Hiding From Hams

Tick. Tick. Tick. The clock is passing by, and there is barely any movement associated with the apartment. Hyde is sitting at a table. Before him, is the hamster cage. And he is staring at the furry critters, with his head resting on the table top and his dark eyes narrowed in contemplation.

This is what Hyde has been reduced to. God, he is pathetic.

Scarlett has been watching from the doorway for a while. Quiet as can be. Just to see what on god's green earth he's doing with Helen's hamsters. When it appears all he's going to do is watch them and bang his head against the table, she moves into the room. "You could be working on the renovations, you know. You don't have to stare at the hamsters all night.

"But they have such tiny noses…" Beat. "They were making nose. Driving me fucking insane. On that stupid wheel of theirs. But now they're…I don't know. What the fuck are they doing?" They seem to be just sitting there, occasionally grooming themselves. Slowly, Hyde lifts his head up at turns to peer at Scarlett. "Why? Want me out of here already?" He drawls.

"They do have tiny noses. They're… rodents." Scarlett's voice is filled with a teeny bit of disgust. Just a teeny bit. She has a thing for rodents. As in, they don't belong in her house. "They're Helen's. Were they making that much noise? Were they down here?" Scarlett does a quick check in the cage to make sure all three are where they're supposed to be. "Hm? No. I like having you around."

Hyde quirks his head over to her when he catches that note of disgust. "What. Don't you like pets?" It seems that all Hyde needs is to know that Scarlett doesn't like them for him to fall in love with the critters. Just to be difficult to her. Indeed, he ends up sticking a finger through the cage. "Yeah. Down here. And if that were the case, you wouldn't be pushing me to finish the Renovations and kicking me out."

"Your house is bigger and doesn't have siblings in it," Scarlett points out. "Your bed is more comfortable too." Not pushing the renovations so much as wanting some semblance of privacy. "I like pets. I was thinking of getting a cat. Beautiful girl down at the shelter. All cinnamon colored and…" The rodents were IN HER LIVING ROOM. Scarlett double checks to make sure they're all there. Triple checks even. "Augh! They were supposed to stay in her room. They're all there, right? There's three of them in there? There's not one loose?" Immediately, she's leaping up onto the chair beside him trying to avoid a scurrying rodent that may be on the ground.

Hyde skips a beat. And then slowly…deliberately, his lips split into a smile. An evil smile. And then he is reaching to the cage, undoing the door so that he can reach out and grab one of the critters, before closing the door back up. With a shaking hamster in his hands, he cradles it against him. "C'mon. They're cute little fucks, aren't they? Here." And he holds it out to her, with every intention of terrorizing her.

What a good boyfriend he is. "A cat? Imperial, snobby things." Much like Hyde himself. He approves.

"YEEEEEK!" Scarlett leaps backward, forgetting that she was on the chair. It topples back, but she catches herself before she can hit the floor. By 'catching' herself, what she's really doing is utilizing the air in the kitchen to keep her body afloat. Maybe he won't notice? Maybe he'll figure he's seeing things? She doesn't dare touch the ground though, in case the scary little rodent gets free.

"A cat. I was going to name her Circe."

Hyde's mischevious smirk disappears, slowly, as he catches sight of what Scarlett is doing. After all, that's just…not normal. Without thought, he retracts his hand with the rodent, eyes narrowing thoughtfully. "I almost forgot…" He murmurs, low in volume. "That you're a witch. And you can do things like that." That's all he says. That's all he has to say.

She was trying to keep this part from him, really she was. It's a secret that even Ivan doesn't know about. When he retracts the hand, she lets herself fall to the floor. Then she picks up the chair and turns it around so she can sit on it backward. Leaning against the chair back, she smiles. "Yeah, I am. Thanks for not freaking out," Scarlett says with a laugh. "So what are we going to do with the two of us, huh? A witch and a werewolf?"

"What else can you do, with that?" It's idle, and casual, because only curiosity is fueling Hyde's inquiry. But then, he blinks at her. The hamster is replaced into the cage, freeing himself up. "Why would I freak out about that? And…is that a problem? That I'm a werewolf and you're a witch?" Beat. "S'there like…history there or somethin'? I'm still kind of…new to all this shit."

