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Sakura Sushi House

Decorated in dark reds and blacks, the Sakura Sushi House wraps patrons up in a warm, glamorous Asian atmosphere. Along both walls are black bench-tables, sparsely decorated with small red flowers in black vases, and tea light candles. In the center are smaller tables designed for two, to create a romantic setting.
The food that is offered at the Sakura is quite different from any other Asian restaurant. It offers a fusion of Japanese foods such as sushi and teriyaki and Szechuan dishes such as twice cooked pork.

Abbey is a little late, well there's a surprise. After finding a place to park her mustang she is just walking into the resturant glancing around slightly as she pauses at the entrance. Clothing at the moment is a white blouse like shirt, it has sleeves that go to below her elbows covering up the tattoos and scars to some degree, dark blue jeans and a pair of new white sneakers. She's slightly nervous for some reason, not like she often goes out on dinner type dates with people, or well in this case a guy at the moment. Her car keys are placed into her pocket while she pushes a few curls behind a ear while waiting for the server to wander her way back to the front so she can ask if Mischa might be there. So far she hasn't spotted him just yet.

Surprisingly Mischa too is running late. He enters in just as Abbey is being asked to a table by one of the hostesses, and reaches out to touch the mechanic on the elbow lightly. "Table for two, non-smoking!" He tells the hostess before she starts to lead them off toward a small table in a corner. "Hey Abbey. I'm glad you could make it. Sorry for my delay, I had to talk to a few real estate agents this afternoon. It overlapped into our plans… as you can tell." Luckily he seems to have caught her in the nick of time. As they're seated, Mischa orders himself an iced tea. The librarian wears a pair of khakis, a white button-down shirt, and brown loafers. Nothing too formal and nothing too casual.

Abbey blinks and glances over to Mischa and chuckles softly while offering a smile. "Hey.." She pauses as he goes about asking for a table for two, non-smoking, works for her she doesn't tend to smoke inside. "Don't worry about it Mischa, I was running a bit late myself as you can see." This said after she sits down, ordering a soda once the hostesses turns to her. She lets her arms fold loosely upon the table. "I thought you was a librarian?" This questioned after a moment seeing how he just talked about real estate agents.

"Oh, I am!" Mischa says with a grin at Abbey. "It's just that I've been looking into buying a house." He leans into the chair a little bit and looks more relaxed than when he bustled in. "I'm trying to whittle down the prices a bit. They really want quite a bit with anything that has a backyard, and there's no way I'm going to pay one hundred forty-four thousand for a two bedroom with a basement…" Mischa shakes his head a little bit as he glances around the restaurant before blushing a bit. "Sorry, I'm rambling. How was your day?"

Abbey ahs softly and nods with a smile. "I bet that is a interesting thing to be dealing with." Though she's the one use to living at the garage so the talk of a house would be. "Anything with a yard people try to rake the price up in a city like this." A slight shake of her head is offered. "That's alright, ramble on." It really doesn't bother her. A soft oh escapes her. "I can't complain, worked in the morning. Took Dakota over to the park and let him run around like the crazy dog he is." Her day wasn't really that exciting.

Mischa lets out a very quiet laugh. "Not really interesting. More like… frustrating. But necessary. My apartment is very cramped much anymore. I'd like to have something to really call my own, too." He picks up a menu and starts to browse it before nodding over to Abbey. "I bet that he liked that. Poor thing probably had a hey day in the ponds… terrorizing the birds…" He says, scanning the menu once more. It's very rare that he'll actually eat someone else's cooking, so offering to go out to dinner was a pretty big leap for him.

Abbey chuckles softly and shrugs. "Not like I can say much.. I live at the garage. Thought about finding an apartment but just never got around do it." An the apartment she has at the garage is already paid for, an bigger then what she can affored anywhere else. "That he did.. Reason why I was late. Had to get him a bath before all that pond muck dried over his fur. Don't need the garage to smell like that." She's been to the restaurant a few times and tends to order the same thing the few times she's been here. A slight glance is offered to her menu as she hums faintly to herself a moment.

