The Proposal: Take 2

So…Ivan kind of flubbed up the proposal. Just a little. He got the job done, and while it was memorable, no doubt, it wasn't exactly the kind of romantic story one wants to tell their kids ("Oh, daddy and I were about to get in on in the limo when he looked to me, drunk, and proposed…"). And so? To make up for this? Ivan is intent on delivering the ring in an inventive and thoughtful manner. Various options were weighed, and then thrown away, such as the cliched bake it in a food item. But now? He has his game plan. At least he thinks he does. The execution needs to pan out, to see how it works.

"Alright, little guy," Ivan murmurs in the bedroom, staring intently at the kitten before him. On little Puck's leash, Ivan fastens the engagement ring diligently, the band portion of the ring stored safely away in a secret place. "This is it. It's a big day for mommy, okay? A big moment. I need you to go to her. I need you to cuddle her and love her. And I need you pay attention when I'm briefing you, soldier! Do you understand?"

Of course Puck doesn't, and the kitten is staring around the room restlessly, before letting out an impatient meow. It's clear he wants to go out and play.

There are issues in enlisting the assistance of a kitten. The attention span it has is far less than desired, oh, and he doesn't speak human. Blissfully unaware of all of this is Faith. She's been working hard on the house each day, doing as much as she can without literally breaking herself. Yet it's the weekend so she does allow herself a few moments rest; when last she was left she was on the couch reading one of the books purchased to aid her in her return to school in the fall.

However now she's not quite in the same position as she was before. The amount of work she's been doing mixed with a deliciously lazy day has enabled the Queen of Crazy to fall asleep on said couch, curled up into the back of it. The book is to be found open on the floor indicating that she may not have actually intended to fall asleep and was not prepared. In any event, there she sleeps, waiting until it's time to prepare dinner. At this rate, though, she may end up ordering out.

"Okay…go!" And with that, Ivan releases his hopes and dreams out there with Puck…only to let out a groan of pure frustration when the kitten zooms right by the couch, not even looking to Faith, in order to play with one of the brightly covered toys in the room for him. Running his hand down the side of his face, Ivan leans against the wall, recognizing that this is going to be a lot harder than it originally sounded. "Oh, Jesus Christ…"

Considering his next option, he creeps around the room, looking for inspiration. It hits him when he looks at Puck's toy. And so, he moves towards the kitten, snatching up the soft object, and then gently lobbing it over to the couch, on the path to hitting Faith's forehead.

This is certainly the most romantic moment anyone could ever ask for; being beamed in the head with a lobbed cat toy whilst asleep on a couch. Oh, it doesn't get any better than this. As soon as the toy strikes home she jumps, all but screaming. He may have noticed through the months that Faith doesn't scream much when startled. In fact, she really only screamed during two of her attacks, and that's about it. As she begins to sit up to figure out what in the heck is attacking her, a little kitten body slams into her chest, knocking the still sleepy woman back.

"What the hell?" There's no anger to her tone but she certainly seems to have been caught off guard. She's suffering from a moment of confusion, an expression he's likely seen in her many times due to her many episodes. Yet this moment ends the moment she hears the content purrs coming from atop her. "I bet I know who is behind this," she murmurs as she spots the toy that shares the couch with them. All the same she pets the kitten on the head, not having seen what's attached to him just yet due to his positioning. "And I bet I know how much he would love to have the same thing happen to him tonight."

It's for a good cause! Really! And…it's kind of funny. Ivan can't help but grin when she's so clearly startled. But he manages to stay in the background just out of her sight, watching her with much anticipation. Just waiting…waiting for the moment…just seems to be so bloody far off - damn that cat for not understanding English!

Puck was going to protest being handled, as all he wants is his trinket, but when the petting was added his resolve for his belongings dies away. Instead, the kitten lets out a deep purr, indulging in the loving strokes from Faith's hand. And then, even proceeds to rub its fluffy little body against her side, loving. Except, the rubbing isn't as smooth as it should be…there's something hard, cold, and pointy at the kitten's stomach…

This sort of moment is one that she's grown rather accustomed to. There have been many times where the two of them have fallen asleep on the couch together. This time, just as she anticipates returning to her slumber, something hard rubs against her. Again she doesn't cry out at the sudden feeling but she does wrinkle her forehead. "What have you gotten into this time? If it's anything of Ivan's, I'll hide it just like I do anything else you ruin."

