Bait and Switch

Belmont Hotel

Entering the Belmont Hotel is much like stepping into another era. While the beauty of the late '40's and early '50's architecture is still apparent, it has faded over time. The lobby is very angular and polychromatic - a symptom of the Art Deco trends at the time it was built. Despite the state of semi-disrepair, the hotel lobby is absolutely immaculate, and a smile can generally be found upon the faces of all who work here.

NOTE: This scene started at the end of For the Children and as such some dialog is repeated from that log.

Crossing over to her table, Hugo exclaims, "Nonette! What a lovely surprise! You won me! You'll have to let me know when you'd like to have your portrait done." Blue eyes drop down to where Todd is sitting, a friendly smile upon his lips as he greets, "Hi there," oblivious to the machinations going on between the two. His attention is distracted for a moment by Desiree's wave, which he returns, his gaze then refocusing on the pair who won him.

"Actually, I was just bidding in someone's stead." Mignonette rises, kissing Hugo's cheeks in the French fashion, before she turns to address both men, "Actually, it's Mr. Landers who'll have the pleasure of your company. Todd, this is Hugo Bosch, Hugo, Todd Landers." Hopefully nobody goes explodey right now. No one's publicist would like that.

David leans over, reaching for Mignonette's elbow to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Nice job. I'll meet you at the restaurant and we can finally relax for a few minutes."
Turning to Hugo, David offers his hand to shake before preparing to depart. "Thanks again. Really appreciate it."
And, he's gone.

Abbey shifts upwards pocketing the card that Skylar had given her. She wanders the short distance over to where Mignonette, Todd and now Hugo happen to be. "It was a great thing you got going here Mignonette. I'm glad I could help out." She doesn't want to interfere with the conversation between the three though. A wink is offered to Hugo. "Nice going up there.. That's for the bids you offered for me to." Is said while she turns to leave after a slight wave to the three there.

Hugo's brow lifts in surprise, first one and then the other between Mignonette's kisses and explanation, his hand shaking David's almost dazedly before his attention shifts back to Todd. But he doesn't explode. Not in the slightest. One brow still arched, Hugo smiles warmly and offers Todd his hand noting, "Mr. Landers is it? Well, then, we'll have to find a time for you to come by for your portrait painting."

"Well, it wouldn't have been possible without you and everyone being willing to be offered up for auction. And YOU got yourself a nice little sum, Abigail Wallace." Mignonette winks, looking away and towards the Irishwoman, who's been one of her best friends since she arrived in Dallas, "I don't think I know the man who won you." And to Hugo, "And dinner. The prize is dinner. The portrait is extra."

Todd glances up from his writing to see Hugo standing nearby, which distracts him from the note that he was writing in his notebook. He stares up at the man for a moment, then blinks suddenly and with a touch of embarrassment tucks the notebook in the front pocket of his shirt. He hops to his feet to shake Hugo's hand, "Yes…" His brows lift with some surprise as he glances to Mignonette, then Hugo. "Oh! You're an artist? That's…that's lovely!" The blush returns in full force, along with the self-conscious grin.

Abbey oys softly as she hears her full name used by Mignonette. "Well that is true." She offers with an amused tone, blushing a moment as she shakes her head slightly. "I never thought I would.." Clearing her throat a moment she speaks up. "Come by the shop when you have a chance.. That item of yours is finally done. Put the finishing touches on it over the weekend." Migs knows it’s the bike, she was going to call her but figured she would just tell her tonight on the item. "I don't know him either, but he does seems nice."

Chuckling softly, as Nonette makes it seem like he's trying to welch out of a deal, Hugo nods and replies, "Yes, of course. And dinner." His eyes narrow somewhat playfully, a gleam there promising that he's going to make Mignonette pay for this little trick. Turning back to Todd, Hugo nods and smiles. "Yeah, from New York. I'll have you come by the studio, show you some of my work. You can tell me what sort of painting you would like?" His gaze flickers over to Abbey, the one who got away, and offers her a smile in turn. But his attention returns back to Todd as he asks, "Any thoughts on which restaurant you'd like to go to? I do believe there is a list of 'donors'."

