Renaissance Faire - Swords and Ladies

Renaissance Fair (Marketplace)

The Marketplace of the Dallas Renaissance Fair is a sprawl of booths put up by locals and visiting merchants and craftsman alike. The booths themselves, much like those who run them, are a riot of different designs, colors, and serving a huge variety of purposes. From blacksmiths to glassblowers to costume stalls to an apothecary or two, the Marketplace truly has it all when it comes to the sale of Period goods and anything that will enhance one's enjoyment of the Renaissance Fair as a whole.

If she notices that her name is called she shows no notice of it. In fact, the oddly dressed woman continues to walk, her movements slow enough to not attract all that much attention. As Quinn does her best to step through the festivities and return to someplace more comfortable she grits her teeth, mentally scolding herself for even coming out this evening. Some things just aren't worth it.

Skylar manuevers through the crowd, doing his best to catch up with Quinn. Thanks to his knowledge of the layout of the fair, he likely catches up to her sooner then one might expect. "Quinn!" he calls out again. "Quinn, will you stop? Where are you going?" Well, he knows she's heading into the marketplace, he just doesn't know why she's going there.

Marius walks through the rows of merchants in a slow pace, cold blue eyes scanning the tables, looking over the wares, his expression impassive. There is no hint there if he is enjoying himself or would rather be poking his eyes out with silver daggers—
The old vampire does wear 'garb' of the period, or rather, something that looks to come from the late 15th century. There are parts of it that appear to be a little threadbare, but all in all, he does move with a familiarity of its cut and wear. Draped upon his side, a short, broad-edged sword that sits in a plain scabbord.
Pausing at some of the tables and actually searching the wares for anything of interest that may catch his eye, there is little, it seems, that does garner his attention for more than a few brief seconds.
Stopping at one table that contains knick-nacks, the merchant that sits behind it greets Marius with a "Good evening, my lord!" and is promptly and quietly corrected…
"I am no lord."
Of course, the next 'We're all nobility here' argument begins, and ends quickly to see the lack of expression that lies upon Marius' face as he stares with his dead blue eyes.
One warning is all anyone gets.

"It itches," Chloe grumps as she adjusts the dress again. It's rarely that she wears dresses anymore. Skirts, yes. Dresses no. "I suppose I'm supposed to have some sort of under dress, but…" She didn't think about it, and with the Dallas heat? She really didn't want to wear more than necessary.

"How can you stand it?" Then again, he's dressed much more comfortably than she is, and he's used to that sort of attire.

"The blacksmith should be over th— " Chloe hears a voice, and blinks. Then she spots Quinn and furrows her brow. "Skylar!" She's not one for period speak, so she doesn't even try to cover it up.

For crying out loud. Once he reaches his target she spins on her heels, staring directly at him. "Away." It's a simple answer for a simple question. She seems upset, even for Quinn, but not devastated. There is no heartbreak within the woman, not as some might expect from her display. "Just go back to your friends, Skylar. I don't belong here." Not once does she throw a fist or a curse his direction. She's actually just telling him to have fun. Many other voices are heard but she doesn't investigate. Instead Chloe's voice is used as a sign. "See? Go be with them."

Skylar gives Chloe a wave, and a distracted smile, but even that dissapears as he catches up to Quinn. "Damnit, Quinn, enough. I get that this is hard for you - for God's sake, can't you see I'm trying? I asked you here, I wanted to dance with you, laugh with you, introduce you to my friends. And you tell me you don't belong? -After- you came all this way?" He shakes his head, his expression frustrated, but he visibly calms himself down - or attempts to. "Please, Quinn, just stay? I haven't even gotten to show you my booth, or my work? Come on, you can meet Chloe, I think she brought her boyfriend. She's really nice, not too forward, you'd like her." Well, assuming Quinn can like anyone.

Ah.. no.
Marius catches the exclamation and the direction in which Chloe sends it to see a scene unfold before him. Ages old, steeped in history…
And turns his back, promptly ignoring it for the moment until the drama fades. If that is the blade-smith?
Rumbling softly, the vampire almost sounds annoyed, "It is not her boyfriend."

