Kidd Spring Park

The remnants of the dense forestry are located in here, as paths lead from the woods to the more entertaining features of the park. A jungle gym, complete with a small clubhouse and slides make up a play area designated for children, as do a few sandboxes. A community rec center can also be found in the park.

Separating the trees from the busier points of the park is small lake. During the summer months, a life guard can be found on duty so swimming is allowed, and there is also a small dock from which paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent.

On a Saturday night most people tend to not vist the park, often going out with friends and family. An yet Abbey finds herself here sitting upon one of the docks, leaning back against one of the posts that many would lean against during the day with fishing. At her side sits a rather large and fluffy looking dog, Dakota the pooch is happly chewing upon what looks like a deer antler, while Abbey herself has a burning cigarette between her lips. With the warmer weather she didn't bother to bring a jacket and is merely in a tshirt, pair of jeans an her normal pair of work boots. The cigarette is grasped hold of and she flicks it sending the ash flying while her pale gaze drifts over the calm waters as he mind wanders over who knows what.

There's the crunch of boots along the path, as the Muea Tseena Pack Beta emerges from the woods and makes his way towards the lakeshore and the rec center beyond where his bike is parked. He has a black back over his shoulder, though it's fairly empty looking at the moment, and a little scuffed around the edges. His nostrils flare some as he scents the cigarette smoke and notes the woman relaxing by the dog. His footsteps slow as he nears her, recognizing her rather unmistakeably. "Evenin'," comes the grunt of greeting, his expression neither friendly nor hostile.

Abbey tilts her head slightly as she catches the movement, her pale gaze drifts towards it as the form gets closer and she blinks a moment. An unsure glance is soon offered over the area half expecting to catch sight of others, but so far nothing, which makes her relax a moment. She hadn't even noticed herself getting tense. Though after the talk with Leigh the other night she wasn't that sure what to expect. Meaning she knows very well who the man is that has wandered closer to her. A slight nod is offered, the cigarette forgotten at the moment. "Evening.." She offers back after a moment. Dakota seems to just ignore the new figure, to busy with his chewtoy at the moment.

Normally, Cinco likes dogs. So, he pauses a moment near Dakota. He doesn't, however, move that close to him, letting the animal pay attention to him in his own time, as he chooses. One hand stays loose at his side to give the animal something to sniff, should he wish. "Nice dog," he says presently. Frankly, the man's being polite. There's not much cause for him to hang around a rogue such as she is — especially one that supported the man that tried to kill Donato.

Abbey never supported Young's challenge, if they don't like her because she was friends with the man, well there is little she can do about that now. Dakota lifts his head and peers at the man, with a blink the pup is up on his paws sniffing out at the offered hand, curled tail swaying about happly a few times. The pup is at least well behavied at the moment. "Thank you.. His name is Dakota." Is said after a moment, tone polite all the while. She rather not give the pack something else to dislike her over. Her cigarette is smooshed out upon the dock and she pockets what is left.

Supported. Friends. There's not a lot of difference in the Beta's mind. Though, to be fair, it is over. And, while Cinco has been known to hold grudges for very long times, he doesn't actually hold one against Abbey. In the first place, Young got his. So, that's not even remotely an issue any more. In the second? Well, until she's pack, as long as she continues to keep from actually breaking any pack laws, he doesn't much care what she does. "Dakota," he echoes. "Good name." Yes. He's almost always this terse. The man isn't known for his orations. He's known for being good with his fists. "Had 'im long?"

Abbey doesn't know if anyone is holding a grudge against her or not, its not like she talks to many dealing with the pack after all. As for her being in the pack.. Most likely won't happen, when it comes to trusting people for her its hard, wolves even harder. Especially lately with all the problems she's had with any wolves in the city. Even though Young is gone he left a lasting impression in more ways then one. "Yes.. That's what I thought. Just seemed to fit him." She pauses a moment thinking it seems. "Had him close to three months now."