Mignonette only offers the sweetest of southern smiles to Hugo as he sends her his 'you're going to pay look'. She's more than happy to take the brunt of Hugo's ire, if it makes Todd happy…at least so long as he remembers. "Just make sure to make a note of it, and I'll take care of handling all of the reservations." It's the least she can do, right? A grin to Abbey, "Thanks, Abbs. I'll come by, Alex will be so pleased. He's been suspicious. I think he thinks I'm going something illegal."

Abbey was indeed the one that got away! "You do something illegal? Not hardly. You all have a good night now." Is said as she wanders on towards the door and slips outside to head homewards.

Todd gives a slightly embarrassed little smile, "Oh…um. You know. The…painting…kind…?" He laughs, and shrugs his shoulder a little. At least he's too busy trying to keep up with the conversation to catch Mignonette and Hugo's little silent back-and-forth. "Sorry, I guess I don't know a lot about art. I'm sure anything you do will be beautiful, though!" He glances to Mignonette, with the same nervous smile. Help, a cute guy is asking him questions and he doesn't want to admit he doesn't know! "Um. Anything you like, I guess?" he answers, finally. In a desperate attempt to say something helpful, he adds, "I like fruit."

He's starting to get the sense that there is something about Todd, but he can't quite put his finger on exactly what that might be. Maybe he's just really shy and easily embarrassed? Hugo glances curiously at Mignonette, certainly not expecting her to explain the matter now, but indicating with his look that he has some questions for her at some point in the near future. Nodding, Hugo concurs, "Fruit is good. Perhaps a decadent breakfast buffet of some sort, with waffles and fruit, instead of a dinner? I'm sure there's some place on the list that offers that sort of thing." He doesn't mind trying to put the man at ease and taking a seat might be the first step thereof. Reaching up, Hugo loosens and undoes his bow tie, now that his time in the limelight is past. "Whew, that's better," he announces to no one in particular as he undoes the few top buttons of his tuxedo shirt.

Mignonette nods, just slightly, offering an answering smile to Hugo. Yes, she'll explain things when she has the chance. But for now, she seems content to bolster Todd and help him along, "That sounds like a wonderful idea. But if you really do want it to be dinner, Todd, what about fondue? There's a new place called The Melting Pot. It's supposed to be quite decadent. Fruit, melted chocolate, quite a few varieties, even savory cheeses and breads to go with the fruit, all ready for dipping." She, too, moves to sit, settling back into her seat, which puts her between Todd and Hugo, which for now, well, seems like the best idea. She does reach out a hand, touching Todd's lightly, as if to reassure him, before she settles it back into her lap.

Todd smiles at Hugo when he mentions breakfast. He gets a slightly distant look, and the smile gradually fades away. He vaguely hears his name, but holds a hand off to stave off Mignonette's suggestion. The intense look of concentration remains for a moment, but in the end he just sighs with vague disappointment. Suddenly, he blinks and looks around, finding Mignonette and Hugo already sitting. He gives an abrupt smiles, and sits down, slightly flustered. "Oh…what? Fondue? Yes, that…um. Fondue is good! That's like melted chocolate, right?" Mignonette's touch to his hand seems to help steady him, at least.

Hmmmmmm, okay there is definitely something going on, between Mignonette's supportive touch, her simplistic way of explaining the delights of fondue, and the way Todd's gaze goes all hazy and out of focus. This could be trickier than first realized. What has Mignonette gotten him into, Hugo wonders? "Fondue is also quite delicious," Hugo returns with a nod, keeping his voice a bit slower and more steady. "There is melted cheese, melted chocolate. Also you can cook little pieces of meat and vegetables in batter and hot oil and dip them in tasty sauces. Tastes good and it's fun. Though you have to be careful with the hot oil and utensils." It can be easy to burn oneself if you're not paying attention.

Mignonette's expression darkens, just for a moment, as she catches sight of the look on Todd's face, the look she offers the man almost sisterly, though it returns to warm and friendly once his attention is focused on them once again, "That sounds like quite a fun time. I've only ever had either the fruit or cheese, myself. Oh. Todd, I had better make sure we pay for our prize before they close up for the evening. Will you wait here for me for just a few minutes?" Mignonette rises, "I'm going to take Hugo with me, so they're sure he's aware of the arrangement. And then we'll be right back."

