Crude Introductions

It's a monday evening, so for some, the week is just getting started. For others, perhaps they had less of a break. The Park itself is not as busy as it is during the weekend or during the early day. Now, as dinner time approaches, it mostly caters to dog walks, joggers, and - like Skylar - the occassional sight-seeing loner type.

Skylar is definately one of those others - both the not getting a break, and the sight-seeing loner types. When he wasn't at the Heritage Village this weekend, he was at the shop, working on a custom order. And now, finally, as he gets off work at the Heritage Village, he finally can look forward to some time off. So, though some might head to a bar or a club to unwind, Sky finds himself walking through Kidd Spring Park. Not really paying much attention to where he is going, the man lets his feet carry them where they will, just enjoying the scenery.

And since he just came off work at the Blacksmith Shop at the village, he's still wearing his 'old time' clothing, comprised of linens and leathers in simple, natural tones, perhaps looking a little out of place, but not seeming to mind.

Bars and nightclubs are great for the purposes that they serve, but those purposes do not meet the needs of everyone. There are truly some individuals who are content being alone and simply enjoying what life has to offer. Then again, walking alone so close to dinner gives said individuals a great lay of the land right before the sun sets, so they can return at a later time and patrol more accurately.

The thing about Quinn is that she's never been a people person. Or a pet person. Or really all that likable at all, that she's been informed of. It's been rather easy for her to either blend into the background or just flat out be ignored, and she's happy with that result. The only downside is that often times she catches some sort of backlash for her attitude, or just her general bad luck.

This evening is one of those times where luck just isn't on her side. As she walks, minding her own business and honestly not looking at anyone who happens to be around, one of the dog walkers happens to lose control of their dog and drops the leash. As the dog runs for freedom, it catches sight of Quinn and immediately heads in her direction. There's no time for her to gracefully save herself as it bull rushes the back of her legs, sending her forward onto the ground. It looks like her dress slacks and dress shirt are going to need a lot of tender loving care in order to be saved.

The dog presses forward, not happy with simply knocking the woman over. It begins to snarl and growl, standing on top of her as if she's some sort of trophy. A trophy that currently has her tush in air due to the unexpected assault. Thanks to being face down in the grass the obscene curses coming from the woman cannot be heard.

The whole bad luck thing? Definately something that Skylar can relate to as of late - though right now, he would definately be willing to give the prize to Quinn. He may have been repeatedly tackled by a giant stuffed panda, but this is something else all together.

Seeing the… damsel in distress, or perhaps hearing her before she winds up faceplanting on the ground, Sky rushes over, manuevering around while the dog is busy claiming his prize and grabbing the leash - hoping to pull the dog off and stop him from, well, claiming his prize.

"Come on, now, boy, you ought to buy the lady dinner first. Come on, off her now, there's a good fella. You alright there, miss?" All this is said while he yanks on the leash, and tries to avoid getting bitten - thankfully he still has his leather bracers on, if it comes down to needing to block the dog's teeth.

The first thing that comes to mind is the death of the mut that dared to do this to her. As soon as it has been moved off to her she spins to sit on that rear end which had been previously exposed to the world. Cold eyes watch the dog, to the point it settles within the control of Skylar. Even a dog knows when it could possibly meet its death, and she would be more than happy to arrange that.

A barrage of insults towards a canine is meant to follow, but Quinn decides to take a moment to glance at the one who happened to reclaim their dog, or so she's assuming. What she finds, instead, is a man dressed rather oddly for their time period. This causes her to outright stare at her, which likely sends a negative impression. Or he might think that she believes him to be dreamy, but either way staring is not a proper thing to do.

Quinn looks down at her bloodied hands and grass stained clothing. "I'll live," comes the cold response. She normally is slightly better to talk to, but being taken down by a dog isn't exactly something that puts her in a good mood. "I I'm fine. Thank you." A deep breath is taken so she can calm herself before she uses those saved up insults on the man who just saved her from the worst humiliation she can think of at the moment. "Though you might want to muzzle your dog. Or have him caged. Or put down."

