I'd Vote For Him

Despite a busy life, Hope Tyler always makes time to deal with anything related to the church. Today is no different, volunteering her time to plan yet another social mixer for the singles that attend mass. While she is no longer a 'single' herself, she quite happily directs the other girls into creating flyers, working on decorations, and making a general list of everything that is needed to have their summer mixer become the most successful yet. She's well on her way to becoming the next Sarah Newlin if that was what she really wanted with her life. The community room is a bustle of activity, so much so that Hope's forgotten that the time she booked for the room is nearly up.

A social mixer could be a good idea yet someone is not in the market for a date. He is in the area for a few campaign meetings, however. One of them is booked in the community room of the Fellowship Church, mainly because they are partially funding this run for office. Ever punctual, Zane steps into the room without thought that someone else could be using it. What he finds is a Hope Tyler. "Oh, I apologize, Miss. I'll come back in a few minutes." Surely it must be his fault for strolling in as if he ownes the place. It isn't that he doesn't recognize Hope, but he is being a gentleman before anything.

Glancing up from her work, she blinks. A quick look to her watch tells her that it's well beyond time to wrap things up. "Okay, ladies. We need to clear the room. Any decorations that are wet, leave atop the counters so that they can dry. Otherwise, pack up your things. We've gone a bit over today." Though she is young, Hope has a genteel but commanding voice.

"No, please, Mr. Wright. I didn't mean to flow into your time. I lost track of things." There's a very friendly, very cheerful smile on her face. "Is it true? The rumors that you may be running for office?"

The arts and crafts about the room are viewed with good humor. If he's upset about the timing issue there's no way to tell. "Far be it for me to interrupt such a project. I can just as easily move to a smaller room." Unlike the ladies in the room, Zane has only one item with him. This is his small black business book that includes room for paper and his schedules. With Hope clearing out the room, however, the older man sticks around in case one of the others for his meeting decide to arrive. An almost boyish grin is offered to the poster child shortly before a hearty laugh. "That's what they say, Miss Tyler. I'm not exactly certain why they would want to sponsor me, but someone has to run."

"Nonsense! You are the absolute perfect candidate. You have humanities best interests at heart, and you'll ensure that we don't become lost to the ever growing population of the vile beasts that call the night their own." Hope closes her own little pink day planner, and clears off the main table in the room so that the man can set up his items. "You are also very involved in the community, which is a bonus for any politician, and you do it because you enjoy it, and not for the photo op. I would be proud to vote for a man like you, Mr. Wright."

As she speaks and cleans the area, he remains standing by the door. He's positioned so that he's not blocking it by any means but will give her the respect of her due space. "Miss Tyler, if you keep that up you might make a man blush." This is said with another laugh before he places his agenda on the table. "There are many people active with their community; look at yourself for example. Mayor McNaab is a good man and I hate to cast stones in his direction. He's been successful so far so it would be difficult for anyone to win." A sparkle in Zane's eye forms at the idea of it all. "Although I do like a challenge, and it would help voice the concerns of those around us. Confidentially, I'm leaning towards an honest run. There's just a lot of work involved and I refuse to neglect those that I've already made plans with."

"Mayor McNaab is one of them," Hope says, her voice darkening just a hint. "He approves of the creatures of darkness, and supports their bid for equality." Even if he were running against a babboon, Hope would rather vote for the babboon. "As for myself, I am hardly Mayor material. I just do my small part to keep people safe, and help out as much as I can." With her items neatly collected and tucked into her purse, she moves toward the door. "Even if you run and lose this year, you will be out there. People will know what you stand for, and that you stand for everything that is good. If you do decide to go through with it, I'd gladly volunteer at campaign headquarters."

Despite the temporarily downhill tone of the conversation, the man doesn't seem to change his demeanor. "To be fair, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if I don't agree with them. That doesn't make him any less of a man, but it does show that his priorities are slightly skewed." Before Hope can walk away completely, Zane removes a small card from inside of his book and offers it to her. "I think that the beautiful face of the group's charming young poster girl would be great to have on the campaign, if only for some good conversation. They've already begun building a website for me. You can find all of the volunteer information there." The church has gone to great lengths to set up quite a bit for the man. "The way I look at it is that I likely won't win, but I'll never win if I don't ever make the attempt. My goal isn't to become Mayor as much as it is clean up the streets so our community can be safe. Someone has to start somewhere."

"Putting those blood sucking parasites before humanity is very definitely skewed. I can't respect a man like that, even if my future brother-in-law works for him." Hope takes the business card, smiling at her favored candidate. "I will head to the website as soon I get home. You're definitely the best man for the job, Mr. wright. Especially with your outlook. It should never be about winning or losing, but what you can do to help keep humanity as a whole safe." She doesn't leave quite yet, lingering for just a while longer to add, "I think you'll find that you have a whole lot more support than you think you do. Especially with recent events that have been in the news."

Her words prove why she should not be a Mayoral candidate. This doesn't mean that she's not entitled to her own opinion. "Your future brother-in-law works for the Mayor?" This is said in a way of interest, yet not a dark interest. "That's right; I believe I read about them a time or two. Hopefully it all works out. Give them my congratulations." He suddenly realizes his place. "And I read that the same is in store for you? That must be exciting." If nothing else, the man is well read. If he weren't so practiced at receiving compliments he may actually start blushing. "I appreciate your support, Miss Tyler. Every little bit helps. I just hope that we're able to make a difference."

Potentially, Hope Tyler would make a great Mayoral candidate, especially with her strong opinions. Were there enough people willing to reclaim the night as their own instead of leaving it up to the vile parasites. "Ivan Fontane, yes. He's marrying my sister. The wedding is set in September." Then he's congratulating her and she can't help but show off the ring. She's very proud of it. "It is. August. You may have met my future husband here at church. Robert Cornett?" The name may be a little familiar though he may not have actually met him. "I'm sure that you'll make a lot of difference, Mr. Wright. Please don't let me take up any more of your time. I think your associates are arriving and I don't want to insult them by making you late to your own meeting."

"Youth today moves so quickly. I should tell you how long it took me to propose to my wife." The way he speaks of Denae is almost as if she's stil alive. Instead of commenting on her sister, Zane instead makes a display out of the ring that Hope is wearing. "I've heard the name, yes. It seems as you've surrounded yourself with those who are able to make names for themselves." A glance is made past Hope at the gathering suits and he actually has to sigh. The smile never fades. "There will be other times where we can talk, Miss Tyler. I'm sure we'll run into each other again, soon."

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