For the Children

Belmont Hotel

Entering the Belmont Hotel is much like stepping into another era. While the beauty of the late '40's and early '50's architecture is still apparent, it has faded over time. The lobby is very angular and polychromatic - a symptom of the Art Deco trends at the time it was built. Despite the state of semi-disrepair, the hotel lobby is absolutely immaculate, and a smile can generally be found upon the faces of all who work here.

The Belmont hotel fills up quickly for the evening's festivities. There is a large banner outside announcing the charity auction for Bright Futures. In the bulletin, there is a long list of names, both known in the community and relative unknowns, and a note at the bottom that ALL starting bids are set at $50, which will pay for the dinner check. Everything on top of that $50 will go directly to the immunization project for identified at-risk children at all stages of their school career.

Within the hotel, it is decorated to the nines. Hotel staff walk the crowds with trays of hors d'oeuvres and glasses of wine and champagne, with beer available at the bar within the hotel proper.

In the main meeting room area, there is a stage, or rather, an extended dais set up with a podium set off to the side with microphone and light. Hanging on the front, a 'Bright Futures' emblem sits.

Dressed in a black silk and rhinestone evening gown, Desiree sits on a chair in the main meeting room of the Belmont, along with other candidates for the auction block. It's all for charity, after all. She looks around, spotting a familiar face or two, smiling and nodding to her "competition." There's always a hum of excitement at such events, and Desiree has hopes of being able to raise /some/ money for the project. She, herself, will be bidding on a bachelor, just … which one is the question. They're all handsome hunks.

Mignonette moves easily through the room, making certain everything is in order. From the table where the auction number signs are being handed out to the bidders and their information recorded, to the catering staff that's moving through the room, to the people handling getting the prizes for the evening set up and ready to go in the order in which they'll be called. She seems to be as busy with the hostess of the evening duties as ever, though her attire is much less…formal, than her counterpart, should he decide to show himself at some point before the evening ends.

For this evening, Hugo chose to wear a tux, or his promotions manager chose it for him, it's hard to know for sure. He wears it with elegant ease at least, his face for once clean-shaven, hair brushed back, doing his best Bond impersonation it would seem, a martini in his hand. Bright blue eyes take in the company and the proceedings with a wry smile. As his gaze alights upon Desiree, he lifts a glass to her in a silent sort of toast before moving along.

Paige took her time getting ready for the evening, picking out a summer dress from her small collection, not too formal, not too casual, but definitely not at all the sort of thing she usually wears. She even has her hair done up and bit of make-up, but not much, as if she were trying to make a good first impression. Which would be wonderful for a prize, but she doesn't seem so inclined. Instead, she's settled off, perhaps halfway down the rows of chairs set out for bidders, her number settled carefully in her lap.

Dr. David Trudeau is, indeed, present, and is pressing hands with a couple of the larger funders that have taken a shine to some of the planned events within the city. Talking and laughing, the men break their circles to wander off to the next small, 'elite' clique with whom to chat, leaving David to wander around and eventually take up position at the threshold leading to the large, decorated meeting room. That is not before he swings around, however, to find Miss Mignonette Savoy and to reach out and touch a shoulder and whisper in her ear.

The minutes tick down, and standing to present himself for that last minute tuxedo straightening, he's ready to go the moment he's checked off for straight tie and rakishly angled flower in the lapel.

Dressed in a black tux, his hair pulled back neatly into a long tight braid is Wayne, one of the suc… er prizes up for bid. Though instead of the usual tie, he wears a bolo tie. Some pewter piece, with a huge turquoise stone inlay. Setting off to the side somewhere out of the way with a glass of champagne. Just idly waiting for, whatever.

Skylar Murphy hasn't worn a suit in some time - but like his Grams always says, if you must be a bear, be a Grizzly. So he'd pulled out his old suit, had it cleaned, pressed, and went out and bought a new blue silk tie. He, like many of the others, is seated in the 'prize' section, trying not to adjust his combed hair, or his tie - generally just trying not to look out of place. For now, he isn't looking around at the people - just straight ahead, repeating in his head 'This is for the children; This is for the children'.

Upon seeing Hugo, Desiree smiles, lifting her mimosa in toast. Her eyes roam over the room, noting the different bidders, and the prizes alike. When one of the other prizes looks a bit uncomfortable, Desiree's smile may offer some comfort, or a kind word to them may help relax an otherwise antsy person. Mostly, she looks out over the audience, curious to see if certain people she knows will attend. Since she's not widely known in the city, she's not all that certain anyone will bid on her. Her own bidding number lies in her lap. One way or another, she'll have a date by evening's end.

Indeed this is for the children is what Abbey is thinking to herself as she stands off to the side somewhat quietly watching the ones here. She feels very out of place to say the least. Her clothing is certainly different as well. A white blouse type shirt with a pale tan what could be leather dress type jacket of it, the sleeves go a bit below the elbows with a bit of lacy type trim across the sleeves and collar, dress slacks of darker brown found along with a pair of black heels. She even has makeup on, her thick curled hair settles around her face as it she went and had it styled. A unlit cigarette is rolled over and over between her fingers, she has no lighter with her though so she can't actually smoke the thing, still having it tends to help calm her nerves to some degree.

Mignonette offers a smile to David, as he catches her attention, and with a nod to the time, she accepts his arm, leading him through the crowd, her tone amused, as she passes one of the women waiting to bid, "I'm afraid I did not see Dr. Trudeau's name on the docket today." A lift of her shoulders in a sort of 'too bad' shrug, before she escorts the good doctor up to the podium, before she moves off to take her seat not far from where he's to set himself up for the event.

Absently, Hugo wonders at his sister's absence from this fine affair. He could have sworn she would have come, if for no reason other than to mock and tease him and offer negative bids. No excuse really, seeing how it's happening right in her living room practically. But perhaps he should just give thanks for small miracles, neh? Rather than sitting with the other prizes, Hugo mills about, shaking a few hands, chatting with a few people. Mingling. Taking a sip of his martini, he smiles and bobs his head as Mignonette passes him by, turning to ponder if things are about to get started. He pats one pocket to assure himself that his bidding number is still there.

Paige seems rather unhurried, despite the number of people that seem to be piling into the lobby of The Belmont. Things could end very well, for the investigator or very poorly. But she knows better than to let anything show on her face. So it's that television smile and wave for her, the number making no attempt to leave her lap. Important, but not enough to make her antsy.

Wayne spots a familiar face, that of Abbey, he grins and waves at her, then rises to move over where she is to speak with her quietly. Snagging a bidding number along the way. He'd forgotten one. "Hey Abbs." he murmurs to her softly. "Made it back in time for the auction. Didn’t want to miss it," he continues to murmur, so as not to disrupt things.

Tux thus straightened and in position to thus escort, David motions for the ushers to begin seating the auctionees up front while the bidders begin to follow suit.

Upon reaching the podium, he offers Mignonette a smile and a nod, a mouthed 'good luck' before she gains her seat. As he watches over the audience at large, David clears his throat and check to be sure the microphone is on by the *tap*tap* on the tip. It's on and he can hear it, which means he doesn't have to lean in and ask 'Is this thing on?'.

"Good evening and welcome," is offered above the buzz of the crowd still finding their seats. "I'd like to welcome you all to the first Bright Futures bachelor and bachelorette auction. This is," David grins as he looks to those putting themselves on the 'block', "as they've been repeating as a mantra," and it's back to the audience, "for the children. So, I'd like to thank you all for coming, and thank those who are the good sports and opening up their evening and their time for this event, our auctionees. If we may give them a round of applause?"

David begins to clap his hands, garnering the attention of most of the audience by the action. It's when the applause begins to cease, David leans towards the microphone,

"It is without further ado that we begin. The bids will begin at $50 and rise in $25 increments. This is for dinner at a fine Dallas restaurant, donated by several businesses in the area."

Spotting a very familiar face, Desiree rises and moves over to where Abbey stands. She approaches from the opposite side as the Native American man, not realizing he was headed for the same destination. "Hey, Abbey. You bidding or a prize?" she asks the mechanic, smiling to hopefully ease the other woman's tension. And then she nods to the man. "Desiree," she manages to get out before the Emcee takes the podium. "Oops, see you on stage! Good luck." A second look at the Native American, and Desiree drifts back to her seat. Nice prizes, yes, indeed.

