An Affair To Remember

Preston Forest Shopping Center

The Preston Forest Shopping Center is large and classy. The entrance is open and spacious, a rectangular fountain surrounded by potted trees leading up the middle of the mall, with pathways on either side for shoppers. One can easily see both floors from here and the lighting is amazing - beside the typical electric bulbs, the roof is comprised of glass allowing the sunlight to filter in.
Shops and businesses spread out here both east and west as well as to the back of the mall. Hidden away in the back corner one can find the escalator to the second story, as well as washrooms and a bank of payphones.

With the last week or so proving not to be entirely miserable, steps are taken to ensure that the days remain that way. Not having established much in the city at this point yet, the vampire hunter is left with no other choice but to resort to the mall for the manicure, pedicure and haircut she desires. It takes some time to have all of this done, however, yet when it is finished Quinn feels like a million bucks. Or, rather, as close to that as she can allow herself to.

The pampering is not quite finished. She remains at the mall with a few shopping bags in hand. A new life warrants a new wardrobe, even if Scarlett will claim that she's just doing this for Skylar. The Niveus walks past a jewelry store slowly on her travels, peeking into one of the displays to see what new items they have. In the end she will go to Scarlett for all of her jewelry needs but it doesn't hurt to look while she's out. Despite what people say, Quinn is a female after all.

Isn't it just horribly convenient that a certain Ivan Fontane just happens to be at the exact jewelry store that Quinn is checking out? With a broad smile on his face, and his expensive, well-tailored suits on him, he seems to enjoy staring through the glasses at the displays of rings. Or at least, enjoy the purpose behind such activity. "Aww, that one, right there…if only the surrounding diamonds were blue, and not pink." Smiling up to the salesperson that's attending him, he explains, "her sister's more into pink than she is."

The conversations within the store aren't heard, not enough to grab her attention. A salesman does come just out of the store to greet Quinn and to try and pull her in. "… no, really. I don't think that I want…" His relentless sales techniques pull her in, literally, as she's trying to tell him to buzz off. Finally at the end of her rope, Quinn prepares to unleash her real feelings on the man. It's only then that she has a funny feeling and so instead looks around the store. "Fontane?" She can't tell if it's him or not due to looking at the back of his head but she can only guess that it is. There haven't been too many other witches cross her path in Dallas. The salesman is spared the ass chewing. For now.

It's automatic, the way Ivan quirks his head up and looks around once hearing his name called. "Yeah?…" Pause. Catching sight of Quinn, it takes him a little moment to register who she is. But when he does, surprisingly? He doesn't jump to the defensive. "Oh…hey…Quinn, was it?" He isn't sure. Motioning for the store-hand to head off, he fixes his attention on the other witch instead. "Err…what're you doing here?"

The fact that he doesn't meet her with a steely gaze is both relaxing and surprising. In fact, it may be downright frightening. So the woman just stares at him as if he has a hole in his head. "Yeah, Quinn. Though I'm not exactly used to being called that by your family." Certainly he knows that she's speaking of his sister. Either way, the fact that the two are speaking causes her salesman to shrug his shoulders and step away. With this so she actually approaches Ivan with unexpressed gratitude. "I was window shopping and got dragged inside." This is said loudly, loud enough that the man can hear her displeasure and possibly even notice that she's glaring at him. This only lasts until she realizes which case they're standing in front of. "… I would ask the same of you, but I think I'm ruining something."

Ivan quirks the corner of his lips slowly, darkly amused. "Oh? Niveus, then? I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable with the change." Why should he be paranoid? The Niveus have not done anything to harm him since moving here, or his family. So far as he's concerned, they're just regular people. "Heh. Yeah, they're rather…friendly here, huh? I think they make most their money off of their commissions. Because this guy keeps reaching for the most expensive peices on display, and…" Beat. "Oh…you're not ruining anything, no. I just need to find a ring. For my fiance." This last is added as an afterthought, the title sounding foreign on his tongue. Like it's new.

"Oh, yes. Change is evil. Thank you for the courtesy." This is said dryly, obviously in fake humor. She's not scowling quite as much as she had at the salesman so she can't be that displeased by it. The explanation given actually confuses Quinn, noticeably so. "Wait, wait. You're buying the ring after you asked the question? I may not know anything about relationships, Fontane, but isn't that backwards?" Even though she's giving him a hard time, her eyes move down to the case in front of them. "You honestly can't listen to these people. You have to go with what you know about her. If she's the type that likes the most expensive rings…" A moment is taken to point down at a very large diamond ring with many more diamonds around it. It actually borders on gaudy. "… then get one. But from what I read, that's probably not right."