Funny, really. Cinco'd agree with the sentiment, though he's far more egalitarian in his mistrust. Wolves and humans are pretty equal in his mind, except for Donato. Donato, he trusts implicitly. "He likes that antler." As far as statements go, it's sure not earth-shattering. But, again, the man's trying to be polite. Donato told him he had to learn to get along and play nicely with others, so that's what he's doing. For the moment. "Good dog." Man's definitely a wolf.

Abbey would almost bet Donato didn't mean be polite to her, though its not like she knows what the pack leader thinks of her anymore. A faint smile is seen at the comment about the antler. "Ya.. There rather good chew toys, safe too and easy to get a hold of.." She tends to get them for free when ever she goes off hunting on full-moons so it tends to work out nicely. Dakota wruffs out while lifting a forepaw and then paws out at the man's leg a few times, his tail wagging about happly.

Cinco crouches down as the dog paws at him. He lets his hand droop near enough that the animal can sniff him, before daring to give him a scritch behind the ears. "Better'n most things, anyway," the man concedes. "Beats shoes and car bumpers."

Abbey watches the pair curiously a few moments, Dakota is enjoying the attention but then he is a puppy. The pup leans over and sniffs at the hand once more before giving it a faint lick and Dakota is soon leaning into the ear scritching. "True.. Rather him chew on it then any of my tools at the shop. Lots of stuff there I couldn't replace anytime soon if he chewed it to bits." Her Irish accent is picked up the more she speaks.

Cinco 's accent is all Dallas. But, he speaks so tersely, that it doesn't drip either Southern or Texas. No doubt that'd change if he said more than half-a-dozen words at a time. "'Less it's drop-forged, huh?" A beat. "Best to keep him away from power cords, till he gets the hang of his teeth, I guess." Not healthy for animal or cord.

Abbey chuckles softly, a slight nod soon seen. "Ya.. Then I would have more vet bills to pay for to deal with broken teeth if he went an did that. Either way it wouldn't be good." Dakota wruffs out and drops down in a typical 'I want to play' position. "So far I can't complain with him. His been a good puppy." She leans over and pokes the dog upon one paw. "I don't think he wants to play little one." Dakota sends a glance back to the touch and tilts his head at the words before peering up to Cinco.

"Has he learned 'fetch', yet?" That's usually safe to play. Cinco's expression still has that fairly neutral cast to it, though the dog has softened his copper eyes some. "Could throw the antler like a stick." He's not going to get down on all fours and play with him, however. Not without shifting, and dog pups tend to be 'snacks' to a wolf. So, that's just off the menu.

Abbey ahs softly atthe question, more surprized that he would consider it actually. She peers at Cinco slightly before nodding. "Yes.. He knows fetch." Dakota wruffs out once more, the pup shifting about on his paws as if seeming to know one of them is going to do /something/. After all he is a cute fluffy little puppy who could actually say no to him? Abs has never went wolf around Dakota, nor does she plans on it knowing that her other side isn't the best around fuzzy little animals.

Chances are, after long enough, the wolf inside the woman will associate the dog as 'pack'. But, that'll take some more time, yet, no doubt. For his part, however, Cinco is content to make friends with the dog in human form. "Y'wanna fetch?" He addresses the puppy, now. His hand rolls lightly around the pup's face and muzzle, until long fingers reach in to deftly pluck the antler from between his paws. "Okay. Let's fetch." He turns partially, now, and, waving the stick briefly in front of Dakota's snout to make sure the pup's attention is properly on it, he then tosses it several yards away across the grass for the pup to chase.

Abbey has been around other dogs and shifters when in wolf form and doesn't have a problem with it. Though they where large then what the pup is at the moment. She smiles a moment as she watches the scene, which she would admit she never thought would happen. Dakota bounces around on his paws at the attention and leans back into the hand before blinking as his antler is grabbed hold of. The pup's ears flick forward and he lets out a soft bark while his head follows the waving antler about, and once it is tossed away the pup takes off like a flash and darts after it. "Now of course he'll be you new best friend." She offers with an amused tone. Though she doesn't seem disappointed by the thought.