Skylar is attentive when David gets on stage, and he claps too when the audience does - not for himself, but for the others. If they're anything like himself, they could use the encouragement. Still, he focuses straight ahead on the stage, just waiting until it is his turn.

This is going to be a long night, yes it is. She should have brought a fan, or something. But that smile's still plastered on her face, as Paige waits at her seat, taking her time to look over the collection of people. Both those who look like they'll be paying, and those who look like they're being bought. Wow. Maybe she should check her bank balance while she's at it. But she does at least clap when it's indicated. Following along…she can do that

Abbey lets her gaze rest on the floor a few moments pondering if she slipped out if anyone would know. Though before she can actually think on that action she is caught by not one but two people she knows and she blinks while glancing to Wayne and Des. A soft heh escapes her. "Ah.. I'm a prize I guess?" She questions softly, already regretting the word prize. She glances over to Wayne and gives him a slight smile. "Glad to see you back in town.. Didn't know you was into this." There is a pause and she shifts forward towards a seat, waving Wayne along as she goes. Once sitting down she glances up to David, listening while brushing a bit of hair from her eyes.

Wayne smiles at Abbey, "It's for kids, I own a roller-skating rink. Why not?" he offers Des a polite nod as well. But then he does notice things are getting under way, so soon Wayne quiets and just takes a seat, wherever he is told to. Hopefully close to Abbey. Noting her discomfort. "Don't worry, it'll be fun." he assures her.

David leans in to the microphone, a broad smile on his face. Pushing up his glasses, he takes the note cards from his pocket, "Just have to get these out…" and he waves them before straightening again. Tapping the edges of the cards on the podium, the good doctor continues,

"We'll be starting with a lady first.. the lovely Desiree DeVilliers." David waits for Desiree to gain the stage before continuing, "And her card reads… gentlemen, keep your seats now, 'Looking for a sweet, young thing for arm candy? Well, this bachelorette isn't it! She's hot, she's spicy, and she's full of surprises. Like to dance? Desiree DeVilliers is your type of woman. Don't know how to dance? She'll teach you! From salsa to samba, boxstep to bossa nova, winning a date with Desiree will never disappoint.'

"Remember, starting bid is at $50 to cover the cost of the plate. Dig deep. Beautiful woman.. talented.."

From his seat with the other prizes, Hugo reaches into his pocket and pulls out his number, raising it up and starting off the evening with a bang by calling out loudly enough to be easily heard, "$100!" His eyes lift to where Desiree stands on the stage and gives her a wink before sliding away to see who will challenge his bid. The race is on!

Desiree is no stranger to stage or runway, and works this for all it's worth. With a wide smile on her lips, she moves down the short space with smooth, easy steps. Striking a model's pose, she gazes out over the audience, her eyes sparkling in the lights. When bids are slow to begin, she gives the audience a hurt pout, lower lip extending. As Hugo makes his bid, she turns toward him, blowing him a kiss ala Marilyn Monroe. Hands out-stretched, she urges the audience to "c'mon, pony up," striking different poses in order to up the bidding. Oh, yes, Desiree knows how to work a crowd.

Abbey offers a soft smile to Wayne and nods. "Well that's true." She offers softly to him as she glances back towards the stage. Leaning back upon the chair she crosses one leg over the other, still rolling the cigarette between her fingers as she watches and listens to what unfolds before her.

David points to Hugo's number, "We have $100, do we hear $125?"

A businessman-looking gent in the back holds his sign up and says nothing, but it causes David to challenge, "We have $125.. do I hear $150?"

Wayne flashes his number, "$150." He calls out. It's for the kids after all. Might as well get the ball rolling. He's spent a lot on the rink, so he can't go too high, but well, maybe he'll get a battle going.

From the back a well-know oil tycoon pulls his cigar from his lips and lifts his card, calling out "$200!" before popping it back in and taking a hefty draw.

Near to the cigar-smoker, a woman raises her hand, waving away the smoke. Unfortunately, the hand in question also has her bidding number in it. Looks like the bidding is up to 225 for Ms. DeVilliers. Oh no. Too bad there are no take-backs in this auction.

"We have $150, $200.. do I hear $225.." David encourages. "C'mon.. it's easy.. $225.. just dig in."

David catches the wave and 'calls' the woman on it. $225.."

The same businessman in the back waves his sign just enough for David to catch the motion. "$250.. thank you sir.."

Lifting his number again, Hugo replies, "$275," with a cheerfully winning smile. He's been fortunate enough to spend some time with Desiree dancing, he knows that her company is easily worth as much. And, as everyone keeps on saying, "It's for the children."

Abbey lets her gaze drift around from one to another as she listens to all the bids fall in. She has to admit she is a bit surprised by the bidding. Its not like she's ever been through something like this before.

"$300!" Wayne calls out. Daring the Tycoon and Hugo to keep going. He is having fun.. though he doubts he'll get to go too much higher right now. Digging for his checkbook and card statements, to double-check his figures.

Skylar watches in silence as the auction continues apace. He still maintains a straight focus on the stage, likely silently continuing his mantra in his mind as he waits for his turn to be called up.

"$275.. $300.. We've got $300.. Do I hear $350?" Now David goes in $50 increments… "Going once…"

Puffing up a small forest fire of smoke, the oil tycoon lifts his card again, indicating a bid of $350, all the while chomping on the end of his cigar like it was a pacifier or something. Hmmmmm, hopefully Wayne will save Desiree from the smoky oily fingers of the fat-cat tycoon.

Uh oh, Hugo's distracted! Seems that his cell phone has gone off in all the commotion and rather than be rude and answer the call there, he has risen up and stepped off to the side, talking softly into his phone, oblivious to the direction the auction has taken. Must be something important, but the look of worry and irritation on his face. He glances up at the stage, but he's lost track of where the bidding is at.

Abbey lifts a brow and casts glance to Wayne curiously at the bid. She hehs softly and takes in a soft nervous breath before looking towards the tycoon as he goes about upping the bid.

"$350.. we have $350.. do I hear $400?" David is enjoying himself immensely, apparently.. and speaks directly into the mike, "$400? $350 going once…"

"$400!" His checkbook must be doing all right… Wayne smirks at the tycoon then Des. Then there's Abbey, he casts her a hidden wink. He's daring the tycoon.

Paige seems be quite be enjoying the bidding, thought it's likely because she's not involved, to be sure. Things are going to be quite different when she actually has to get in there. Sort of like a charity grudge match.

Wayne might just be in luck, because it seems that all that smoking is not exactly a smart idea for the oilman. Having drawn in a particularly deep lungful of the stuff, he starts coughing madly, leaning forward and wheezing like a dying diesel engine, the woman next to him slapping his back, either for making her accidentally bid on Desiree, or in an attempt to actually help him.

"$400," David crows and points in Wayne's direction. "$400 going once.. twice.." A look is given around the room before the announcement is made, "$400! For the lovely Miss Desiree DeVilliers. Thank you, Miss DeVilliers.."

Desiree seems pleased at the outcome, blowing a kiss to Wayne for saving her from the Tycoon. She exits the stage, moving over to place a kiss on his cheek. "Thank you!" she whispers, giving him a wink, and settling back in her chair.

Wayne laughs and scrolls out a check. Right there. Then adds it to his balance. Charity, she's a bit pricey, but that's all right. He blinks at the kiss, "Welcome." he says to her softly.

Somewhat chagrined, Hugo has finished his call and turned his phone off, pocketing it as he discerns the auction all went down. Ah well, he'll take Desiree out to dinner to make it up to her. He waves to her, wipes his brown in relief that she was bought by Wayne, and takes a seat next to her, bumping her shoulder lightly and apologizing, "Sorry about that … it was my promotions manager. Seems he failed to tell me something about this auction…"

Watching as Desiree leaves the stage, David smiles as he faces forward again and turns to the next card in his pile. "We've got a good start to it all. Now, to switch it up a little, we'll have one of the gentlemen come up. Mr. Skylar Murphy.. will you please take the stage?" Searching the rows set aside for auctionees, he catches the man and gestures before continuing his reading of the card.

"Skylar Murphy is a local small business owner and part time demonstrator at the Dallas Heritage Village. His talents run to metalsmithing and historic recreation of the Middle Ages."

