The Warehouse

A dark womb of black, and purple encompass The Warehouse nightclub. The room is a fair sized club area that has been built out of an old warehouse. Most of the club has been well-lit with neon tubing, but the lighting around the booths and back wall are shadowed to provide some modicum of privacy. Other than the dance area, the floor is a deep mauve, with light patterns displayed haphazardly on it. A ring of black light surrounds the ceiling, causing the lighter colors in both the club and on the patrons to fluoresce.
A catwalk spreads over the dance floor, the black iron rails holding state-of-the-art varilights and floods which reflect off of the large disco ball that dangles from the ceiling, splashing the LED dance floor with light. The dance floor itself flashes and pulses to the beat of the music, continually changing colors in a neonic frenzy. On tall black step-platforms set out randomly throughout the dance floor are black dance cages, roomy enough for two people to bump and grind to the music in them.
The bar matches the rest of the nightclub, tall and black with a strand of purple LED's running along the sides and the outer edges. The stools in front of it are white and chrome, reflecting the purple light that washes over the bar area. Behind the bar is a high-tech, mirrored drink area with glass shelving. Various libations, ranging from alcoholic beverages to fruit juices and sodas line the shelves.
The music here is blisteringly loud, but startlingly clear. Heavy bass notes throb, speakers buzzing slightly when the volume reaches its peak.

Before it gets too late in the night, the Warehouse is almost a pleasant place to visit. The music isn't as loud, there aren't as many people and the staff is generally nicer. With less chance of running into a drunken idiot it's the perfect time to be back at work for one who has been out on medical leave for such a long time. Robert's ditched the cane and is walking normally even if he isn't completely healed. It's close enough and it just feels good to be doing something again. Currently he's leaning with his back against the bar, a glass of something dark in his hand.

It has been a long, long day. Meetings at the city building, meetings at the library, and then a decision to make. Chloe is getting off work a little early, mostly so she can talk to her brother before he gets too busy with work. Making her way through the small crowd, she nods to Bobby. "I'll have whatever you're having, with a splash of cherry." Chances are, it's soda. If not? Well then she's in for a surprise drink with a splash of cherry. Either way, it's all good.

The surprise is only in the fact that it's diet soda, for her at least. Robert is actually quite surprised to find his sister standing near him and makes this known by his overly dramatic expression. He's attempting to be as down to earth and calm as he can be, all things considered when it comes to their missing sister. "Cherry would have been a good idea, actually. Oh, well. There's always next time." Only once the soda is offered to Chloe does Bobby attempt to hug his sister. Even if they don't see each other often it doesn't change the fact that he cares. "How have you been?"

Diet soda for her? What, are her hips getting fat? Chloe swirls a straw in her drink to mix in the cherry flavoring. Then she sets it on the bar and gives her brother a hug. "I've had better times, but I'm no worse for the wear," she says, pointing to the bruise on her cheek. "I'm thinking of leaving my job at the library, which I'll explain in a bit, to go work at the mayor's office."

All it takes is a single look at the bruise before his drink is placed near hers. He leans in closer to examine it before he puffs his chest, the clear sign that he's about to go try and beat the shit out of someone. "Point me to him." As far as he's concerned, it was some random person. Robert narrows his eyes when the mention of the Mayor's office is made. "Fontane." It isn't that hard to put two and two together, and those two men do not go together. "My obvious feelings aside, why the change?"

"No, Bobby. It was an accident," she says of the bruise. "My own stupidity, getting me in the middle of something at a bar." She's lying, but she's become so adept at the lie that she's not even looking like she's lying. None of her normal tells are there. "Okay, so here's the deal. You remember my friend Mischa? We-eell… there was this whole thing with a love ribbon, and now," she holds up the little trinket at her neck, "I have to wear this or he's in love or lust with me or something. Anyhow, long story short, I think it may just be time for me to get out of the musty books. I… can mostly control my abilities now so maybe it won't be so bad, and if it is? They said I can come back to the library any time."

It would almost be too much to swallow if he hadn't been exposed to so much already. All he can do is just watch her for a moment before shaking his head. "You /do/ remember what your brother does for a living, and what happens to him, right?" He still looks as if he's going to jump someone in her honor but at least he's not storming off to do anything. "The guy's nice enough and all, but I really don't think I'm comfortable with that sort of situation. But did you really need to take a job with Fontane? Though I suppose it shouldn't be too bad. Just agree that I'm the most evil person ever and you'll be just fine."