"Ah…well…the proposal came…spontaneously, lets say." Ivan looks a bit embarrassed as he scratches the back of his head, licking his lips. "It was just…it was the right moment. I looked at her, and I knew it. It was perfect, except I didn't have the ring. But…I didn't let that stop me? And, she said yes anyway, so I couldn't have messed up too badly." He leaves out the fact that he was piss drunk at the time he did so. Women don't appreciate that muchly. He does pay attention to what Quinn says and points to, looking thoughtful. "…Money? Isn't a factor to her. She's not someone obsessed with cost, or brand names, or anything. I…I think she'd prefer something simpler. Something…elegant. Silver, instead of gold. Blue, or maybe a green stone… I just…I'm not good at this, really."

The look of embarrassment actually seems out of place. "Why are you reacting like that?" Yes, she is the type to notice and to point it out. "It worked out, right? So there's no reason to act like it's something you shouldn't admit to." This coming from someone who has never had a date in her life. Quinn of all people likely wouldn't care if he was drunk or not. Instead she shakes her head. "The problem is that you seem to be looking for advice when you already know what to get. You already said silver and not gold. A blue stone, possibly green. Something that doesn't look like she could assault a man with it." As she speaks, she eyes all of the rings in the display. "Do you want something that is just a ring and then worry about the band later? Or do you want a set?" With nothing better to do she might as well show him how to shop for jewelry.

"…'Cause?" Way to put him on the spot, Quinn. Geez. "Well, you said it yourself, it's rather unconventional. But…you're right! It did work out. Do I…err? I don't know." See. This is why Ivan needs help, when she mentions the band and the possibility of a set. "What good will the set be? And aren't all bands the same? I…kinda thought you just got them automatically when you signed the papers to get hitched…"

"That is the most mature answer I've heard in a while." Yes, she's making fun of him. He'll be able to hear it in her voice even though she's looking down at the cases. When he mentions the bands, however, Quinn can't help but look up at him. "Fontane? You're pretty stupid." She then moves her hand on the case to point out some of the sets that are available. "You can go with a generic band, but depending on the ring it might not look good together at all. You could buy a designer wedding band separate from the ring, but then she'd really only be wearing the engagement ring until the wedding. /Or/ you can buy a set that goes together, or have a band custom fit to go with her ring. That way she can wear the two together." Quinn's actually wearing a good deal of jewelry herself, but he likely will recognize it as the work of his twin. "So before you look for the actual ring, you might want to ask yourself which option you want."

Ivan purses his lips as he serves as Quinn's proverbial punching bag. "Geez, cut me some slack or something. I don't speak chick, and it's not like I get married every other weekend or so. So, yeah, maybe I'm a bit clueless about jewelry. S'not anything surprising." He pauses, to think it over. "Maybe…maybe I should do the set thing. I want her to wear it once we're married too. Yeah, that sounds like it's the best option. They're…" Looking around the store blandly, he soon finds the section dedicated to them. "Here! Now…I just need to find the perfect ring."

Again she looks at him, this time rather blank. "Do you think /I/ speak 'chick'?" The correct answer here is no, Ivan. "This is just basic stuff. It's not like I'll make use of any of it but I still know." Maybe that's why she happened to run into him today. Although honestly she'll not admit to helping him to anyone. When the correct case is pointed out, Quinn moves over to take a look at it. "Well done." Her tone sounds harsh but at least the words are praise. "Now, you mentioned that you'd like some color to the ring, so that eliminates these groups here. So look more around this section here." Again she's pointing out everything, really with the patience of an educator. Even if she's not exactly being pleasant. "It gets easier as you begin eliminating things. Rings that are too much, too little, gold and not silver…" Even as Quinn speaks she begins to focus on one ring in particular her eyes continually being drawn back to it, but it's not her place to pick anything out.

"Frankly? Yes, I do. You look quite chickish, even if you don't think you do. But yeah…simplicity over opulence, I think. I don't want a thousand little stones… Understated, but undeniably beautiful…" Ivan is trying. Ivan is clearly taking the situation serious, judging by the way he furrows his brows in thought. But then, his eye isn't as sharp as Quinn's. Ultimately, jewelry all looks the same to him, and nothing particularly calls out to his soul or anything of the like. He needs guidance. This is why he appeals to Quinn, his former nemesis. "It's all…overwhelming. What do you like?"

