Here Come the Brides

Cornett Residence

This house has been sectioned off into two living spaces, separated by floor as opposed to wall throughout the middle. The first floor has been reserved for a renter while the second floor has been claimed by the owner of the duplex. The living space is large and spacious, perfect for a summer's day when the windows are open. Much the bachelor pad, it is sparsely decorated. All the basics that are required are there but rarely used and so the area is immaculate. A large living area and kitchen lead to a hallway which contains the doors for the bathroom, master bedroom and guest bedroom. The only difference between the two bedrooms is that the master room contains a computer desk and laptop.

Early afternoon is one of Hope's favorite times. She has no classes, she has no work at the flower shop today, and she's busy in the kitchen. Nothing too exciting is going on, she's just spending her time reading over a cookbook, trying to figure out what she wants to attempt to make for dinner. The least number of ingredients, the better. That way she won't screw it up.

Every so often, she reaches to a cookie jar filled with doggie biscuits, and drops it on the floor to make sure Serenity isn't trying to dig through the door to Mellie's vacant-ish apartment.

Cooking is something she can totally help with, if she's willing to take the help. If not? She'll stand far and clear of the kitchen, just in case. Just as promised, Faith arrives outside the door of the Cornett residence. She knocks loudly as she waits outside, as patiently as she can. Having left immediately, she's still wearing the clothing that she was while working on the house; a pair of decent length shorts and a tank top. Her hair is pulled back and there's a large smudge of green on her cheek where she dabbed off paint without washing it proper. Knock, knock.

Hope doesn't really need help with cooking, really. She can do it, and do it well enough. It's just that simpler things are easier for her. At the knock on the door, she moves toward it leaving the cook book on the counter. Wiping hands on her pretty pink apron that's decorated with a strawberry pattern, she peeks through the spy hole. "Faith, come on i— why do you have paint on your cheek?" This all asked as soon as the door is opened, before she ushers her sister inside.

"There's what?" As Faith steps inside of the home, only for the second time ever, she wipes at her cheek. Nothing comes off as it's the stain from where the paint had been. "Oh. I was finishing a room this morning and accidentally coated Ivan in the process. This was revenge." Her clothes show tiny splotches of paint here and there as well, but nothing all that bad. "You know, last time I was here I was making a hamster delivery. How are they?"

"Alive," Hope says. She would elaborate, but just then the beagle pup comes bolting around the corner with a cute little wuff, and nearly barrels into Faith's legs. "Serenity! That's not proper etiquette!" The puppy then backs up, sits on her haunches and offers out a paw. Looking for a shake. "I can't picture you painting."

It would have been cuter if the pup had ran into her, honestly. What Faith sees before her is not a puppy but a trained militant animal. Slowly she kneels and shakes the paw offered. "So when do you let it act like a puppy?" This is said as a joke, even with a laugh, before she stands again. "It's cute. And painting needs to happen. We had to redo the hardwood floors and do some dry walling as well. After all the work I -just- finished one room today. A bit of a fixer-upper, but that's why we got it so cheap." Only then does she realize what was said and she blinks. "I never minded before, back in the day. This just gives me something to do until school starts."

"Most of the time," Hope admits. "I'm just trying to train her not to jump on people when they come to the door but to act like a little lady. Cute, isn't it?" Reaching into her apron pocket, she pulls out a puppy treat and offers it to Serenity. "Who's a good girl? Go get your stuffy now." And the puppy dashes away toward her toybox in Hope's room so that she can get the stuffed toy to gnaw on.

"House painting though? You never did that before."

The puppy antics are watched and she shakes her head. "Yeah, cute." It is cute! It's also really strict, but Faith doesn't have a puppy to know anything about raising them. "I never thought you'd get a dog, though, but I hear that they make great pets. I might get one eventually, now that I have space for one." The crazy twin laughs nervously at the mention of painting. "Someone has to do it, and Ivan works a lot so I can get a lot done during the day. I went to the library and got all sorts of books on doing home repair. I mean, I never had to do it before so I have to start somewhere."

