Getting to Know You

West Dallas

West Dallas is a largely blighted area of poverty. Several geared-to-income housing projects are in the beginning stages of springing up along the streets in these neighborhoods. For the most part, the area is classified as 'industrial' and plays home to quite a few warehouses, bars and salvage yards. Oddly enough, it is also home to the historic Belmont Hotel which rests on a beautifully landscaped bluff overlooking Oak Cliff.

Outside the Belmont Hotel after the Bright Futures auction…

Wayne laughs, "Sure thing.." He hands his check over to whomever is taking the money, then follows Desiree out. "Sounds like a plan, I got a stash at the rink, if you really don't want any crowds. Though, if you'd rather a public setting, well I'm sure we can find somewhere to go I suppose."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Desiree replies, grinning. "I've a 'stash' at my house, too, but I've also got two very inquisitive cats. I'm game for your place." She pauses as some others exit the hotel, then says, "I've actually got street clothes with me, so if I'd like to change, if you don't mind. I mean, I love getting all dressed up, but my feet are killing me!" She laughs, nodding toward the parking lot. "Silver mustang convertible."

Wayne smiles, "Sure, not that far up the road anyway from here.. but enough." He wraps his arm around Des' shoulders and follows her to the silver convertible. "Nice ride." he says to her, with a grin. He shrugs, "I don't mind if you change, I probably will too." He does loosen the bolo and slip it into his jacket pocket.

"It's a rental. My old Lexus died a week or so ago, and I got this for a pretty good price— considering it's brand new this year." She drives well, taking directions to the skating rink. The rink itself gets a favorable comment, but she's more interested in ditching the gown for the comfy clothes in her bag. Once upstairs, she heads for the bathroom, quickly getting changed. Re-appearing, she's wearing leather pants and a white top. "Better. Nice place."

Evan's Apartment

Beyond the door marked Private, with a dog door in the botoom of it is an office. Not all that large, but cozy, if not a bit cluttered, but an orginized clutter. A desk nestled in the corner, with a computer, chair and all kinds of skating advertisements. A small sofa, as well as crates of skates and equipment. Here is also where the coolers anf freezers are that hold the extra foods. Tucked in a corner is a set of spiral stairs. At the top is a balcony area. With a door in the wall.. in the door is also a dog sized door. Apparently the owner has a pet.

Once you enter the appartment, it's actually rather spacious. The livingroom is carpeted and neatly arranged with a couch, recliner, entertainment center. Pictures on the wall are real photos he'd taken, and blown up of areas in New Mexico. The Res, his family, etc. There are also wolf figurines. Small Pueblo looking buildings. Keeping his roots alive, without pushing it on those in the rink below. There is a small kitchen here, with everything a kitchen may need. And a rather decent sized bathroom. One more set of stairs lead up to a loft bedroom, with a railing for safety.

Once at the top of the stairs, the room spans before you, with a king sized waterbed tucked under a window, an end table on either side of it Each with a lamp. One with an alarmclock. The other having one of those sound generators, that has crickets, waterfalls, etc. There is also a dresser, and a closet.

"Sweet." Wayne says with a grin, enjoying the drive. Better then walking. He had walked to the Hotel, and planned to again. But the ride is a lot better then walking. While she's changing, he also changes into a t-shirt and jeans. He looks around, "Thanks, figured it's best to live here at work. Keep an eye and ear on things."

"Smart idea, especially when you're dealing with kids. I teach dancing, so I know," Desiree says, meandering over to the sofa. "Mind if I park for a while?" she asks, sitting without waiting for an answer. "I'm just about beat. It's been a long day." She lets her head rest on the back of the sofa for a moment, then says, "I live above my dance studio, too. It's over in Deep Ellum."

Wayne smiles, "Yeah, that's what makes it all worth while." He doesn't mind if she sits, and once he gets a bottle of something they might enjoy and a couple glasses, he fills them and settles there next to her. Once he hands off her glass, he slips his arm around her.. "I'll have to check it out sometime. We pretty much have a lot of things in common. Different types of dance, but dance none the less." he says with a grin.

Desiree chuckles as Wayne hands her a glass, and then proceeds to slip an arm around her. "Starting our date a little soon, aren't we?" she asks, teasing. "I do a few folk dances, but most European. I'd love to learn some Native American dances. My father took me to a pow-wow when I was young, and I really loved the drums. I fell asleep to them that night." She smiles at the fond memory. "To my knowledge, we don't have any Native American blood in us, but there's just something intoxicating about the drums."

Wayne shrugs, "Is that ok? I know I'm probably moving a little fast. But well, I'm just comfortable with you. Heck, we've already been planning dates, more then one. I would like to see you again after tonight." he says with a grin. He doesn't go beyond the cuddeling a bit right now though. "I could teach you the Native dances.. that's easy enough." He chuckles, "You sound like me, they put me to sleep nights as well. I'd been going to Pow Wiws since, heck as far back as I can remember on one or the other of the reservations in New Mexico. A lot of fun. Maybe I'll take you to one sometime."