Her eyes narrow even though she doesn't actually move to look at him. The last thing she wants is for him to think she actually cares about his opinion or anything. "I can look like a woman since I /am/ a woman. That doesn't mean I act like one." Yes, she's correcting him. All the same, Quinn continues to focus in on something. "I think, what you want, is something that has diamonds in it but not many. You'll want the focus on the central stone, and likely have that be your source of color. Usually those rings aren't as out of control and expensive as diamond centric ones." The fact that he asks her what she likes causes her to snicker. "I personally like the biggest diamond here. But as for what I like based off of what you've said?" Her hand moves again until she points out two different sets. "I'd say that you'd probably want one of these two. But I've never met her, just read about her, so you don't want me basing any decisions off of that."

Ivan bites his bottom lip as he stares at her suggestions, narrowing his eyes as he tries to envision said rings on a certain someone's hand. "…I…Okay? There is way too much fucking pressure here." Looking around, lost, the poor man runs his hands through his hair in an agitated sort of way. "Maybe I should just bring her? Drag her over, and have her pick out her own ring. I don't want to chose the wrong one. I don't…" Pause. "…That one, there. The bottom one…I think she'd like that. I think she'd like that one alot. I guess if she doesn't like it, I could ultimately return it and get her one she does like?"

The way that he's caving under pressure is, well, sad. "Get a hold of yourself, Fontane. Do you know how you're coming across? Weak." Yes, that is for her to point out. Instead of slapping him in the face to get him to act normally, she makes a move to shake his shoulders. "If anyone asks I did not say this to you. But think about it. You already proposed to her /without/ a ring in the first place. Do you really think she cares what you do or if she gets one at all? This has to come from /you/, and that will be what's important to her. If she's actually a decent enough person to be married to you, that is." With that said the Ice Queen Quinn goes back to her usual bitter self and looks down at the set selected. "That isn't anything that I like, but I think that she will. If not? She can buy her own damn ring."

That's…surprising. What with Quinn's shaking, and her pep talk, it's all just left Ivan wide-eyed as he stares at the woman, shocked. nd as her words sink into his brain, he looks to the side, pursing his lips grimly. Well, what's the best way to reward strange behavior? By giving her an equally strange admission. "…I feel like there are those just waiting for me to fuck up. That everyone expects me to flub it. I just…I guess perfection is a bit of an impossible standard to hold yourself to, huh?" Beat. Cue, silence. "Thank you. You're right. It'll be fine. Just need a bit more faith in myself, is all." Immediately, his face sets itself into an expression of determination, and he motions to the selected ring, trying to summon an employer over. "There. That one. I need that one, if you will. Ring it up for me."

He's not yelling at her or saying that her little secret is out? This man really is odd. What's worse is what he follows up with. The Niveus has to shake her head at him. "Life isn't perfect. For crying out loud, the person you're marrying was locked away and is constantly in gossip magazines. Do you think /she/ cares? I mean, I know I sure as hell don't but no one else should either. It's your life." Quinn personally wouldn't say anything about it unless he seriously messed up. "I guess, uh, congratulations?" Now it just feels awkward so she looks steadily away from him, a hand falling to rest on her injured thigh subconsciously. It's starting to ache. When he declares the purchase she glares at the salesman, urging him over. Sometimes intimidation can work, most times it does not.

"Yeah, yeah, I got what you meant already," Ivan drawls, grinning side-long to Quinn. "You can quite lecturing me now, mom. I get it. Honest." Finally, he gets the attention of the salesman, who rushes to charge Ivan's offered card for the purpose. This leaves Ivan with the opportunity to turn around and just consider Quinn, in a rather thoughtful manner. "…Why'd you help me? Why're you being so…well…non-hostile to me? If I recall correctly…our last meeting wasn't quite like this."

Oh, he did not just call her that. She grits her teeth to hold back all of the things that she'd like to say, instead saving them for a time where no one else might eject her for what they overhear. "Bite me." That will just have to do for now. Quinn's about ready to leave, and in fact takes a few steps before he speaks again. She's clearly favoring one leg at this point but doesn't really notice. "What?" Turning to face Ivan she just stares at him. "You Fontanes are so /odd/. First you accuse me of being up to some great evil, then when I show that I'm not out to do anything bad you question that. I think my cousins had the right idea by leaving." Despite her words, her tone isn't quite as venomous as it could be. "You know what? I just give up. I mean, I'm renting a space to your sister for her little project and she still suspects I'm going to kill her or something."