Skylar blinks, seeming a bit surprised that he's being called up already. He rises, smoothing out his suit and walking up to the stage. He forces a smile on his lips, waving to the crowd, then approaches the podium, offering his hand to David and murmuring, "Thank you for all you are doing, sir. This is a very good cause." Then he steps to the side, hands behind his back. His mantra running through his head as he does his best not to look uncomfortable.

Abbey glances back to Wayne and chuckles softly. "She'll teach you how to dance.. Better watch out." Is said with an amused tone. She didn't think about bidding on anyone herself. Bills to pay for the garage after all, and Sam made sure she didn't take any money with her. Darn shop managers. She glances back to the stage listening as the next person comes up.

Desiree looks the young man over, apparently liking what she sees. She winks at Hugo, grinning. "$100!" she calls out as he takes the stage. Not over-eager, are we, Desiree? She glances to Wayne, whispering, "It's for the children," the mantra of the auction. "Besides, he looks very uncomfortable in that suit, poor guy," is said to Hugo. "I can at least get the ball rolling."

Paige finally looks away from the smoky cigar smoker, as the auction seems set to continue, with Desiree stepping off of the podium, and Skylar taking his place. She looks neither, well, excited or unexcited, as she raises her number to start the, well, not the bidding, but the competition, "$150."

Clearly one woman has been waiting for Skylar, her SCA garb making her stand out amongst the finely dressed patrons of the night. She holds up her card and cheerfully calls out, "$125!", practically bouncing in her seat with excitement. A real blacksmith. As her date! Her fellow SCA members will be so impressed!

David clasps the other man's hand firmly and lets go quickly, his words for the other man only, "No, thank you. Your business is listed in the program as part of our thanks."

Turning to the crowd now, David continues, "Ladies, what are we to bid? Starting is at $50.. and in my hand," waving a sealed envelope, the doctor challenges, "I have a sealed bid. Anyone here willing to guess and try and beat it?"

Pointing at Desiree, David laughs, "We have $100.. do I hear— $150.. We have $150… sorry miss.. can I get $175 from you, the lady in the costume?"

The woman is only flustered for a moment before she shoots her hand back up in the air and nods enthusiastically. But already she's starting to wonder how much trouble she's gonna be in when she gets home. If her daddy finds out that she 'borrowed' the car money, there's gonna be a whupping that's for sure.

By the time it reaches Desiree again, she's willing to bid, "$250!" Whether or not that will beat the sealed bid— who knows? It's just what she's willing to bid.

Todd shows up quite a bit later than anticipated… but such is the danger of relying upon others for transportation. Regardless, he does not seem the least bit worried about the fact. He walks in carrying a somewhat large cardboard box, with a small note taped to the top that he focuses on. Toward the back of the crowd, he stops to ask a friendly-looking woman a question, and she directs his attention toward the stage. He frowns, slightly puzzled, but then casually moves toward the front to stand, though he at least picks a place toward the edge of the room.

As the bidders start to sound out, he looks bemused as he glances around the crowd. Cheerfully, he beams and calls out, "Three hundred!" Does he even have three hundred dollars?

"Or I could teach her how to skate, either way. And hey, I'm new, more then one way to make friends." he teases.. "Even if I have to buy one for an evening." Wayne then turns to Des and nods in agreement. "Definitely a good cause. I think it's given me a few ideas for my business too." Taking a sip from his glass once more, he looks to Skylar, not into bidding on men, but he just watches the poor man, "Yeah he does.."

Paige looks back, moving from voice to voice, sussing out the competition it seems, pausing as she catches sight of the latest high bidder. Well, she's not going out like that, no she is -not-. Her number goes back up in the air, "$400." Now it's war. Bring it, SCA girl.

"Thank you," Skylar murmurs back to David, before looking around at the people who bid on him. Is that Paige? He peers at the crowd, trying to make it out… then he pauses, blinking. Was that a -man's- voice?

"Hey, I already know how to skate," Desiree says, winking. "$450!" She's budgeted for this. And, if she loses… oh, well, there're other men on the docket.

"Three hundred!" David looks at Todd and makes to hold up the bidding, but it soon goes higher. Not one to argue, he points at Paige and her bid, $400.. we have $400. Going— $450! We have $450 bid on Skylar Murphy…"

The SCA girl has totally sunk down in her seat, sighing softly. Counting the money she snuck from the emergency car fund and what she had saved up, she doesn't have nearly enough. Who'd thunk a blacksmith would be so popular??

Abbey ehs softly and smiles to Wayne before nodding. "I know how he feels about being uncomfortable." She offers softly while she watches Skylar a few moments. Half pondering bidding actually. "Eh, to bad I didn't bring the check book.. Sam grabbed it from me before I left the garage." She glances towards the mans voice and blinks while glancing towards where Todd is curiously.

Talk about all-out war. Paige doesn't even bother to look in the direction of the competing bidder, as she turns her attention to the stage, lifting her number once again, "$500." Hopefully, they're jumping up to the 100-dollar increments now. Hopefully. Someone needs to fold.

Mignonette turns in her seat, as she catches the sound of certain familiar voice, and rises from where she's been settled, moving easily, and number free, towards the back, towards where the box-wielding Todd has come into the lobby. There's a friendly, welcoming smile for the man, as she moves to intercept him.

Hugo watches and listens to the wild bidding with amusement, looking about and studying the faces of all the people that call out for Skylar. Seems the young man is fairly popular in this city! Todd gets a slightly longer and confused look before Hugo just laughs and shakes his head. This is certainly turning out to be far more entertaining than he expected it to be.

Desiree takes a deep breath, then holds up her number once again. "$575." It's said firmly, through a determined expression.

"$575! And in my hand, the sealed bid. Going once.." David raises the envelope, and offers again, "Do I hear $600?"

Skylar continues to watch the bidding going on - he seems to be losing his uncomfortableness as he tries to keep up with it all. Not to mention his amazement at how high the bidding is going. And… a sealed bid? He must have missed that bit.

Wayne chuckles, "Well, just a thought anyway.. I'm sure we'll find something to do. Besides just dinner." He smirks as the bidding keeps going up and up for Skylar "He seems to be pretty popular anyway.."

Hugo peers curiously at Desiree and the determination on her face, leaning in to ask, "Do you know him?" It is intriguing, seeing as how her studio needs so many repairs that she's willing to drop such a sizable chunk of change on Skylar.

Todd seems satisfied now that he's offered a bid, and does not move to outbid any of the increasingly high bids. In fact, he just smiles and watches the excitement. As he scans the crowd, he spots Mignonette headed toward him, and gives a little nod, since his hands are pretty involved with holding the box. As she arrives, he glances to the box, then comments, "This is for Dr Trudeau." One might even think that he knew who that was, but nope. There's a note on the top of the box clearly proclaiming, 'For Dr. Trudeau.'

Now those are fighting words. Funny now 'for the children' has turned into every woman for herself. But still, there she goes, lifting her number card again, her expression looking less pleasant than one would expect. or perhaps more, "$700." Hopefully, that's over the reserve, or the new cabinets in Paige's house are going to have to wait.

That's pricey, but Desiree has a mean, Irish fighting spirit in her. "$725!" she calls out. She knows she can't go much higher, but she'll make the other woman pay for the man on stage. "Yeah, and it's a good cause, but— " There's sheer determination on her face, now. Lord but she hates to lose.

David's expression turns towards the surprised, and he looks to Skylar, his brows raising in amused askance. Turning back around, he points in turn, "$700, $725.. do I hear $800? We need to move this along…"

Abbey gaze drifts from one woman to another while the cigarette gets rolled back and forth between her fingers. She could really use a lighter at the moment. "Getting rather interesting.." She offers with a soft tone to Wayne.

Skylar meets David's look with an equally surprised expression, then turns to look back at those doing the bidding war - namely Paige and Desiree. Or at least towards the direction of their voices, depending on how far back they're sitting.

Really? Really? You want to go that route do you? Oh, this is going to hurt, yes it is. There Paige goes again, her card rising to counter the bid that's just been thrown down. The Irish might have fighting spirit, but never box a Norwegian into a corner. "$1000." Beat that dancer-lady!

