A Familiar Face

Glencoe Park

Glencoe Park isn't the largest in the area, but it's still fairly sizable. The grass is in a perpetually well-trimmed state, shining a healthy green year round. Near the southern entrance to the park is a playground cluster filled with swings, a merry-go-round, seesaws, huge forts, and a jungle-gym. Not too far from the playground are fields for both rugby and softball, enclosed by wire fences so that children don't run haphazardly onto the fields. Further into the park is a walking path through a small forested area.

A star-filled sky decorates the city, shining down tiny beacons of light onto the forested area of Glencoe Park. Within its depths, the remnants of a small SCA event are just clearing out. Not a full fledged faire event, rather just a small group of campers that enjoyed the weekend of feasting and a small archery competition.

Lady Elysia (a.k.a Alexa Whyte) is among the few in the woods, striking down a rather large tent and boxing up some supplies from the apothecary shop that her mother usually has on hand. This evening, she's dressed in a rather simplistic costume: a white muslin underdress with an emerald green overdress and bodice.



Few and far between in 'these times', much less something that might accurately copy something borne in the past. Marius walks the paths of the closing 'event', most of the vendors having packed their wares and wandered off for post-revels. The one in whom the vampire has the most interest has passed over a business card and a promise to show off his wares and potentially take orders should that be the case.

Request in and research promised for chalices and lanterns dating back to the 15th century(!), the veteran is more than happy with the potentials there. Perhaps it won't be completed until after the Grand Opening, but it will sit upon her table.

Now, there is little that Marius needs to do, other than watch the city and the comings and goings of her denizens before he goes south for that final— or no.. Koreatown tonight.

The figure that works to strike camp is noticed, like the others, only.. he stops, and for the vampire, stares. Steeling his expression with a little effort due to the vision before him, Marius takes a step in her direction, stops.. and repeats.

A breather.. but there is something familiar? Something that forms a shadow from the past, yet in not seeing her face, there is little that he can do to actually identify that feeling.


As she strikes the final peg of the tent and watches it fold in on itself, Alexa shudders. There is something about the night that makes her think of the poltergeist that lingers ever near. The fear coursing through her causes her heart to beat a little more rapidly, the blood pumping more strongly through her veins.

The sound of a booth being taken apart not far off causes her to jump and spin around swiftly. All to ensure that the poltergeist is not causing mischief for the others. When there appears to be no floating bottles or pieces of wood dancing in the tree line, she exhales a slow, nervous giggle. "Just my imagination," she mutters at herself.

After this, she catches sight of someone staring at her. Cluing in that he may have been interested in the apothecary shop, she smiles. "Good eve, m'lord," she says. "Unfortunately the apothecary has retired for the evening, but should you be interested in her wares I can provide you with her information."


Her speech?

Marius is puzzled in its cadence, and even moreso with her face. It's..

No, this is a breather, a little lamb to the slaughter. Even so, there comes a response, his words accented with his native German. "I am no Lord," a capital added within his tones.

"An apothocary?" It is easy to slide back into his impassive, neutral expression, but there is information to be gained here. "I would have your name?" While he certainly has little need for oils and unguents, there is always the potential of someone needing.. something in the future.

"What have you for vampires.. for ill or good?"


There will come no argument from Alexa. Should the man not wish to be called a Lord, she can easily forgo calling him that. Brushing her hair over her shoulders, she moves to the last of the boxes. Two items are extracted, garlic and mustard seed. "On hand these are the only two items that we have that could be made into a tincture. Both purported to repel vampires, though I cannot confirm the veracity of that."

Carefully, the jars are replaced in the box and the flaps closed. "To aid them? I would have to consult the apothecary herself, being but a lowly apprentice."


"An apothecary's apprentice," is repeated slowly, "and your Mistress is not about."

Marius eyes the ingredients and nods his acknowlegement, "So they say." If he finds either of the items particularly onerous, there is no word spoken of it. Instead, "You have heard of nothing that would aid, only hinder?" Shame, really.

Of course, this was a whim and nothing more; something that brings him in closer so he can study the young child's face, fair for a breather it may be, and listen to the voice. There is something.. not exactly right that allows for that complete overlay to occur. Still, it's very, very close.. other than one being a Lady and the other.. under tutelage, to be at the potential beck and call of witches.


"There is something that compels me to speak— you have the face of a Lady I served," if she didn't know he's a vampire, she probably does now. "She has departed, yet you have her form."


"My training is as of yet incomplete," Lady Elysia laments. "Should I hear of anything that would aid, beyond the usual herbs such as borage which promotes strength and courage, I shall let you know." Making every overture to half-bow, half-curtsey at him, she smiles. "Should you hear of any that may do such, I would like to hear of it as well." Her mother would love that, really.