Actually, Sky's assumption is that Quinn likely thinks it's his dog, and is thus pissed off and him because of it. Which is certainly cemented once she says as much. "Um, well, that's good, then," he says, slowly. What is it about women and their ability to stare deep into a man's soul and shake it around like a bag of jiffy pop? "And, huh, not my dog. Just thought I'd… you know, help."

For a moment, Skylar stares back at Quinn as well. At first just because she is staring at him, and then because… well, it's hard to tell. Finally, he looks away, apparently glancing about for the owner or dog walker - who, finally, comes to take their dog. Proving that Sky was truthful! "Just try and be more careful, next time, she could have been really hurt," Skylar says to the owner who professes their apologies.

Then, turning back to Quinn, he reaches out his hand to her, offering help up should she wish it. "You sure you're ok? I have a first aid kit in my car if you want me to go get it?"

At least she isn't completely out of her mind for assuming him to be the owner of the dog. As soon as he announces that he isn't, however, she immediately realizes that she's said something that she shouldn't. Deep down she feels bad about wrongly accusing him, but on the surface it would be hard to tell that she cares at all. "Oh, well." That causes her to re-evaluate him, back to that staring rudely that she had been doing before. Eventually the gaze shifts to the dog which causes it to whimper. "/You/ are lucky that I don't kick you and see how you like it."

Once the owner appears and confirms that the dog does not belong to Skylar, Quinn actually begins to really feel guilty about her behavior. She doesn't say anything to the owner, at all, instead holding her tongue since she knows that nothing pleasant will be vocalized. "I'm sorry, then. I shouldn't have snapped at you. You know what they say about assuming…"

Hey, she actually apologized! Quinn's trying to be more of a civilized human being, thanks to a certain family of witches within the area. Her immediate response is to push his hand away to stand on her own, but she actually thinks twice and accepts his offer. Once she stands she looks at her hands and then her clothing. "I would love to send them a bill for my dry cleaning," she mutters in anger before looking at him again. Her hands are bleeding at this point but nothing that screams for a trip to the emergency room. "I've had worse, but thank you for the offer." There's a pause before she finally has to vocalize her thoughts.

"Do you… always dress like that?"

"It's fine. It's the assumption most would have made," Skylar says, an easy smile appearing on his features at the apology. Then, noticing the blood on his hand, then on Quinn's, he says, "Well, I've seen worse too, but it probably wouldn't be a bad thing to get the cuts disenfected. And since they're on your hands, it might help if someone else assisted you in doing it." He continues to smile encouragingly, but in a way that says he'll accept whatever decision she makes.

At Quinn's question, Skylar's expression turns briefly confused, then when he glances down to himself realization dawns and he lets out a good-natured laugh. "Only when I'm working at the Heritage Village. Or a Renessaince Fair. Or… well, simple answer? No, not always. I'm just as comfortable in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Though having these bracers would have come in handy had the dog been a biter." He smiles, before saying, "I'm Skylar, by the way, Skylar Murphy. You can call me Sky." Sky pauses, catching himself staring again, which causes him to ask, "And I have to ask… have we met before? You seem familiar. And yes, I know it sounds like a pick up line, and no, that's not why I asked." He grins as he says that last.

Poor Skylar. He has nothing but good intentions but in the end she will always find a way to turn it around on him. At least now, since they don't really know anyone. "You have a valid point. Help would be, well, helpful." Her words trail off as Quinn looks about them. There really aren't many people around so she feels the need to add on to her response. "Just know that if you try anything? I can think of at least one hundred different ways to kill a man with my bare hands." At the end of that near threat she actually smiles. It's misplaced, for certain, but everything in her demeanor is. Isn't smiling a good thing?