"One thousand dollars we are bid, ladies and gentlemen. Do I hear $1100, or shall we rest here with one thousand dollars?” David looks about before calling, “Going once… going twice…"

Desiree can't, but she smiles quite satisfied with herself. "By all means," she says, eyes glittering as she looks out to Paige. "I forfeit to the lady who sees what she wants and can afford it!" Desiree says with good-humor in her voice. Bowing her head toward Paige, Desiree withdraws from the bidding. "He's all yours."

"Thank you for bringing the box, Todd. Did you want to join us? if you'd like to grab something to eat or drink, we can find you a seat close to where the action is happening. We're doing another event for charity. It actually seems to be going pretty well." Mignonette glances back towards the stage and the blacksmith, "Quite well, actually."

Paige seems satisfied as Desiree bows out, though the look she sends in her direction is quite different from the one she had during the bidding. Rather than looking as if she might shank someone, she actually looks as pleasant and mild as she normally does, her voice to match, "Yes, I know. Thank you."

Wayne grins at Des, then Abbey, "That it is. Quite interesting. He finishes his drink and just holds the empty glass. "Though the cause is well worth it. I know I won't bring anywhere near that much. Will be lucky if I get above $100. Not many go for us redskin types after all." he murmurs.

One thousand dollars!

David takes the envelope and makes a face at the crowd. "Let's see…" Checking the numbers and the verifications, he whistles softly and somewhat theatrically. "$775."

"And we have a winner. The lady with $1000. Mr. Murphy, thank you for being such a good sport, and the children thank you." David's taking the mantra as well. Holding his hand out again to clasp it with the other man's in thanks, he continues shortly thereafter.

"And the next card…" Putting the side card away, he looks at the next in the pile.

"Another lady. Miss Abbey Wallace. If you would, Miss Wallace?" David looks around the room for his next volunteer to take the stage once Skylar has departed. "She writes of herself, 'Local owner and full-time worker at Bunker's Garage and Salvage. When not working she can be found taking her pet dog out for a walk, or hanging out down at the park enjoying the sights. She enjoys working on all manner of cars and motorcycles, building them from scratch or just repairing the family car. She's soft spoken and many know her to have a thick Irish accent, Abbey Wallace.”

Todd smiles politely at Mignonette. "Oh, is that what this is? I couldn't imagine what was going on here…" He still has that bemused expression, but he keeps the box in hand. Clearly this woman knows the mysterious Dr. Trudeau! Also, she is friendly, so he gives an agreeable nod, "Sure! I could eat something, thank you very much. I'm glad your event is going so well," he offers, politely.

"Thank you, sir," Skylar says to David, shaking the offered hand, then moving off from the stage. And moving to grab a glass of water, and perhaps a napkin to wipe off his brow. And then? He's off to find the woman who 'won' him. Not to mention trying to figure out who put in the silent bid, all the while.

"Go Abbey!" Desiree whispers, grinning. "Knock 'em dead, girl." Desiree applauds for her mechanic friend, trying very hard to boost her confidence. To Wayne, she says after looking him over, "I'm not all that disappointed you 'won' me. I'm betting we'll have a great time. I do skate. Do you like motorcycles?" she asks, taking a moment to whisper and maybe get to know her "date" just a little more.

Mignonette waits for Todd to decide on what he'd like to do, sparing half of her attention for the auction itself, particularly when Abbey comes up for auction. "Why don't I take the box from you, and you go get yourself something to eat, then you can come find me, and I'll save you a seat. once the auction is over, we can give the box to Dr. Trudeau. He'll be busy for a little while, I'm sure. She does move to retrieve one of the unused number cards, having left hers back at her seat. Once it's registered to her, she lifts it to open the bidding for the mechanic.

As before, Hugo starts off the bidding with a bang, lifting his card and calling out cheerfully, "$100!". He's never met Abbey before, but he is considering buying himself a Ducati, which means that he most likely will be visiting her garage shop… often. Ducatis … so lovely, so… breakable.

Abbey was really hoping that perhaps they run out of time.. But not so lucky it seems. She clears her throat and sticks the cigarette in her pocket before she stands up, smoothing out her shirt and jacket as she stands. Hearing Des she blushing slightly before putting on a friendly smile resting upon her face as she slips out from the chair and walks up onto the stage after Skylar is down. Though getting up on stage she looks a lot calmer then she did when sitting. She waves a hand slightly once on stage and winks to whom ever. "Hello all.. Great to see such a large turn out for this tonight." She offers with her best Irish accent, just enough to be heard but not enough to make it to hard to be understood. She blinks slightly and casts her pale gaze towards Hugo, a soft chuckle escapes her and she soon grins.

Since Abs is a friend, even before David starts the bidding, he grins and starts off. "$200!" before listening to what Des is asking him. "I haven't ridden in a long time, but I like them yes. They are a lot of fun."

Paige makes no move to rise from her seat, having been part of too much excitement as it is, but she does make certain the seat next to her is free, for when Skylar finally manages to make his way over towards where she's sitting. He might enjoy crafting weapons from the age of the knights, but she's certainly not going to make him stand around like one.

"We have our starting bid of $50.. do I hear $100.. I see $100. Do I see $150? We'll get this ball rolling by going for the big wins early." David is clearly enjoying himself in the evening, and smiles as Mignonette takes hold of her number.

"Good evening, Miss Wallace. Welcome and thank you for your time!"

Pointing at the next, he crows, "We have $200!"

"She's a great mechanic," Desiree whispers to Hugo. "And a great person. Snag her if you can. Maybe we can double date?" she suggests. After all, Abbey seems to know Wayne, and she knows Hugo. When Wayne bids, she cuts her eyes to him. "One woman isn't enough for you? Maybe I've misjudged you Native Americans a bit…" Good-natured teasing. "I've got a Harley. If you want, we can go for a ride sometime."

Skylar eventually makes his way to where Paige is sitting, his face a little drier, and a glass of water in hand. "Paige," he greets, his smile cautious, but also a bit relieved. "Didn't expect… all this. Can I join you?" he asks, gesturing to the empty seat.

Mignonette beams, seeming happy to have gotten the boys bidding on the redhead. Her work here is done. Unless cigar-smoking man decides to rear his head, and then she'll have to get nasty. But for now, she seems happy to watch the eventual outcome of the fight she started.

Todd looks at Mignonette, a little uncertainly. "Oh. Um. Okay…" He glances around, awkwardly, then offers her the box. It is very light and when moved it makes a very faint rustling sound, as though filled with some kind of loose papers. "So…Go get food, and then find /you/." He pauses a moment, reaching for his notepad to flip through it. He reaches a section filled with Polaroid’s stapled to pages. He glances toward her, glances down, then brightens. "Mignonette! Okay. Food, and then find you again. I can do that."

Sitting up a little straighter in his chair, Hugo's eyes focus on Abbey as she grins and he calls out with perfect aplomb, "$300!" Why waste time jumping from $25 to $25? He leans in toward Desiree as she murmurs in his ear, his eyes still raised up to study Abbey as he nods.

"Well, I should hope so," Paige offers, as she indicates that the blacksmith should settle into the seat beside her. For now, her number card is lying idle, and that's probably for the best, "I'm sorry if things didn't turn out the way you wanted them to." Not that she sounds sorry.

The businessman in the back was thwarted from Desiree, and so, it's on to the next. A dinner companion would be nice, and so, his number wiggles, putting the bid up to $400.

Abbey tilts her head and glances towards Wayne a moment and shakes her head slightly while she does a slow turn on the stage after walking the length of it, and then back towards where she was. She lifts her head and lets a hand rest upon her hip while she glances back to Hugo as she hears him again. A friendly smile and nod is offered back to Hugo.

Wayne laughs, "Nah, it's just me." he leans in to whisper something to Des, then adds, "$500!" to the battle for Abbey. He really shouldn't be betting so high, but well, she's his friend… but it seems that she's holding her own pretty well. And they are more or less neighbors.

Again whispering to Hugo, Desiree says, "C'mon, Hugo, you can beat both of them. If you need some extra cash, let me know. I doubt I'll win my next choice." Her eyes sparkle as she looks up at Abbey, applauding when the bidding reaches $500.

With his phone safely turned off, Hugo can now put all of his attention toward the auction. A small smile quirks his lips as he hears a man toward the back call out $400 and then Wayne calling out $500. No, no, no, this simply will not do! Raising his number, Hugo bests them both by calling in turn, "$700!" Turning to Desiree, Hugo asks, "Hmmm, what kind of food do you think she would like?"