Todd glances between Mignonette and Hugo, looking for a moment slightly disoriented. "Oh, that sounds wonderful. We've got plenty of fruit for it, at least," he comments, gesturing to his plate from earlier. "Would either of you like something…" he starts to offer, with a special little smile for Hugo. "I recommend the strawberries…" But before he can finish, Mignonette makes her announcement, and he looks back at her with a look of surprise. "Oh, okay," he says, in a tone she'd probably be coming to recognize as his 'feigning understanding' voice. "I'll just stay here, shall I?"

Though the auction part of the evening has yet to draw to a close, there are still festivities going on about them. Donations are being paid, prizes are meeting their winning bidders, and drinks and food are flowing once again upon silver trays circulating about the room. At Mignonette's comment, Hugo rises up and gives Todd and quick and reassuring smile. "There's always paperwork to be taken care of," he notes with a wry smile. "We'll be right back…" He hesitates for a moment, but Todd's uncertainty comes across loud and clear and placing a hand on his shoulder lightly, Hugo suggests, "I'll bring back more strawberries. Sound good?" And with that he gives Todd's shoulder a quick squeeze and follows after Mignonette.

The familiar gesture from Hugo draws a sweet smile from Todd, and he watches as the two walk off. Oh, let's face it, he watches as Hugo walks off, with a kind of dreamy half-smile. It takes him a moment to get back to eating his fruit, but eventually he does, his mind wandering to other things as Mignonette and Hugo melt into the dwindling crowd.

Mignonette offers a warm, thankful smile in Hugo's direction, as the pair make their way over to the line of payers who are taking care of the business end of the charity. Mignonette speaks softly, but quickly, as she first apologizes to Hugo for springing his date on him, but proceeds to give him some background on Todd, his disability, and what Mignonette knows of the man. That he's sweet, and kind, and he took a liking to the handsome painter. She asks that he not let on that he knows about the memory troubles and that while Todd remembers, Mignonette would hope that Hugo would do right by him as his 'winning bidder'. It's amazing how many ideas the woman can convey in a few words. Law school really worked in her favor. That or finishing school, where you learned to gossip in code behind finger foods and glasses of champagne.

Hugo listens quietly, his mind full of questions that for the moment he keeps to himself. "I'll treat him with the same respect I would any other winner," he assures Mignonette, "though I think it would be smart if I talked to someone familiar with his situation beforehand, in case there is something that would be good for me to know should he have any problems or difficulties during our… date." But that can happen later, and will. Hugo is a little uneasy at the prospect before him, not wanting to do something to cause Todd distress, but uncertain as to how to act. He certainly doesn't wish to baby or condescend to him either. But the artist is good to his word, bringing back a plate full of fruit, not just strawberries, and a two glasses of champagne, setting one glass in front of Todd and the plate between them as he sits back down and takes a sip.

Mignonette gives no indication of the conversation she had with Hugo on her way to pay for the date, nor the further conversation they had while they were picking out fruits to bring back to the table. But there's no doubt that the lawyer is more than grateful that the painter seems willing to take such good care of Todd. Mignonette really has taken a liking to the man, and following her discussion with Mr. White at Hope House, she really has done her best to get Todd involved in as many 'normal' activities as she can. And while being the envy of every heterosexual woman in Dallas might not be strictly normal, having dinner with someone you find attractive…what could be more normal than that? And she's content to switch seats with Hugo, to allow him to share his plate with Todd, though she'll stay, if only until Todd gives her the okay that he's comfortable without her.

Todd looks up with a slightly surprised look as the champagne is delivered. As Hugo sits comfortably, Todd stares at him for a moment, then gives a slow smile and looks down at the drink again. He takes it, with a polite little, "Thanks," and takes a sip. Belatedly, he glances up and offers a shy, "Hello." He seems to be evaluating the situation for a moment, contemplating the placement of the plate and the glasses of champagne. Even Mignonette's choosing to take the other seat is noted (as is the fact that she was not brought champagne) and the conclusion he eventually comes to causes him to give a larger smile, even if he blushes again. "You brought fruit. That's my favorite," he comments, as though he hadn't just mentioned that a few minutes ago.

"I did," Hugo replies with an easy smile, picking up a strawberry and biting into it before taking a sip of his champagne. Mignonette was perfectly capable of getting her own glass of champagne. Hugo's hands were full between the two glasses and the plate of fruit. "What sort of things do you like other than fruit?" Hugo asks mildly. No pressure. Just mellow conversation.