His answer explains it all, certainly, and it begins to make sense. Before she can respond to that, however, she tilts her head ever so slightly at his lack of a pickup line. "I'm not worthy of a cheap attempt at a pickup line?" This is actually said as if it's a real question before she dismisses the question with a wave of her hand. "But to answer your question, I don't know you. You might have seen me around, however. Possibly. I'm all over the place." Quinn looks down at his bracers as if they will jog her memory. "I have been to Heritage Village before, though not dressed as you are so maybe I stood out?"

It's only then that she realizes that she's actually bled on the man. She stares at his hands for a few moments, as if trying to process this. It hasn't happened before. "I'm bleeding on you. I'm sorry."

"I'll certainly keep that in mind," Skylar says that to the threat, eyeing Quinn askance only briefly, before offering a small smile in return. It's not like he can blame a young woman for looking out for herself. "It's this way," he says, tilting his head towards the nearest parking area.

As they move, Sky answers the question which may or may not be serious, "Oh, I'm sure your worthy of expensive pickup lines. I'm just not used to picking up women after they've been set upon by a dog." Or, you know, at all. Sky shrugs his shoulders a bit, still smiling, before saying, "And as for the Heritage Village, well, all the visitors, or near enough, dress normally. It's only those of us that work there need to try and fit in with the times."

He falls silent for a moment, perhaps waiting for her to introduce herself. When she doesn't, he does not prod her, instead responding to her apology for bleeding on him. "It's alright. It's not like you killed me a hundred different ways with your bare hands." He glances at her from the corner of his eyes, the corners of his lips turning up briefly, but otherwise attempting to maintain a straight face.

The fact that he hasn't called her crazy and left her standing where she is doesn't go unnoticed. It's a trend that she's had happen in the past so she certainly wouldn't blame him. While she just doesn't understand why this is so, it's something that she's come to accept. All the same, she follows next to him as he leads the way. Walking behind him just simply wouldn't do.

Something that Skylar says actually causes her to grin. Quinn does have a sense of humor, even if it is a little off kilter. "I bet you can likely say that you've had a unique experience today, if nothing else." The moment passes, however, even if the faint traces of the smile remain. "Although, to answer my question for you, I'm really not worthy of pickup lines. If I even understood them I'd just turn and walk away anyway."

The fact that he works somewhere she used to almost frequent makes her continue to wonder. "Well, when I was there I did pick up a business card for some weapons related needs. I'm due for some soon and was planning on looking into it."

When he uses her own threat against her in a sort of joke, the smirk returns. Even if Quinn does her best not to call her attention to it. "My name is Quinn, by the way. Quinn Niveus." Apparently he's earned the right to her name by having a good sense of humor about things. "And if you'd really like me to attempt one of those hundred ways, just let me know. I might be willing to humor you in payment for you being so kind."

"Yes, unique would definately be one way of putting it," Skylar says in reply to Quinn. As if to make up for Quinn's lack, Sky apparently smiles alot - and is doing so now. Or, perhaps that is just his way. Indeed, he smiles a bit more when he seems to notice Quinn's own grin, though he makes no mention of it. "As for pickup lines, I wouldn't blame you. Have you heard some of the lines that people actually use these days? I heard one at Absinthe the other day… how did it go? Ah yes - If I said you had a nice body would you hold it against me?" He shakes his head, saying, "And that was from someone who I'm not even sure belonged in a bar. There used to be some etiquette in getting a girl's attention - or at least there was in my small town. Maybe it's different in Dallas. Or," he adds with a small wink, glancing down at his clothes, "I'm just plain old fashioned."

When she mentions the business card, Skylar raises his eyebrows a bit. "Is that so? Well, perhaps that's how. Though I haven't been giving my card out to too many people at the Village, but someone I gave it to could have passed it along, or perhaps I was just really tired. Anyhow, was the card for Sky Blades? That's my full time job."