"I'd like that," Desiree says regarding the pow-wows. "I haven't been back since then. What tribe are you, if I may ask?" she queries, turning slightly toward him. "Well, I like you, too, or else I'd not have bid on you," she tells him, grinning widely. "I still say I'd better get one heck of a meal for my money." She winks as she sips her drink. "Ah, that's refreshing. I didn't realize how thirsty I was." She's quiet a moment or two. "I admit I don't know all that much about Native American culture. Just what I've read, and I don't know how much of that's true. I did consider doing a recital based upon the indigenous peoples of America, but since I didn't know the dances …" She shrugs.

Wayne smiles at Des, "Now why would I mind that?" he asks, giving her a bit of a squeeze, "I'm Pueblo. My parents from different Reservations in New Mexico." He nodsm "Yeah, I know what you mean. Even if the official date doesn't provide one, I'll still make us a special dinner sometime. You'll have to let me know what if anything you can't eat, for allergy reasons, or won't eat." He trails fingers idely along her arm and shoulder. "I figured, if Abbs likes you, might be a good thing to get to know you as well. Doesn't hurt to make new friends." He listens to her words and nods, "I can work with you on that type of dancing, that's simple enough to learn, really."

After taking another drink, Desiree lowers her glass and laughs. "Honey, I never met a meal I did't like, or didn't like me," she tells Wayne. "I'm a carnivore. I like my meat." There's a sparkle in her eyes as she speaks. "Now, for our official date? The one /you/ bought? How about the new Medieval Times? I hear it's completely re-done, and I had such a good time at the one in Orlando, Florida. I think you'd like it. If it's on the list, of course, and I think it is." She sips again. "This's good. Where would you like to eat when I take /you/ out?"

Wayne smiles, "I was actually thinking of going to that, if the meal is on the list, it could be cool. I had been at one, when I went to buisness school in PA. The PA RenFaire is supposed to be the only one in the state, been going on for years." He shrugs, "I don't know for sure.. but it was fun." He ponders on that, "Oh I don't know, I'll have to concider the options. I am pretty much a meat and potatos kind of man too. I like seafood as well, but I'm the type that likes a big juicy steak."

"Steak is good," Desiree agrees. "So is seafood and … oh, ribs. Yeah, ribs are awesome when done right." Her drink is drained, and she sets the glass down on a nearby surface. "Food is pretty awesome in and of itself. I'm lucky I get plenty of exercise, or else I'd balloon up like a house!" She laughs. "Fortunately, dancing is great exercise. I'm on a Latin kick right now. Salsa, samba, mambo— you know the ones. I'm teaching Hugo, too. He's quite good at it." She shakes her head. "Can't believe he went for $5000! His ego is going to be SO inflated."

Wayne nods in agreement, "Yeah, same here with the skating. There is a lot more work to it then some might think, and I work out between time, so the upper body stays pretty well toned too." He chuckles, "Well I'm still pretty shocked that I went for so high a price. But I guess it's because I am new, mysterious, or something."

"Not to mention good looking with all that long, beautiful hair," Desiree tells him. "I admit, I'm a sucker for long hair on a man. I love to run my hands through it and brush it." There's an expression of quiet desire in her eyes. "I guess it would be awful to get all tangled up in our hair, but … can't help it." She grins, then, shifting a little more toward him. "As for mysterious, yes, that, too. There's something very … well, you exude animal magnetism, Wayne. I can't lie about that. Besides, it was for the children— isn't that the mantra?"

Wayne blushes just a bit.. but he also smiles too. Not wanting to dissapoint her, he reaches back and brings his braid forward. Taking out the hair tie that holds it in place, then slowly unbraiding it for her. At her words though, he chuckles, "Well yeah it would, but could also possibly be fun too. In an odd sort of way." At the animalistic magnetism comment, "Well we have our spirit guides and totems." he keeps the explaination, simple, for now.

Desiree watches the hair being unbraided, a catch in her breath at how luxurious it is. "May I?" she asks, reaching into her purse for a wide-toothed comb. She gently touches the hair, running her fingers through it, then follows up with the comb. Not a tangle, not a snarl. "Oh, that's nice," she whispers, dropping the comb to just run her long, tapered fingers down the length of it. "I'll bet it feels fantastic brushing across bare skin," she says, eyes smoky and sultry. "I know I love the feel mine makes across my bare back." Then, without preamble, she tangles her fingers in the loosened braid, pulling Wayne closer. "So, tell me … how would a white girl go about getting a Native American to kiss her?" she asks, moistening her lips.

Wayne smiles, "Sure. I don't mind." her words as she touches his hair cause him to blush a bit more. He always liked it when someone else played with his hair. She's then pulling him closer. Which he doesn't fight her any. Her words cause him to grin. "Well it was already on my mind. I just didn't want to go too fast for you." he admits.. Leaning in, his lips trail over her lips. For now, keeping it soft.

Desiree's eyes drift closed as she apparently savors the sensation of his lips on hers. "Oh, yes … I see," she says, voice barely a whisper of sound. "That's how it's done, is it?" And then, she's pressing her own lips to his, accepting his kiss for what it could become if allowed to deepen. Her fingers continue to comb through his hair, nails lightly scraping his scalp. When the kiss ends, she's smiling. "Now that's what /I/ call getting to know someone."

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