The lack of pressure is telling as Todd reaches to take a strawberry, though he glances aside to watch Hugo as he takes a bite. He smiles but waits to swallow before he answers, "Well." His smiles falters for a moment, replaced by a distant, thoughtful look. "Pine trees," he says, suddenly, out of nowhere. "For some reason, I really like pine trees." He finishes the strawberry with a second bite, satisfied with his answer.

Mignonette was quite happy with the water she had at her table. Since she's technically not 'off duty' she's not drinking this evening. Not that she drinks so very often to begin with. Still, she has more than enough to keep her busy, as she pulls out some paperwork, and starts to go over the numbers. Not completely ignoring the conversation happening at her table, but at least allowing Todd and Hugo as much privacy as, well, being the defacto chaperone will allow.

"Pine trees are nice," concurs Hugo. "I especially like Christmas trees," he muses. "I don't suppose there are very many pine trees in Dallas though. Or Texas as a whole? Seems like it would be a bit too hot for them here?" It isn't that difficult for him to keep the subject matter light and stress free. The answers don't really matter. "Is there something you like doing Todd? Like me … I like to paint. Do you like to paint? Or make music? Some sort of hobby?"

Todd considers that. "I don't mean like Christmas trees. I mean…like the big ones. They're so big… It's like a forest." He has that distant look again, but then he smiles, and shakes his head. "It's not important. To do? I don't know." He glances between Hugo and Mignonette, taking a sip of champagne while he considers the question. Finally, he says, "I like to fix things. You know…like toasters. It's not as…interesting as painting, though."

"Doesn't everyone?" Mignonette offers, as she looks over from where she's tallying, "They're quite something." She's still doing her best to gauge the flow of Todd's conversation, and again, that answering smile, as the man looks in her direction, "I don't know about that. There's something very engaging about a person who can fix things, someone who just has the knack for making things work. I am NOT one of those. You should have seen my garage before I moved. It was a small appliance graveyard."

Chuckling softly, Hugo shrugs and concurs with Nonette. "It's more practical than painting. And fixing things is an art in itself - seeing how something is put together, being able to take it apart, fix what is broken, and put it back together so it works again? That's pretty interesting if you ask me." Blue eyes flicker over to where Mignonette is catching up on work, the sound of the auction still going on in the background, people milling about and talking, drinking and socializing. The buzz of big money. "I like forests too," Hugo adds. "Grew up around them when I was a kid…" He picks up a toothpick and skewers a chunk of pineapple this time.

Todd has a small piece of watermelon, and gives a pleased little smile. "Well… You should have brought me to your garage. I could have helped," he offers to Mignonette. He glances to Hugo, and blushes again as he agrees that it's interesting. "Really? Well, I don't know if I'm very good at it… But it sounds fun." He looks back to his watermelon and takes a small bite, savoring it happily before swallowing. "Mm… Really? Where'd you grow up?" he wonders.

That's the nice thing about conversations you're not the center of. You can make a comment or two, and then just allow it to flow around you, picking up interesting facts here and there as they go. And Migs seems content to do that, as the topic turns to forests and places of origins. She really is doing her best not to be a third wheel, fifth wheel? Whichever one of those works. "Not around here, I would imagine."

Smiling wryly, Hugo chuckles and replies, "No, definitely not from around here. I'm come from far, far away, like in a fairy tale … I'm originally from Holland." One certainly wouldn't have guessed that! Hugo's accent is barely discernable, conquered after years of living in New York. But he doesn't dwell on his homeland, instead pondering Todd's hobby, musing, "I could totally see you in a little fix-it shop, fixing all sorts of devices … maybe inventing some strange new ones as well?" The artist in him can already see the image forming, of Todd taking useless garbage and making charming and playful creations out of it. It's a fanciful image, like something out of a quirky foreign film. Probably French.

Todd does, in fact, look surprised to find out that Hugo is from Holland. "Oh really? That's fascinating… I'd like to go visit somewhere interesting someday." He lets Hugo wander back to the image of Todd in a fix-it shop, and he gives a little grin. "Oh, that sounds just lovely," he agrees. "People can bring broken things to me, and I would fix them, good as new. And everyone would always leave happier than they came. That would be so nice, don't you think?" He gives a bashful little smile, then adds, "Well, I don't think I could invent anything…" His smile turns just a bit cheeky, and he adds, "You're an artist, right? You could design it, and I'd build it. We'd make a nice team."