Of all the ever-loving…

Chloe just stares at Skylar and then frowns at him most abjectly. "Ah, no. This is Marius. A…" Her teeth actually grit as she says it, "… friend." It's the best she can do, and honestly she is trying. "Quinn Niveus. Glad to see your still alive." No love there either, but that's only because she's as of yet uncertain as to whether Quinn and the Fontane's have settled their issues.

Liking anyone is not in the cards, sorry. This is as close as she gets and it obviously isn't going all that well. "I don't belong, Smallville. Everyone's having fun, and obviously you're well liked. Don't be caught in public with me." Several strands of hair are brushed behind her ear before Quinn catches the name Chloe. Turning slightly to spot this friend of Skylar that she's apparently going to like, the recognition is immediate. The uncertainty and apprehension she's feeling suddenly shut off as she just stares. "You honestly do have the oddest associates."

She obviously hasn't walked away quickly enough. "Of course. Would you have any doubt?" This is said with confidence and no real reflection upon anything that could change that. Not immediately, at least. "I'm not sure if your advice worked or not, but I believe it helped." And that's about as nice as Quinn can possibly be.

"Everyone belongs here, that's the whole point. All you need to do is try. Is that so hard?" Well, the obvious answer to that is yes, but Skylar is really trying here! He trails off as Chloe and Marius approach, trying not to cause a huge scene or embarress Quinn. "Ah, I see you've already met," Skylar says, glancing between Quinn and Chloe, forcing a smile on his face which soon becomes natural. "And, ah, sorry… Marius, is it? Well, I'm glad to meet any friend of Chloe's. She mentioned she'd be bringing someone who had a passion for this sort of thing. How're you?" Skylar offers his hand in greeting to the man, doing his best to break the ice as it were.

Marius doesn't bother looking at Chloe as she chokes on the word 'friend'. It isn't a term that he would use to describe their relationship either. He has no friends; simply allies or enemies. The two whom he cherishes are his superiors, even if one he calls 'brother'.
At the introduction, he inclines his head, making no motion to grasp the other man's hand in greeting. He follows the aversion to touch something .. warmer, and, something that may lie a little more sinister? He is armed, and he doesn't necessarily come 'in peace'.
"I have heard about your shop and the weapons you create. I should wish to see them," His gaze flickers towards Quinn before he continues, "when there is time."

"Well I'm glad it may have helped then," Chloe says with a shrug. "I tend to not like vendettas and fighting." This offered for both the benefit of Quinn's discussion, and for Marius so that he'll hopefully behave himself. "The dress is nice, Skylar. I'd like to buy it from you, actually. Or, well your friend who made it if you possibly have the information for them?"

"Yes." Obviously. As if Skylar has to ask at this point. "I made the attempt, at least." The words 'for you' nearly slip out but thankfully she's saved by the company. "A shame, that. I'm very good at them." She's already uncomfortable and on edge. Quinn moves her eyes between Chloe and Marius, sensing no real love between the two. This would make her snicker but there's something off putting about a man who has less expression than she does. She doesn't suspect that he's a vampire right off but there's an uneasy feeling about it all.

"I should go," she comments, not concerned about formality. "There are other demons in the night that I should face."

"Ah, yes. Well, I'd me more then happy to show you - we have a booth here, a website, and a shop in town as well," Sky tells Marius, dropping his hand when it becomes clear the man will not shake it. "Is there a particular item or style that you're interested in?" he asks, politely.

Glancing to Chloe, Sky replies, with a smile, "Good, I'm glad, Chloe. And I told you, you really don't have to. Consider it a gift - I honestly doubt Jill will come to claim it. And if she does, well, I'll take care of it." Yeah, Sky doesn't realize he named she-who-must-not-be-named. Mainly because he's too busy imagining how Jill would react to a Christabel-look-alike wearing one of her dresses. Shudder.

Dropping his voice, glancing aside to Quinn, he urgers her, "Stay. Please." He doesn't go into a long winded arguement, doesn't say more then that on the subject - likely because of the company. But he tries to make his feelings clear with those two words.