When Quinn offers her name, finally, Sky smiles fully once more, moving as if to offer his hand before he seems to remember the blood on hers, which he's already gotten on him once. "Perhaps we'll shake when we've cleaned you up. Still, it's nice to meet you, Quinn. And, uh…" He trails off at the offer, though he doesn't lose his bemused expression. "I'm afraid I'll likely have to decline. I'm rather fragile when it comes to bare-handed ways to kill me." He chuckles, then says, this time in earnest, "Sides, you don't need to repay a kindness - that's the whole point of it."

"I can honestly say that I've never actually heard a pickup line, to my knowledge." She isn't far from the truth. It's been since early college that she's even had anyone interested in her, and that ended when he witnessed her staking another being. Her brows furrow at the line given to her, as if she doesn't understand it. So she walks in silence for a moment before it hits her. "Oh. I get it." Yes, she's a little slow about some things. "I have to wonder if such things honestly work? I might imagine someone laughing at the fact that it was used on them but I can't see it going anywhere." People are far too confusing.

"Small town man?" This seems to be some point of interest to Quinn. "I wouldn't know what that is like. What made you move to a city, then? Especially one as big as Dallas."

"I honestly have no idea what is on the card. I could look, but it's in my wallet, in my pocket." With her hands currently the way that they are, Quinn's not about to stick them in her pockets. "It might even have been a random customer trying to sell his own wares. But if you say that you're a seller" She'd much rather trust someone who 'saved' her than she would anyone else, at least at first. "I could use somewhere to go for all of my weapon buying needs." This is said as if she actually has a lot of weapons.

The fact that he doesn't immediately react to her last name is comforting to her. "Don't worry, Sky. I would only seriously try to kill you with my bare hands if I thought you were a threat to society. You're too small town for that." It is Quinn's attempt at a joke, yet again. She does look at him though and actually chuckles. "My, you really are small town, aren't you? You've clearly never lived in Chicago. It just wouldn't feel right to me if I didn't repay you somehow.

"Honestly? Having never tried anything like that myself, I wouldn't know. As for the fellow the other night… I think he may have gotten slapped. But I also saw him leave with another girl later on in the evening, so I guess there's just no accounting for taste." If Sky notices how long it took for Quinn to get the line, he doesn't say anything. He doesn't seem to think much of the line himself, for that matter.

"And yeah, you could say that. Two to three thousand people, related to at least half or so it seems. And those I wasn't related to, well, small town, there's no secrets. Which is also part of the answer as to why I stayed here after college - I got my associates degree at UTD. As for the rest, well." Sky trails off for a moment, though he quickly shakes off whatever meloncholy came to mind. "Let's just say it seemed like a good idea at the time."

Shrugging his shoulders, he points to his car when they arrive at the parking lot, and begins manuevering for it. "Well, you can check when we get your hands cleaned up. And if not, I can give you one of mine if you like." He does glance at Quinn a bit curiously at her termonology, asking, "You into the Ren Fair scene as well, then? Or just a collector, or?" He doesn't seem concerned about her weapon-collecting hobby, just curious. "But yeah, you're welcome to check out our website, or stop by the shop if you wish. I can even give you a tour. I'm something of a purist, so all our methods and techniques are strictly pre-tech. All our pieces are crafted by hand, and all designs are my own. And if there's something specific you're after, I enjoy creating new designs, though it might take a bit longer then something I've already drawn up."

"You're not gonna call me Smallville, now, are you? Cause despite the awesomeness of a Superman reference, Clark Kent I'm not." Sky grins at her, even as he reaches into his pocket, finding his keys, and presses the button on the keychain to turn off the alarm and unlock the car doors. And no, not a horse and buggy, but an actual car - a newer model actually, with automatic everything.

This actually causes the woman to fall to silence, as if trying to properly analyze the situation. "I have to put money on the power of alcohol in such situations. Granted, I'm not the person to be asking, but I bet that if you get anyone liquored up they would go home with just about anyone. Or so I've been told." Of course she drinks, but to say she ever drinks too much is inaccurate. It isn't safe and makes her night job even more difficult.