"Until someone else comes along to play or offer a snack," Cinco says knowingly, watching Dakota dart headlong after the antler. An actual bit of a smile touches his own lips. He likes the dog. "What breed?" he asks then, as the pup scoops up the antler and shakes it some before heading back toward the unlikely pair.

Abbey chuckles and nods. "Most likely.." Her gaze follows after Dakota, she's rather protective of that little dog. After what happened to Steele some months ago it might not be a real surprize. "His a Tibetian Mastiff. There rather big dogs when there fully grown." Dakota trots back over to the two, his curled tail wagging about happly as he pauses in front of Cinco and drops the antler and wruffs out looking rather proud of himself. "Good boy Dakota."

"Good boy," Cinco echoes, giving the pup another scritch behind the ear. He picks up the antler again and tosses it a second time, watching the ball of fluff zoom off to try to catch it. "They are big dogs," he concedes, nodding faintly. "That's good. Big dogs are always better."

Dakota leans into the ear scritching, tail wagging about before he catches sight of the antler and is once again chasing it once more. An while his fast he still can't reach it until it hits the ground. Not that it seems to bother the pup as he scoopes the toy up and is happly troting back over to Cinco. "I've never been a big fan of the little yappy dogs." Abbey offers as she watches the two, her arms folding losely in front of her while her shoulder stays pressed back upon the post. "With the garage I need a big dog around so it works." She doesn't always deal with the greatest people over in the West side, an have a dog around tends to stop things from getting to crazy at times.

Cinco knows all about the West Side. He's careful where he steps over there, these days, however. Certain neighborhoods haven't seen his face in over a decade, in fact. "Smart move," he says. He'd probably be inclined to a doberman or shepherd, himself. But, the concept's the same. And, really, acting as Beta for the pack, he doesn't really need a dog. He's usually surrounded by wolves. "Hey, pup," he says then, glancing down as Dakota drops the antler on his boot. "More?" That's no surprise. Again, he scoops up the toy and tosses it, watching the dog run.

Abbey has learned how to deal with many of the people over on the west side, well save for one certain group that still gives her hell on a weekly basis anymore. Not that she'll complain about it. "Ya.. I sorta learned the hard on some things." A faint eh escapes her at the thought while she peers at Dakota. The pup bounces upon his paws a few times before he takes off running after the antler once more. "He'll be worn out tonight after all the running. Which is alright with me."

"Best way to keep 'em behaved," Cinco says, glancing to Abbey, now, as the pup chases after the antler. "Like everyone else. Get 'em worn out, they don't cause trouble." His personal philosophy, maybe? Hard to say. He doesn't have a track record to prove such. Usually, he just kinda looms in behind Donato, arms over his chest. But, that doesn't mean he hasn't at least heard the theory. "He won't last long, anyway, I reckon." Pups rarely do. Short spurts of energy, followed by short naps in cycle.

Abbey peers back at Cinco curiously before letting her gaze lower, a slight nod offered. "I'm sure it has its benefits." She offers after a slight moment. Dakota is trotting back over to the two, though stead of coming to Cinco he moves to Abbey and drops the antler before flopping down next to her and leans close. Smiling Abs lowers her hand and softly scratches across his head and ears a few times. "Worn out now?" Dakota lets his tail thump against the ground a few times.

Cinco smiles a little as the pup flops. See? He was right. He doesn't move toward the dog, now. The pup's chosen his safe spot and the 'wolf knows how to respect that. "Probably," he shrugs in response to Abbey's cautious comment. He rises now, out of the crouch. "I gotta go," he says shortly. He gives her a brief nod in farewell, adding, "'Sgood dog. Good luck with 'im." With that, he turns and continues his way back to the motorcycle waiting him in the parking lot.

Abbey nods slightly to the answer, her gaze resting upon Dakota whom lifts his head watching Cinco start to walk off. The pup keeps put where he is though and soon yawns to prove he is ready to just sleep. "Thanks.." Luck is something she could use lots of. "Have a good night." Abs watches him go, pale gaze following him until his out of sight before she glances back to the pup who is fast asleep. She'll let him sleep for a bit before carrying him back home.

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