Stalking Sword Makery

Dallas Heritage Village

Dallas Heritage Village is a living museum boasting thirty-eight buildings. The entrance road, Main Street, leads into the Village proper; left behind are the electric lights of the park and upon entering the world of the mid to late 1800s, gaslights line the street.

Along the causeway, the small town takes form. The Blum Brothers' General Store and the Main Street Saloon sit side by side, their sides in clapboard. Along the side roads and alleyways, the various other services such as the post, the physician's office, schoolhouse and the church can be found. Further in and up against the edges of the village are the two story, pre-Civil War residences of the solid, upstanding citizens of the day including the Millers and the Sullivans.

Though the Heritage Village is open to the public most days, Skylar himself is only a part-time employee. The Blacksmith Lessons are usually reserved for scheduled groups, or the weekend. So, the blacksmith should have no reason to be here - and anyone asking around for him would be told that.

But when you also have the day off from your real job too, what do you do? For Skylar… well, he went to his shop anyways for awhile, until his employees got sick of him hovering. And far be it from him to want to steal the work he pays them for. So instead? He heads to his other job, or at least until -they- get sick of him hovering. Actually, he seems the part of tourist right now, having not come here to tour in a very long time. He's got a bag of dried apples in hand, wearing casual street clothes, just wandering around.

Taking the night shift while Will is away has given Chloe a lot of time to do a bit of research. Looking up the name 'Skylar Murphy' has allowed her to find out about certain things. Such as the online shop (with swords, no less), and the fact that he sometimes works at the Heritage Village.

With this in mind, Chloe figured her best bet to get extra information is to talk to people that he works with. Hence her wandering around the Heritage Village in jeans, a tshirt, a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses. Looking like a typical tourist.

Avoiding the 'groups', she's sort of stuck to the sidelines, visiting a few places, asking some quiet questions. When she finally approaches the blacksmith area she holds back, mind scanning the crowd to see what she can pick up before moving to the front and just asking for the man.

The info that Chloe likely finds out, at least verbally, is that Skylar isn't here today, as the Blacksmith Shop is opened Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays typically, unless there is a group tour that specifically requests a demonstration from the local smith. Anyone she talks to is also happy to leave a message, or point her in the direction of his shop, Sky Blades, which though mainly operating online, does have a small visiting area for the local customers.

As for the mind-reading info Chloe gains, it'll likely be a mixture of curiousity of why she's asking, suspicions that she's sleeping with Sky or is his ex wife or baby mama, and also some general thoughts of Sky in general - he's regarded as a genuinely nice, small town guy, old fashioned but definately well meaning. Anyone who has seen his demonstrations also thinks he has a knack for making things simple and for getting the kids involved, as well.

Meanwhile, Sky, on his way back from the general store, decides to stop by the Farm. It's an area of the Village he knows well since that is where the Blacksmith Shop is located, but he's never actually taken a tour. And it's there that he spots a familiar profile - one that haunts his nightmares and his most secret fantasies. For a moment, he freezes, looking at the sunglassed figure with red hair captured in a pony tail under the baseball cap, that stunning figure - and he pales. "Chris," he says to himself, too softly to be heard by anyone. But then he shakes his head. No, it can't be. If she is actually a vampire, how could she be in the sun? But what if he had been wrong… He moves, as if in a dream, approaching the figure. And, again, he may take Chloe by surprise, at least until she figures out there's someone approaching her that she can't sense.

Typical thoughts then, and Chloe brushes them all off. No point in dwelling on the gossipy minds of people she's not liable to meet again — the Heritage Village is far from a place she frequents on a regular basis.

Now, she's edging up on freaky-stalker territory here, but she's just got to ask him some questions about that brain of his. Only because it would better help her understand her own abilities, right? Well maybe. At least she's got an excuse for tracking him down.

There is a bit of surprise as the mind registers — the block, the mind she can't break into. At least she got enough of a glimpse of it at the library that she can sense his present rather than winding up with a book on her head. Yet, Chloe? She doesn't move. Waiting to see if he's planning on attacking her, or screaming at her for tracking him down.

Skylar? Has an interesting look on his face. It's a mixture of indecisiveness, anger, and… longing, perhaps? As he nears her, he calls her by name - just not her name. "Chris, what…?" Then he trails off. This close up, he can tell something is different. Then he spots the bruise on his face, and he seems to regain some color and sort of sag in relief. "Oh, the librarian… Chloe, right? Uh, sorry about that, for a moment, I could have sworn you were someone else." Obviously. "Um… how have you been?" Lame question, sure, but the guy is still obviously getting his bearing after a near scare.

