Forging Forward

Skylar had contacted Chloe, letting her know that he had multiple designs to show her and needed final approval before he would begin constructing the sword she had ordered. He offered to meet her anywhere that suited her, but of course would let her know where his shop was located if she wished to drop by - which apparently she does.

The front room to the shop is the showcase, so to speak, and is typically the only area open to customers. In the back, sounds from the forges can be heard, just beginning to close up for the day, while in the front, the store itself is still open. The walls and cases are lined with products sold here at Sky Blades, mixed in with the occassional artwork depicting the weapons wielding by figures from a previous age. Sky himself is standing behind the counter, which is also a case holding some of the finest weapons in the store. Currently, his back is to the door since he is typing away at a computer located behind the case, but there is a bell above the door for when people enter. So no sneaking, hah!

Tonight, Chloe is on her own. There is some foolish vampire only event that keeps her from attending, so upon receiving the call she had no problem dropping by. Upon entering the shop, she took a moment to take a look around. While she can hear things in the back, she's fine with sitting and waiting. Looking at all the products that are for sale.

There is no sitting and waiting though, since Skylar seems to be at the counter. "You have… quite a bit of stock. I wasn't expecting quite this much."

Skylar turns as the bell rings on the door, smiling over at Chloe as she enters. "Afternoon, Chloe. Just a moment…" Turning back to the computer, Skylar presses a few keys, clicks his mouse a few times, then enters a few more keys. The last few seem to lock the computer, and then Sky is coming around the counter to greet Chloe. "Oh, these?" he asks her, glancing around briefly as if trying to see it through her eyes. "Well, we've been open… five, six years now? Enough time to come up with enough designs from which to choose good showpieces. We have a bigger selection online, since that's where most of our business comes from."

Chloe has no intentions of sneaking a peek at the computer. It's not why she's here. "I just thought with all the custom orders you do, you'd not really have any stock." She's obviously a woman who knows very little about these types of shops. "Do you sell mostly to recreationalists? Hobbyists?" She asks not because she needs to know, but because she's curious.

"Well, -everything- I make is custom, simply because I create all my schematics and designs myself. However, the difference is, there are custom pieces that I design for a client, and ones that I design and advertise, and are later requested by clients," Sky says with a smile, moving to straighten up a few things on the walls. As he moves, Chloe may well notice that he's favoring one side, as if one side of his body pains him slightly. "You are in the former group, of course, as are collectors, or someone else with very specific needs. The majority of the recreationalists and hobbyists, as you put them, tend to just order what they like best from my catalog - often times they'll ask for little tweaks or personalizations of the items, which I'm happy to do. But the nice thing about this is if I already have the main design and have demonstrated it's making before, my employees can help make the weapon, which gives me more time and funds to work on the more intricate and original pieces."

"Are you alright?" Chloe does notice, but only because she's trying to be more observant to things before the turn. "I guess, for me, I figure most people in the area would be all about the guns. Not a lot of call for sword use," she says with a grin. "Still, I'd love to see the designs you've drawn up, so that I can hopefully present him with something wonderfully unique but still bearing that medieval feel to it."

"That's probably true - and like I said, this showroom is mostly, well, for show. And because there is still a healthy number of SCA and Ren Fair types out there, especially during the college season. But it's really thanks to the internet and the shipping companies that I can stay in business. Sky Blades would never have survived a few decades ago." Sad, but true. "And yes, I'm ok… just a little sore. Nothing to be concerned about," Sky says, waving off with a smile. "Which reminds me, thanks for finding that address for me, I really appreciate it."

Sky turns away from the wall, offering a smile to Chloe and gesturing her to follow him. "Here, please come into my office, I have the designs in there." With that, he turns and will lead Chloe to his office. It's small, but has enough room for Chloe to sit down across from Sky's desk. Sky sits down at the other side, still moving a touch gingerly, and begins moving papers off the desk to clear a space.

"Are you sure about that? You don't look like you're fine." Chloe is far from being a doctor, but he's moving stiffly and as though he has pain. She frowns a little, and would try to pry it out of him though that seems to make him have a headache. Eventually, he'll figure out that's coming from her. "I doubt she'll appreciate it, though if she really didn't want people to find her she would've bought it under an assumed name." Shrug.

Following Skylar to the office, she pauses just long enough to look at more of the swords on the wall. Whenever she starts to reach out to touch one, she draws back and shakes her head at herself.

"Yes, I'm sure. Bruised ribs just hurt alot, that's all. It's what I get for sparring with a martial artist when I'm used to sparring in armor," Skylar says with a wry grin. "I can move a bit faster and more agiley without it, but can't take the hits I normally could shrug off." He waves a hand to brush the topic away, then asks curiously, "So you know her well then? Quinn?"