The knowledge that he is a vampire doesn't hardly register. After all, this is an SCA event, and it's not rare for such language. "The face of a Lady you served? May I have the pleasure of knowing her name?" She may be able to help him if she were to know who it was. "I do not know how that is possible, good sir, though there are plenty of tales of dopplegangers…" It takes her a few more minutes to realize what he is.

When she does she looks at him with some scrutiny. "Perhaps I am a descendant?"


"There are none who shall know her name," Marius is still uncertain as to exactly how Ysolde met her demise, nor had he ever heard of any difficulties while at court. Still, the name of the Lady remains with him. "Suffice it to say that you are her very likeness, and there will be some that will look at you a second time."

As for being a descendant? It's not something that has really occured to him for any vampire, truth be told. He'd heard tell of some that still visit their lines, but…

"I know not. If she had any progeny, I am unaware."


The conversation is a little disturbing in one sense. She is said to look like someone who may be long dead, or may still be unliving for that matter. Alexa continues to scrutinize the man, yet as she does she works on breathing techniques to keep her emotions masked and to keep the poltergeist from causing issues.

This fails quite wonderfully when he mentions others may recognize the likeness. Though unaware of it, two or three smaller jars rise up from one of the boxes, hovering just above it.

"Please accept my apologies for being of little help to you this eve." Her eye catches sight of one of the jars and reaches out to grab it. Horehound. "Take this as a token of my apologies. Should you mix it with your synthetic blood and heat it up it is said to protect against spells and sorcery…"


The objects that take flight takes the vampire aback. Not something he sees on a regular basis, certainly. If anything, something like this would be the work of a witch or warlock in defense, and in the many battles, in the times when his boots marked bloody footprints in great halls, he's never seen it.

Marius steels himself, however, his expression turning from the slightly animated to the deathly.. neutral. She seems.. nonplussed by everything, however.

"What is such sorcery?" While raised within the tenents of the Holy Catholic Church, he'd turned his back on it when he left home.. and assumed himself damned when he cheated death.. like the mortal's Savior. Still, there is only so much that he can draw from before he relies upon his earlier days for reference. "What—

"Horehound?" Reaching to take it from the lamb's grasp, he looks.. interested, and allows his expression to shift to a shadow of such. "It does?"


"Oh, please! Please do not run off. It is…" Alexa is in a near panic now which is causing more bottles to lift from the boxes. "Stop," she whispers to the air. "You must stop. There are too many people around and you will upset mama if we have to move again." Once more the breathing techniques are utilized. With each calming breath, the jars lower rather than smash into the trees.

An extremely apologetic look is given to the vampire. "It is a poltergeist," she says, voice sounding perhaps a little haunted in and of itself. "It will not leave me alone." The calmer she gets, the less chance the bottles are going to fly past his head and create a ruckus.

"Horehound. It protects against sorcery, and it also increases mental clarity and strength."


It really is a matter of retreat or fight the unknown. There isn't any other option in play for the veteran. Still, Marius simply can't sense anything, any presence. Not by sight, smell, sound.. there is nothing that would begin to point to something causing such disruption.


Marius' gaze lingers in the place where the jars begin to settle, and stepping forward, he looks around, searching for.. anything.

"It protects.." His tones are distracted, but soon comes back to himself, "I will accept the gift," which is now held in hand. Studying the jar in which it is kept, Marius sniffs it (as if he can tell what it is?) before lowering it.

"By what name are you called, lamb?"


Thankfully, the vampire does not run off due to the poltergeist, though she would not have blamed him had he chosen to retreat fully. Alexa works at securing the box lids even as she nods. "A poltergeist, an annoying spirit. We have been trying to rid ourselves of it my entire life." It protects? Is that what he just said? "Perhaps that is its intent, though it is more a nuisance than anything."

Slow on the uptake once more, Alexa realizes he is meaning the hellbore, not her nuisance of a poltergeist. "For the purpose of the apothecary, I am known as Lady Elysia, though the event is now over you may have my true name." Glancing at him, she clearly states, "Alexa Whyte."


"Claiming nobility where there is none…" Marius' tones turn a shade darker. But, this is a vessel that apparently is playing at royal games, as a child would wield a wooden stick and play at soldiering, or dreaming of serving a knight. "… is difficult to be forgiven. It is presumption born of the desire to be like one's betters."

The vampire is all too aware of it; one can dress him up in finery, but it is more than that that makes a noble.. a king.. a sheriff. (None of whom has he ever wished to be.)

"Alexa Whyte," not Ysolde, by any stretch. Not in personality, in deed, but only in face and form. "I am called Marius. I would know more of such things like this," and he holds up the jar given. "Ask your Mistress what other things may hold use for me."

The 'event' is truly breaking down, and there is a small group of people walking the park, still in 'garb', getting themselves pre-tanked for the post-revel. "I will find you once again."

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