Better the toys than her chewing on the couch, or eating Bobby's shoes again. "It's not my dog. It's Bobby's. I just sort of… fell in love with it. She's so adorable, how could I not?" The puppy hops up onto the couch and starts to gnaw on the teddy bear. Hope shakes her head a little and sighs. "The one habit I can't seem to break her of. That and pulling when she walks, but she's a beagle and that's her nature." Pause. "Don't you have a kitten? I don't know if a kitten would get along with a puppy very well."

"She is adorable. I don't see why Bobby keeps getting so many pets, though. It's like he's running a zoo here or something." This is said without stopping to consider the current state of his mother, as Faith has only heard a bit about that situation. "But she's still young. I'm sure she'll break the other habits eventually. God, remember when we were kids?" They were good children, to be sure, but they did have their moments. "Puck? I think he could hold his own against anything. I'm fairly certain that he plots Ivan's death at night." This is said with a chuckle.
The house is given a good once over now that she actually has time to do so. The last time she was here she found out her sister had been attacked by a wolf. "So I hate to get to the point, but what's the big deal about September?"

"Then I like your cat better already," Hope teases. She's still a bit angry at Ivan for the whole engagement thing, but she's not going to bother her sister about that. "It's the chewing mostly. She's going through a stage of teething, and I'm trying to save shoes and anything that's not nailed to the floor." Moving into the kitchen she asks, "Did you want something to drink? Water? Juice? Soda?"

Then the question comes.

"Blue." It's all Hope says to her sister before disappearing to the guest room, and returning with a big blue binder. "Sapphires."

Even if it wasn't a tease it warrants a laugh. "One time I threw Puck at Ivan's face while he was sleeping. Interesting things happened, that's all I have to say." Ivan totally deserved it that time. "I don't have the teething issue but he steals everything. Well, no. Just Ivan's stuff. It's like he knows better." Before she moves on, Faith gets a closer look at the adorable little puppy.
Then she's following Hope, up until she disappears. "Some juice would be awesome, actually. I forgot to take my meds last night and didn't sleep so well." That could be why she looks like the walking dead, only in the middle of the day. "And blue?" She's curious. Yet she doesn't hide the new ring that he got her, which is very much a sapphire with a few diamonds around it.
"It really was my place to tell you about all of this, but I wanted to focus on your wedding first. My news could wait."

"You threw your cat? As a weapon?" There is a blink, and then she sets the blue book on the counter. "Alright, juice it is. Go ahead and look at the binder, but promise me you won't say anything to Ivan? I want the fear to be in him that I'm planning something completely crazy for your wedding. Like neon colors and everyone dressed as turnips or something."

Hope moves to the fridge, pulling out two bottles of orange juice. One offered to her sister as she pops open the other. "Well I heard anyhow. Ivan told Chloe, and she told Bobby, and he's not going to lie to me about anything… so he had to tell me."

"Tossed. I tossed him onto the bed because I was mad. Some stupid wench in barely nothing knocked on the door for a booty call and he wouldn't freaking take care of it." There's that flash of anger that Faith's been known for. To get rid of the thought of the lady with the built in floatation devices, Faith begins to look in the binder. "Have you been collecting this stuff for a while or did you honestly just throw it all together?"
Her attention is only moved long enough to reach for the orange juice. "Oh, I won't tell him. He's just worried that I'll want more say in it than I'll have. I don't think he realizes how we work together." Yes, Faith is grinning because she likes the idea of tormenting Ivan a bit. "Oh, that's how you found out." Chloe's mind. "I'm glad he told you, though. Bobby that is. It shows that he's not the type to keep anything from you."