The description of his hometown causes her to shake her head slightly. "You should never grow accustomed to big city life. I've had a desire to be more small town, myself. Sometimes it just isn't in the cards for certain people. I hope Dallas doesn't ruin you."

With the topic back on weapons, the woman merely nods. "I would rather see what you can offer as opposed to someone else, since I now can at least claim to know, at least a little, the man behind the weapons. I'll look as soon as I can." Quinn makes a face when it comes to the question about Ren Fairs. "I'm not exactly the type to try and play dress up. Hey, if it works for people, let them have fun. I just doubt I'd be the right person for the crowd." The lack of a proper sense of humor could indicate just that. "I mostly collect, but not replicas. I don't like to just hang them on a wall and call it finished. If I can train with them, and they work well, that makes me happy." A question lingers about his wares, something about silver, but that question can wait. There will be time for such answers.

At first she has to stop and put the references together to figure out what he's talking about but then Quinn immediately shakes her head. "I've honestly always thought of Superman as kind of a dick, at least in the older says. And honestly, I like people to have flaws." She again stops when she picks up on the fact that he may not be completely serious. "But I like the name Smallville. I think it suits you." She follows right behind up, up to the car. He doesn't seem like such a bad person.

"I don't know that I've ever gotten -that- drunk before. Or at least not in public. I'm not usually big on losing self control, though. Unwinding, that's fine. But I'd hate to wake up somewhere one morning and have to put the pieces together all because of something I could have prevented." It's actually happened to Skylar before, but not from lack of drinking. And he definately is glad that his blackouts seem to be a thing of the past.

Sky smiles, perhaps a bit wistfully, at Quinn's words about the small town life. "Yeah, well, you and me both. Truthfully, I feel more alone now then when I did growing up, and there's… what, ten times as many people? Kinda ridiculous, when you think about it." He shrugs, then proceeds to open the front passenger door to his car, leaning inside and reaching under the seat. He pulls out a standard red plastic first aid kit, then turns back to Quinn. "Here, have a seat," he says, motioning to the open passenger door, as he moves to the side to open the kit. Once she's seated, he'll crouch down in front of her, placing the kit on the ground, and begin to rifle through it.

As he does all this, Sky then proceeds to comment on Quinn's take of Ren Fairs. "Well, how will you know for sure unless you try? There's one coming up soon. You should come. And you don't -have- to dress up. But if you do decide to be daring, give me a call. I've got some clothes that'll probably fit you. A… friend of mine used to make them, and I still have everything she left behind." As for the weapons - "Well, see, you'd really fit in with my crowd. Perhaps not the dressing up part, but that's where I developed my own skills - both in fighting, and eventually in smithing. And if that's the case, I'd recommend letting me design something suited to you, and your style, so that when you spar, nothing hinders you." It doesn't seem to occur to him that she would be using weapons for anything other then sport. "The best way to do that would actually be to see you fight for myself. Perhaps you would be up to sparring together some time?"

As Quinn makes the Smallville comment, Sky is pulling out some disenfectent wipes - and chuckling at the comment itself. First, he's cleaning off his own hands, then putting on a pair of disposable gloves. Given his profession and the fact that he's constantly injuring his own hands, it's a safe precaution - clearly, someone has at least a smidge of first aid training, if only -because- of his profession. "Well, a person without a flaw would be a statue. And even those have them if you look close enough." He smiles up at her, then holds breaks out a fresh disenfectant wipe. "Alright, this may hurt, but I'll be as gentle as possible. And he's true to his word - dabbing lightly, gently. He may be a smith and so used to using force, but he's also learned how to be subtle and careful as well.

At least they seem to have some common ground, which is something that Quinn isn't used to. If she's not careful, she might actually want to make a friend and that is just deadly in her position. Scarlett doesn't count, since she has other purposes. "It could become worse than that; you could never wake up at all. So many young people go out without thinking about the consequences. These days aren't as safe as the older days. Everyone has to look out for themselves, right?"