Grinning at him, Chloe shakes her head. "Let's just say I thought it was a matter of life or death. By the way, Mellie's not been to work in nearly two weeks. Has she been at home?" Get that out of the way now before she forgets to bring it up. "The pay is good, the benefits are better, and I can stop a bunch of dirty politicians," she replies with a grim grin. "If it's okay, the feeling's mutual between the two of you, which is why he's keeping his engagement a secret. Something about not wanting to hurt your girlfriend… excuse me, fiance."

"It'll be a matter of life or death if I find the person who did it." It just kind of slips out and he easily overlooks the fact that it has once Chloe mentions Mellie. Bobby slinks against the bar then and looks away from his sister, unsure of how to answer. "You know, I was kind of hoping you knew where she was. I don't go into the bar anymore, but her place hasn't been touched. Neither has my food so I know she's not around." There's way too much emotion going on in this course of conversation. "Feeling is mutual? I don't want to kill the jerk. I honestly don't care about the guy. I don't appreciate how he treats me, though, and he's damn lucky that I can control my bouncer like reflexes." Slowly he turns to face Chloe when he processes stuff. "So, wait. He lectures me for trying to be a decent guy and then turns around on my coattails and proposes?"

It would definitely be a matter of life or death if Bobby found Marius — only it would be Bobby's death, so that's why Chloe keeps lying. "It was some random guy at a bar. Chances of finding him in a city the size of Dallas? Slim." She nods at the fact that Mellie isn't around, and then frowns. "I've been trying to find out if she took off with some vampire, but I've picked all the brains I can at Mary's, and I asked a few of the vampires I know, and nothing. They'd tell me." Or she'd complain to Will, and he'd take care of it. "Feeling is mutual. He hates you, you dislike him. So long as the two of you can be civil to each other once I'm gone, that's all I care about." She furrows her brow a bit, then has an 'ahh oops' expression on her face. "Well I guess so. Maybe you made it sound like a good idea?"

If only she remembered his level of determination. "I'm not actually worried about that, you know. Between that Mary and you? She'd likely be safe, and any vampire she ran off with would be better than what I fear. My guess is her dealer." Robert can overlook many things, and often times just because he misses them, but even he knows of Mellie's habits. The mention of Ivan just makes him shake his head. "He threw a damn shoe at my head. Who throws a shoe? I /should/ have taken a swing back at him but I tend to take the high road." If they were in a bar, however, Robert would likely have pummeled him. "A good idea? She belongs in a damn institution. And the /last/ time she did something stupid my fianc got kidnapped." He tries, he honestly does, but someone has to point out the insanity.

"Her dealer!" Chloe grins. "Thanks, Bobby. I didn't even think of checking out the dealers in the area. Granted, it'll be really hard to pass myself off as a client, but I'll see what can be done." Blinking at her brother, she looks down at her shoes. "A cranky person? A worried person? Someone who's to scared to get up close and personal to fight?" Shrug. Looking back up, she stares at him. "Jesus. You don't call and tell me anything anymore. Is she alright? And hey, I'm technically clinically unstable too. That mean I shouldn't get married?" Beat. "Not that I'm ever getting married, but that's besides the point."

He must be really smart, or people just don't think along the same lines that he does. "Have you seen half of the people that hang around here?" This may be his job but it doesn't mean that he has to like the people he kicks out. "I could probably slip one a twenty and they'd work for me for a week trying to find her." The problem with taking that road is that he's afraid that finding Mellie means finding her in a ditch somewhere. Now it's Robert's turn to blink at Chloe. "It was in the news, mostly. Just not what really happened. Their parents were in town. Good Lord, I hate her parents." He has to say that to /someone/. "And you're not mentally unstable. You know what you are. She's out of her mind. And honestly? I don't think he's the marriage type. He likes to be too reckless. But hey, it's not my problem. Maybe they do deserve each other."

That's Chloe's fear as well. Finding Mellie in a ditch, or finding her in a river. The thought of the river makes her shiver a little, and in an attempt to hide it, she lifts up her soda and sips it through the straw. "I saw that on the news, yes, but I didn't know Ivan was involved." It's not like she was prying the man's mind about a kidnapping. "I don't think anyone likes their in-laws, Bobby. You just grit your teeth and get through it, right? I mean, it's not like they'll be there all the time?" She listens quietly to the rest of what Bobby has to say, then nods. "Well I don't disagree. I can't even be around her or my mind will likely snap. But to each their own. After all, considering what Mellie is, do you think I should've ended up with a vampire?"

