Quizzed Over Caffeine

Bean Scene Cafe

Bean Scene is a small coffee shop and cafe that caters primarily to a younger crowd. The cafe has always been at least a year late in joining any given fad, and in the past it's been done in western-style, set up as a beatnik hangout, a go-go disco, a fern bar, and once even attempted to cash in on breakdancing. A plaque has recently been placed above the door, and says, "No fad is dead until it appears to Bean Scene".

Case in point, the cafe has a grungy feel to it.A grey brick facade has been placed over the walls, the flooring looking more like a worn down metal grid, complete with old sewer grates every few feet. Tables and chairs set about the cafe are quite casual in appearance, made of metal meant to look rusty and splattered with multi-colored paints. Metal street signs hang from the wall amid images of garage bands. Behind the counter is a black chalkboard displaying the available items and costs.

It's late afternoon at the Bean. And it's fairly busy. There's not much of a line up, though, despite the fact nearly all the tables are full. Cinco pushes his way into the shop, arm shoved through the straps of a black motorcycle helmet. Despite the warmth of the day, he's sporting a padded leather jacket over his shirt — a clear sign, even without the helmet, he's been riding. Pushing long fingers through short hair, he makes his way toward the counter to order himself a large black coffee. Only once he's paid for it does he take a moment to give the place more than the cursory sweep he made upon entering.

There is another motorcycle parked out fron, a crimson red harley to be exact. Abbey is sitting at one of the tables, a cup of coffee upon the table while she is reading over the daily newspaper that she picked up some time ago. Her pale gaze drifts upwards slightly at the sound of someone wandering inside, she blinks as she catches sight of Cinco and tilts her head to cast a glance outside a moment. She ponders if this is just luck that they wind up in the same place again. Her clothing is a black tshirt, jeans and work boots, a leather jacket hanging upon the back of her chair.

What Leigh wouldn't give to be spending the day out on her baby. Unfortunately, with Officer Young still 'missing', she's been charged with taking over some of his previous cases. What this means for her is that until his docket is cleared? She's pulling extra hours and double shifts.

That doesn't mean she can't afford herself a little break though.

The Bean Scene is not a typical locale for her to go to, but it was the closest one to her last scene. There's no helmet to be whisked off this afternoon, but she does remove the policeman's cap and wipe her brow with her arm. A nod is given to the Beta as she spies him, though she doesn't run right over to say hello. She's got no reason to bother him.

Just as she's reaching the line to place her order, she catches sight of Abbey, and winces. Immediately her back straightens, as though her hackles are raised just a little.

Glancing to the door as it opens a second time, Cinco returns Leigh's nod in kind. He draws a long sip on the hot coffee, grimacing slightly at its temperature and bitter taste. Still, there's no complaint issued. After a moment, glancing toward Abbey and then back to Leigh, his lips purse slightly. He can at least read body language. And the northern 'wolf, certainly, doesn't seem especially thrilled. His copper gaze slides over to the Irish 'wolf, for a moment. Seems she really doesn't know how to make friends among her own kind in this city — native-born or no.

Abbey takes hold of her cup and sips at it, pale gaze drifting from Cinco over to Leigh whom she watches a few moments. Though she stays rather calm and relaxed, no reason to cause a problem if there's no need for one. Her gaze drifts back to the paper, fingers still lightly gripping at her cup. While she is a native-born back when she could use a pack she didn't have one. But then there is a reason for that seeing how they were all killed. Emily tryed her best and Abbey knows enough to get along with most wolves.

Officer Rossum approaches the counter (finally), and places her order. Fingers drum atop it as she glances around the cafe for any other signs of trouble. Seems she's already pegged Abbey as such, so she doesn't bother looking back in that direction just yet.

A second, empty cup is taken and slid over her paper coffee cup as she takes hold of it. Better safe than sorry. After dumping enough sugar into the drink to keep her wired for the next few hours, she pops the plastic lid on and then makes her way over to Cinco. With her, she takes a few packets of sugar.

'Wolves and their high metabolism. Cinco's head turns somewhat as Leigh approaches. Another nod is given. "Hunt. Night of the moon," he says quietly. He knows he doesn't have to pitch his voice very loud for either woman to hear. And his words are innocuous enough not to particularly make anyone else unlikely enough to overhear them all that curious. "Yer welcome t'come." A glance to Abbey. "You, too." Once more, a he lifts his cup for another long, bitter sip. His fingers flex a little as he switches the cup to his other hand and moves the helmet from his elbow to the floor between his feet.