"Considering that I get to look forward to an evening with you, a thousand dollars is going to charity, and my business is apparently on the programs and thus getting a little advertisement? I'd say the evening is going better then expected," Sky points out to Paige with a smile, taking the seat next to her. "No, I'm not sorry. And it's good to see you again," he adds with the same tentative smile.

Abbey really never though anyone would bid that much on her, she clears her throat slightly seeming rather surprised. "My my.. Didn't known everyone was so eager to take a mechanic out for dinner." She offers with a playful tone, accent heard once again to see if any others might be tossing in something.

"$700!" David points and looks around the room, "We have $700.. do I hear $800?"

The businessman in the back hadn't gone that high for Desiree, and it can be assumed it's a little rich for him now.. and he remains silent, his number not flinching. The oil man, however.. he's a different story. "800!" (Pronounced 'ate hunnert')

"All good reasons to put yourself up for auction, especially for charity." It seems Skylar isn't the only hot ticket tonight, as the Irishwoman…what it is about chicks and dudes with accents…for real…is becoming just as popular a ticket. But for Paige, she's content to reach over to take Skylar's hand, with no fanfare at all, just the simple placement of her smaller hand in his.

Wayne blinks as Hugo's bid beats his wallet. Well seemingly.. beating it anyway.. he shakes his head, he's done. So it's up to Hugo and the others. He casts Abbey a wink, if she looks, smiling at her. Then looking to Des, he grins. "I think that might be a great idea, a double date. Then we can all hag out at the rink, for whatever after."

"Don't forget to make a note, I'll be right up front by the stage," Mignonette offers to Todd, as she tucks away her number and handles the box with special care, as she moves back to reclaim her seat close to the front, the box settled onto the floor beside her, out of the way of any potential damage.

"I… yes." Skylar, for his part, seems a bit taken aback by the hand touching, but he smiles, giving Paige's hand a brief squeeze. After a moment, clearing his throat, he says, "If you'll excuse me for a moment, though, I need to make sure mine isn't the highest bid. I have a friend that will use it against me if it gets published in the paper," Skylar says to Paige with a small smile. "Besides which, it might be good to have an 'in' with a good mechanic in town." At that point, he raises his sign, saying, "Fifteen hundred dollars."

"I don't know. Maybe meat and potatoes? She's not all that fancy," Desiree says. "I'm sure she'll enjoy where-ever you take her." There's a glare shot toward Oil Man, giving Hugo a nudge with her elbow. "The offer stands," she whispers. "Don't let her go to that creep. He's just … nah, not for her."

David catches sight of the box and spares a single brow-rise in inquiry, but doesn't make any comment on it. Not until he's done at the top.

He looks.. very surprised at the bid of $1500, and twisting around to look at Abbey, he whistles softly. "We have one thousand, five hundred as a bid." He turns back to face the audience. "$1500 going once.. twice.."

Hugo was about to call out for a $1,000 when Skylar's voice comes chiming in at $1,500, giving the artist a moment of pause. Leaning toward Desiree, Hugo muses, "Well, she's protected from Mr. Big Oil, I do believe. A mechanic and a blacksmith. Could be a match made in heaven, don't you think?"

"Of course." Paige takes advantage of the distraction of the bidding to rise from her seat, leaving her number card on the seat she's just vacated, and moving to make her way out of the hotel. Whatever deed it was she was supposed to have done, it seems to have been accomplished.

Abbey glances towards the 'oil man' oh dear.. She would rather not go on a dinner date with him. Though she keeps smiling and hums softly to herself. She blinks and tilts her head, pale gaze turning towards Skylar at the new bid and she blushes a moment while lifting a hand and wiggling her fingers in a slight wave towards the man that was just on stage. Well, she didn't think it would get /that/ high.

Todd flips a page, nodding slightly as Mignonette reminds him to make the note. Once the note is taken, he nods once with satisfaction. "Food, then back here…" And off he goes, looking around to spot the location of said food before heading off through the tables, notebook still in hand. He mouths something silently to himself as he goes, which tends to ward off anyone who might distract him from the task at hand.

"IF you need more money— " she again tells Hugo. "I'm good for it. Go on, bid if you'd like. Nothing in the rules against it." She grins, giving Hugo's hand a squeeze. "I'd really like it for all four of us to go on that date."

Mignonette shakes her head, at the doctor's questioning look, her own response a definite, "It can wait." Coupled with a smile and a slight wave of a hand, it's more than indication that the event is fine to carry on for the evening.

Squinting for a moment, Hugo silently chuckles at the idea of borrowing money from Desiree to make good on a bid. But then, he is an artist, and most artists are dead broke. He should know. He used to be. Lifting his hand, Hugo calmly calls out, "$1,750," with a wave of his number and a warm smile directed toward Abbey. Sure, a double date would be fun.

Just as David opens his mouth to 'strike' the third time and be on to the next bachelor, there comes the bid under the wire! "$1750. Do I hear $2000?" Now they're taking the big jumps. "Going once…?"

Catching Mignonette's 'wave off', he nods ever so slightly. He's got the time, then..

Skylar offers a grin in Abbey's direction, and a nod of his head in acknowledgement of the finger waggle. He then glances beside him as Paige leaves the table. There's a brief distracted look on his face, as he watches her depart, before he shakes his head and turns back to look at the stage. He glances over as the newest bid goes out. He looks about to leave it at that… but then lets the usual mantra play in his head, and raises his sign. "Two thousand."

Wayne does answer Des on the Harley thing though, "That sounds like fun, I'll have to get one and just go riding off somewhere. Can't beat a Harley anyway." Then Hugo really bids high, "Dang dude.." he chuckles.

Abbey gaze drifts back over to Hugo and she offers him a smile before looking over to David seeing if that will to. Though hearing Skylar she blinks and glances over to him, another soft chuckle escaping her and she grins while winking at Skylar. "Nice.." She says with a soft amused tone.

One brow lifts, somewhat surprised that Skylar has that sort of money to donate, lips quirking in amusement as he lets the matter go. "I guess we'll have to find another occasion to double date. Seems to me that it is a match made in heaven and the blacksmith is determined to win his mechanic no matter what." And who is Hugo to stand in the way of true love? Should the good Doctor look his way, the artist smiles but shakes his head no. He'll let this lovely Irish fish be caught in another man's nets.

Two thousand! Desiree blinks. Seems she's the "cheap date" tonight. A glance at Wayne, however, and she smiles, apparently satisfied with her "fate." "Or, we can go on my bike— though some guys don't like to ride behind a chick." She winks at him, then shakes her head. "Way to go, Abbey," she says softly, proud of her friend. Even she couldn't loan Hugo enough to match or beat the bid. "Sorry, dude," she tells him, giving his hand a squeeze. "I promise I'll big on you— though we don't have to be part of the auction to go on a double date, I'm thinking."

Todd gets a plate and starts to fill it, though he watches the proceedings with some interest as the bids go higher and higher. At one point, he stops what he's doing entirely, blinking at the final outrageous bid. It's not until someone behind him makes a polite little coughing sound that he looks back to what he's doing with some confusion and adds a few pieces of fruit here and there to his plate. Thus armed, he retreats from the table, setting off back through the crowd, eyes on the stage as he meanders along.

"We have two thousand.. and," David doesn't need to do the countdown now that he's gotten the wave off, and he finishes, "We have two thousand. Thank you, Miss Wallace."

David waits for Abbey to depart the stage, offering a hand should it be necessary, to aid her down.

"And, next.." He chuckles and looks to those done and the line of whom that still has to go. "This is a great turnout, and you all are being great sports. Keep the bidding coming as we have many more this evening."

"And next we have… Mr. Wayne Evans." He waits a moment for the name to sink in before continuing, "Owner of InterSkate, the new roller skating ring in West Dallas. Mr. Evans is originally from Santa Fe New Mexico." David looks up from the card, "Oh, and ladies.. he is also a rather decent cook."

Wayne says, "Well I can dri…." then blinks as he hears his name. He rises and heads to the front where the others stood. Though now, he's a bit on the quiet side. "Thank you." he says, softly. Looking to David. Straightening his tux.. "Evening folks.""

Desiree winks as Wayne departs for the stage, tempted to bid on him, just because. But, she already has a date with him. Still, just to get the ball rolling. "Turnabout's fair play," Desiree calls. "$150!" she bids, holding up her sign.