"I was wondering why I kept picturing you in clogs." Mignonette's comment is light and only done in passing. The first ledger is out of the way, and after a moment to excuse herself and retrieve some paperwork being brought over to her by one of her paralegals, she continues on. There is a thoughtful expression, at the mention of a fix-it shop. That seems to have some sort of potential. That's Migs for you. Always plotting.

Hugo actually sticks his tongue out at Mignonette for that, a childish and fully deserved retort. "Well, there are lots of interesting places to go - even within the US. This is a very diverse country." Hugo likes the idea of the fix-it shop as well. If only this were a few decades past, or out in the middle of nowhere, it just might succeed. But Americans are so spoiled, everything new and now, the old and the broken simply thrown into ever-growing garbage dumps. Such a waste. Lifting his glass to his lips, Hugo asks simply, "Have you ever tried? You never know until you try." He ponders the idea of creating designs for Todd, but in truth, Hugo isn't sure that his muse would work that way - letting him see the potential in junk for something fabulous.

Todd shrugs a shoulder, and looks a little embarrassed, suddenly. "Oh, well. Maybe. I guess. No, I don't think I have," he decides, and takes a quick bite of fruit. Once he's recovered some of his calm, he comments, "Hold on a moment. Maybe I'll try that." He reaches for his pocket to pull out his notepad. He glances toward Hugo, casually checking to see that he isn't looking, and then scribbles down a note.

"And you'd be surprised how many people would still take their items in to be fixed. I know quite a few people who would, if there was a place where you could. Some people are still, I suppose, 'old school' they'd rather fix something than buy it new, only no one really does repairs anymore." Mignonette looks up from her paperwork, "When I was very small, my uncle used to take me out into the bayous, to meet the folk that lived out there. And there was this wonderful old man, Papa Jo who used to travel all around in his airboat and collect old things that didn't work, fix them up, and then pass them on to other people out on bayous who didn't get in to town much." There's a moment when it does occur to her that she's probably giving both men more information on her life than they might be interested in, so…she cuts the story short, "If you have a knack for something, and you want to do it, there's always a way it can be done, even if you have to be creative."

Ironically in this instance, writing down a note makes perfect sense. Hugo always carries a small notepad with him, because you never know when a good idea will strike. As such, when Todd glances over to make sure that he's not looking, what he finds is Hugo reaching into his breast pocket to pull out a small pen and pad, making a note for himself before placing both items back over his heart. "That's half the fun," Hugo replies with a quick lift of one brow. "Trying something new. Experimenting. Especially if you don't mind making a mess and getting it wrong the first few times." Turning to Mignonette, Hugo ponders and notes, "Unfortunately, with the cost of goods being so cheap, being imported, it's often that repairing something costs more than just replacing it. But, as you say, in areas where there isn't much available, such skills become invaluable. It's a pity really. Used to be that making a high quality product was what was important. Now lack of durability is built into most things so companies can sell more." If Mignonette thinks her past is boring, she should think again. Hugo's blue eyes are fixed on her face, a pleased and curious smile quirking up the corners of his mouth. "Papa Jo, huh? Sounds like quite the interesting character. And just what exactly did you do out there on the bayous?"

Todd is momentarily distracted from his note taking when he spots Hugo with the notepad. He actually seems quite chipper as he goes back to finish his note, and then tucks the notepad back into his pocket. He glances between Hugo and Mignonette, smiling a bit wistfully at the story about Papa Jo. The story gradually fades back to a distant, blank expression while Hugo and Mignonette talk. Suddenly, he pipes up, "East Texas. That's where the pine trees are. And there's a rose in the pine trees." He smiles, pleased, and then spears another piece of watermelon to eat.

"Well, I suppose learn about my culture. Not all of the Acadians who migrated down to Louisiana ended up in the cities. Most settled around the bayous and stayed there. And they learned to live off the land, same as anyone trying to make their way in that sort of environment. My family thought it was important that I got to know my roots. So, you know…the usual. History lessons, crawfish catching, tall tales, rice growing, nutria skinning. I never got to help them trap gators, but I got to help butcher the meat after. And blood sausage. I used to love squishing my fingers around in the rice." It's usually not easy to see Mignonette as anything other than she is. A lawyer, a businesswoman, a representative of her family. But sometimes, and this would be one of them, the Cajun girl comes out, in more than just her accent. "Papa Jo's wife was traiteur, a healer. She used to let me carry her things, when she had to go see someone. But that was never my gift." A tilt of her head, as Todd finishes with his note, and offers his commentary. "I've never been to East Texas before. Just here, and Fort Worth a bit. But that certainly sounds like something worth a visit. I could do with a road trip."