"A booty call?" Hope looks at her sister a little dumbfounded. "Huh?" She glances over at the binder and smiles. "No, I threw that together yesterday and today. If you don't like anything, we can change it. I was careful not to select a wedding dress for you, but I know this wonderful little shop we can go to sometime for you to find your perfect dress." She also has dates set aside for her, but she doesn't say anything about that just yet.

"He really isn't. He even told me about Scarlett when the whole thing happened. As much as Ivan thinks he's mean and a cheater, he wasn't. I knew, and we were broken up." She takes a deep breath, then continues, "September is sapphires. I don't want to push you to get married quickly, but if you do decide you want this September I have the same people that are taking care of my wedding holding different things for you. You just have to let me know, and I'll make the call."

A head is bobbed at the question. "Yeah, some ex of his moved back into the area. She has an issue with my mosquito bites." This is said as she looks down at her non-fake breasts. "But I slammed the door on her and didn't go to jail for assault, so hopefully things have ended there. Especially since we moved away so suddenly." In that regard Susan did them a favor.
The juice is opened and a large drink is taken. She's been working all day and really needs something. It's then placed aside before she continues with the binder. "That's quick to put something together, but it doesn't surprise me. This always was your thing. I act more than I think about things." When she's both sane and insane.
"My only opinion on that is that if he hurts you, I'm going to kick him. Aside from that? I'm glad that he actually speaks with you. If you can't communicate, you don't have anything." A page is flipped and Faith stares at it, something catching her eye enough to not just pass over it. "He doesn't seem against the idea. Do you think, if we get married in September, that means there's more of a chance of Mom and Dad showing up to arrest him and lock me up?"

"Your mosqui— oh." It's not as though Hope is exceptionally well endowed either, so she's heard the teasing. It just takes her a moment to register what her sister is talking about. "Well I hope so. It would be awful if she wound up at the house."

Giggling, Hope moves to the flowers. "I actually got this idea from something I saw Hana putting together at her shop. It was such a beautiful bouquet in red, so I had her make one in blue so I could take a picture for you." She has leet organizational skills, for sure.

"I don't think mama and daddy are going to care one way or another. Mama won't like him, but you know… that's mama. Daddy'll like the fact he's in politics, and they'll both maybe look at it as you getting off their hands. Besides, they'll like him more than they liked Bobby…"

"If she shows up I swear I will kill her." That's a promise. There are very few people in live that earn that level of hatred from Faith but this woman takes the cake. "And I don't know about Mom and Dad. They probably do want to just get rid of me after the last time we met. But they won't believe I'm sane and they already tried to have him arrested once. I really don't want the police at my wedding." That's a very real concern. That and a lot more.
"These are the most beautiful flowers that I've seen." Granted, she doesn't really go around looking at flowers. The wedding fever is starting to hit Faith but she shakes her head. "I can't do this, Hope. I can't. You need to plan your wedding. I don't need mine getting in the way."

"That would get you taken to jail, Faith, so don't. Just get a restraining order or something, okay?" Hope would really worry if she thought her sister was being serious at all. "That could be funny. Maybe you should ask the Dallas police force to stand in as your bridesmaids and groomsmen, just to have them already there." Snickering, she flips the page and shows her the image of what she found for the reception hall.

"Sweetie, my wedding is planned. The only thing I don't have secure yet is a DJ, and I have one of the girls at school considering doing it for me if we can't find someone else."

Despite the conversation about police, Faith can't help but laugh. "Yeah, well, it would be well worth it. And that's a good idea. I'd consider it, if it wasn't for the fact that the entire city things I'm insane. I swear, the articles I read are so dang annoying. My favorite being the one where I faked a wolf attack for attention." There's a small sigh as she looks at the reception hall. "Can't we do this somewhere else? Just outside of Dallas where people won't be so danged nosy?"
Now she's feeling on the spot. So she does what anyone else would do in this situation. Faith reaches into her pocket, removing some of the change from the taxi ride. A quarter is held in hand. "Well, how about this. Heads is a yes, tails is next year?" This is likely the tackiest way to decide on a wedding date but at least then she's not overly responsible for the outcome.