Then, Sky turns to the group as a whole. "Did you all want to take a look at the booth now?" He's trying to be polite, at least.

"I understand you are designing something specific," for whom, however, remains unmentioned by Marius. "I would like to hear of how and what you are considering as a piece for his collection." The last word is abhorrent. Swords are not to be collected, but used.. and used well.
Quinn's statement garners the old vampires attention, and for a long moment, he simply.. stares, before he returns to the blade-smith, effectively ignoring the ladies. Women. Females.
"I would like to see the booth, yes. Please.. lead the way?" And if Chloe follows, all the better. He won't have to worry about harm coming to her.

"He's not the handshaking type," Chloe says, partially as an explanation, partially as an apology to Skylar for Marius' perceived rudeness. It is not the vampire way, though she doesn't add that in.

"If you're okay with that, Skylar? But I still feel I should compensate her in some way. Thank you though." Maybe she shouldn't be accepting the gift, but as the dress hasn't sent her vampire 'friend' on a rampage about her dressing like her betters, it seems a sound idea to purchase it for use later.

Since Chloe can't really pry into Skylar's mind without giving him a killer headache, she focuses instead on Quinn. Trying to pry out why she's so afraid to stay, and why she came in the first place if she was so uncertain about it.

"It will be a viable piece, Marius. He'll be able to use it."

Marius's gaze is returned in similar fashion, the woman practiced enough not to at least show how she feels. When he looks away the stare does not dissipate, at least not until she's distracted. Her mind isn't impossible to get into, far from in fact. The woman is simply keeping her thoughts below the surface. As Chloe pries, she'll sense the general distrust of Marius.

If she goes further, she'll realize that Quinn has a deep rooted fear of getting close to anyone. This is not tied to relationships but rather friendships. Her life is far too dangerous. This man who called her a friend begged her to come and so she did for him, but upon seeing so many others around him felt it was best for /him/ to leave. These are all thoughts that Chloe can possibly pick up on.

And she might learn that Quinn has a rather nasty distaste for creatures who go bump in the night.

"Perhaps." This said calmly even if through gritted teeth. Finally she looks to Skylar and sighs. "Five minutes. If I do not find myself enjoying this, then I will leave."

"I did not bring the designs with me, nor can I show them to you without Chloe's permission. But if she agrees, then I would be more then willing to give you a rough idea of my intent. Are you familiar with smithing at all, or do you just have an interest or weaponry?" Skylar says to Marius, turning to lead the way to the booth now that everyone appears to be on the same page.

"And you don't need to explain, Chloe. Marius here is the strong silent type. I can respect that." Sky says this with a smile to both Marius and Chloe, before saying to the redhead, "And you're welcome, of course. I hope you're enjoying yourself at the Fair thus far?"

As they approach the Sky Blades smithing booth, currently overseen by one of Sky's employees, Sky glances over to Quinn with a small smile, lowering his voice to what he believes is a tone the others won't here, and says, "Thank you, Quinn. And I said it before, but you really move like you were made for that dress. Or vice versa." He's not about to tell her how attractive she looks - she might stab him. Or worse, run away.

"You may show them to me." With or without Chloe's consent, that is. At least as far as Marius is concerned. "I am familiar with smithing, but only as far as repairing blades and keeping the hone keen. It is a skill that I have never put the effort in to learning at any great level."
Marius walks easily, his gaze no longer upon the tables as they pass, but rather, set before him as they make their way. The women are ignored for the conversation regarding weaponry, and his ability with said form.
As they reach the booth, now Marius turns around to check on Chloe as the words are whispered. He can hear them, of course, and he can feel the physical responses to the words spoken, on both sides of the conversation. The blood rushes where once it seeped, the heart beating a little faster, catching a missed step.
Instead of lingering and waiting, Marius looks around the shop at the displays. Swords, blades.. and one catches his eye; a top piece to a pike, whether the smith knows it or not. Reaching out to touch it, he hefts it in his hand, the cool metal weighing nicely in hand.