Abbey chooses to keep her gaze on the paper instead of on the other two wolves, though that doesn't mean she can't hear them. The talk of a hunt during the moon gets her attention and she casts a slight glance towards Cinco and Leigh. As he glances towards her she blinks, looking rather surprized at the invite to the hunt at the moment. She chews on her lip a moment and soon nods. "Alright.. Thanks for letting me know." Hunting with a group, that's something she hasn't done for a while.

Running with a Pack that's not her own on the full moon isn't something that Leigh has done as of yet. It will mean needing permission from Jared, so as not to inadvertently upset the man.

Adjusting the policeman's cap under her arm, she shakes the sugar packets and nods to Cinco's coffee. "Try this so you quit making that look every time you take a sip," she says, tearing the tops off of the sugar packets and offering them out to him. "Doesn't curb all the bitterness, but if you want that you have to get something with the whipped cream atop it."

When Abbey responds to the invite, Leigh quirks an eyebrow up, but doesn't say a word.

"Don't need the sugar," Cinco says in response to Leigh's comment. After a beat, though, he offers a half-smile. "But, thanks. It's just hot." And he's not inclined to wait for it to cool down. Man doesn't much know the meaning of temperance, truthfully. Except that it's supposed to mean he don't drink alcohol, which, frankly, pisses him off. 'Course, with him, that sort of temperance is probably a good idea. Be that as it may, he gives another nod to acknowledge the responses of both women to his invite. Why invite non-pack wolves to a full moon hunt? Probably another opportunity for Donato to assert his Alpha-ship over the masses and remind them who's boss, even as he lets them all cut loose after all the tension around Blakeley and Young. Who knows?

Abbey can just imagen Leigh not thinking its a good idea for the lone wolf to tag along on a pack hunt. A slight amused glance crosses her face at the talk on the coffee. She watches the two a moment and soon clears her throat. "If you both want your welcome to have a seat at the table." Well, all the other tables are full so she figures its the friendly thing to do.

"Suit yourself," Leigh says with a shake of her head. Then she proceeds to dump the two packets through the tiny sip-hole in the plastic lid, adding the extra sugar to her own coffee. Why so much sugar? When pulling a double, caffeine doesn't always help on its own.

Lifting the over-sugared coffee to her lips, she takes a long sip, and eyes the man again. Her voice lowers a little as she leans in, "Do me a favor. Tell Donato I can't keep the location under wraps much longer. IA is looking way too closely at his two men at the department." They'll have to break the story sooner or later, so maybe she's just looking for confirmation on what to say to the public, and how to convince the coroner that it was something other than a wild animal attack.

Abbey's offer just gets the hackles raised again, and so for the moment goes ignored.

Cinco gives Leigh another brief nod, acknowledging her message. He'll pass it on, that's certain. "Just do what you can, while you can," he says. He'll talk to Donato and see what the Alpha says about it, then get back to her. All of that goes unsaid, however. He's never been a freely flowing font of information. At Abbey's offer, he glances back to Leigh. Giving a sideways motion of his head, he indicates the Rogue, with her offer. It beats standing with his helmet between his feet. He's moving over there. Leight ought to join them, if she wants to continue the conversation. Bending over, he picks up his helmet now and wanders laconically toward the offered seat. Hooking one chair leg with his foot, he hauls it out and plants himself unceremoniously down on it. The helmet gets shoved under the seat with only a little more care.

Abbey is not surprized at the responce from Leigh, her pale gaze rests on her a few moments longer before she shakes her head slightly and turns her gaze back to the table for a moment. Her finger slightly taps upon the table a moment before Cinco takes the offer and sits down. She's a bit surprized at the move but she offers him a slight nod of her head, an a faint friendly smile. "So.. What type of bike do you have?" She was curious on it the night before but never asked, she might as well ask now.

Whatever conversation Leigh was having gets cut off immediately. She's not going to divulge Pack information, especially not this Pack information to a Rogue who happened to be friends with the corpse at the location.

Her nose twitches briefly, almost into a snarl. "Better not," she offers to the Beta, ensuring that the lid on her coffee is secure before she slides her cap back on her head. "Last time I sat and tried to make pleasant with Miss Wallace, it didn't go so well." There were definitely quite a few verbal blows bandied around, to be sure.

Securing the cap neatly, she sips from the paper coffee cup again. "Her fault," Leigh clarifies, "not mine." There is more to be said on that too, but Leigh will wait to offer that opinion to the man when he's alone, or when she's asked to state it for Eli.