"I don't know Fort Worth all that well, but I'm sure we could find you a nice location next weekend? Maybe have an outdoor wedding, and then have the reception inside later." Safer to be inside at night after all.

Hope eyes her sister, then shakes her head. "I'm not pushing you, Faith. It's your wedding, and you should set the date you want. I just figured we'd always get married fairly close together, and raise children together. But it really is up to you. No pressure."

It's certainly considered. "An outdoor wedding is fine, especially during September. It's out in the sun so there's no worry about anything odd happening." She may not be a member of the Fellowship but even Faith has her views on things. "And I agree, that the reception would have to be indoors. I don't mind it being later, but inside is best." This is on the off chance that vampires do show up to the wedding. It could happen.
Her temples are rubbed as she sits in thought. "If you asked me three years ago if we'd be getting married at the same time, I'd have called you out on it. I'm not exactly marriage material." Thankfully for her, Ivan is smitten and doesn't realize that. "It's something that he and I spoke about before I came over here. We're basically married anyway. The house is coming together well, and it could work. We just don't want anyone to think we're rushing into it just to, or that we're trying to interfere with anything."
The coin is flipped and Faith stares at it for a while. Afterwards she pulls out her phone and sends a text message.

When her twin agrees with her assessment, she can't help but smile. "Then that's what we'll do. A beautifully sunny outdoor event, with the party inside." Hope doesn't want to risk being attacked by vampires at her sister's wedding either, so she's happy it won't be happening at night.

"Faith, do you think I am? I pined after a dead boy for two years." Nothing but the truth. It's hard to believe, but it's the truth. Things changed earlier in the year and now? Well, now she's sure she can do it. "Besides, you two are already living together as husband and wife. It's not as though anything would change except your name." Then Faith says the same thing, and she laughs.

"If you're rushing into things, then so am I. But I just want to experience life and stop worrying about everything. I know it's quick, and that a woman should have a long engagement, but I don't want one. I don't want to die before I'm married."

This is where she honestly wants to talk about Tripp. Tripp will be invited to her reception and that's something that Hope has to get over. Yet now isn't the time for that. Waiting until after Hope's wedding is likely the best time to talk about that. "Yeah, things in Dallas are much different than back home. But you know what? I like it better here. I mean, it gets really hard sometimes but I'd rather be here trying than at home just having it all fall into place." That sounds harsh, perhaps, but her home is a completely different life for her.
"Good point. But it's different with you. I mean, it just seems like it fits for you two. And you've done it in the right order. Ivan and I not as much, but the feelings are still there." Faith suddenly grows extremely serious. "Sometimes I get so scared, Hope. Such stupidly horrible things happen to you and I all the time. I don't see why we shouldn't enjoy life while we can." Her phone beeps and that just confirms it. "It looks like September it is."

It would be for the best. Especially if Faith does not want her twin to have a complete mental breakdown. Tripp is not something that Hope will discuss, and she will not attend the reception if he is in attendance. Some things could have been forgiven, but despite his helping to save her it doesn't change what he is — dead. "I miss home," Hope says, a little wistfully. "Sometimes, I mean. Though I wouldn't trade my life here for one back there now for anything."

Blinking, she asks, "Done what in the right order? Bobby and I were staying with each other during various events before we were even dating," she points out. Then again, they at least had a very brief period of dating. At the confirmation, she yelps, "Yes! You'll get some confirmation calls this week. They have a weekend free in the middle of the month, and one at the end. I'm sure they'll be able to work out the exact date with you, then you just tell them yes, and this place, Extremely Elegant Events, will take care of everything else from what I have on file with them, okay?"