"You uhh… have my permission to show him the designs I chose." Not the rest, but at least the ones I chose. "Or quickly sketch them I guess since you wouldn't obviously carry them with you." Rolling her eyes at Marius, she turns to Quinn.

"Maybe you should let yourself just relax," she offers. "If you're so uptight all the time, of course you're going to be on edge and make things more uncomfortable for the person that invited you." There was no conversation offered to her from Quinn, but she gets the response all the same.

There's no outward reaction to his comments on the dress. "It's a dress. It's odd and heavier than my normal clothing. It's slightly more difficult to fight in, but not as much as I would expect." This is said quietly as well, but she's also not about to keep her conversation all that private. She is who she is, and at least she hasn't attempted to stab anyone.

Marius is about to get more staring from her, just due to the way he's behaving, but then Chloe has to go and talk. "Excuse me?" Oh, that's right. She forgot. "It's nice, what you do there. But you know, I don't exactly go broadcasting my feelings for a reason. Smallville's fine. He doesn't need to worry about how I act." Or react.

As calm as her voice is, Quinn is not comfortable at all. Having her be so close to all these weapons isn't exactly healthy if she's to find out the truth about Marius.

"Yes, it is a dress," Skylar replies with bemusement to Quinn. He shakes his head, then moves off to approach the booth and speak to Marius who is already looking over his wares - consequently his misses out on Chloe and Quinn's conversation.

As far as the weaponry themselves go, they're all well forged. It might be clear, with Marius' experience with blades if not with their forging, that everything within the shop is created using pre-technology techniques - yet all the designs are custom, exclusive to Sky himself. It also becomes clear that different hands did the forging - some swords are merely well crafted, while others are practically masterwork pieces.

"Like what you see?" Sky inquires as he approaches Marius. He glances around, pointing to a few swords on display. "The sword I'll be creating will, by Chloe's request, be inspired by Crusader weaponry. The crossguard will be similiar to that one there, but with more of a…" And he begins to outline his design, using other swords he has created that are on display as props and examples. The sword he describes is certainly holding true to the times of the Crusades, something that will match the style of Will's other weapons and his armor, yet be something new, unique. An addition that adds to the 'collection', bringing something unique to it.

And Marius is certain that a few of the 'fancier' blades would break under the stress and strain the years would place on them for use. There is no purpose for a blade simply for 'show'. "They are.. of differing qualities. Different smiths, then." Placing the pike's tip back upon a counter, his gaze moves around the shop until the plans are explained. The Crusades were a little earlier, so as far as accuracy, Marius isn't all that certain. He does know what it is his brother in arms carries and prefers, however.. and interrupts, "The blade needs to maintain its strength in its length. Can you be assured of that?"
Marius takes hold of his sword and pulls on it slowly; it's a short, thick blade.. and anyone well versed in weaponry would recognize it as something that looks to be of German make, 15th century-ish. Must be a replica, yes? "I would not have mine cut and break it."
Thankfully, there isn't any stupid 'rule' about pulling a sword and requiring blood.
The women are still ignored, though the fact that Quinn is watching him doesn't go unnoticed even if it is unremarked upon. He needs none of the weapons in the shop…

Quinn has forgotten and perhaps the others don't know, so Chloe doesn't really remark on her abilities. "Your demeanor, Quinn. It says you don't want to be here, but his says your just taking off would make him uncomfortable. Body language isn't all that hard to read."

A small flit of that last thought comes through, and Chloe winces. "Maybe we should take a walk. Just us girls? I saw a little dagger over there, and I'd like a second opinion on it." Chloe is far from a person who's into weaponry, but a jeweled dagger would be kind of cute to have just to have.

It's easier to not need weapons when one is a vampire. A mere human, witch or no, is normally no match for such a demon at hand to hand combat. The odds do need to be evened slightly, after all. "You're contradicting yourself." Blunt, yes, but Quinn is not beyond pointing this out to Chloe. "Me leaving will bother him yet you wish for me to take a walk? This is exactly why I don't deal with people, generally. You make my head hurt."