"I'll talk to Jared and get back to you on the other thing."

"Suit y'self," the Beta responds. Still, he acknowledges her last comment with a nod — apparently his response of choice. The expression in his light brown eyes indicates he understands her position. No one's gonna bitch at her, if she doesn't show up. He doesn't particularly see the need for the cop to go, but at the same time, he does. He doesn't much care if the pair get along. Makes no difference to him in the least. Neither's a part of the pack. And even in the pack there are personality disputes. Too, a sharp corner of his mind can't help but note that it's probably a better idea that the cop not be seen associating with a guy with his wrong-side-of-the-tracks history, never mind whatever baggage the Rogue comes with. So, he doesn't so much actively turn his attention from Leigh to Abbey as he does shift his immediate awareness between them instead. Thus, he answers Abbey's question about his bike. "Harley. Heritage Softtail." It has that 40's look with modern styling. Something very classic about it, that he likes. It doesn't scream power, but it's got everything it needs.

Abbey pauses as she hears Leigh and glances towards her once more. "Right.. All my fault.." It takes two to tango after all. They both said things that went very nice. "No one can attept to make changes if there like me I suppose?" This question is sent towards the officer as she watches her a moment before glance back towards Cinco at tha talk on the bike. "Nice bike." She lifts a hand and points towards her Harley out front. "Was traded the frame and some other parts for some work I did. Fixed it up and redid just about everything on it. Harley's are great bikes." One thing she does like to talk about would be the bikes and the cars.

Officer Rossum has very little care about who she's seen with. The truth is, every good cop has his or her sources and people with mottled histories in the past generally make the best ones.

What she does care about is another verbal sparring match with Abbey. Her irritation can only be hidden for so long, and when Abbey starts with the 'no you', it is all she can do to keep the ire bundled up. As her eyes are on the Beta, he can likely see a fire beneath them before they close and she slowly counts to ten. She's already made her apologies for something she didn't have a hand in (beyond giving Eli the information on the Demoin shooter), Leigh has no intentions of a prolonged chit-chat with the mechanic until the mechanic is over her attitude problems.

"Be seeing you," she offers, tipping the cap down at Cinco, while giving him a nod. Abbey is given the same sort of farewell, though without the words. Just a tip of the cap, and she turns to head out of the coffee shop.

At Leigh's 'be seeing you', Cinco cants his head to one side. The ghost of a smile touches his lips and he touches his forefinger to his thumb, hand in a loose 'okay' sign that he touches to the inside corner of his eye in casual salute. As the cop takes her leave, then, he turns his attention to the Rogue. "They're good bikes," he concedes with another light nod. He wouldn't ride one if they weren't. He tilts his head to look around her through the window at her bike. From that distance, it looks good to him. "Good deal," is the general assessment. "Paint it yourself?" His is black. Boring, perhaps, but classic. And it looks good with the studded saddle bags.

Abbey was being very civil and actually friendly towards Leigh tonight, she isn't to sure what else the other wolf wants her to do. Say sorry? Roll around on her back perhaps.. Heck if she knows. As for Abs and her attitude problem, that's something that she can tune down but will most likely never lose, it is just part of who she is. She watches Leigh go and can just imagen what she'll be telling Cinco later if given the chance. A slight nod is seen while she glances back towards the window. "Ya.. I think the painting took the longest. Had to do a good amount touch-ups. But you can't tell so I'm happy with it."

"All that matters," Cinco concedes, taking another deep swig of his coffee. He leans back in his chair, apparently relaxed, for all that his gaze sweeps the room at regular intervals from top to bottom and back again. It's just habit. "Nice look, anyway." A moment or two passes in silence. Eventually, the man seems inclined to fill it some. "How's the dog?"

Abbey smiles a moment and nods. "Ya.. That's true." She offers softly, her fingers slide across her cup of coffee while her gaze drifts back towards him. "Dakota's fine. At the garage with one of the workers. He slept all night. Good game of fetch wore him right out."

"'S way t'do it," Cinco nods approvingly. "Keep 'em busy; can't cause trouble." Same sentiment as last night, really. Perhaps the man does believe in it. He takes another swallow of coffee. It's cooled enough now that he doesn't need to be quite so careful of it. And he glances once more about the shop. "Busy, here, t'day. Y'd think it was a day off or somethin'." Bit of a smile touches the one corner of his mouth. Brown eyes warm slightly in amusement. Still, he doesn't quite lose that serious, scrutinizing look that is his normal expression.

