Unpleasant Conversations

Bean Scene Cafe

Bean Scene is a small coffee shop and cafe that caters primarily to a younger crowd. The cafe has always been at least a year late in joining any given fad, and in the past it's been done in western-style, set up as a beatnik hangout, a go-go disco, a fern bar, and once even attempted to cash in on breakdancing. A plaque has recently been placed above the door, and says, "No fad is dead until it appears to Bean Scene".
Case in point, the cafe has a grungy feel to it.A grey brick facade has been placed over the walls, the flooring looking more like a worn down metal grid, complete with old sewer grates every few feet. Tables and chairs set about the cafe are quite casual in appearance, made of metal meant to look rusty and splattered with multi-colored paints. Metal street signs hang from the wall amid images of garage bands. Behind the counter is a black chalkboard displaying the available items and costs.

With the sunset just over an hour gone on a Monday evening, this means that the Bean Scene is beginning to see a change in custom, those heading to evenings out have become more common than those heading home from work, then of course there are the fangbangers, it's a rarely thought of point that most fangbangers need to function long hours, coffee it would seem is their friend, yet the place is still somewhat quiet, there's no queue to speak of although a number of tables are taken. Michael for his part is making no effort to hide the fact that he's a vampire anymore he sits quietly in his booth his attention seemingly on the centre of his table, he shows no signs of life at all as he listens to the sounds of the coffee shop, easily able to overhear even the quietest of conversations in the place, although few people seem to realise this, even if they do recognise Michael as a vampire.

Vampires are a bane of her existence and the very reason that she's out this evening. They're the reason that she's out every evening and she honestly doesn't care if anyone notices. Looking every bit a woman on her way to the gym Quinn enters the Bean Scene. She's wearing slightly poofy track pants that do well to hide the injury on her thigh. Her top is nothing more than a razor back sport's tank top. With her hair tied back and a duffle back at her shoulder she is ready to right wrongs and triumph over evil after a nice strong cup of coffee. So fixed on this coffee she is that she doesn't immediately notice the vampire sitting not all that far away from her. If she did, things would likely start out much differently.

It's surprising how many people don't notice Michael, at least when he's not looking for attention, yet this is the fangbanger crowd, and Michael's got a reputation, for one he's become known as something of a challenge, he doesn't feed of fangbanger, and for another he's known to be /old/ what does this mean… Michael's soon noticed by a couple of them in line for coffee, their coffee's forgotten as they see their chance to pounce on Michael before anyone else spots him, they're soon sitting at his table without invitation and making it even more obvious as to what it is. Michael seems not to notice them at first, but a few quiet words are spoken to the girls and before long they're both storming out of the cafe obviously less than happy. It's just possible that if one were observant, and looking at him at just the right moment they'd catch a flicker of amusement cross Michael's features.

The line suddenly grows shorter which is a good thing but it also catches the attention of the hunter within it. One doesn't learn to survive without picking up on things in their immediate environment. So her attention goes to the direction of the table before she openly rolls her eyes. "Pathetic." It's not said overly loud; most likely the only ones to even hear her would be those with excelled hearing in the first place. Luckily for her she soon is retrieving her coffee and is only too happy to be doing so. When turning to leave Quinn keeps an eye on his table and that's when she notices the brief departure and perchance Michael's smirk. He is one of them, however, so she doesn't smirk back. "Can't say as I feel bad for them," she mumbles as she moves to find a seat. The task is more daunting than one might believe since it appears the tables are all full.

Michael motions to the seat across from him. "Oh, neither do I. I don't like to feed from those so… desperately needy." He shrugs a shoulder. "In this day and age I have to wonder why my kind concern themselves with feeding on humans… well most of the time." Yes he's gone from stoic and frankly statuesque to fairly warm and social in the blink of the eye. Unfortunately for the both Vampire and hunter it seems likely that he's the only person offering a seat to Quinn.

The creature is speaking to her. This is not something that pleases her, not in the least bit. Quinn just stares at Michael as if he had a hole in his head, for what could be considered the longest time. Walking out would likely be her best option here but this could also be an opportunity. Information gathering is also a part of hunting. Never once does the hunter pull her eyes away from the evil creature as she sits; her expression far from the warmth he seems to exude. "If for no other reason, there's always the fact that it's fun." Now the accusations fly.

Someone who openly dislikes him is a strangely rare find, Jesse was the last and quite frankly he was far too blunt about, no this is much more fun. "Really? I'll admit that True Blood doesn't have the best taste, but it's certainly easier… I never found indiscriminate feeding much fun anyway. No better to keep feeding an intimate affair, one that can be enjoyed by both parties." He shrugs. "Still like I say, these days it's so much easier to get a bottle, most of the time." He looks at Quinn, his own expression becoming just a little less warm. "I wonder… are you a Child of the Sun? You look at me with the same expression as one, but you've yet to curse me before God and point a cross at me."

His musings really aren't all that interesting to her because she doesn't believe a single word that he says. "Yes. Keep it intimate so you can trick them into coming back for more, or end their lives when they truly least expect it." This is a woman who never hides how she feels, and usually she hates the world. Michael just happens to be high on her list of things to hate. "A what?" It actually takes a moment to register before Quinn scoffs. "My sanity may be in question some days but I'm not one of those freaks. If I ever decide to become a hypocrite then I'll certain consider a membership." The coffee is remembered then and so she drinks, her eyes still remaining locked on him. "Although if you'd prefer, I could point a stake at you instead."