Quinn is taking things too seriously. Much too seriously. And honestly, when Ivan laughs, it's not because he's mocking her. It's just shocked. "You need to lighten up," he suggests in a rather friendly sort of way. But she's going to stalk off. And, if things were normal? Ivan would probably let her. However, he's noticed the way she seems to almost limp thanks to her injury, and so as a result he makes a grab for his purchase when he can and then sweeps forward. Whether Quinn wants help or not, she's going to get it - the man places his hand on the woman's shoulder and elbow, trying to keep her steady. "You're hurt," he states the obvious. "Well, do you blame us? Can you honestly blame us, what with our family history? You were wary of us when you first moved here too."

"I don't lighten up, Fontane." That's just the way that Quinn is, something he's not really had to experience much of. She's quite content just walking away and continues to do so until he makes a grab for her. In an instant she moves, her extensive training in Jeet Kun Do mixing with her reflexes. When one hunts things that go bump in the night they learn to become guarded. Even though he's being nice and trying to help, he'll soon find that she's moving both hand and leg at the same time, attempting to knock his legs out from under him and toss him to the ground. As soon as she does it her eyes actually go wide, but only for a moment and surely not long enough for him to see that. "I, uh, wouldn't suggest touching me unexpectedly. It's an old habit." Even though Quinn is the one who is really injured and the one who just 'attacked' him, she stays around to help him up if he does indeed go down. "And as I recall, I was the one threatened first, and so felt threatened. But I'm not exactly part of the family anymore. I might have joined up with your sister."

So much for doing his good deed for the day, huh? The moment he does so, he literally finds his world swept away from his feet, and before he knows it, he's on the cold tile of the mall, his ass stinging with the suddenness of the fall. Luckily, though disorienting, it's not particularly painful. Blink blink. "I…Ow." Beat. "I…Guess it's a good thing Faith wasn't here to see me be so lame. It's, ah, okay! No need to apologize." But so, he's wary of accepting her help up. After all, touching her is what led to their present circumstance. Beside that, he has his pride he has to try and pick up. "…Left your family? Joined up with my sister?"

Unexpected touching is the problem. Still, she takes no insult when he refuses her assistance. "I just get into fights a lot." That to her is the explanation for it all, not that she honestly cares if he hates her or not. He's /Ivan/. Besides, she doesn't care if anyone likes her. "Well, my cousins returned home, so really I'm the only one left here now. I changed my number and left the coven." This is said simply even though she knows that no one around her will overhear. Quinn doesn't elaborate on the Scarlett comment but he likely should know what is meant now. "I thought it might help me, how you said, lighten up. I somehow doubt that will work at all."

"I…er. Why?" That's all Ivan can say, as he stares at Quinn. "Why did you leave the coven of your family?" This is something he can't help but be curious about. And something he definitely can't help but to respond to, as it's something he's thought about. "Ahem… Anyway…You're injured. Now. Because of some fight you got in, I presume? Would you like a lift to the hospital? I've got time to kill."

"That's none of your damn business." It's an instant response and one that nearly has her bulking the minute that she mentions it. Immediately Quinn actually sighs and grits her teeth. "I make strive on conflict but I just don't want to deal with it anymore. Besides, as much as I love me for me, I've been told that such levels of anger are bad for a person." There's an answer for him, even if he doesn't get the in-depth version and might not actually believe what she says. "And no. No hospitals. I'd really rather not explain any of this to anyone." Mysterious words associated with her injury, and no words of thanks to his offer. "Besides, don't you have to go make your fiance happy, or something?"

Ivan frowns, turning a critical look to Quinn. Slowly, he finds himself arching a brow. "And you say we're odd. Listen, make up your mind already? Are we to be hostile or civil to each other? Because I can roll with either option, really." With this thrown out there, he pauses to lick his lips thoughtfully. "Fine. Can't say I didn't try, at least. Yeah, I probably do have to go."

Ungh. Eyes actually roll at this point. "Have you caught onto the fact that I don't have any friends yet, Fontane? I do that for a reason. I wouldn't know what to do with one even if it was safe." She must not have been mean enough up front. "Do I want hostility? No. Do I care? I say no." These are all lies, of course, but she's been saying them for so long that she's come to believe them. "Just go do whatever it does that I likely don't care about and I'll act like this didn't happen. It's probably for the best that way."

"Yeaaah. You know what? For all you bluffer, and your social awkwardness? Because you are socially awkward, believe me. You're not that bad of a person, Quinn. If you're in with my sister, perhaps I'll see you at the next meeting then?" Ivan can't offer more help. And he can't justify sticking around. And so, with a humorous salute of his hands, he ends up strolling away, with something new to think about.

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