"Chris? Who's Chris?" It's not an unusual question, after being called by another woman's name. When she's recognized though, Chloe gives off a large sigh. "I've been fine, thank you." At least he's not yelling at her or accusing her of stalking him. It's just a simple run-in at the Heritage Village so far as anyone is concerned, right?

While trying to pry gently into his thoughts, she continues the conversation. "So, you build swords, right? I saw your website." Beat. "What type of old styles do you use? Are you able to build something comparative to weaponry from the twelfth century?"

"Um, just someone who… I didn't expect to see here. Hence my obvious surprise when I thought you were her." That's about all Sky says on -that- matter, quickly changing the subject. And obviously not seeming to suspect anything untoward in Chloe appearing at the Heritage Village. "Oh, you did, huh? Do you investigate everyone who throws a book at you?" The question is asked in a tone of levity, obviously not being serious. "And pretty much all styles - though as I mentioned, most of what I've learned are western styles. I've had plenty of instructors and reading material, but few enough on the more eastern styles. I've been wanting to go to Japan one of these days for a few months to study under a master there, but it's just never been the right time. But yes, twelfth century? What culture did you have in mind, and what type of weapon? I'll warn you now, though, that I don't copy. I'll be more then happy to take inspiration from previous designs and limit myself to a certain time period and cultural setting, but each piece I make is my own."

There is a little more prying at that. To try and see if she can figure out who this 'someone' is. It's not that she's really trying to be intrusive, more that she's trying to figure out why he's showing up as a mix between a hard-to-read human, and a vampiric void.

"Generally, yeah," Chloe says, completely seriously. No levity here. She's been warned about people being 'fans' and that they could be dangerous to her due to her affiliations. "Japanese isn't what I'm looking for. Possibly French? Reminiscent of the Templar blades? With the appropriate weight and balance and all that, I guess. I mean, something that's not a show piece." She's obviously not got a clue as to the right weights or stylings, just what she's looking for.

Chloe will quickly learn that when it comes to Skylar's brain, she was probably lucky to get the single word the last time with gentle prying. It's going to take some extra pressure and persistence to force her way into Sky's mind. As she does this, however, she will begin to get what she did last time. The whispered whisper of a whisper, at the edge of hearing - much like the memory of a dream, she knows it is there, but can't quite grasp it. Almost there.

Oh, fair enough," Skylar says, perhaps a bit taken aback when he realizes she -did- google him on the web, rather then just stumbling upon his site - but he seems to take that in stride. Fair's fair, and all that. "And Templar, hmm? I think I know what you mean. There are definately a variety of styles I could utilize for that - French and Italian would certainly be chief among those, perhaps some English, and I can research my notes about Crusade weaponry as well. Serviceable? Something used in spars and such, rather sitting on a wall? Excellent, those are certainly more fun to make then show pieces."

Sky's eyes seem to light up with anticipation as he finishes that line of thought, smiling to Chloe. "I'm assuming this is for a gift, then? Not trying to imply anything, you just don't seem the type - or, if you are, you're newer at it, I'm gathering. The reason I ask is it helps if I know a little bit about who the blade is for - I may not be into all the new age stuff, but I definately hold to the belief that a sword made with it's wielder in mind is alot more worthy of that hand. I don't necessarily need a full psychological profile, mind, or to meet him or her - especially if you want this to be a surprise. But it would help if I know aproximate height, weight, built, preferred fighting style if you know it, preferred fighting hand - right, left, double handed, or some mixture. I can make it without that, but it won't be as good."

As Sky finishes talking, despite having said alot, he seems to be about to say more, but pauses, wincing. "Ah, sorry, darn headache." He pauses, seeming to gauge it. "Do you mind if we head over to the blacksmith shop as we talk? It's closed, but I keep a first aid kit there, and I could really use some aspirin."

Nothing. She's getting nothing. She's getting whispers, which when she was on the medications? Okay, she liked them. Now that she wants to know? It's bothersome. It's annoying. And she's really got no one to talk to about it.

"I can get you some pictures, if you'd like? I've seen one that I really like, and I'd like it to be somewhat similar. So if pictures can help? I'll bring you some pictures." She doesn't mention that it's an authentic weapon, and that it's for a gift. "But definitely serviceable. So the weight and such needs to be perfect. I'm purchasing it for a friend, and I honestly know probably as much about blades as the average person knows about the Dewey Decimal system."