Looks like she has no idea that he's around to hear that.

Eventually Faith sits up, disturbing the happy rubbings of their little kitty. Against his will or not, she picks him up to examine him, wondering what new evidence will need to disappear today. Only what she finds is far from what she is expecting. The sight of it registers but she seems unable to properly react to it. This leaves poor Puck held up in the air as his owner stares at him, pretty much ignoring any cries or pleas for her to just put him down.

…Suddenly, the disappearance of Ivan's favorite pen makes sense. Listening in to her conversation with the kitten, Ivan frowns as he stands a bit straighter, heading into the room with a glance at the kitten. But seeing as little Puck completed his mission? Ivan supposes he can forgive him. He's moving, then. Approaching the couch from behind, Ivan slides his hands onto Faith's slight shoulders, firm and familiar. "Pretty girl…" He murmurs in a rather husky tone. "I know. That we've already been through this and all. But…I want to hear you say it again. I want to do this right." His lips are so close to her ear that his breath ghosts against her skin. "Will you marry me?"

Puck didn't mind being held up…at first. But when the moment drags on, the kitten begins to squirm and meow in protest, clearly wanting to be set down. His black fur acts as a perfect background for the newly purchased ring. The silver is clear, shining brightly. The diamonds that surround the main attraction, a deep saphire rock, all glint with crystal clear clarity, making for a rather impressive sight.

This is not something that she's expected. Honestly she was okay with the way things happened, even if it was less than desirable. By this point Rose has already gotten into her mind that there is no ring yet and that the wedding is far off. None of it actually matters to her, though. All that matters is the title and what goes behind it. It's because of their new status that she's been trying to tell him about Tripp but it just never is a good time for such a conversation. Now certainly is not a good time.

It takes Puck's struggles to really bring her back to reality. By this time, Faith's cheeks are glowing bright red. Eventually she lowers the kitten back onto her lap, knowing full well to keep a tight grasp on him before he runs off with her new present. Slowly she turns to face her lover, her fianc, her future husband. "I think," she begins slowly after she locates her voice. "That this is the most perfect moment ever." While she is more than happy to accept the way things happened, this is the story that she'll be telling everyone. "And yes. A thousand times yes, I will marry you." Small tears begin to well in her eyes but she doesn't actually cry. All Faith can do is look at the man who is to be her husband and smile like a fool.

God. It feels good to hear that. Every single time. For a brief moment in time, he half jokingly considers finding a new way to propose to her every month or so. He is grinning, broadly, high off of the thrill of the moment, as he stares to his lover, slowly leaning forward. "…Those better be tears of joy. I wont allow the other sort in my household, you know…" Slowly, he brushes his lips against the skin directly beneath her eyes, right on the apples of her glowing cheeks. Reaching over the back of the sofa, he moves to pet Puck in an attempt to calm the little critter. "Thanks, little guy. You did such a good job. Just look at how happy mommy is!"

The moment is just so perfect. How it could get any better than this she will never know. This is why she'll be perfectly content to have the Tripp conversation another day. This is why she's not trying to ruin the days by trying to speak with her sister. Yet now that there's a ring she'll have to, and she will; just not right now. Faith has a family that she plans on spending time with. "No tears of sorrow, I promise." This is said through her grin as she leans to try and be as close to both of her boys as possible. Only then does she make sure that she's holding Puck comfortably, just in that way that he likes it. "Yes, you did very well. Maybe there's hope for training you yet." Not likely, but it sounds good.

"I'm sorry for waking you up," Ivan murmurs to Faith, although he doesn't really sound all that apologetic. After a moment, the man straightens himself up, pulling away from his family in order to traverse area around the couch calmly and then claim his rightful seat right beside them. It's sheepish, the look he gives her. "I was just…excited. I wanted to give it to you, now. To surprise you." Cue a pause, and a rather bashful clearing of his throat. "So…do you like it? The ring? I thought it'd fit you, but if not that's completely fine - we can return it to the store and get you a new one, together."