Abbey nods slightly, a faint smile seen. "True." She offers softly. "I'll have to remember that." See.. She is being friendly and civil just like she was the night before. Not like she has a reason to cause a problem at the moment. A soft chuckle escapes her as she glances around the coffee shop. "Ya.. You might think that." Not that she knows what an actually day off is. She tends to work seven days a week, though its sorta hard to avoid it when she lives at the garage as well.

Long as she's doing something she enjoys, there's probably no reason to complain. Cinco's good enough to tinker around with his bike, but he'll not be hiring himself out as a mechanic anytime soon. And that's just fine with him. He purses his lips a moment, wrinkling his nose. "I don't like crowds," he says after a moment or two. He doesn't say why. He just states it as a fact. Still, he's not moving from the table, so it mustn't bother him that badly.

Abbey hums softly while peering at a few people that are wandering in and then back out when they get there coffee. "Ya.. Crowds arn't great. I tend to just ignore people to much to notice them in a place like this." Though even she has her limits.

Cinco doesn't actually ignore anyone, though he's obviously selective about to whom he responds. He keeps everyone on his radar. It comes with being Beta, no doubt. Donato probably does it even more so, especially with his military background. "Pain in the ass," Cinco opines. "But, the coffee's good." Not that he's all that much of a connoisseur. Still, he likes it strong and well-leaded. The Bean can certainly oblige. "Tell me about yourself," he demands presently, regarding the Rogue. There's no 'or else' in his tone. It's really nothing more than a request. But his characteristic terseness gives it the blunt edge of a demand, regardless.

Abbey while she may ignore them she knows who is around her at least, though mostly through her senses working then anything. A slight nod is offered. "The coffee is good, food isn't that bad just pricey." She's caught off guard for a moment, pale gaze resting on Cinco at the comment and the tone. For a moment she ponders how or where to start. Talking about herself is not one of her favorite things to do after all. "Born in Ireland, came to the states when my family was killed.." Or in there terms, pack. There's a slight pause after she says that and she glances back towards the window. "Lived in Texas in different places over the years, fainlly came to Dallas and stayed." Her gaze drifts back to Cinco. "Bought the garage about a year ago an try to keep myself out of trouble." Trying being the key word. Though if anyone speaks to Leigh they might be told otherwise. Needless to say she leaves out plenty, perhaps he'll pick something he wants to ask her more on.

"How long ago you move to the States?" comes the question. Yeah. There are a couple of things in there Cinco wants to follow up on. His expression indicates casual curiosity more than anything else, however. He's heard a couple of things through the grapevine, likely as not, but he's more interested in her take on things than what simple rumors say. The man knows far too well how damning rumors can be — and how false. "Where else you live in Texas?" It's a big state, after all.

"I came to the states when I was ten." Abbey offers. "Was able to become an American citizen over the years." So at least she isn't illegal in the US. She isn't sure about the questions, but she doesn't have a problem answering them at least. "I've lived in Houston, Austin and El Paso over the years. Been in Dallas the longest so far."

Cinco's ears rise a little, and then fall. Since she was ten? And her accent's still that strong? Huhn. Regardless, he does a mental checklist of cities. Both Houston and Austin are Muea Tseena territory. There are pockets of werewolves there that form sorts of 'mini packs', whose alphas still show throat to Donato. El Paso, though… That's clear across the state. "Deal much with the Buscaderos?" he asks. They own that city, after all, in much the same way the MTP own Dallas. "How long ago was it?"

Abbey can't get rid of the accent, but it doesn't tend to be strong all the time unless she is mad, most of the time there is just a faint hint of an accent to her voice over it actually being strong. "I was fourteen when I went wolf. Emily never joined another pack and neither did I. We stayed within the rules of which ever pack we happened to be in at the time. "I can't recall the name. Where are they located abouts?" She hasn't kept up on the other packs in the state, other then the one in the area she happens to live in at the time.

"El Paso," Cinco replies as to the Buscaderos. He figured it was self-evident, but she's apparently not up on traditional pack boundaries. "Muea Tseena owns pretty much everything in the eastern half of the state. Shunkaha packs got the north, Tak'n'ta claim the south. Buscadero takes pretty much everything east of Odessa." There. There's her lesson for the day: werewolf pack geography. Though, for all the world, to a passerby, he could just be talking motorcycle gangs. Especially with the look of the two of them. 'Course, most people'd be hard-pressed to actually pick up his words, since he's still speaking at wolf-hearing range and not casual conversation.