She need not hide it as he fears it as well. Thankfully for the both of him he's better at hiding such emotions. "She was taken from in front of his apartment. I waited /days/ to talk to him about it and when I finally do? He throws a punch at me. You know, he can hate me all he wants but the man has to learn when not to be a total ass." Bobby has no love at all for Faith, other than the fact that she'll soon be family and she did have something tragic happen to her, but even he can be nice when she's around. "But even he doesn't know the conclusion to it all and I'd like to keep it that way." The oldest sibling just shakes his head at the mention of in-laws. "I'm pretty sure that if they had their way I'd be dead." At least he does have /something/ in common with Faith at this point; their views on her parents. "I mean, I don't really care. I've finally got my life calming down and I think Hope finally isn't going to suffer some random new horror of the week. Although I'd much rather you tell me that /you're/ the one getting married." Beat. "That Mischa's not a bad guy…"

"Woah, boy. Slow down. I'm not jumping on the marriage train. I'm happy in my relationship." Granted, not as happy as she was before the new Whip entered the scene, and not as happy as she was before being told she'd be nothing more than a toddler to them when she turned. Chloe just forces a smile to the forefront and sips at the soda again. "Christ, Bobby. I'm sorry you're having to deal with all of this. Tell you what. I know you have the wedding to deal with, let me take care of finding Mellie, okay? If I don't hear anything by next week, I'll go down to the station and make a report." Beat. "The conclusion to what?" Of course, she's being a bit of a snoopy sister and trying to pry it out of his brain in case he's reluctant to answer. "I'm sure they don't want you dead. Who could possibly want you dead? You're a great guy, big brother. They could do a lot worse for a son-in-law."

This causes him to actually laugh. "I'm not endorsing it. I'm just saying that it'd be easier to swallow. But if you think I overreacted, wait until Hope finds out." Hope will find out. He's hiding enough from her that he has to tell her at least something. "It's all my own doing. If I hadn't screwed things up so badly in the first place they likely wouldn't have gone where they did. In the end, though, everyone's alive and well." Other than their father. "Considering the way things are going, I can handle a little bit of drama." Hope already has the wedding under control so he isn't exactly strapped for time. Robert looks apprehensive to speak to Chloe, for the first time in forever. "You'll tell Fontane. Ain't happening." And this time he's not even thinking about it, not even close. Instead he shrugs. "I won't make it easy on them, but at least I'm acting on how I honestly and truly feel. I think it will calm down after the wedding. It's just hard trying to plan to be happy knowing what's going on with my own family."

"You'd rather I get married to a man that can turn into a cat, rather than be with a vampire?" Chloe's voice is barely above a whisper as she asks that, then she shakes her head. "Until Hope finds out what? That I'm with a vampire, or that Ivan's getting married?" There was not even the intention to tell Bobby. It really did just sort of slip out in conversation. "People screw up in life. It's whether you get back on track and live it, or keep falling off that matters. Ivan hates you because he thinks you hurt his sister. I can understand that on one level. You'd be the same if anyone seriously hurt Mellie or me in that way." Finishing off the soda, she smiles at him. "I don't tell Ivan much. But if it's vampire related, I wish you'd tell me so I can let Will know what happened. He can make sure that no one bugs your fiance again." If she asks really, really nicely. "Mellie's probably just shacked up with some guy. Don't worry too much about it. She'll come home when the money runs out."

Wait, how did this turn around to where it is? "What? No. I would rather hear that you're getting married over the ass." That's what he meant, anyway. "And when she finds out that her sister is stealing her thunder. She dislikes Ivan more than I do at times, I think." Besides, just about everyone can agree that Rose shouldn't be marrying anyone. "That's just it; I talk to her. If I hurt her? She won't tell me. And damnit, she's the one that knew the situation and still wouldn't give up. Not that I'm saying it's all her fault. I'm a big boy and can admit to my mistakes. But she's not some damsel in distress." As much as Bobby will always fight for his sisters, he wouldn't hate Ivan if the situation was reversed. Then again, Ivan doesn't know squat about what really happened. "And it's okay, really. I took care of it." Only then does the image of Tripp flow into his mind. "It won't happen again and Hope doesn't even know anyway." Which is very much for the best. "I guess so. I probably should be thankful that I'm not paying for her right now, but you know me."