Tripp will be invited and that's all there is to it. If Hope wants to leave the reception upon seeing him that is her option, but Faith loves him no matter what. She's not going to back away. "Home was a hell of a lot of fake." She's referring to the friends that refuse to associate with a crazy person and her parents who have proven not to be the same as they used to be. "I don't think Bobby would too happy if you ended up leaving."
Yes, in the right order. "Hope? You know how long Ivan and I have been living in sin, so to speak, right?" Bobby at least has a guest room here. When Hope gets all excited, Faith just tries to take it all in. Her phone responds again so she looks at it. "I told him that you're making a vegetable themed wedding." This is said with a grin. The rest of the information is taken in. "I'll discuss dates with him and be sure to let you know what he has to say."

"Good thing I'm not going anywhere then." Has Faith even seen her real engagement ring? Hope can't recall how long it's been since she's seen her sister. She shows off her ring as she takes a sip of the juice and then nearly spits all the juice out when her sister asks her that.

"Don't get me started on that. Ivan and I had a huge fight about that on the phone the other day." The odd thing here may be that she's not lecturing her sister about sinning before marriage. "Perfect. We can keep the binder here with mine, so that he doesn't accidentally spy it. When you need it for something, just call and I can drop it off… or I can bring it to the wedding planners for you."

It's been far too long since Faith has seen anyone, really. There are reasons for that, specifically Susan. She's been too afraid to go out anywhere, honestly. When the ring is displayed she coos over it appropriately. "It looks like he was actually paying attention to your likes when he picked that out. I'll never say this to him, but he seems like a good guy. It's just not my role to say such things." Overprotective sister is coming back now that she's not out of her mind.
The phone is placed down on the table because of it all. It chirps but Faith ignores it, instead choosing to chuckle. "That sounds like a good idea. I should probably start looking at dresses, then." A deep breath is taken as she looks to her twin. "I can't believe that I'm getting married. That -we're- getting married. This is incredible." It's a wonderful feeling, to say the least.

Spotting what's on the phone, Hope grabs it. "Oh. My. God." She quickly fires off a text to Ivan, then turns to her sister. "Your fiance is a pervert," she says with a laugh. It should come as no surprise that Hope is very prudish, or at least very vanilla when it comes to things like sex.

"Bobby is the best guy. He's better than Tripp." Not even just because Bobby is breathing and Tripp is not. "I don't know how he can even remotely put up with my craziness sometimes."

Putting the phone back down, she reaches out to give her sister a great big hug. "I'll help you every step of the way too, okay? By the way, you know you're my maid of honor, right? I did call to ask, but… I don't remember what happened. You went missing then I got taken…" For some reason there is a hole in her memory there.

Hope text messages: OH. MY. GOD. Stop being pervy with my sister, Fontane!

Ivan texts: stop reading our private messages! unless you want to be slathered w/ chocolate too

Everyone is taking her phone today. Honestly it doesn't bother her since the conversation has been clean and she's been updating Hope about it anyway. Yet when Hope speaks Faith just has to stare. "Well, he is, yes. I actually think it's funny, but I've found that my humor isn't the same that it used to be." Talk about holes in a person's memory.
There's no retort to comparing Tripp and Bobby. There's no comparison, really, but Faith doesn't want to go down that road with Hope. "Think about it, Hope. His family has gone through some really bad stuff lately. I think your lives about even out."
If only Faith knew about the Tripp and Bobby thing. She'd not tell, but man would she want to. She would also smack both of them for being idiots. The hug is returned, tightly, as the sisters are finally having a good moment. It's about time settles down for them. "Yeah, things got crazy. Then I was being stalked so Ivan and I had to move, and it's just been crazy. And you better believe I'll be right there beside you, and want you to be right beside me."
Faith looks down at the phone then and just laughs. "Oh, dear."

Oh that message is just awful. Hope is bright read, though from embarrassment or anger it's hard to tell. So she takes the phone again, and fires off two more texts in a row. "Sorry, he's just way too pervy."