The you is general, but it could be directed at Chloe. "Though I supposed if you're strong and silent boyfriend over there is occupying the time of the smith, I have nothing else to do. I'd really rather remain near a weapon's tent at this hour, though." Oh, Quinn's remembered by this point. She just thought that keeping things below the surface was enough last time. "It's not safe. Even with that thing with you." And Quinn says thing because honestly he's about as disturbing as she is.

Perhaps the fancy ones -would- break with time and strain - but there are also blades that show Skylar's mastery -and- the durability of real, honest to goodness weapons. "Yes. Used to be that I made all the weapons, but there's enough demand now to make that impossible without creating a huge backorder. Everyone who works for me follows my guidelines, however, and have the same passion." They'd have to, to be a smith in this day and age and even attempt to make a living out of it.

"Yes, the blade will be strong. Chloe made it clear that the sword should be as functional as if it were going to get real use. When I'm done, if you had a time machine, the sword wouldn't be out of place in the Crusades - and would likely snap a few of there blades in half, if I make it as good as I hope to. I used a similiar style with my own sword, though I took inspiration from other cultures for it." Sky says this as he pats the sheathed and bonded sword at his hip - and though it is handsome, there is definately still a practical style to it that makes it clear that it's not just a 'fancy' blade.

"Wow, that is an amazing sword. May I?" he asks, in a manner that shows admiration for the blade in Marius' hands, and enough respect for the wielder to be differential when asking to see another man's sword.

While waiting on Marius' answer, Sky glances back over his shoulder, checking on the ladies, and giving them both a broad smile and a wave. He's proud of Quinn! She's making friends! Or at least, he's hoping against hope that she's not making enemies.

There is no harm in allowing the smith to see the blade, to feel the weight and balance of the piece. There is no question in Marius' mind that it will be returned to him.. one way or another. "You may." With the permission, the vampire easily shifts the blade such that the handle now faces Skylar and he may take it easily and let it mold to his hand.
Quinn's words.. awwww… he's a thing? If he had feelings that could possibly be hurt, he'd..
No. Not hurt.
Clipped, german accented words run quietly, the basso tones making them easy to be heard. "There is nothing in that night that she needs fear."
As if he'd never spoken to the women that lie a little distance away, Marius then begins with Skylar once more. "That is my only concern. This trifle that she is having made must be of some quality and strength. It is like.. a horseman receiving a gift of a horse from one who knows nothing of nags or chargers. Your attention is noticed, and a strong blade is a requirement." Brittle, weak swords are.. an annoyance.

She may be contradictory, but having Quinn around blades and Marius is probably not the best thing right now. "We're hardly going to leave. It was just at the next tent. Two minutes. Five at most." Still trying to usher the witch out of the smithy. "I don't know a damned thing about daggers, and so I need someone else's knowledge on it, and since they are busy," she says jerking her head at the men in a very non-ladylike manner, "I figured you could help."

Chloe has no fear about things that go bump in the night. She is well protected, beyond the vampires. Her mother is a werewolf, her brother is a witch, and she? Well she can generally tell if she's going to be in danger and get herself out of it.

"Marius is…" Laughing, the redhead just smiles at Quinn. "Hardly my boyfriend. Simply a friend. Something you are sorely lacking."

If only she knew what thoughts ran through is mind, she would walk away that very second. As it stands, Quinn turns to stare at Marius. "Everyone does." A loaded statement to be certain. Those not considered evil demons should at least fear those out to end them, even if they do not fear her. She's at least not the most troublesome of the ones she's met in the past.

"Why again do I need a friend? Someone to mourn me perhaps, or some sort of complication?" This seems like a conversation that she's had in the past. Chloe will tell that it is a lie, but one so strong that the witch actually believes it. "A blade is a blade for whatever you want it for. Unless you want me to teach you to use it, which I'm not certain I would do." Since she's a mind reader and all.

A glance is given to Skylar. "Your five minutes are being used by her. Take it up with her if you have an issue." With that, Quinn walks off, even if Chloe doesn't follow.