Abbey looks to David and offers a slight nod. "Glad I could help out.." She offers while smiling and makes her way down the steps without a problem, even in heels! She isn't too sure what to say to at the guy who just bid two thousand dollars on her.. Hopefully he won't want a refund after the dinner date. "Good luck there, Wayne." Is offered to her friend while she makes her way over to where Skylar is, pale gaze resting on him curiously. "Well.. You went through an awful lot there to win me so to speak." She says with an joking tone before offering out a hand for a friendly shake. She won't forget to speak with Hugo later though and thank him as well for the offered bids.

David offers the man an encouraging nod before he readjusts his wire-framed glasses. Looking expectantly over the crowd, the smile is in easy play, "C'mon, ladies. You know how the game is played. Do I—"
Pointing at Desiree's sign, he begins, "$150. Do I hear 2?"

A tall, slender Native American woman in the back lifts her sign. "$250," she bids, dark eyes watching as Wayne walks across the stage.

-Finally- the woman beside the cigar-smoking man sees the person she came to bid on come up on stage, and she lifts her number card. MUCH more assured than when she was waving off smoke, "$350!" And she doesn't even look oily or smoky or anything. She actually looks rather nice. A suburban Dallas housewife type.

Another woman, tall and pale with long flowing blonde hair and sunglasses on lifts her number and calls out in a musically lovely voice, "$750." Hey, isn't that that famous opera singer that played the lead in La Traviata just recently??

"As I kept telling myself when -I- was on stage, it's for the children, and charity," Skylar says, offering Abbey the seat that was so recently vacated. "My name's Skylar, by the way, nice to meet you," he offers, extending his hand. "You seemed to handle the pressure up there a lot better then I did," he adds, by way of conversation.

David points as each bid goes higher and higher, marking them in memory as it goes. Apparently no encouragement is necessary.

Wayne grins a bit, casting the bidding women a wink. Though he thinks he should have warn his skates, show off a bit on stage.. or something. But then the bids start coming in and he's grinning. He hears Abbey and winks at her too. Then the $750 comes in, and he's a bit shocked.. "Wow.."

Abbey smiles and nods as she settles upon the empty seat next to Skylar. "True.. That's what I kept telling myself." She gives his hand a slight shake before letting go. "Its a pleasure to meet you Skylar.. An I have to assure you it was all a front. If I hadn't been called up then I was planning on sneaking out." This said while she glances back towards the stage hearing the bids on her friend before she looks back to Skylar. "I have to admit.. I didn't think it would go that high for me."

The Native American woman simply holds up her number. $800 is bid, but she looks pensive.

Uh oh.. the housewife has been beat out? No! Say it ain't so! Her number flickers and the count goes to $900.

Since turnabout really is fair play, Desiree lifts her number and grimaces. "$975!" she calls out, topping the Native American's bid by at least $25.

The cool, composed blonde smiles and lifts her card. "$1,000." Fascinating. But that's the way it is with these sorts of things. There's no knowing what compels a person to bid on one and not another.

Todd has been wandering the crowds randomly for a while, when he pulls his notepad back out, and frowns a little. He flips a few pages, then looks toward the front and the stage. Once he spots Mignonette, he brightens back to his usual chipper self as he heads toward her.

Mignonette catches sight of Todd heading over in her direction, and she's quick to indicate a seat at her table, making sure to move the box out of the way to avoid any sort of tripping hazards. She's happy to have company to join her for dinner, "Please, have a seat, Todd. I think we're getting towards the end now. Only a few people left to go on the block."

Too rich for the housewife and she folds.

David waits, and counts out the bids, coming to $1000 as he points to the blonde. "Do I hear $1500? $1500? One thousand going once…"

Wayne hears Des and he smiles at her, then the Native woman, then the housewife, back to Des, he likes Des.. and though the Native woman is his race as well, he sends Des another wink.. trying to get her to bid higher.. he wants her to win..

"Well, I'll have to admit, I bid a little more then I might have, simply because I didn't want to be the grand prize. Not that you aren't worth it, mind you. But far better you then me as the face of tonight's success." Skylar grins in apology to Abbey, saying, "I hope you'll let me make it up to you by way of apology, however. Dinner, of course. And, do you attend the Renaissance Fairs at all? There's one this weekend. Perhaps I can save you a dance?"

"Eleven-fifty!" Desiree shouts, glaring at the housewife.

The Native American woman waves off. 1150 is too rich for her. But at least she knows where the man works now.

"Eleven fifty going.. once.." David looks around the room and catches Todd toddling up to sit beside Mignonette. Good… where he can be kept an eye on.
"Going twice.."

The diva settled back down, waves off a competing bid. Seems as though the winning will be mutual, between the dancer and the king of the rink.

Hugo shifts in his seat, slightly disappointed as he realizes that he has missed out on his opportunity to bid on any of the lovely ladies of the evening, the 'prizes' being almost all accounted for. Damn. Leaning over to Desiree, he apologizes to her softly for being so neglectful during her turn before pressing back in his seat. He can't help but wonder if he'll suffer as well, being the last up for the night as she did being the first? Ah well. His shoulders shrug as he makes a mental note to make a donation to the cause either way.

Todd strolls up to Mignonette's table. Toddling is so last year. Regardless, he smiles to Mignonette and settles into a chair with his plate, apparently just as glad for the company. "Oh, okay. Looks like it's going well. That's a lot of money!" he comments, as he spears a strawberry with his fork. "There were some wonderful looking strawberries, if you'd like one," he offers, before taking a bite.

Abbey ohs softly, half listening to the bidding war going on now while her pale gaze rests on Skylar. "Oh that's alright." She offers with a soft tone, not looking hurt at all over this news. Her hand lifts slightly, waving a moment. "You apologized so that's worth it really." "I've been to a few of the fairs in the past, they were fun." There's a slight pause at the talk of Skylar saving her a dance, normally she would say no, though not tonight. "Alright.. I'll take you up on that dance. Though if I should step on your toes I'll apology now.." This said while as she smiles.

Desiree gives Hugo's hand a gentle squeeze. "It's all right, sweetie," she whispers. "We'll have dinner some time at my place, or you can take me out and show me off some night. After all, gotta make those private lessons count for something." She may have bid on Wayne and won, but … that doesn't mean she can't at least get the bidding started for her friend. "Who knows? I might just bid on you, too." A wink and then she's turning to Wayne. "So, does this mean we get two dates together?" she teases.

"Thank you, Todd, that's very sweet." Mignonette accepts one of the strawberries, taking a moment to sprinkle some sugar on her plate for dipping. "Yes, it's quite a lot of money. we've been very, very lucky. The auction has done much better than I had hoped it would. People have really come out to support the charity."

Wayne smiles at Des, "Sure, more if you've a mind to." he offers. Auction or no, I agree, we could still go on those double dates." Though David hasn't officially said 'Sold' yet. Who knows, someone might dig even deeper before he does. Though urging him to say it, looking at the man intently now.

"I think my toes are strong enough to take it," Skylar says in aside to Abbey at her comment, with a smile. As he watches the auction goings-on, he reaches into his pocket, pulling out a business card. On the back, he puts his cell phone, and the info for the Ren Fair. Sliding it across the table to Abbey, he says, "Here, this is me, so we can arrange the dinner. And that's the dates and everything for the Ren Fair. The feast and dance are tomorrow night."

"$1150. Thank you.."

David looks around at Wayne and offers the man a smile and a nod. "Thank you, sir.."

And it's on to the next card— this will be going on for well into the evening, and David is more than ready to continue his work at the front of the room. "Now, we have another gentleman by the name of Mr. Hugo Bosch.. lately of New York City." Looking in the audience, he finds the man and waves him up as Wayne departs.

"He writes, "Hugo Bosch is considered by some to be the hottest ticket in New York City. With groundbreaking artwork that has been hailed by the New York Times as "daring" and "inspiring" and the Museum of Modern Art and other NY galleries carrying his work, he is blazing a trail through the world of art both nationally and abroad. Dallas is fortunate enough to have him here working on a special exhibit just for the city and we are lucky to have him here to auction off for charity! And as a special 'extra' offer, Mr. Bosch has offered not only the donation of himself and his time, but he has additionally offered to paint a portrait of his winner, a bonus prize of inestimable value."