Hugo is clearly intrigued and fascinated, offering, "I'd love to talk to you some more about your family and roots, if you don't mind?" Just hearing her voice is making his muse restless, curious, the artist eager to find inspiration in what so far has been a dry well of a city. Turning back to Todd, Hugo lifts a brow and echoes, "East Texas? Well, so far all I've seen of Texas is Dallas. Perhaps a road trip is in order?"

Todd looks rather pleased with the suggestion of a road trip. In fact, he positively sparkled. "Oh, that would be lovely!" he announces, brightly. "I would love to see the pine trees. I think they must be more wonderful if you can see them for yourself." He glances between Mignonette and Hugo. "Maybe we could visit your Papa Jo, too. I bet your family misses you," he comments, as he reaches for his notepad again to flip through it. "Oh. I have work," he says, deflating slightly. "But I could probably ask them if I could take off or something?"

"No, I wouldn't mind. haven't really met anyone outside of home that's that interested in the real history of the Cajuns. And who knows, I might even make you some of the old recipes I learned." There is a smile, for the painter. Yes, she does miss home, and even talking about it helps, "I think we could probably arrange it. He's getting up there in years now, but nothing much stops him. Long as he has his boat. We could do east Texas first, and then continue down to baton rouge, would just depend on how long you all wanted to be out there. But I'm sure you could get time off from work, Todd. You could use a bit of a vacation."

Pleased, Hugo murmurs, "It's a date then!" Glancing over toward Todd, he asks, "We could always schedule this for when you don't have work or, yes, arrange for some time off." Road trip. Road trip! Hugo hasn't been on a road trip in … not since he moved to the United States! Course it might be a bit odd with two people he doesn't really know, one of whom has a memory holier than Swiss cheese or the Vatican, but that's part of the adventure, really.

Todd blushes a little at Hugo's words, but nods and picks up his champagne in a mock toast. "I'm sure it will work out," he decides, cheerfully. "It'll be great fun. I should write this all down," he realizes, suddenly, and reaches for his notepad and pen again, flipping to the appropriate section of his notebook to write it down. He flips a few times, and glances between Hugo and Mignonette. He frowns a little, and glances toward Hugo, uncertainly. "You're not in here," he says, in an apologetic tone of voice. "Does anyone have a camera?"

"If I end up getting a bill for your lap-band, I'm not going to pay it, that's all I'm saying," Mignonette offers, in answer to Hugo accepting the 'date' for his history lesson. "I think I can probably find one, Todd, why don't you give me a minute. If nothing else, I always carry one out in my car." She offers a wink in both Todd and Hugo's direction, "Ambulance chaser and all that." But with a smile, she sets off to find the nearest Polaroid.

The term is clearly something that this man from Holland has never heard of, a bemused frown coming over his features, but he shrugs and agrees to her terms readily enough. Maybe it's something that's used on the Bayou? Or in a car? Mysterious mysteries of unknown mysteries! Hugo lifts his glass and rings it against Todd's, making the mock toast more official and then peacefully sipping from it as the man with mo memory makes his notes and the Cajun lady lawyer goes in search of a camera.

Todd gives Mignonette a grateful smile and goes back to writing in his notebook. "Did she just say that she's an ambulance chaser?" he asks Hugo, with some amusement, once she's gone off to find the Polaroid. "Is that like…some new game at the Olympics or something?" He muses over it, but then shakes his head and glances back at the notebook to see what he was supposed to be writing.

It takes a short while, before Mignonette can make her way back with the Polaroid, but returns she does. "Don't worry, I won't be selling it on eBay," she offers to the painter, as she comes around the table and snaps a picture. Dastardly handsome man as he is, he, of course, looks wonderful. And with that, there's another picture to add to Todd's collection, "Make sure you make a note of everything. And you should have all of my contact information. And I have yours from the auction, Hugo." And with that, Mignonette goes about making certain that notes are written, information is exchanged, and all is set in order, before Todd's caregiver will likely come looking for him to take him home.

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