The image is all that she needs. She's seen the vampire around the estate, and while she can't place a name to the face, she's sure she could describe him to someone there and figure out who he is. Chloe exhales a sigh. "I know. The better thing for Ivan to do would be to wait until after the wedding. It doesn't matter. I can't see him having some big extravaganza. It would be political suicide." She's pretty certain that it won't matter to Ivan in the end, but it will at first and so he'll keep it out of the media if at all possible. "I don't know the situation, I don't care to know. You screwed up. Hell, I nearly hopped into bed with my best friend after dad died. I get it." She just needed the comfort, and it had to come from someone that wasn't Will. "Don't dwell on it, and don't let Ivan drag you back into it. Live your life, Bobby. One of us has to."

Tripp's going to be in deep shit if the wrong people find out. What's worse is that Bobby will be in even more trouble. "I thought he's already done the whole political suicide thing? Everyone knows that they're together and that can't exactly help his image. I get that it's not always what the media says, like with the wolf attack, but does that matter in the end?" He rubs his eyes. "He really better not try to beat us to it. I don't really care. I mean, whatever. But I'm not having my wedding ruined for Hope." She's been working so hard on it. "I just think that Ivan needs to be in the same situation and see what he does. From what I hear, he's not exactly a devoted boyfriend type." This is not Bobby accusing him of cheating but rather referring to Ivan's past. "Either way, I think it's about time that all of us just be able to live. Chloe, our lives have been so messed up lately. My family deserves a damn break."

That wasn't exactly what Chloe meant by living, but she won't tell him that just yet. A note a few days after the wedding will suffice. "He has, and he hasn't. Dating a crazy person is what? Just a black mark. Marrying a crazy person? That's political suicide." She waits a beat before adding, "At least she's not pregnant, so he's obviously not doing it just to man up or whatever." There is a slight frown. "Well, if he beats you to it, he does. At least the two of you will have a wonderfully happy wedding." Which Chloe will be going alone to. Daytime, and no vampires allowed. Still… "Hey, wasn't Mellie supposed to be in the wedding party? I'll definitely try to have her back before the wedding for the two of you." Beat. "You could always advance the date a little, but that's not really going to give people from out of town a lot of time to get here either…"

"Are you sure she's not? That sounds like something he'd do." It would make sense, too. It'll be even better when Bobby finds out that there was no ring or anything involved. At least he did that part right. "You gotta understand something about Hope, Chloe. This is the most magical day of her life. It has to be perfect, and it's all about her. I'm happy with that. I want her happy. I don't think that moving it really is an option." The bouncer merely lifts his shoulders at the concept. "I know it meant a lot to her that Mellie consented to being in the wedding. I don't know how to bring it up to her, but I'll talk it over with her. Maybe you'd make a good stand in?" This is said with a grin. Bobby just wants his favorite sister to be there.

"Mellie's rail thin, and I've got hips. Chances of me fitting in her dress are next to nothing." Chloe wrinkles her nose. Besides which, standing in a wedding party might be really difficult to do if she's turned accidentally before the wedding. "I will do everything in my power I can with Ivan, to make him wait until after the wedding to have his then. I can't promise to keep him from doing anything, he seems to be an impatient man at times to me. But I can do my best." For her brother, she will do this. Not for his fiance, whom she disagrees with on the vampire thing. "And if I can't find Mellie, we'll figure something out. I promise you. I'm not going to let anything ruin your wedding day." Beat. "Y'all just make sure it's not on a full moon or something so that mama can be there, alright?"

Something just makes him stare at her. "You like him, don't you?" It's not a friendship thing, and if it is? It's far from when Bobby first was introduced to him. He distinctly remembers her not liking Ivan. Either way he waves off the whole thing. "It is what it is. I can't threaten to kick his ass over his own happiness, I suppose. If he's smart, though, he'll listen to you. And this isn't a threat. I just know that Hope should be feared if he ruins her day." Bobby doesn't fear Hope at all and even he would rather die than ruin her big day. "I'll make sure that Mom can go, not that she likely will want to." He's never gotten over that guilt, apparently. "But thank you. It means a lot. I know it'll all be great in the end. Especially since we'll be surrounded by our loved ones."

