its doors to her city. If you are fortunate, she may fashion you clothing that would suit you for such a place in history." History that seems just yesterday to him.
"I do approve of the place." With a nod of his head again, he finishes his path to the end of the arena to remove the sheathe from the belt. He'll have to clean the blade properly and re-oil it, but that can be done later.
"How are you finding your new life?" Marius is actually curious. The vampires of his 'day' are long and far removed, and a vampire created after the great Revelation must certainly be different. At least he's finding the newer ones to be at odds with his own experiences. "Do you understand what it means yet?"

The King is one that he has barely encountered yet even Elliott has to nod in tune to the Whip's words. "Indeed." He has no insight to the inner workings of Marius's mind yet he is formulating his own ideas about the many usages of the arena. He has worked hard to get it to where it currently is, after all, so he has vested quite a deal of his newborn life in such considerations. "I would be so fortunate. She has quite the eye for certain things and I would be honored to be included in such." Sand is brushed off of his clothing before Elliott's footfalls fall in line behind those of the Whip. "A heavy question," he answers earnestly as he ruffles some sand out of his hair. "As with any chosen path, there will be trials and tribulations. It has come at a cost and I do battle with certain aspects not yet grown accustomed to." Waking during the day and his issues with gold seem to be the hardest things to grow used to. "Yet it feels as if I've made the correct choice. When I set out to be a priest it was because I was looking for a purpose in life, something more than I already had. Not only have I been graced with the ability to truly appreciate a longer life and the experiences that come with it, but I also find myself under a wonderful woman and much more. Perhaps I don't understand what it all means quite yet, but I certainly will not take it for granted."

Marius has his own set of clothing that would be appropriate for a venue such as this hanging in his closet. His tunics used for court have weathered the centuries as undamaged as they possibly could be. A little worn here, a touch threadbare there, but for the purpose, they are suitable.
And he would not beg such a boon for himself.
"Now, more than ever, you must needs find a purpose. A goal to which you work. Simply existing and discovering what each day brings is not enough. I train you with goals. Each day at the pell brings you closer to a goal. Each day must be lived with purpose or it would be better that you not be given the gift of the cheating of death." A take on Christian principles, to be sure.
"And as for having a Maker such as the Lady Isobel, you are in an enviable position." As well as an elevated one, to be sure. "The day will come, however, when you are released and your path opens. That is when you must see to your goals."

The proper garments for evening wear these days are far different than what they used to be. For this reason Elliott will need to see to updating his wardrobe, even if he would like to consider it rather detailed as it is. That hand returns to his chest to rub at the image that will forever be displayed there. "My primary goal is to serve my Lord to the best of my ability." That would be God above Isobel, even if the two are fairly close in the running at this point. "I do not require a beating heart to do so. Aside from that I do have my own passions but right now I am determined instead to learn my place proper and develop in ways to benefit myself as well as Lady Isobel." A hand rubs at the back of Elliott's neck as he considers everything. "To be perfectly honest, I was completely unaware of her unique situation until shortly before I was blessed with this life. I now understand why this is so. I would hate to be the reason that any harm would be directed towards her. This is why I have been content remaining here to oversee the reconstruction."

"Spoken like a priest," Marius responds quickly and wheels around to face the new vampire. "Full of ideals and not giving any direction on the ground." Here, he steps forward. "With what will you serve Him? Your sword? Your speech? Will you simply wait for direction from above, hoping that you are spoken to?"
The rest of the explanation is fitting and proper, though even here, Marius challenges, "You will find your way, fledgeling, but you must be of some use to her. Toys become tiresome. Find your place and your way, and you will please her, and his majesty." Not to mention making his job a little easier.
"'Unique situation'.." One way to put it. "There is no reason for any outside to know.. and it is not simply for safety. It is because they are chattel. What does it matter for the lambs to know who it is that brings them to the slaughter? A farmer takes its life, or the courtier, or the King on the hunt. It makes no difference."
Turning back around, crystal blue eyes take in the building around them once more, his imagination filling the tables. "It is a good job for you. Perhaps it is your calling then?"

He's said something wrong, yet again. Elliott doesn't back away from the turn of conversation but keeps his town silent and respectable, as always. "It is not as if I've just lived my life waiting for people and events to come to me. I can see where it would appear as such, but I have never turned away from an interest. Although I do believe that when I am needed I will find myself in the proper situation to be of assistance. I believe that is partially why I am here, after all." He was able to show Isobel a time where she could be free of some concern and to him that feels as if he was meant to do so. Even though he need not do so, Elliott blinks as he considers the exact situation. "I do apologize if it appears that I am merely content to live off of Lady Isobel for as long as I can. I'm actually more concerned with assisting her than anything. Long ago I did offer to manage this location for her if she so desires and I would be content with that." Business management is something he went to school for, after all, and something that he is good at. The back of his neck is rubbed once more. "It can be complicated when more are aware of situations. Is this not why there was that particularly troubling house guest at the estate? That seems like quite a bit to deal with simply because of a few who know too much." Elliott has no idea the full extent of what the Rovan couple know but he knows it is more than most or else Susan would not have been punished so.

"Has she accepted your offer to oversee this establishment? If she has not, I would speak to her again. If she has, then she has made a wise decision." Marius can see it already; the restaurant has all the hallmarks of home for a vampire, and yet somewhat welcoming to the rest. Certainly a boon.
When things head back towards their basic world view, that is, politics, Marius inclines his head. "I care not for such things unless it creates the perception of weakness and therefore advantage." Of course, it's his job to make sure that it isn't 'reality'.
"The particularly troubling guest at the Estate is slowly learning her place. By the time she is healed, she will be… heeled."
Looking around again at the empty room, Marius returns his attention to the newly risen. "I will take my leave. There are more stops along my path before I take my rest. The pells are a useful tool. Use them. Soon enough, our sparring will be blooded." First blood. "I would have you ready for that."

"To be frank, I'm not quite certain. It seems as if she has but without final, confirming word I will not assume as much." She is the last person to upset based on assumptions, after all. "Either way, I will continue to make sure that everything is in place. It would do poorly to have something not run smoothly, after all." It would not be wise of him to make light of Susan's situation yet Elliott cannot help but give the tiniest of smiles at the comment of her 'training'. "Again you have my thanks, and my promise that there will be improvement before next we meet." He is the type to do things to the best of his ability, after all. Again he bows towards the Whip. "May the rest of the nighttime hours find you well."

"Then think of it as a trial. A place for your abilities, and if you please her, it will suit her to keep you here."
Marius is actually quite taken with the restaurant. "It would not bode well should something occur that could have been prevented."
One of the exits to the dining area rotunda is taken, the stairs climbed by twos. He still has his gladius in hand, a slip of leather over the pommel. It won't come out of its sheath unless he pulls it. "I look forward to our next match so that I may see how much you retain of our lessons." It really is on the sparring ground that Marius is happiest. Other than in all out battle, or all out feeding.
"May you find success in the Hunt." Even if the new vampire isn't allowed… "Be well."

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