The apology actually prompts laughter. "If you woke me up just to squirt me with a hose or throw a water balloon at me? Then you'd need to be sorry. Do -not- be sorry for this." This is one of those moments that he could track mud into the house and still be forgiven. Once he rejoins her she finds herself staring before shaking her head. "Oh, no. There's no returning it. That's not how it works." Even as she says that she retrieves the ring from the kitten and then allows him his freedom to go where he pleases. The small circular piece of jewelry is then held up and expected. "I never really thought about what I wanted in a wedding ring, honestly." Perhaps not the answer he's most expecting. "But you did better than I probably even would. This isn't some flashy piece of something or other that just shows someone paid a lot of money. This actually shows that purchased it based off of what I like." Faith finds herself to be blushing again. "It's absolutely beautiful. I won't let you have it back, no matter what."

"Oh, man. I wish I had a camera, to take a picture of your expression now…" It's one part a tease about her blush…but most parts, honest appreciation. Ivan loves the fact that he still can make her turn red. Scooting a bit closer, Ivan licks his lips in a thoughtful fashion, before moving slowly in an attempt to retrieve the ring from her. "Give me your hand, Faith?" Beat. "You're absolutely beautiful. I won't let you give it back, no matter what. Because…guess what? You're stuck with me."

At first she doesn't quite catch on to what he says but then she giggles. Yes, Faith Tyler giggles. "No cameras, please. You know how I hate those." Despite her words she's unusually upbeat. Hopefully no one can blame her. Maybe, just maybe Ivan will escape having the cat jump on him this evening. "I, hey!" This is said as soon as he snatches the ring, but she quickly calms and offers him her hand. If it means that she gets to wear it, she's not going to back away from it. "There's no one else I'd rather be stuck with, trust me. You -know- you didn't have to actually get me a ring, right?" They did just buy a house, after all.

"Fine. Then I'll just have to commission my sister to paint you while you blush when she gets back from depravity. It must be immortalized." Really, now he's just giving her a hard time. Just with the hopes of hearing her prolong her giggling. When offered the hand, Ivan beams. Slowly, he moves to slide the silver bad onto her ring finger, elated to find that it fits rather perfectly. However, the look he shoots her when she protests that he didn't need to get it is disapproving. "Hn," he grunts, lowering his head to brush a kiss on the back of the hand that he has just slide the ring on. "Are you kidding me? Of course I needed to get you a ring. Faith, you deserve the very best. You deserve everything, and more. And providing for you? That's what I want to dedicate my life to. I like to spoil you rotten. And…this is something I always planned on doing."

The mention of his sister actually sobers the moment slightly. As far as Faith is aware, he hasn't said a thing to Scarlett and she's still scared to death of what the reaction will be. This also brings up what Hope's reaction is going to be. Unwilling to allow the moment to fade like that, though, Faith just giggles again without making a comment about either sibling. "Well, I love that you feel that way, and that you got it. Like I said, you're not getting it back. I'll wear it with all the love that I have for you." That's part of what the ring is supposed to symbolize, at the very least. Instead of dragging out the sappy comments, however, Faith turns to Ivan and kisses him on the lips. It isn't just a fleeting butterfly kiss, either. It's one that is quite passionate as that is exactly how she feels at the moment.

Ivan has been so busy planning and plotting and buying the engagement ring that Ivan's forgotten to mention that, yes, he's let his twin know at the very least. And that surprisingly? She was very supportive and happy for them. The way her expression falls slightly? Well, that reminds him. "Oh! I'm sorry, maybe I should have told you before I said anything, but-…" He is cut off. Completely, but a pair of very soft lips that press against his own. And just like that, Faith has successfully managed to wipe his mind clear of any and all thoughts as he practically melts into her, lifting a hand to cup her cheek and keep her close as he builds up the passion to reciprocate the kiss as good as she gives.

There's likely a bunch of things that he's forgotten to tell her, right down to his conversation with Hope. Such things are likely best to not just splurt out, though she'll need to know soon. For his own benefit. Right now it doesn't matter. Right now all that matters is that there is a magical moment happening on the couch, one that will always be remembered. Faith doesn't just kiss and pull away, returning to her book and perhaps her slumber. No, she instead continues the kiss, thankfully glad for the fact that Puck has since decided to relocate to play as a reward for his good doings. The kiss lasts for at least as long as she can last without needing to come up for air yet the closeness doesn't end.

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