"The bigger the city, the better the chances of being alone. At least when you're in a smaller area there may be someone around who actually gives a damn." That's a hope of hers, anyway. Quinn just watches as Sky retrieves his kit and eventually she does as he tells her to. Not one accustomed to taking orders she has to force herself to remember that he's doing this to be kind and she needs to calm down. The fact that they're openly conversing as they are just throws her off.

The question posed about the Ren Fair just causes her to stare at him. "I can't even think of the last time I wore a dress, let alone something like that." Still, it would be an interesting experience and one that allows her to get to know the area slightly better. Besides, she may get to sample some good weapons. "I tell you what; if you can find me to tell me when the next fair is, I'll go. Dress and all." Most people don't expect to find others living in a warehouse so she's not so certain he will find her. Slowly a smile forms, a bigger one, this time at the mention of fighting. "I don't mind fighting. I obviously wouldn't try to hurt you. It's always good to stay in tune with your art and practice as you can. It's been a while since I've had a sparring partner." Again, if it means better weapons for her it seems like a win-win situation.

Still Quinn watches him, approving of the safety measures that he takes. Considering some of the injuries that she's had, she can appreciate it. When he applies the disinfectant she doesn't even blink. Instead she just stares at him, using it as a distraction. "You're surprisingly gentle for a smith." Yes, she has to state the obvious.

"Yeah, there's that," Sky says, frowning a bit at Quinn's line of thought with the alcohol. "Well, I try to keep things in moderation, myself, and if I see someone that looks real bad, well, it wouldn't be the first time I've stayed behind to make sure someone got in a cab on their way home safely." Cause that whole looking out for themselves thing? Apparently isn't quite the way Sky views things.

"And that's true enough - even though there are few secrets in a small town, it's because there are so many people who care." Again, his voice seems to mellow at this line of thought, but he quickly seems to get past it as he works to disenfect Quinn's hands, seeing just how badly the scrapes are. "I'm not exactly a doctor, but I think you'll heal pretty quickly. None of them look too deep. Still, I can bandage them for you to keep them clean, at least until you get home?" he offers.

Then the Ren Fair is brought up, and he actually seems to beam at her. "It's a deal - but since we're going to be sparring together, perhaps it won't be that hard to find you? We can perhaps arrange it all at once - you can stop by the shop, we can spar, I can show you around, and we can discuss your designs - plus, by then, I'll probably have the dates of the fair, and I can bring by some of the outfits that I have for you to try on." He does pause, briefly, at something she says, and shakes his head with a chuckle. "Do you know, you're the second person lately who I've tried to get to try out the Ren Fair, and the dressing up - and the second woman who seems to be a stranger to a dress. Not that there's anything wrong with it. I'll just have to make sure to get you something you can fight in, and that won't impede your movement much." He may seem -slightly- surprised by her lack of dress experience, but he doesn't seem put off by it, and certainly seems to read her preferances - or at least to believe he does. "And you're not the only one who hasn't had a sparring partner in awhile. I still fight at the Fairs and at my SCA gatherings, but usually have to practice by myself outside of them."

Lastly, Sky smiles once more at Quinn's last comment. "You'd be surprised how much careful precision and gentleness is required in smithing. There comes a point where you're guiding the steel rather then just pounding it."

He's a good boy, that Smallville. Great. Good people generally don't see eye to eye with her. "I find that even intoxicated people don't want me offering the help into a cab." This isn't meant to seek pity, but rather is a truthful statement about her general being. "I help out as I can, but it generally isn't so one on one. Besides, I loathe to think that anyone would know that I'm helping them." If only he knew her family, he'd understand. Then again, she can just say it's a Chicago thing. Or a family thing. Maybe he'll think she's a part of the mafia.

Stupid small town people, caring like that. All Quinn can do is nod at the notion, even if she's honestly quite unfamiliar with it. Once her hands are clean she looks down at the wounds as well, curious to see how they will impair her nightly activities. Thankfully nothing looks bad. "If you could? That would be great." A deep breath is taken as she once again finds herself in an unusual position. "Thank you, Sky."