He nods a little bit at the remark about the garage. "It probably makes more sense just to live there anyway, what with the stream of business that you get." Mischa finally decides what he wants and puts his menu down just as the waitress comes around, perhaps a little prematurely. "I'll just have a California roll with a spring roll, please." He nods to the waitress and murmurs something in Japanese to her before nodding toward Abbey. "Anything you might want? If I might, I'd recommend their spicy tuna roll. You won't regret it. It's one of the best in the city."

"Sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's bad. I tend to spent all my free time there to." Abbey says with a slight shake of her head. "An then of course the middle of the night alls from the cops to come tow some car for them. Not like I can say I never got the call." This said with a joking tone before she glances to the waitress and offers her a smile while listening to Mischa. "The spicy tuna roll is great. I tend to get that one and the dragon roll." Which she does tonight as well.

Mischa chuckles quietly at Abbey and gives her a wink before he takes a sip of his iced tea. "Yeah, guess it would be a little hard to dodge those sorts of calls. Unless you're out all hours of the night." The way he phrases it suggests he believes anything is possible with her — in a joking manner. "Dragon roll? Whew. That's a little too spicy for me, personally. Makes my eyes start to water just thinking about it." There's a long pause wherein Mischa considers the conversation after the waitress has left with their orders. "I'm sorry, Abbey. I honestly don't know why I invited you here. I'm terrible with small talk and I suck at making friends. Especially keeping them. So please forgive me if I'm not exactly good at this whole thing."

Abbey chuckles softly and shrugs. "I have been know to be up at rather strange hours." She says with an amused tone. A slight grin is seen. "Well, I just like it because of the eel in it actually, its spicy to a degree I suppose." Her pale gaze watches him curiously, listening, a soft smile seen. "It's alright Mischa.." Is offered. "I don't have many friends myself, suppose I work to much to try and make any.. An I tend to piss them off and drive them away at some point anyway." It's not like she's in the pack, most wolves don't even want to deal with her.

The comment about pissing people off makes Mischa laugh and nod. "Me too, altogether too frequently. Most of the girls I've ever spoken to in my entire life are either dead or think I'm an absolute scumbag. If you and I could just end up making friends, I'd probably scream for joy." Mischa reaches up to rub at his forehead, looking older than his mere twenty nine years for a moment. "I guess we're just about in the same boat. Lone wolves, in a way. Except… well… I'm not much of a wolf."

"And why do they think your a scumbag?" Abbey questions while peering at Mischa. "You don't seem like one to me." As she keeps talking a slight Irish accent can be heard. She smiles some. "That's alright.. It's better you're not one if you're on your own. Its not a easy thing.. I assure you." Its not like she enjoys being a rogue wolf, its just what she's used to.

Mischa grins somewhat sheepishly at Abbey's question. "It's a pretty long story. Let's just say that I did a few things I'm not proud of. I never cheated on anyone. In fact, there was a girl who I liked who I wouldn't sleep with because I didn't want to ruin our relationship… and still somehow I'm the bad guy. Granted, I did start dating someone else, but I was confused… the whole thing is just this gigantic mess that never ceases to go away." He lets out a sigh and reaches up to rub at his forehead once more before running his fingers through his hair — it seems to be a nervous habit of his. "I've been alone for most of my life, even if I am technically an honorary member. It's just how they say that they begrudgingly accept you."

Abbey peers at him curiously, listening while she sips at her soda. A faint 'ah' escapes her. "Well.. I think everyone does something, or things over the course of there life that aren't proud of. No one is perfect tha's for darn sure. And if they say they are then there lying." This said while she nods slightly. Understands the nervous habit but, though she tends to smoke or break her nails. "At least they accept you to some degree." She pauses for a moment. "Still, I suppose its my fault I'm not very acceptable. Should try harder or something perhaps." She doesn't seem that broken up about it, still even she knows a pack will deal with a rogue wolf for only so long. "I have a few friends.. Though other then them I've been on my own. Save for the dogs I suppose." Having a dog is somewhat close to having another canine around with that same pack type mind at least.