Abbey ahs faintly as he goes over the pack boundary areas. "I was in El Paso first when we came to Texas.. Was told to leave a few months after being there." A slight shrug is seen. "We left without questioning it." She'll have to try and remember the information about the packs he told her, never know when it may come up again after all. An like him her voice is still low enough to be heard by the other wolf in front of her.

Cinco grunts an acknowledgement of her words. So, basically, the Buscaderos handed them their walking papers. It happens. Opposite end of the state oughta be far enough away from them. "Why they tell y'all t'go?" Again, it's still casual curiosity. 'Course, with him being Beta, it might feel different than that, but he doesn't figure that's his problem.

"Emily never explained why they told us to leave." Abbey offers. "She spoke with them a few times and after the talk we was told to leave." She shrugs a moment. "I was a kid, asked why a few times and was told to drop it so I did." Emily wasn't always firm with her but what ever the reason on this she was so she knew better then to push the matter.

Cinco isn't all that surprised at Abbey's answer. He'd figured she was likely a kid at the time. So, he just gives a mild half-shrug and oblique nod before he downs the rest of his coffee. Still leaned back in his chair, however, he doesn't much look like he's of a mind to get up and leave. One leg kicks out casually alongside the table, emphasizing that point. "How old're ya, now?" Odd question, maybe, but it helps to put things in context. Apparently no one ever taught him it's rude to ask a lady her age.

Abbey lifts a brow while peering at Cinco, a slight smirk seen. "I'm twenty-two." She doesn't seem to have a problem answering the question. Perhaps other ladies might get offened but she seems fine with it. A glance is offered to her cup to see how much is left in it before another sip is taken.

All of which means she's been in the country roughly 12 years. Cinco merely files away the information, again with that light nod. "I don't think I been to yer garage," he muses idly. "Mebbe I'll stop in one day." For what reason, who knows? Just as likely to be more idle curiosity as anything else. "Where's it at, again?" He's probably heard somewhere. But, it's never been all that important, before now. Actually, the jury's still out on how important it is, now, really. Still… never know what the future brings.

Abbey ahs softly and nods a moment. "Well.. We work on just about anything. Cars, bikes, semi-trucks too." She smirks a moment at that wondering where Ahsana has gotten herself to. "Sell stuff for cars and bikes as well so stop by when ever." Her pale gaze rests on him curiously. "Its across from the Grisly Bar, on the west side." The Grisly Bar is a local hang out from the pack so she is a bit surprized he didn't know about it.

Right. That one. The one the boys like to scope out fairly regularly. "So, what happened 'tween you an' Rossum?" he asks now, entirely switching subjects. "Got y'all so tetchy?" He'll likely ask Leigh the same question at some point. But, he might as well hear it from both sides.

Abbey is quiet for a moment at the question, it was going to come up at some point. "I was friends with Young." She offers softly while watching him. "I never agreed with what Young did, he had no right and got what was coming to him in the end." There's a slight pause before she goes on. "He was my friend, I was mad about him dying. I said a few things I shouldn't have and she took it harder then I did." A slight shrug is seen. "An I'm a loner.. I tend to rub everyone wrong because of that if nothing else."

Cinco listens to the woman's low-pitched voice, its soft tones quiet enough to avoid carrying to human ears. Just as well, given the investigation into Young's death. "Pack's got no grudge with you," he says evenly. "Everybody's got friends. Challenge is over, matter's closed — 'less you open it." There's a warning in his eye, though it's mostly for show. He doesn't really think she wants to open that can of worms. "Problem with loners," he says then, "is that they's outside the pack. Ain't no pack likes that. Sooner or later, it's probably gonna catch up with ya." He gives a tight smile, and there's no doubt he's a wolf. "But, t'day's not that day. So, 's all good." He pushes to his feet now and bends down to retrieve his helmet. "You should come fer the hunt," he says, straightening. "Let folks get to know y'better. Be good for everyone." He looks out the window. "Gonna be a nice night. Enjoy it." Him? He's going for a ride.

Abbey hums faintly while she watches him at the comment that the pack has no grudge with her. "I hope you right.. I have no reason to open it." She may have an attitude problem but she isn't stupid. An she knows very well how packs act when loners are around. "I know.." Perhaps another reason she is trying to get along with the other wolves, trying to show she isn't a threat and that she wants to be helpful. "I plan on being there.." Even if Leigh doesn't want her around she's going to be a bad penny and turn up if she's invited. A glance is sent outside to the window and she nods. "Looks like its going to be.. You have a good night now."

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