"I can make it rain, I can use the wind to close doors and topple things over, and I can control fire," Scarlett says, honestly. She reaches for his hand, just to be close to him, even if it was just touching a yicky rodent. "I can also work with some protection magic. You know, stuff that helps with strength, adrenaline, healing, keeping vampires away, that sort of stuff. That takes more work though, but I put it into my jewelry." So now he knows. "So far as I know there's no history… and it's not a problem for me at all. I like you. And you know what, Hyde? I'm not the nicest person three nights out of the month either."

Hyde's eyes flicker down to the hand that has miraculously appeared in his, and though he doesn't really grip hers, he doesn't pull away from her touch. "Then we don't have to do a damn thing about it. Except each other. Protection magic, though? How's that work. Like…a forcefield around the person or something?" He's just trying to make sense of this crazy world.

"It depends on the spell. I can do something like that, but it would take longer than say, just generally keeping people out of dangerous situations, or making a vampire repellant or a werewolf repellant." Yes, she's made those in the past for someone. "The thing I gave you to wear when you were sick, was supposed to help with the healing process." Scarlett looks down at the table, then over to the hamsters. "If I got a cat, she'd eat them."

"How can you keep me out of dangerous situations? That's…are you that powerful?" Hyde is awed. If only a little. But then, realizing that he is pretty much gaping, the man looks away, his lips pressed together thinly. Then, her hand is tugged on, an attempt to get her closer. "That's…that's fairly incredible. Can all witches do that? I…how many are there? And…why do witches have things for cats?"

"I don't have a thing for cats! I… just liked this cat. Kitten. She was cute." Scarlett isn't really a big animal person. But then Ivan got that stupid adorable cat and it made her want one. "Well I don't know about you. You seem to attract danger." Then again, that's part of what she likes about him — his badassness. "Not every witch can do it, we sort of each focus I guess. I mean, the potential is there to do anything but it's easier to take a few things you do well and do them well rather than broaden everything out and handle them all poorly."

Hopefully, Scarlett wont try for a wedding now that Ivan's getting one, based on that logic. Because Hyde's done a lot of self-work to be with her but…nope. He'd disappear. "Okay," he speaks in regards to the kitten. Then, once again, nodding about the points on magic. Slowly, he lets out a sigh. "This shit is all so complicated. Life was better without vampires and werewolves and witches, oh my!"

"Would you rather go back to the easier life?" Scarlett's hand starts to shift from his as she asks that, giving him a really odd look. "I mean, would you rather you never found out about any of it?" She likely should have kept it from him, but that's hardly fair when you're trying to build the foundation for a relationship, right? Truth is always the better way to go.

There is danger there. Danger of Scarlett retracting her hand and pulling away from Hyde. So he reacts the only way he knows how - by squeezing her hand and clamping on tight. To physically make it impossible for her to retreat. "I…don't know. In the long run, it's better that I know, I suppose. But the truth is a heavy burden to carry, and ignorance so blissful. It kind of sucks a little. That I can't sleep at night with the same kind of ease. You know?" He speaks to her candidly - honestly.

Her hand is trapped, and Scarlett seems to let out a sigh of relief. "I guess it's different for me. I grew up knowing about witches. It runs in the family. Then the vampires came out, and that was something to worry about. Werewolves are still new to me," she admits. "But I sleep better with you around." That's as mushy as she's going to get on it.

Hyde nods once. "It is different. Completely different. This was your world. You knew things were hidden from the general populace. The vampire and werewolf scare wouldn't have hit you the same way it hit me. It's like…all of a sudden, fairy tales are real. And navigating through this new world…it's more dark and dangerous than ever before." Beat. "Heh. Why? Because you think I'll protect you, is that it?"

"No, because you usually tire me out so that I can't do anything but sleep," she replies, trying to lighten the conversation just a little. "But… maybe a bit of the other too." That, and he's a cuddler, which just helps Scarlett sleep all the more. "It is different though, you're right. I'm sorry it's all being dumped on you so quickly. So maybe I'll just get the whole shebang out there for you. There's telepaths too. People who can read your thoughts."

Scarlett earns a lip-twitch for her joke. Clearly, Hyde appreciates it. "I don't know if I can protect you…I can't control fire with my mind like you can…" he drawls out, licking his lips. "But…I'll do the best that I can. You can rest easy knowing that." If he knew she was thinking about his cuddling habits, he'd have to do something violent to offset his surprisingly soft unconscious self. But then, the man freezes. "…Telepaths? Are you - you fucking serious?" Beat. "Nothing surprises me anymore. What else do you have? Zombies? Aliens? Merpeople?"