Todd nods a little, chewing and swallowing before he answers Mignonette. "Well, I'd help, but I know I don't have that much money." He ponders that for a moment, then adds, "I mean, I guess I might. But it seems kind of doubtful." He watches as Hugo is introduced. "Hmm. Artist. That's hot," he comments, casually, then eats another strawberry.

Hugo rises up to take the stage, but as his 'statement' is read, he pauses in mid-step and facepalms. Ahh, so that's what Stu meant when he said he had taken some 'liberties' with what Hugo had written up. Dear God. He takes a deep swallow of his martini glass, finishing off the potent drink before taking the stage with a wry and chagrined smile, waving to the audience and hoping they don't think him as conceited as his press agent is.

As a favor to her friend, Desiree calls out, "$100!" the same amount he bid for her. She gives him a wink, hoping this got the ball rolling. She may bid again, or she may be satisfied with the man she already "won." After all, if she wants Hugo to do a portrait of her, she can always just trade him dance lessons!

Wayne grins and heads back to his seat where he fills the rest of his check out, since there are no others to bid on. Then tucking it where he will remember where it is. Then there's Hugo. "Good luck dude." he says, grinning. Willing to watch the last of the proceedings.

Abbey chuckles softly and nods as she hears Skylar. "Well, that's good to know." She offers softly. Her gaze drifting back towards the auction before she looks back to the movement at the table and picks up the card looking over it and nods. "Alright.. I'll give you a call. I'd give you one of my cards, but I have to admit I didn't bring any. Though if you need to get a hold of my just call Bunker's Garage." It goes right to her cell phone half the time anyway. A soft oh escapes her. "So.. for the dance tomorrow I suppose one needs to dress the part?" She hasn't been to a ren fair in a while, though she recalls the outfits at least.

"You've already been a great help, Todd. And we have a wonderful event coming up ion a few weeks that you might be perfect for. So if you don't mind, I'll take you up on your offer to help then." As Hugo comes up on stage, Mignonette doesn't even really look him over at all, she just raises her number, "$500."

David points out each bid, and doesn't worry about encouraging numbers. They've been in the room for the first few and they know how it's done now.

Housewife's brows rise to see Hugo take to the stage, and her sign goes up for $750.

The same blonde opera singer that bid on Wayne now bids on Hugo, lifting her number and calling out, "$900," a predatory smile upon her bright red lips.

Todd looks a bit bemused at Mignonette's comment. "Have I? I only remember sitting here eating strawberries. If this is working for charity, sign me up any day," he jokes, mildly, and glances back toward the stage. He gives a little laugh as Mignonette is quickly outbid. "Looks like you'll have to work for it," he comments, spearing a piece of cantaloupe to eat.

"Alright, I'll do that," Skylar says to Abbey when she mentions her garage. At her question, he chuckles, nodding slowly. "If you like, I might have a dress I can lend you. A friend of mine left a bunch with me, and I've been lending them to friends who want to go. I think I should have one or two left. Should I send it to the Garage, then?" he asks.

"And here he thought he'd not go much beyond a few hundred," Desiree says aside to Wayne. She doesn't bid again, knowing she and Hugo will still end up spending time together on dance lessons. "So, just what do I get for all my hard-earned cash," she asks, her eyes dancing with merriment. "That better be a very good meal you cook me, Chief." It's not meant as an insult, and shouldn't be taken as one. "Maybe I should get you to take me out camping, or something…" she muses, tucking her arm into Wayne's. "I've never slept under the stars before, except on my patio."

There is a moment of quiet before a handsome young man raises his number, clearing his throat and offering just a tad uncertainly, "$1,000." Hmmmm, perhaps he is an avid art collector? He fiddles with his tie and stares at Hugo, shifting in his seat almost anxiously.

Mignonette takes her time, looking around the room, before she raises her number card again, seeming actually rather interested, at the added bonus for the 'date', "$1500." And if that makes her look like what she is, which is namely, a rich southern belle, well, so be it.

From the back of the room comes another bid, this time from what can only be described as a "cougar." She's attractive, in that older woman sort of way. "$2,000!" she calls out, her Texas accent thick. If truth be told, she's the ex-wife of Oil Man, out for a bit of revenge.

Abbey ohs a moment, a dress even, right that is sorta the idea for the time period wouldn't it? "Well.. Sure. That would be great actually. I have no idea where I could even get one at this late of a notice to start with." She chuckles softly. "Sadly I don't keep any in the closet at home." That would be an amusing thing to find in her closet.

And there goes the blond housewife.. outbid again. She's only got so much money, and she's done. Rising from her seat, she's got a frown on her face, and she begins to head to the door and out.

David points out the bids, though his brows rise slightly in bemusement as Mignonette makes her bid for the man.

"Two thousand is bid."

Todd gives a bright grin as he glances over to spot the nervous young man who made that bid. "Aww… He's cute. And has money. And is generous to charity." He considers the combination, head slightly tilted, and finally leans toward Mignonette, "Make sure you outbid that one," he says, in a quieter, more playful tone of voice. "Maybe I can catch him on the rebound, you think?"

His hands in his pockets, Hugo rocks back and forth, strolling on the stage and smiling at the various people that bid on him. Unlike many of the other contestants, he seems perfectly at ease up there, not a hint of shyness or uncertainty in his smile or his figure.

Serious business, but it's not as though the man isn't worth the money, if only to own a Bosch original. A grin, sent in Todd's direction, "You got it." Who's she to get in the way of Todd's enjoyable evening? She does as she's asked. "$3000."

"What's it say about me that I do?" Skylar asks Abbey with a small grin. He seems about to say something else, then looks down at his pocket, which is vibrating. "If you'll excuse me, I think I have a call. I should probably take this. If I don't see you before tomorrow, I'll make sure to send the dress to your garage, and will look forward to seeing you there," Sky tells the lady mechanic. "And it was nice meeting you… and bidding on you as well, I suppose."

Oil Slick Cougar lady isn't any slouch in the bidding department, either. She cuts a glare toward Mignonette's table. "$3500." Hard, firm. Eyes like dark chips of ice as she stares at the stage.

Whuff! Hugo shakes a hand as the bidding gets hotter, winking to the cougar even if he's cringing a bit on the inside. Glancing over to Nonette's table, Hugo blows her a kiss. Or is he blowing Todd a kiss? Most likely Nonette, but who knows what Todd might make of the gesture.

Abbey hums softly. "That you’re well rounded on all fronts and have the supplies to help out friends?" She questions while grinning back to Skylar. A soft smile is soon offered and she nods to him. "Understandable. An I'll be expecting the dress. It was a pleasure to meet you Skylar.. An well thanks for the bids, that was very generous of you to put up for the cause." She tilts her heads slightly and glances towards Migs with an amused look across her face as she hears the new bid. "Well, seems like there's a new number. That's alright.. I rather stay out of the paper to be truthfully on it."

"I think you're in the clear, Todd. And he did sound like quite a catch. Of course, Hugo isn't that bad either. Who would have thought an art lesson would cost so much?" Still, Migs seems more amused than anything else, as she counters, "$4000."

David whistles softly and echoes the bid, looking around the room to see if anyone has the guts or the gall to outbid Mignonette..

"Four thousand going once…"

Desiree gapes at the cougar, not really wishing for Hugo to go to this aging diva. "God, if I just had the money," she whispers to Wayne. "I'd bid myself just to keep her from getting him. He's too nice a guy to end up with … that." When the Cougar bids next, it's to top Ms. Savoy's amount by $500. "Wow, $4500! What I couldn't do with that amount."

Todd grins as Mignonette ups her bid. "Good grief! I don't know what you do for a living, but you must be /loaded/," he comments, cheerfully. Hugo's blown kiss startles a laugh out of him, his eyebrows jerking up. "What a ham. I hope you win, he's cute," he offers to Mignonette.

"$4500!" cries the Cougar. Again she glares at Mignonette.

"I can't say I blame you," Skylar tells Abbey as he rises, grinning as he looks over the event, before excusing himself and moving off to answer his phone.

"I am, actually. You think so? Maybe you might enjoy the dinner that comes with him, then." Migs once again raises her number card, countering the incoming bid by the woman almost twice her age. "$5000." She looks back at Todd, "We'll have to make sure you have a nice suit to wear."