"Try harder? I don't think there's anything wrong with you, Abbey. If people have some kind of vendetta against you then they're just…stupid. Pardon me for saying." Mischa shakes his head a little bit. "It's better to be hated than loved for what you're not, I think." He takes a long sip of his tea before looking at the woman who sits across the tiny table from him. Mischa pauses for a moment before smiling. "Yeah. I've always been on my own too. I was never popular in school or anything. Hell, Chloe was the first real friend I had. That's gone to pot now, I think." He shakes his head a little bit and glances back toward the kitchen, his stomach giving a rumble that would most likely be audible to Abbey's sensitive ears.

Abbey ehs softly at that. "Maybe.. I've told myself that for a while now." The grumbling is heard and she glances towards the kitchen curiously and then back to Mischa, a soft smile seen. "I'm sure there be bringing the food out soon." She says with an amused tone. "I always got in trouble at school.. So I had the wrong friends to say the least." Her finger taps against the table a moment. "Only thing that kept me from getting in real trouble was working at the garage."

Mischa lets out a quiet chuckle. "We sound like polar opposites then. I never did anything wrong. But I was mostly invisible to everyone. Not literally, of course. But fairly close." He takes another sip of his tea. And just as Abbey has predicted, the waitress has come out with some food. She sets the plates down in front of Abbey and Mischa, refills their cups, and takes her leave. "You have impeccable timing, Abbey. Maybe you're psychic too," he says as he winks at her before he unwraps his chopsticks and starts to dig in.

Abbey grins. "Well, everyone is different after all. Can't all be the same." She points out with an amused tone. "Anyway, you seem like you turned out alright to me." Not that she knows him that well but still. She offers a smile to the waitress and thanks her. "Me?.. Naw Not that I know of.. Got enough problems being the one thing that I am, don't want to make it anymore complicated then that." She picks up her own chopsticks as she talks, opening an taking them apart as well.

"I didn't turn out that great, but thank you for your vote of confidence. I have so many flaws that even the manufacturer wouldn't take me back with a lifetime warranty attached." Mischa takes a few more bites before taking a sip of his tea. Of course, he has given his thanks to the waitress as well. "From what I hear, being a psychic is pretty… not that nice. I'm glad I wouldn't know either." He leans and lowers his voice. "Did you know that our brains are hard for psychics to read? It's true. They can only pick out certain thoughts and emotions, from what I understand. I'm kind of glad."

Abbey hums faintly as she munches on a bite of food while listening to Mischa. "Oh, you don't seem that flawed.." She knows what flawed is, really she does. There's a slight pause while she peers curiously at Mischa. "So.. wait.. psychic's are real?" Is questioned with a soft curious tone. The only things she knows on are vamps, wolves and shifters.

Mischa pauses, realizing that's just dropped a truth bomb on the table. After a moment he nods. "You bet. Someone I was very close to was — is psychic. I guess it isn't that hard to believe when you take into consideration that werewolves, vampires, and shapeshifters exist, you know?" He asks before he takes a few more bites of his food. He's practically demolishing what's been set in front of him. He is a hungry little cat indeed. "I think it would be pretty bothersome to be able to read the thoughts of other people. Constant chatter in your head…" He sighs.

Abbey finds that rather interesting, she faintly taps her chopsticks against her plate after another bite of food. "Well, that's true. I just never had anyone really confirm it before." She ponders the thought remembering a conversation she had a while ago with Orion. "No one wants to read my thoughts that's for sure. I bet they would come with a warning label." "Ya.. I have enough trouble with my own thoughts, don't need any others floating around in there."