There really is no comparison. Hope fell in love with both men for different reasons, and even if Tripp were a living, breathing specimen? She wouldn't trade her Bobbyguard for anything. "We've all gone through some really bad stuff lately. Everything will calm down now. Except for Mellie being missing and all. So it will be you and Hana standing with me for sure. Maybe another girl from the church." Though she's just as happy with only two standing.

"Oh! The only other thing I didn't pick for you were your songs. You know, first dance and all that. It has to be special for just the two of you. So think on it."

Ivan texts: …it was a joke! Faith? Hope? :/

Hope text messages: Phone's on my counter, so it's not like I'm peeking over her shoulder, perv.

Hope text messages: And you may be into the whole twincest thing, but I'm not. Ew.

Ivan texts: heh twincest. and sure, whtever

This is a great moment. Her reactions are just making it even better. "Naw, he just likes to push buttons. Me? I don't get bothered by that so he continually tries, is all. I think he forgot that you and I aren't exactly the same person."
There is a comparison but that's because Faith doesn't know much about Bobby at all. Also? She loves Tripp, so she has her own opinion. "She's probably okay. I mean, I've done something similar before, and I was just hanging out with Wit. She's probably just laying low for a while." That's just a guess since she knows nothing about Mellie at all. "Girls, oh. I don't know who I'd have in my wedding other than you. Maybe I can ask if Ivan wants Scarlett there or something, but I don't really have friends." Especially not female friends, not anymore.
"Songs?" Yeah, that's something else that will be difficult. Either way Faith nods. "I'll think about it later. It'll come to me eventually." She looks to the phone and shakes her head. "I think I should probably go before he tries to sleep with you for real." This is said with a grin and a laugh.

"Wit! I didn't even think to check with Wit. I think they know each other. Maybe he'll know." Thus a mental note is made to contact the guy when she has a chance, to see if he knows anything about the youngest Cornett's whereabouts. "Well you don't need a huge wedding party. Ivan has two sisters, right? Maybe you could ask them. That's probably all you need." Plus her of course.

"He wouldn't. Not even drunk. It's you he cares for you, silly, not me." Besides which, Bobby would kill him if he even tried to do something like that. "Call me when you set a date, and I'll forward the information for you. The only thing you have to worry about are a dress, and the music. Everything else is taken care of." Pause. "Well the cost isn't, but I'll chip in a bit if mom and dad won't."

Now she's upset about who will stand in the wedding. She honestly only has one person to contribute at this point, unless Wit will agree to be in it with her. That will give Ivan freedom to make his wedding party about the size he wants. It's something to think on. Due to her thoughts she nearly misses the part about Mellie and Wit. "Oh, well, if I talk to him first I'll ask him. He seems to be everywhere sometimes."
Faith laughs again. "Oh, I know he wouldn't. Last time he got really drunk in public he called me his wife. I'm secure with him even if people tell me that I shouldn't be." The mention of cost causes her to shake her head. "I'll just use more of what I have saved up from the settlement. I don't have a whole lot left, but between that and whatever Ivan can chip in we should be okay for it. I just need to make sure I have enough to sit on in case something comes up."

"No, Faith. Save your money, okay? The least mom and dad can do is take care of the costs for you. They owe you that much. I'll talk to them." And if they refuse? Well she's got some extra income. She can handle helping out with the wedding and doing the renovations if she's conservative with the money.

"Go before he gets pervy again. And call me when you get home. I want to make sure you get home safely." Especially since her sister is driving her old car and all.

Irk. "I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if they just ignore my existence for the rest of all time. But let me know what they say. I'd call them, but you know how well that will go over." Not well at all, she realizes. "But we'll see what happens." Faith will at the very least buy the wedding dress that she decides upon.
With one last giggle, Faith hugs her sister again. "I'll give you a call. And I'll let you know what we decide for dates. The rest we can figure out in just a bit." This has been a refreshing conversation and OH MY GAWD SHE'S GETTING MARRIED. With this thought on her mind, Faith bids farewell to her sister and begins the long trek home.

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