Meanwhile, once they are both seated and Skylar has the desk cleared, he begins to draw large sheets of drafting paper from a portfolio, laying them on the desk. He lays three sheets down, side by side - and it's clear that there are plenty more. Each sheet displays a different part of the sword. One for the blade, one for the crossguard, and one for the pommel.

"Ah… not exactly." Chloe shakes her head. "Met her in passing once. She's…" How to put it? "… an acquaintance of someone I know." Acquaintance, potential enemy… it's all the same thing, right? "So you fight with your swords then? Do you have your armor here in the shop? I'd love to see it." To compare it to that which she's seen in Will's room.

Having really no idea what she's looking at, Chloe just nods at each image. Really, she's just looking for similarities and differences. "Did the photos help then? I know they were a bit dark, but there's not a whole lot of lighting in that room…"

"Ah, I see," Sky says in response to Chloe's lack of knowledge in regards to Quinn. He doesn't seem terribly dissapointed, just nods, smiles, and continues the conversation. "Yes, I fight with a variety of weapons. I got started at all this in the SCA, and that was the first skill I picked up, even before I learned smithing."

"As for armor, I have several suits of my own, different kinds, but no, all of those are at home. The armor in the front room is all that we have here completed - honestly, it's usually weapons that most people ask for, or only certain armor pieces. Full armor kit is pricey - mainly because it takes so long to make, and fit to the person." Skylar says this all apologetically. "But if you've an interest in it, I can send you pictures of the collection I have at home."

Then, it's back to the designs. Skylar continues pulling papers out, three at a time, laying each over their similiar counterpart. Basically, Skylar has designs for five blades, five crossguards, and five pommels, all similiar yet all different, and all combinations are possible. Right now, he's showing Chloe the options. "Yes, they absolutely helped," Skylar says with a smile. "I really do appreciate it, it helped me a great deal."

"I'd definitely love to see pictures of the armor. Do you work with actual chain mail as well?" There are reasons she asks this, but she doesn't voice them. "Are you any good?" Beat. "I mean with the fighting. Obviously you're decent, but could you actually do some of what they do in the movies?" Beat. "Which I know a lot of that is fake, but you can't blame a girl for being curious." Grinning, she pulls her hair over her shoulder and gazes down at the image again.

"I really like the third and the fifth." She's primarily looking at the pommel and crossguard as opposed to the blade. But as she's here to peruse the designs, she asks, "May I?"

"Oh, absolutely. Don't get alot of call for it, for the same reasons as the rest of the armor, but chain mail was one of the first things I learned to make. It helped teach patience, and foresight." Sky smiles, watching Chloe study the designs before answering her other questions. "And yes, I would say I'm fairly skilled. I am certainly not trying to sound conceited, because there is always room for improvement. But it came fairly naturally to me, and I've always had a good sense of the rythem of combat."

"Those are both excellent choices," Skylar then says, nodding to Chloe's opinions. "And please, feel free to flip through them. Mix and match. I definately used the feel of the person you said this was for, as well as the person I felt in those pictures, so at least one combination should match him fairly closely."

"Have you ever worked on antique chain? Like, something you'd see in a museum? I mean, have you worked on museum pieces then? Fixed them up?" Chloe already knows he's fairly skilled based on the weapons out front and the designs, though with the weapon-mastery, she just nods. "So you attend the renaissance fairs and fight?" All just curiosity since she can't idly pull information from his mind.

"I think the pommel from three, with the crossguard from five…" She looks over the blades again, adding each one to the mix. "The blade from two, I think. Would it be more to have a small inscription at the tip of the pommel?"

"No, unforunately not," Skylar says to Chloe, before pausing with a brief thoughtful expression. "Are you saying that the pieces in the picture are genuine?" His eyes widen at that, obviously thinking over all that was shown to him via the pictures. "I think I would be up to the task, of course, but it would be up to the owner - and I would need a good look at the pieces in person to be certain. But I would be honest about it - if it were beyond my skill, I could try and find someone who might be better suited."

Sky pauses again, still thoughtful, then turns to her other questions. "Yes, I do. There's one happening this weekend, in fact. You should come, I'll have a booth set up - perhaps you can bring your friend as well? I promise not to spoil the surprise, but I would love to meet someone who has gathered such a collection. He must really know his stuff." Skylar smiles, before nodding to Chloe's choices. "Excellent, that would make a fine combination. I think that will work well. And an inscription? Shouldn't be a problem - no extra charge, considering the favor you did for me."

"I know a few people," is all Chloe says. Neither confirming nor denying that the pieces are authentic. "Mostly, I was just curious if you'd worked on museum pieces before. That would be pretty nifty. Becoming a piece of future history based on your skills, right?" Smiling she slides the three images together again just to makes sure she's settled on it.