"For my friend, it's not a matter of wanting to read thoughts… they just do. Trust me, there are thoughts of mine I've had read that shouldn't have been read. It just happens. Trust me, they don't want to know either." Mischa lets out a quiet laugh before finishing up his plate of food in what could be record time for some people. He reaches up to run his fingers through his hair afterward before laughing at Abbey and winking. "I think everyone's thoughts probably warrant a warning label at some point or another. Except maybe nuns or priests…"

Abbey hums faintly at this and nods a moment. "Well.. That would be a problem for sure. Not able to not do it that is.. What a constant craziness that could be." She looks amused while peering at Mischa. "You.. I didn't know librarian's had bad thoughts." This said with an amused tone as she grins.

Mischa laughs at Abbey's teasing and blushes a bit. "I'm only human. Mostly. Sort of. Anyways…" Subject change time! Mischa sips at his iced tea for a moment longer before smiling at Abbey. "Your Irish accent is definitely something you don't hear every day, even in a city this large. Where did your family come from?"

Abbey chuckles softly and nods, shes fished most of all her food and sets the chopsticks down upon the plate showing she's rather done with it. "A bit more spicy then I recall." She ohs and chuckles. "Yes that.. I'm from Galway Ireland. Came to the states when I was a kid and the accent never fully went away. Comes in handy now and then at least."

"I'm sure it does. You probably get a lot of comments on it. People are certainly really into accents. My own Russian accent never quite went away." Indeed, there are still traces of it even now. "My family came from Russia when my mom was pregnant, and a neighbor of ours taught me English before I started school. What about you, do you speak any Gaelic?" Mischa asks curiously before he reaches over for a napkin and wipes his hands, then dabs at his mouth.

Abbey smiles and nods. "That they are.. Though I have to admit some of the attention is not wanted." She's had to deal with plenty of guys that can't take no for an answer but just love her accent. "That's good. Speaking another language is a good thing anymore."She pauses for a moment, thinking it seems. "Beagan.. Or a little. Haven't used it in a long time. My parents taught me some before I came to the states."

Mischa nods at Abbey before he glances to his wristwatch and lets out a quiet sigh. "I guess it's probably about time for me to be going. I have another row of appointments lined up tomorrow morning before I head into work." Mischa withdraws his wallet and takes out a twenty and a ten, laying them on the table for the waitress. "We should definitely do this again sometime soon. It was nice to actually have a conversation that didn't turn into a nasty screaming match or someone being…just bitchy. I'd forgotten what it was like."

Abbey hadn't really noticed the time under he said something about it and she glances to her watch as well. "Didn't even feel that late. How about that." She smiles and nods. "Sounds like a great idea to me, it was nice getting out and talking to someone." A curious glance is offered at the part about someone screaming or bitching, she'll have to ask him about that one later. "Well.. You know where I can be found so when ever you want to meet up again and have the time how about letting me know?"

"Of course. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be beating down your door soon." Mischa stands up from the table and smiles at Abbey. He's not quite sure what friendly outings constitute, so he raises his hand for a high five before he leaves. "Drive safe and all of that." The words that come out of his mouth make him wince for a moment before he smiles at her again. "Hopefully I won't have to come in because my car has been towed or someone has dumped a canister of paint onto it, but with the way that things go for me, you never really know."

Abbey chuckles softly while she stands up as well. "Yes well, if you do be careful of Dakota. He might slobber you to death or something." This said with an amused tone on her puppy back at the garage. She tilts her head at the lifted hand, and ponders a moment before looking amused and lifts a hand for the side high five. "You to.. And if you should have to bring the car back don't worry. You know it'll be taken care of."

High five! Whoo! Mischa gives her one back and grins. "I know it will. And I'm not afraid of a little dog slobber, though yes, I will admit it's not my ideal body washing liquid of choice… I prefer good ol' tap water for that." Mischa waves goodbye to Abbey as they part ways.

Abbey laughs a moment as she hears Mischa. "Right.. Tap water for the win for sure." She offers with a shake of her head while waving back towards him as they go seperate ways. "Have a good night Mischa." This said before there too far apart.

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