Wayne smiles at Des, "Here, not much, but I can add another thou to what you have.. He digs into his wallet and pulls it out. "That's all I can really do now. And be able to keep the rink going in supplies."

"The bid is at $4500.. going once…" David looks at Mignonette, and waits for what he knows will be inevitable. It does come, and he echoes it, that dry bemusement in his tones. "For the children, the bid is now at $5000."

The Cougar might be getting plenty of alimony from her ex-husband, but it's not all THAT much. Wadding up her number, she rises so fast she knocks over her chair. With a toss of her head, she hisses, "B!tch," as she flounces out of the auction.

Mignonette smiles, seeming quite content with her win, as she turns, offering the winning number card to Todd, who's still, with any luck, working his way through his strawberries next to her, "You make sure to keep that, so they can get all of the right information from you, and you know, there are quite a number of really nice restaurants on the list." A beat, "Oh, the prize is dinner…with Hugo. Now that we've won him. Or you have."

Ouch! Hugo winces slightly as the cougar is a poor loser. He lifts his hands and calls out cheerfully, "This is all just for fun and to help support the children of Dallas, folks, don't forget that!" Somehow, though, Hugo doubts the cougar was thinking all that much about the 'children'. Ah well. He turns toward Nonette as she raises her bid again, bowing deeply in her direction. It doesn't matter to Hugo if he goes for $50 or $5,000 … but his press manager will be happier with $5,000.

"Oh, no, that's all right," Desiree says, smiling. "Kind of you to offer, but … I think Hugo's doing all right on his own." She laughs as the Cougar makes her exit, clapping that Hugo won't end up with her. "I don't know who won him, but I'm glad. Besides, Hugo and I are very well acquainted, and get together at least once a week for private dancing lessons. Not like he can't take me out whenever I wish." She laughs again, then turns her attention to Wayne.

Todd's brows raise at Mignonette's offer, his mouth opening and then closing. Slowly, he starts to blush, and looks down at his fruit with obvious embarrassment. "Oh… Well. Oh." Still, he looks a little pleased, as she hands over the card. "Um. You…Are you sure? That's a lot of money…I mean…a lot."

"Five thousand going once.."

With the departure of the only rival against Mignonette, David closes down the bidding.

"And it's five thousand dollars. Thank you for your time and trouble.."

"Oh yes, I'm quite sure." Mignonette leans in, her tone hushed, "I already have my eye on someone else I'd like to take out for dinner. But he wasn't up for auction. So I decided to raise as much money as I could for charity, and we won you a nice evening to boot. So it's a win."

Wayne nods and grins. Tucking the money away. He applauds as well. Then turns his attention to Des, "Anyway, I'm sure we can figure stuff out. Who knows, we might become pretty good friends over this."

Abbey glances after Skylar as he goes before she turns her gaze back to the others. A soft chuckle escapes her and she claps her hands. "Nice going Mignonette." She says towards her friend. Still she'll have to speak with Hugo at some point over the birds he offered up before.

Todd is still blushing as Mignonette reassures him, but he gives a nod and accepts the card. Of course, he immediately resorts to his notebook to avoid forgetting what it's for… "Okay…I mean…if you're sure." He grins a little, and glances toward her as he writes, obviously pleased.

"Maaaaybe," Desiree says, drawing the word out. "How about we start by getting out of here and having a drink? I admit I've had enough of the crowds tonight." She applauds the next bid, then nods toward the exit. "I've got my car here, and it's a great night for a drive with the top down." She grins. "The car top, not my top." A wink and then Desiree's finger waggling to Hugo. She blows him a kiss, then scoots toward the exit.

Crossing over to her table, Hugo exclaims, "Nonette! What a lovely surprise! You won me! You'll have to let me know when you'd like to have your portrait done." Blue eyes drop down to where Todd is sitting, a friendly smile upon his lips as he greets, "Hi there," oblivious to the machinations going on between the two. His attention is distracted for a moment by Desiree's wave, which he returns, his gaze then refocusing on the pair who won him.

Wayne laughs, "Sure thing.." He hands his check over to whoever is taking the money, then follows Des out. "Sounds like a plan, I got a stash at the rink, if you really don't want any crowds. Though, if you'd rather a public setting, well I'm sure we can find somewhere to go I suppose."

"Actually, I was just bidding in someone's stead." Mignonette rises, kissing Hugo's cheeks in the French fashion, before she turns to address both men, "Actually, it's Mr. Landers who'll have the pleasure of your company. Todd, this is Hugo Bosch, Hugo, Todd Landers." Hopefully nobody goes explodey right now. No one's publicist would like that.

David leans over, reaching for Mignonette's elbow to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Nice job. I'll meet you at the restaurant and we can finally relax for a few minutes."

Turning to Hugo, David offers his hand to shake before preparing to depart. "Thanks again. Really appreciate it."

And, he's gone.

Abbey shifts upwards pocketing the card that Skylar had given her. She wanders the short distance over to where Mignonette, Todd and now Hugo happen to be. "It was a great thing you got going here Mignonette. I'm glad I could help out." She doesn't want to interfere with the conversation between the three though. A wink is offered to Hugo. "Nice going up there.. That's for the bids you offered for me to." Is said while she turns to leave after a slight wave to the three there.

Hugo's brow lifts in surprise, first one and then the other between Mignonette's kisses and explanation, his hand shaking David's almost dazedly before his attention shifts back to Todd. But he doesn't explode. Not in the slightest. One brow still arched, Hugo smiles warmly and offers Todd his hand noting, "Mr. Landers is it? Well, then, we'll have to find a time for you to come by for your portrait painting."

"Well, it wouldn't have been possible without you and everyone being willing to be offered up for auction. And YOU got yourself a nice little sum, Abigail Wallace." Mignonette winks, looking away and towards the Irishwoman, who's been one of her best friends since she arrived in Dallas, "I don't think I know the man who won you." And to Hugo, "And dinner. The prize is dinner. The portrait is extra."

Todd glances up from his writing to see Hugo standing nearby, which distracts him from the note that he was writing in his notebook. He stares up at the man for a moment, then blinks suddenly and with a touch of embarrassment tucks the notebook in the front pocket of his shirt. He hops to his feet to shake Hugo's hand, "Yes…" His brows lift with some surprise as he glances to Mignonette, then Hugo. "Oh! You're an artist? That's…that's lovely!" The blush returns in full force, along with the self-conscious grin.

Abbey oys softly as she hears her full name used by Mignonette. "Well that is true." She offers with an amused tone, blushing a moment as she shakes her head slightly. "I never thought I would.." Clearing her throat a moment she speaks up. "Come by the shop when you have a chance.. That item of yours is finally done. Put the finishing touches on it over the weekend." Migs knows it’s the bike, she was going to call her but figured she would just tell her tonight on the item. "I don't know him either, but he does seems nice."

Chuckling softly, as Nonette makes it seem like he's trying to welch out of a deal, Hugo nods and replies, "Yes, of course. And dinner." His eyes narrow somewhat playfully, a gleam there promising that he's going to make Mignonette pay for this little trick. Turning back to Todd, Hugo nods and smiles. "Yeah, from New York. I'll have you come by the studio, show you some of my work. You can tell me what sort of painting you would like?" His gaze flickers over to Abbey, the one who got away, and offers her a smile in turn. But his attention returns back to Todd as he asks, "Any thoughts on which restaurant you'd like to go to? I do believe there is a list of 'donors'."

Mignonette only offers the sweetest of southern smiles to Hugo as he sends her his 'you're going to pay look'. She's more than happy to take the brunt of Hugo's ire, if it makes Todd happy…at least so long as he remembers. "Just make sure to make a note of it, and I'll take care of handling all of the reservations." It's the least she can do, right? A grin to Abbey, "Thanks, Abbs. I'll come by, Alex will be so pleased. He's been suspicious. I think he thinks I'm going something illegal."

Abbey was indeed the one that got away! "You do something illegal? Not hardly. You all have a good night now." Is said as she wanders on towards the door and slips outside to head homewards.

The rest of the evening continues, the prices rising and falling of available bachelors and bachelorettes. While there isn't 'someone for everyone', anyone who came with a good pocket of cash is assured of having donated to a worthy cause.

Drinks are passed around by hotel waits staff as well as finger foods, thus encouraging the patrons to remain.. and for the most part, they do.

Bidding goes on well into the night until the wee hours of the morning…

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