Strangers in the Park

Kidd Spring Park

The remnants of the dense forestry are located in here, as paths lead from the woods to the more entertaining features of the park. A jungle gym, complete with a small clubhouse and slides make up a play area designated for children, as do a few sandboxes. A community rec center can also be found in the park.
Separating the trees from the busier points of the park is small lake. During the summer months, a life guard can be found on duty so swimming is allowed, and there is also a small dock from which paddle boats and kayaks are available for rent.

It's still fairly early in the evening, the sun however has been down long enough that Michael's had time to drink a couple of bottles of TrueBlood and decided to take a walk, he's found his way to the Kidd Spring Park. The parks quiet, few people are walking the path, and of course there are patches of various darkness. For whatever reason Michael's standing by the side of the path facing the river he seems simply to be staring into the distance, his arms tucked behind his back. He's not moving. At all. He's perfectly silent, and since he's wearing grey he's easily missed until one is right upon him, besides the fact that he could be a statue the blank expression on his face, and slightly pale colour give him away as a vampire by anyone even remotely familiar with the undead.

Take two on a quiet night out that might possibly end in her drowning herself. It's a bit melodramatic, sure, but she knows exactly what sort of position she's gotten herself into. With this being the case, Katherine walks through the park, her head down and her arms crossed in front of chest. The smallest noises cause her to jump and investigate until eventually she continues on her way. Due to Michael's silence she is unaware of his presence and walks directly past him while on route to the edge of the water. No matter what is actually on her mind, the young woman appears to be either currently upset or the product of abuse.

Michael's a natural predator, he knows the signs of a nervous young woman… fortunately he's not a bad guy, so as soon as he spots a young woman looking like she may be in trouble he seems to come to life, still moving silently he takes a step onto the path his voice the only sound from the ancient vampire. "Is everything ok?" His tone hints at no more emotion than his features.

Suddenly there is a voice from seemingly out of nowhere and she can't help but to shriek. It may be summer in Texas but Katie is wearing a pull over hoodie and she nearly pulls herself completely inside of it in response to someone being near to her. Having had far too much exposure to vampires in the past she recognizes him for what he is, if only because of his silence. "I I didn't do anything, I swear." Clearly he was sent by Vanessa. "You can tell her that, too." Despite her fear, she doesn't actually seem to be afraid of Michael.

Michael smiles faintly as he moves up next to the woman, his words coming in a quiet patitent tone, it's going to be one of those converstations it seems. "I don't know who you mean by 'her'. And I didn't think you'd done anything." He frowns a little, he actually manages to look compassionate, he's interested after all. "Why don't we begin again? Good Evening, I'm Michael Isonzo, how are you this fine evening?"

"You don't? You didn't?" It doesn't need to be explained in detail, however, as she immediately calms some upon hearing this. She still keeps herself bundled up tightly and still looks like she's a scared little field mouse. Her voice is soft as well, reserved. Broken. "Good Evening, Sir." Even though she's speaking with him, Katherine keeps her eyes dedicated to her feet. "I'm okay. How are you, Sir?"

Bowing his head a little Michael wears a calm, and surprisingly warm smile. "I don't know… that depends on what don't and didn't you mean." He shrugs ashoulder. "I was just taking a break from my walk to enjoy the scenery, it's a beautiful night for it." He shrugs. "I didn't mean to startle you, but you seemed… troubled."

His response would almost bring a smile to her face if it wasn't for the current condition that she's in. "It's nothing, really." She's clearly lying but is attempting to move past that subject. "No, it's fine. I shouldn't have made any noise. If anyone investigates I'll just tell them that I tripped." Katie's eyes are still fixed to the ground. She's uncomfortable around him but not because he's a vampire. "I don't know what you're talking about, Sir. I'm just me. I'm ruining your time out, though. I should probably be going."

"My dear, I really don't like being lied to." Michael's tone's still calm, he drops his voice a little. "I've got good at telling when people are lying, if there's something you'd rather not tell me then just say so, but I can assure you, it's generally best to talk to someone." He frowns a little. "Don't worry about the shriek it was /my/ fault." He frowns a little his tone becoming a little more light hearted. "I seem to get shrieks from people more often than you might think…. I might have to start wondering why."

Immediately she shakes her head at the notion of speaking to him. "I'm sorry, Sir, I really am. It's nothing, really. I can't tell you, but it's okay." The way she appears isn't as someone who's hiding a great crime, but rather a battered wife who is making excuses for her abusive husband. It all makes her pull the hoodie tighter, as if protecting her torso from some unseen predator. "I don't see why. It's not like you're all that alarming or upsetting." Ironic words coming from Katherine considering how she just reacted to him. "I can tell them for you, that you're okay."

Nodding Michael changes pace again, still taking on the attitude of the friendly older man, he shrugs a shoulder. "Well if you'd rather not talk about it then that's your choice." He takes a look around. "But at least let me walk with you a way? I was going in roughly the same direction, and the parks not the safest place for a young woman to be walking alone after dark." He smiles a little. "We can speak of other matters, whatever makes you comfortable?"