Deep down she believes that he still won't find her to deliver anything personally, based on her current living situation. "That sounds like a deal." His pause brings her pause before she actually grins. "In this day and age it doesn't seem all that uncommon for woman to not like dresses. For me? They're not practical. For both fighting and teaching. If I wear something too girly then I run the risk of being accused of seducing my students." As if that would ever happen. The ideas are considered however before Quinn agrees. "If you can find an outfit that is a dress that I can still fight in? I'll wear it. Gladly, even." Mostly because she doesn't believe such a thing exists.

"Can I ask what style of fighting you prefer?" Yes, she has a preferred style. "And apparently I don't know enough about smithing. However, I do like to be corrected on things, so I stand corrected."

"Well, if you ever help someone out near me, I'll be sure to keep your secret safe," Skylar says with a small grin to Quinn. He nods as she acceeds to him bandaging her hands, and proceeds to do so, first one hand, then the other. He does his best to not restrict her hand movement too much, yet also make the bandages actually protect her cuts. At her gratitude, he pauses, looking up. The look he gives her is one that makes it seem like perhaps he can tell that she isn't used to saying 'thank you', or recieving help at all. So when he says, "You're very welcome, Quinn," there's an underlying meaning there - plus, a real big smile.

"Alright, so it's a deal then. I'll give you my card with my cell number on it. It also has the address to the shop on it. Anytime you want to stop by this week is fine with me, just give me a call an hour or two before so I'm ready for you." That way, like he said before, they can handle everything at once - and he also won't have to attempt to be all stalkerish and find where she lives. Which he probably couldn't do anyways, he's just not the type.

"Almost done," Sky says to himself, having finished up one hand and getting close to done with her other. "Can you move that hand ok?" he then asks Quinn, regarding the already bandaged hand. "As for style, well, weapon-wise, I favor the longsword. Well, bastard sword really, but I've trained with - and made - all types. As for particular style, well, mine is probably a bastardized version of alot of different styles. Kind of the same with my methods of forging. Certainly the Liechtenauer styles are a definate influence with my fighting, as are the various methods that have digressed from that."

He seems to get her, so she'll let it go. Especially since he's basically said that he understands her thanks and that is great. Perhaps she'll keep talking to him if only to associate with someone who doesn't think she's completely heartless. Then again, he very well might but he's doing well at not showing concern over it.

Even stalkerish, he might not believe what he finds out. He might not believe it if she flat out tells him. "I can do that. Just let me know what hours you actually operate in. I tend to either be too late or too early, depending on the day." Or if she gets sleep after a night out. "I'm not one to just drop in at a location unless I have a good reason to." Or unless it's to bother Scarlett, which she really needs to remember to do soon.

When prompted about the hand, she moves and flexes it before nodding in approval. "It seems good to me." She's not a medical doctor, either, but it's what she would expect to have. So Quinn waits patiently while the other one is completed. "Respectable, to be sure. I prefer smaller blades, myself. Something akin to sais, that can be duel wielded." The other hand is flexed then. "And I've been trained in depth in Jeet Kun Do." Just to let him know what to expect for when they spar.

She then turns to look at the horizon, viewing the position of the sun. "I should, however, be on my way soon. I sadly have other obligations this evening."

"I usually stay later then my employees, so anytime after four is usually good, or early morning if you prefer. So long as you give me a little bit of a heads up on my cell, though, it'll be fine." Sky smiles a bit, then finishes up on the second hand. "Jeet Kun Do? That's Bruce Lee's style, isn't it? Well, then our next meeting promises to be just as interesting as our first," he says, grinning in response as he stands, removing the gloves and throwing them into a disposable baggie along with the other trash from the first aid treatment. He then nods in response to Quinn's words about needing to leave. "Fair enough. Well, it really was nice to meet you, Quinn, and I look forward to seeing you again."

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