"Ivan?" Chloe stares at him. "I do not like Ivan Fontane. Not like that. Jesus Christ." She'll need something harder to drink if he keeps up those thoughts. "He's a… friend? A semblance of one, I guess." The accusation from her brother just has her staring at him without even blinking. "Mom will go. I've been talking to her a little. She's back at the old house now, but talking about selling it and moving somewhere smaller. I may buy it from her." Just so she can build a nice safe room when she turns. "It'll work out, you'll see. It will be a perfectly magical day, even if Ivan jumps the shark and gets married before you do."

Chloe's reaction causes him to burst out in laughter, to the point that he gets a look from the bartender. "I just know how you felt when I first met him. Things have changed, so a guy has to wonder. Don't hate me for making the first logical conclusion." Even after this is said Robert laughs. It feels good to be able to do so. "It might be good for her to just kind of be somewhere else. There are a lot of bad memories for her now in that house." She did have her life drastically changed in it during the attack. It's a very good thing that Robert isn't the psychic or else he'd flip at the thought of Chloe being turned. "I'd be happier if he'd jump into a shark but hey, we can't always get what we want." The way he says this, however, it comes across light hearted and almost like a tease.

"How is that even remotely logical?" Chloe just shakes her head at her brother. She'd punch him on the arm, but she'll let him have his laugh. He's had a bit of a rough time lately and it'll do him good. "Damn, Bobby. We just bonded one night after your fiance sent him to the hospital with a swollen face and an allergic reaction. It's not anything bad." Rolling her eyes at him, she nods. "Yeah. I was thinking of maybe just switching her the apartment for the house. Just until she's able to get back to work and all. I can keep both up. I mean, the house is paid for and paying for my apartment plus the utilities at the house won't be so bad."

The punch would just elicit more laughter, honestly. He's in a good mood in the end and he's all about enjoying the moment. "Hey, it could happen. And yeah, I heard about that. I saw it on the internet, too. Funny thing is at the time I felt bad for the guy." Funny how things change. "That's a lot for you to take on though, Chloe, and you know that you don't have to do it alone. We're a family and that's not going to change. I'll do whatever I can to help, too. I'm actually saving more than I realized without paying for everything for Mellie." He doesn't want her to disappear or anything bad to have happened to her, but it is nice to be able to rebuild his savings again.

"I'm flush," Chloe says in regards to the monetary situation. "I got a nice windfall for helping someone out a while back. I'll be able to survive the next three months and then some. By that time I'll be…" Now how is she going to put it? "… in my new position and the money issues won't be as bad. You just save your money for the wedding and maybe looking at getting yourself a bigger place in the future, okay?"

Something is up and he knows it. The thing is that he doesn't know what is up, exactly. For all he knows, Chloe got herself into something with her powers and was somehow compensated for it. Bobby just watches her as he tries to figure out what to make of it all, his eyes somewhat accusing. She's good at lying but that doesn't mean that he can't formulate thoughts of his own. "My offer still stands. Any time." She won't take him up on it but he won't retract it. "And it's either that or renovations. If the bottom apartment ends up vacant for too long I'll just make it one whole house and go from there." As soon as he says that he looks sheepish. It's an awkward situation, the Melliie thing. "Either way, I'm happy that people seem to be getting past all the drama in their lives. Even he deserves it."

"You're not a telepath, Bobby. No matter how much you stare at me, you ain't going to figure out what's going on inside my head." Sticking her tongue out at him, she turns to lean against the bar. "I appreciate it. The offer, I mean." But that doesn't mean she's going to take it either. "Renovations, huh? Sounds like a plan. Especially if the two of you are planning on having children. You'll need more than two rooms." Reaching into her purse to pull out change to pay for the soda, she grins at him. "I should get going. I promised to stop off and look at a few things before I went over to see Will tonight. You sure you're okay with everything?"

Busted, but that's alright. He always is. "Yeah, well, maybe I need to learn that next. I almost get turned into a werewolf after I become a witch. I think psychic powers should be next on the list." He says this jokingly but low enough to not be overheard. The mention of children causes him to pause and look at her. "Knowing my family history we'll have girls. Good thing the dog is getting me used to pink." At least he doesn't balk at the idea of children. He waves off her money, however. "My drinks are on the house, so yours are. Especially the one soda you had, you rebel." Robert does well not to actually react negatively to the mention of Will. He doesn't dislike the guy for who he is, and Chloe likes him a lot. But that doesn't mean he won't react differently if Hope's around. "Of course. Let me know how the transition goes. I'll help out if you need anything."

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