"It's not safe to talk about it." For a brief moment it would appear that she's going to try and open up, but instead Katherine shakes her head and lets the issue go. "This place isn't so bad." This is said as she looks around. Only once or twice does she dare to even look at him, and when she does she immediately looks away. "Besides, I don't think anyone would even notice if something did happen." Somehow she's comfortable with this situation. "I don't want to put you out, Sir. You already said that you don't like liars. I'd just be bad company."

Shrugging Michael laughs. "Then don't lie to me, you simply tell me you don't want to answer a question and I'll be happy to let you drop the issue." He shrugs. "I was just taking a walk anyway, a walk's always better with company." He offers an arm in a very old-fashioned manner. "And I happen to think you've been perfectly fine company so far."

This does cause her to look at him, as if she's been called out on something that she shouldn't be. "But I wasn't lying. It really isn't safe." Immediately she looks in the direction of the water. Katie shifts away from the arm that is offered even though it isn't all that close to her. She remains content to hold on to herself. "If you'd like, Sir." Ever the obedient dog, this young woman is. "I'm not exactly sure what you'd like for me to talk about, though. Talking about how the moon and the stars looks must get old."

Shrugging Michael smiles. "Most things get old if you live long enough, it's… opinions that keep the conversation fresh I find." He looks up at the sky for a moment, and sighs, despite the fact that it's a clear night. "You can't see the stars like you used to, not in the cities… too much electronic light. When I was a boy the sky seemed brighter." He shrugs with a grin. "I never said that you were lying, but you did lie before… you mentioned that I don't like liars… so my suggestion is don't lie, just tell me you don't want to talk about it." He takes a look around before studying Katherine again. "My dear, I can assure you that there are very few people who I consider dangerous, but if you think it would put you in danger then we can talk about whatever you want to."

The topic change is actually good for her as it gets her talking about something other than her fears. "I used to work on a farm during the summers when I was younger. Out there? You could see the sky for miles and miles. I've never seen it lit up like that since." The memory brings the tiniest smile to the otherwise troubled youth. "I think that's why I like it here. It's not the same, but better than in the city." Again Katherine adjusts, pulling her clothing close to her. When he mentions that he doesn't consider many to be dangerous she basically whimpers. "Then I'm not as brave as you, Sir. Then again, I really couldn't defend myself if I wanted to."

Nodding Michael smiles. "Then we'll speak of other matters…" He nods slowly. "I used to own several farms, but mostly I spent my time in the stables… I remember I used to watch the stars in the sky and wonder what they were… when I was young we didn't know that they were burning balls of gas." He smiles. "It's strange how much more we seem to know today. We understand the magic in the world and start calling it science… as though that stops it from being magic." He smiles. "And please call me Michael."

"I don't know if I can do that, Sir. Are you sure?" This is where she should actually offer her name to him. It takes a pause, almost as if she has to consider the name to give. "My name is Katherine. Katie." With that moment of awkwardness out of the way she goes back to daydreaming about the stars in the sky and her time on the farm. "I used to do that, too, at night. Sneak out and enjoy time in the barn. I actually met someone like that. At the time I didn't understand what he was doing." That was so many years ago, it seems like. An eternity ago. "How long has it been since you were educated on the ways of the world? It must be so different now. I wonder if I'd prefer not knowing all that I know, though. Believing in magic would be nice."

"I'm constantly being eductated on the ways of the world… but since I was young? A very, very long time. I'm more than a thousand years old." He smiles. "Yes, the world changes, a strange thing to think over." He laughs. "Katherine, there's magic in the world… the whole world's held together by magic." He smiles almost mysteriously. "They say that 'Magic is simply science we don't understand', but I think the world would be a much more interesting place if we looked at it the other way around… Science is simply Magic we've learnt to understand." He shrugs. "I see it in little things each day."

The true age of Michael doesn't seem to bother her at all. It may be a comfort, just in case a certain someone does happen to find her any time soon. "It really does?" For the first time in forever Katie actually lights up, pulling her gaze from the ground up to the sky. "Like real magic, and not just things we don't understand?" And amazing concept, to be sure. "Learning about advances in science and medication can be beneficial, but it does seem to take the wonder out of things. All the same, imagine where we'd be without penicillin, for example. So many creatures benefit from science, but magic? That's something that I don't think people think about anymore."

Shrugging Michael laughs as they reach the edge of the park. "I travel in a metal box that moves because I put a black oil in it. I may be able to explain /why/, but that's not less wonderous for it, nor any less magical. I have in my pocket another small box that will, if I insert the right numbers, allow me to speak to someone else with a similar box anywhere in the world… I could go on. The world is full of magic, most people just don't see it as such." He shrugs with a wide grin. "My advice to you is look for the magic in this world and you'll find it easily enough." He bows his head. "I am however afraid that this is where we must part ways." He smiles brightly removing a card from his pocket. "If you ever wish to call me that is my number… I would be happy to talk again about anything that you might wish."

It's a trick! The card is eyed carefully before she slowly reaches out for it. Once it's in her hands she pulls it back toward her quickly, just in case. "I usually look to nature for that, but I can try looking at different things." It's sound advice, she knows, but it's just so hard to be the person that she used to be. Taking a few steps away from Michael she nods. "Thank you, Sir. Michael. For not trying to kill me." With that said she immediately turns away and begins to walk, leaving no real time for further conversation.

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