"Christ, I hope not. That's everything I know about, but that doesn't mean that's everything out there." Scarlett is being absolutely honest. If the Frankenstein monster started lumbering around tomorrow, she'd be surprised but she'd get over it. Probably. "I will rest easy knowing that. Besides, you've got claws now… and coupled with your fighting abilities, you'll make a wicked protector. I've got faith in you, Hyde Blakeley."

"Ah. I see," Hyde looks faintly amused. "So that's why you dragged me here, and put up with all my insults. You saw me at the bar that day, with the bloody eye, and you knew instinctively that I'd make a good body-guard. I understand now." He's teasing, obviously. "How conniving of you, Scarlett Fontane. And now, pumping me up with that 'faith' crap. I see what you're doing there."

"That's it exactly," Scarlett says, without missing a beat. "I mean, you saw how well I could take care of myself. What with the cast and all." Giving his hand a squeeze, she slips off of the chair and moves toward his — even if the icky rodents are right there. "I can show you how much faith I have in you before we order dinner…"

Hyde's eyes are shining as he watches Scarlett approach, and he leans back in his chair, making room for her instinctively. But then, he casts his gaze away almost demurely. "Why…why do you have such faith in me?" It's a legitimate question… especially with how franks he's going to be with the following. "I could break your heart."

"Because I see something in you, Hyde Blakeley, and I trust my instincts." Even if they've lead her astray in the past. Scarlett seats herself atop his lap, hoping and praying that the hamsters don't get free. "Besides, my heart isn't easily broken." Probably a lie, but she's been able to keep it safe so far. She's good at hiding her hurt.

It's slow. But openly affectionate, the way Hyde allows the tip of his nose to trail against the smooth skin of her cheek. And then, soon afterwards, he's planting a soft, butterfly kiss against her flesh. "You're lying," he grunts then, low in volume. "Your heart breaks just as easily as the rest of us, Scarlett Fontane. You're more fragile than you let on." He's certainly handling her like she's something fragile - with care.

Scarlett gulps once, not at all used to him being this gentle or this affectionate with her. It's throwing her off her game. Which means that he's likely going to toss the hamster at her soon. "Maybe I am," she says, quietly as she thinks about it. "But I'm really good at hiding hurt and disappointment. I'll live." What's not said though is 'don't do it'. It's there, it's underlying, but it's never outright said.

Hyde pulls away, just enough so that he can eye the woman on his lap critically, taking in ever inflection, every nuance of her expression. Once he's finished drinking in that particular sight, he lets out a soft sigh then. "You shouldn't have been hurt before. Silly girl." Whether Hyde has accepted or understood the unsaid message, it is unclear. But in the end, reputation be damned - he's fine with just kind of holding her, his hands moving against her thigh softly. Kind of nuzzling her into him.

"What's life without a little pain," Scarlett asks, smiling down at him for his affection. There's a lot left unspoken between them as she kisses his brown and then rests her forehead against his. "It just prepares us for the good things that come along unexpectedly." Had anyone asked her that night at the bar that she tried to take care of his eye if they'd be together now? She would have said no.

Hyde rests his forehead against hers, just kind of staring at the woman as he silently slugs through whatever mental swamp he finds himself lost in. But, after a moment…he finds he must kill the silence. "…I forgot what we were talking about before." He admits, with one brow quirked to display amusement. "You do that to me sometimes."

The thought that she has that sort of power over anyone let alone Hyde? It makes her smile. Scarlett reaches down for both his hands, to catch them in her own. "You do that to me too. Guess that means something, hmm?"

Hyde just blinks, allowing his hands to be collected by Scarlett without protest. And he looks down to where their fingers conjoin with some wonder in his features. "What does it mean, then?" He inquires, since she brought the topic of conversation up in the first place.

Scarlett is not going to say it. She's not. She just moistens her lips, running her tongue over them gently, then whispers, "I don't know… that we're both really distracting people?" She gulps again, but doesn't make any physically aggressive move against him just yet.

Hyde is definitely not going to say it. There are many things that will remain unsaid, apparently. "I…" he breaths out, his breath ghosting against her lips. "think that wasn't what you were going to say…not what you meant…" What he thinks she did mean? The world will never know, because it's at that moment that Hyde snaps beneath the weight of the tension. It is then that he dips forward, sliding his lips against hers in an attempt to seal the topic of conversation away…if only for the moment.

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