There is a beat or two while she considers what to say. "Five-eleven, between one-forty and one-fifty pounds, exceedingly well built muscularly…" Grinning, she adds, "Definitely a crusader then. Pretty sure he can fight with either hand, though there's a preference for the… right?" Chloe has never seen Will with his sword in hand, so that's really just a guess.

A hand automatically reaches for her purse, and she curses lightly. Seems she didn't bring her purse with her since she was on an espionage mission. "Sure, I don't mind. Do you build them here, or at the shop?"

"Sure, pictures will absolutely help - just keep in mind that I don't mind making it similiar, but it will still be -my- creation. It'll be something unique, and custom - which, if this friend is the kind of person I usually cater to, he will appreciate." Sky nods, leading the way towards the blacksmith shop, which they were already fairly close too. It's locked up at the moment, but Sky has the keys, and it's a short moment before they're inside the dark shop. Sky cracks open a shutter and leaves the door open, but there's only daylight so see by as he rummages through a cabinet.

"And no, to answer your question, I have my own facilities at the shop. This forge here is good for making horse shoes and the like, and with the proper materials I could likely forge a decent blade. But for my business? I keep alot of high end materials on hand that need to be kept safe, not to mention that I prefer to craft my own steel when I can." He pauses, having apparently found the aspirin, and unscrews the cap - and then pauses. "Huh, that's weird. Maybe being in the dark helped. Well, better safe then sorry, since we're going back outside."

Sky grins in the dim light, downs the pills, and swallows them - dry, since he doesn't have any clean liquid on hand. "Alright, let's go back outside, shall we? Not really supposed to be in here on my off day. But that'll be our secret." He winks to her, leading the way out and locking up. "Speaking of steel, by the way, since you're looking for the best weight, balance, and serviceability, how would you feel about Damascus Steel? Otherwise known as Spanish Steel. It fits your time period, and though it's a middle eastern steel alloy, it would fit the crusade culture - and I can still use the western european styles to balance it out. It would be more expensive, but there's few finer grades of sword steel." He pauses, admitting, "Mind you, it wouldn't necessarily be the exact same process they used back in that time period, as the original technique was lost in the eighteenth century. But I have a process that is nearly as similiar."

"Do you often get headaches," she queries, with a concerned sort of look. Chances are this one was caused by her prying, but she doesn't know that for a fact. Could be he's just prone to them. Chloe takes a look through the dim shop, and stops to look at a few items while he gets himself the aspirin. "Pictures, I can email them to you via your site if you'd like? I probably won't be able to get them until around midnight or so." Which will be when she heads over to the estate — enough time to ensure that the new Whip is nowhere to be found.

"Damascus steel? I have no idea what that is, to be honest. I'll have to take your word for it. But how much more expensive are we talking?" After all, she's a librarian with only a few assets… and while she's cared for the money that she obtained from saving the Sheriff well, she's loathe to part with too much of it. She has plans for that money.

"Why don't you find a vampire from that period and see if they know anything about smithing? I'm sure they'd be glad to share those secrets with you if they have them." Likely for a price, but still…

"No more then most, usually. Had a bad streak of them a few years back, but the doctors said it was stress related. But, not alot of stress these days, so healthy as an ox. Nothing to be concerned about." Skylar smiles at Chloe. Then, at her query of pricing, he pauses thoughtfully. "Honestly, it might be out of your range. It would probably double the cost of it. It's not an easy process - and honestly, I've never been entirely satisfied with it. You ever get that feeling like you're so close to something, but you might as well be a million miles away from something? Frustrating, to say the least."

At her suggestion about finding a vampire, Skylar shakes his head, letting out a chuckle. "Well, for one, I don't know that many vampires. For another, the chances of finding a vampire who knows the secret of Damascus Steel… let's just say that people in my circles would give body parts and all their wordly possessions for it. Besides which? It's suspected that the reason the secret was lost was that the natural source of metal used to create it was depleted, and that the particular ore contained specific compositions unseen in any other part of the world. So if that's true, I'd need a vampire with the knowledge -and- a cache of the ore - and I'm simply not that lucky."

Shaking his head, looking a bit wistful now, Skylar says, "But yes, feel free to email me on my website. In the meantime, I'll begin working up a couple of designs - better get started on it soon, since someone else is looking for a custom order. I can multi-task, but I don't want to rush either of the designs, so getting ahead of the game will help. I can email you the designs once I've done them up, or we can meet if you'd like to go over them in person, pick out the materials and such at my shop? Oh, and is there a particular theme you want to go with, or just Templar?"