"Not words. Just a small image etched into the top. A regal crown. It's an in joke with the recipient." But the fact that her 'friend' has been invited along, makes her nod. She won't bring Will, lest he harm the man's mind. Marius might enjoy going though and she can extend the offer as an olive branch. "I may not bring the one it's for, but I do know someone that would like to see what you can do."

"It -would- be… nifty," Skylar agrees, grinning broadly at the word nifty. But not teasing - Sky can be geeky with the best of them. "But sadly I have not had the oppurtunity." Meanwhile, his eyes are on the desk, watching as Chloe brings the images together, nodding to himself as he looks on. "A crown? Not a problem. And yes, please invite whoever you like, the more the merrier. My booth will be open the whole weekend, so drop by whenever. Also, there will be a feast, and dancing, on the opening night. Period garb is encouraged if you have it - if not, I can loan you some. I've already offered several other friends, and I still have a fair ammount just collecting dust."

"Ah… I won't be able to make it until after dark. I'm working this weekend. Doris is punishing me for my decision to leave the library to do a stint in politics." Grinning, she runs her fingers over the drawing. Trying to visualize the weapon when it's completed. "You have women's period clothing laying around?" She would laugh at that, but honestly it's just another quirk that the man has. It's kind've cute in its own way. "Well I don't have any. I… haven't honestly gone out a whole lot until recently. But I'd be happy to buy something off of you instead of just borrowing it. You likely had to pay for it in the first place after all."

"Well, the feast itself doesn't take place till after sunset. The Fair is trying to be as vampire friendly as possible." Personal feelings are kept out of that statement, it's just a statement of fact. However, Skylar does smile as he answers Chloe's other question. "Yes, actually. A friend of mine used to make clothing for the events, both SCA and Ren Fairs, so I have alot of it laying around in storage. And no, I insist, you don't need to pay me for it."

"Really? That seems like a lot of work." The sewing clothing, that is. Not something Chloe could even try to attempt. No skill whatsoever. "In that case, as I'm to be a borrower, I'll let you find a piece that works for me." She'll just pay him a little extra when she comes to pick up the sword. "Do you think the sword will be ready before August? I'm not really in any rush, but I've no clue how long these things really take."

"Truthfully, I'm not sure. I don't like to rush these kind of projects… It'll largely depend on how long I can get everything together. I'll give you an estimate as soon as I can, however," Sky assures Chloe. "And yes, it was alot of work, but it was something she'd been doing since she was a kid. And since I had space, I got stuck with storage duty. And they've been there ever since." Mostly because he could never find her to give them back to her. "But alright, I'll do my best. I'll pick out a few, though, just in case the first one I pick out doesn't suit you." Or fit, for that matter.

There is a nod, and a smile. She really isn't in any rush, so there's no pressure there. "I can't wait to see it finished, but I'm in no rush for you to finish it. If that makes sense? I can imagine how beautiful it's going to be." Really, she's excited about it. Even if Marius thinks it will be a flop as a gift. "I'll honestly be happy with anything that doesn't clash with my hair, and…" If she invites Marius, she'll have to be careful. "… possibly nothing that makes me out to be too high of a station? I am, after all, a commoner."

"Everyone has noble blood if they dig deep enough," Skylar says with a chuckle. "And even if that weren't the case, these events are about fulfilling a fantasy, not reality. If you want to be a lady for an evening, why shouldn't you? But if you would rather not, I'll still find something suitable." Sky smiles to Chloe, then moves to rise. "Well, I'll get started on it all right away then. Unforunately, though, I should probably cut this meeting short - I hate to be rude, but I still need to finish going through the internet orders, and then I want to finish the last touches to another design I'm working on, so that I can focus on just smithing from here on out." Yes, he plans on doing that all tonight.

A weird sort of grin appears on Chloe's face. She would love nothing more than to act the part of a noble lady for an evening, but it will be bad enough offering that damned olive branch, it wouldn't do to have him strike her again. "Perhaps maybe a lady in waiting, or I've seen some of those tavern wench costumes. I think I could get away with something like that." She nods quickly. "Oh, I really didn't mean to monopolize your time, Skylar. I'm just extremely curious about all of this. Give me a call if you find a suitable outfit? If not, I'll see if I can rush delivery on one from online."

"Not to worry, I'm sure I have one of each for you to choose from," Skylar says with a small grin and a chuckle. He rises, moving to show Chloe out, shaking his head at the same time. "Oh, not at all, Chloe, I enjoy talking with someone who has such a passion for all this - or even just a healthy curiousity. I'll make sure you get the clothing in plenty of time, and I hope to see you and your friend at the Fair."

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