Shrugging Michael really is enjoying himself, even if he doesn't let it show. "And why would I want to kill anyone? Or even trick them into coming back when I'm literally turning away willing donors?" He smiles at the description Fellowship. "Glad to see we'll agree on something, I don't mind the crosses, it's more the cursing me to God.. I've never much liked the idea that they feel qualified to dictate His will, after all my years as a Christian the fact that I don't know His will is the only thing I'm certain of." His smile becomes a frown at the mention of a stake. "Oh no… I don't think that would be a very good idea."

"Because you're a bloody vampire. It's what you do." The response is all too quick to escape the Niveus but she cares little for that. "And don't try feeding me the 'But I'm different' bullshit. I don't really care." It may be obvious why Quinn doesn't have any friends. Her coffee is placed on the table as the faintest smirk appears. "Afraid?" He doesn't seem to be afraid but then again neither is she. "And don't confuse me as someone who actually cares. Hell, I'm not even Christian, so I wouldn't curse you to God. I would just curse you." Perhaps there's a reason why she has a lovely gash on her thigh.

Shrugging Michael laughs. "I'm not different, but I am smart enough to know that killing for no reason's stupid, why would I waste my time killing people? I just have to wait eighty years and you do it yourself." He looks at Quinn, his features still surprisingly warm. "You see what you want, you see killers and monsters because that's what you choose to see. Maybe you did meet one of our less social number… but then I have seen what humans do to each other… really the simple truth is we're all as bad as each other… vampires just have the distinction that they don't need to kill an animal to eat it."

He's speaking but she isn't listening, at least not to the actual meaning behind the words. "Up until a few years ago the world believed your kind to be mere creatures of myth, aside from those of us that truly knew of your existence." Of us? Quinn isn't elaborating but she doesn't appear to be new to her feelings towards vampires. "There are many creatures in mythology that could be argued were simply misunderstood. This doesn't change the fact that they've killed. I have no sympathy, just as I have no sympathy for humans who do wrong. The only difference is that there aren't any laws against protecting my kind from yours."

Michael smiles. "Ah, but what about those vampires who haven't killed? They exist you know… not many, but they do exist? The simple fact is that you're supposing a moral absolute… I've yet to see one, given the right conditions I don't know a single human who wouldn't kill." He considers Quinn with a shrug. "Still I take it that as diverting as this conversation is, it's going to do little to change your mind. A shame I suppose."

"That's because you aren't looking hard enough, either. I have met my fair share of humans that wouldn't kill. I believe them to be weak, but to each their own." The coffee cup is picked up once more as Quinn drinks from it for quite some time. Apparently she needs it to have a conversation with a vampire. "Show me that I'm wrong and I'll consider changing my mind, but in the years that I've been out and about I have not met one that has caused me to have sympathy." Sympathy isn't something that is easy to earn from Quinn as it is. "In fact, I likely could produce to you one person who could speak on my behalf due to experience alone."

Shaking his head Michael smiles. "Very few humans are above killing if the price is enough… it's the nature of humanity I'm afraid." He shrugs. "Ah, but that's the argument exactly; you're saying I need speak on behalf of all vampires, that's impossible there are vampires who are the monsters you think them to be. I am simply speaking on behalf of myself, and others like me. I don't kill unless it's in defense of myself, or those I care for, I don't feed, unless it's upon those willing, and even then only very rarely. I could show you people I've helped, people who would speak on my behalf, but the simple fact is you believe me to be a cold-blooded killer… I fail to see the proof. I have no need to kill, and even less desire."

Drained of the coffee within the cup is actually crushed in her hands as he speaks. This isn't an act of aggression but very well may come across as such. "So I'm just to start asking every one of you I come into contact with about this? Usually when I'm around your kind it's because they're attacking someone. I do not apologize for my jaded views as they have their own backing." Strong willed and hot headed, Quinn is not one to back down. She's not likable in the least bit, either. "Next time I have one attempting to rip my leg off I'll make sure that I pause long enough to give reflection upon your words." This said dryly she stands. At first she favors her good leg but it is quickly corrected. "Actions speak louder than words, Vampire. That is how true distrust is formed."

Nodding Michael chuckles. "Ah, that is it exactly you understand. Have my actions given you reason to distrust me any more than anyone else here? Or do you simply do so because the actions of others of my kind have led to mistrust? I'm sure that I've proven through my actions here that I'm a heartless killer? Perhaps the way I was looking at the table?" He shrugs a shoulder. "I recently stopped five men from grabbing a woman coming home from her shopping, they were going to take her into the back of a van and no doubt do things not to be thought of, should I expect that from all humans? No I think I shall take each person as I find them thank you." He nods his head in a surprisingly respectful fashion. "It has been a most interesting discussion."

"Well, now, don't you just deserve a medal?" It's a smart response but she literally has no patience for him. "You've also not proven that you should be labeled differently than any others. All I've seen is you upset a few girls. Being bitten a few too many times leads me to need to see something decent of you before I even begin to believe you. You could be lying for all I know." Or care. Quinn throws her empty and crushed up into a waste receptacle before nodding in his direction. "Let us both hope that we do not meet outside of this place, Vampire, for if we do I can't promise that I'll play nice." With duffle bag in hand, the hunter then makes for the door.

Laughing Michael nods. "So, then you are the heartless killer. Because you won't find me doing anything worthy of your… hobby. I'm happy to let you go your way, but if you choose that you're not… I will at least make it quick." He shrugs he looks less than happy at that. "I do enjoy meeting an open mind." He motions to one of the staff. "John, you wouldn't mind heating up one of my True Bloods would you?" He removes the money for a coffee as he rises and heads for the counter.

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