"I know how the headaches go. I used to get them really bad a few years ago." Read: fall down on the floor crying due to the voices in her head. "Well, I'll tell you what. Make me one using as close a process as you can to the twelfth century crusade swords, and if he really likes it, we'll put in another order." Chances are that Will is going to use his original sword, but it never hurts to have a second or even a third on hand. "Oh, I get that feeling all the time." Especially with his mind. "It's very frustrating."

Chewing on her lower lip, she nods. "What if I told you, I could likely find someone that at least knows the process?" Granted she doesn't know anyone that does, but she can ask around. "I mean, it may take a while but I'm sure not every vampire in the world was once a lord or lady, much as they want to say they were, y'know? There had to be some service people that were turned as well." Such a strange conversation to be having, but not uncommon since vampires came out of the coffin.

"Great. I can get you the images tonight, and you'll see what I mean. I'll even try to steal a snap of the armor too, so you can get a general feel for the design?" She'd snag a picture of the King too, but best not to be doing that when he's all unawares. "I can come by the shop, or you can email. Whichever is honestly easier for you."

"If you somehow managed to get me the true, lost technique to Damascus Steel?" Skylar asks, eyes widen, facial expression akin to a Jesus fanatic who was just offered a genuine piece of the True Cross. "Then… I would create you the finest sword in this day and age, or perhaps any, using that technique, free of charge - assuming I could use it without needing an extinct ore type. And even if not, I would still create the best sword I could, for free. Balance, beauty, I'd spare no expense." Yeah, it's THAT important to him.

"And alright, crusade sword it is. And yes, the more images I have, the better. I can get a feel for the theme he's going for, and design an overall look that compliments it." Sky pauses, then, considering, before saying, "Well, either would work for me, but if you're able to see the materials that I'll be using as well as the designs, it'll give you a better feel so you'll know what I'm making."

Heheh theme.

Much less a theme than who he is, but Chloe just nods. No point in telling Skylar that she's having the blade made for a vampire just yet. "Perfect then. I'll email you the pictures, and… maybe I can find out what that blade is made with as well to give you an idea? I don't really know this type of thing. Guess I'll need to start reading up on sword makery or something." Grinning sheepishly, she clears her throat. "But if you email me the concepts afterward, we can set up a time that's good for you to have me drop by?"

With a chuckle, she nods. "Well I can't make any promises, but I'll talk to a few people and see what I can find out. I'm sure if there's a smithy vampire out there, he'll want to try his… or I guess her… hand at smithing again too, so maybe you could help him or her out."
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Sword makery. Facepalms. Not literally, but there's definately a slight grimace, before Skylar grins, chuckling to himself. "Uh, yeah, that'll be fine. And yes, if there's a specific steel it's made from, and that's what you desire, I can work with that." Assuming, of course, that it's not Damascus steel.

And speaking of, Sky grins again as he says, "Well, I won't hold my breath. You'd think such a person, vampire, whatever, would have resurfaced if that were the case. But if you manage to bring me a miracle, well." Yeah, he might just be willing to get over his natural distrust of vampires for that. "So, I'll look forward to getting that email tonight, and I'll contact you once I've got the designs together. Anything else?"

Chloe has much trivia and knowledge. Learning how to make swords is not a part of that knowledge, though she could likely speculate at the various parts of the weapon without much trouble. "I'll see what I can find out. Chances are, it won't be much since he's actually not in the city right now, but I'll do my best."

There's a shrug at that. "Well there's also a very good chance that they're opposed to the Great Revelation too. I mean if your entire life was living in the darkness at a forge, creating weaponry for yourself and friends, I can't imagine coming out and saying that you can create a sword that can slice through any modern convenience is likely to be a good thing."

There looks as though there's going to be something else she wants to say. Almost. But instead, Chloe presses her lips together and shakes her head. "If I think of anything, I'll definitely let you know in the email."

Skylar nods, taking in Chloe's comments - especially the ones regarding vampires - silently, without much physical que as to his inner thoughts. Which is probably frustrating for a telepath. "Alright, fair enough," he finally says, smiling. "Well, I should be going, before someone tries to rope me into work." Not that he'd complain. "Have a good day, Chloe."

"You too," Chloe says, still frustrated and curious as ever now as to why his mind is unreadable. Chances are when she leaves here? She's headed to one of the 'occult' stores in the city to see if she can't figure out that information. Tipping her head and offering a friendly wave, she smiles, then lets herself disappear into the crowd so that she can make her way out of the Village and get on with her day.

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