"Thank you," Skylar replies, taking the sword carefully - especially when he realizes there's an actual edge on the blade. He studies the thing for a few long moments, his eyes widening, before looking up at Marius in wonder. "This… is authentic," he says, in wonder, handing it back carefully.

"I…" he trails off, glancing at Marius, then at Chloe and Quinn, then back to Marius. The accent is taken into account as he calls out to the woman, the garb… All talk Chloe has said about vampires, including finding one that knows about smithing (though this is likely not the one she meant). And suddenly, it's clear on his face. He's made the connection.

"I… thank you," he manages. There is no fear - there's honestly too much surprise for that, even if he had a reason to be. "Not to worry… I'm very particular when it comes to my custom designs." Skylar pauses, glancing around, then forcing a smile on his face. "Shall we rejoin the girls, then? We wouldn't want to be rude." He's trying desperately to maintain his politeness, to not let his natural distrust and Christabel's actions ruin the interaction that was, in his opinion, good up until this moment. But it's clearly difficult. "And Quinn's right. If I only get five minutes, I should make them count." Words to live by.

Perhaps lambs fear the darkness, but the Hunter does not. The opinion of chattel concerns him not at all, though he spares a look to Chloe, his expression as dead.. and unyielding as usual. "If you do not return shortly, I will find you."
And there it is.
There's something of a dark delight as prey discovers the existance of predator, and one that stands before him. Retaking his sword, it's with an easy, fluid motion that it swings around and is replaced in its scabbard. That part isn't 'original' to the piece and is sadly only a couple of hundred years old.
Marius can hear the blood rushing again as Skylar makes the attempt to keep a straight face, and one that is pleasant around him.. and fails. At least in the vampire's eyes. Every flicker, every twitch of skin.. it can be read like a book, and the old vampire delights in watching the story play out before him…
If only he was on the Hunt…
"If you wish. I do not like having one out of my sight for too long." When he's responsible for her. After all, he'd agreed to escort Chloe?
"I will assume, then, that it will be up to the proper standards." Statement of fact.
Stepping aside, Marius turns and waits for Skylar to come out so they can catch up to the females…

"I have no doubt you will, Marius." Chloe just shakes her head. It's not as though she's planning on running off with Quinn, simply that she's trying to get her away from the majority of the weapons for her own peace of mind.

"Everyone needs a friend, Quinn. Even you. Whether to mourn you, or just keep you company when you need it. Even perhaps just as a partner in arms. I've been there. I've walled myself off from the rest of humanity, and you know what? It's really stupid." And lonely. And boring. Quinn has her swords, but Chloe had her books. The only difference is that one prefers violence while the other really doesn't.

Nodding to the dagger, she asks, "Is it a good blade, or just meant for decoration?"

If only she were around to notice what has just happened, but alas she's off listening to someone try to lecture her. "Do me a favor?" This is said matter-of-factly without even looking at Chloe. "Stay out. I don't need anyone. I haven't had a friend yet. And you know what? To have one right now just isn't safe." These are all things that she's told herself. She may still long for companionship but she's not about to admit to it.

The blade is actually gathered in her hand and flipped about, show-casing the skills that she does possess. In the end her shoulders roll into a shrug. "It wouldn't be bad for you, I suppose, but it's far from the best quality. If you want something better, that's similar, I can see to it that you get it."

This of course is said as she looks back in Skylar's direction to see if he's honestly abandoned her. Yes, she still has the blade in her hand.

Skylar hasn't abandoned anyone! In fact, here he is now, with a vampire in tow! By now, he's gotten better at adjusting his features so that is harder to tell that something is amiss. And if anyone notices, well, perhaps Marius was mean. "Sorry about that, us boys and our toys," he says, forcing a smile to both of the women. "I think we're done with our discussion for now… Chloe, would you mind terribly if I steal Quinn from you? I wanted to talk to her before my five minutes are up." And perhaps get that dance she owes him.

Marius walks with Skylar out of the tent and stops just outside the next tent. Looking for Chloe, he finds her easily, sparing the briefest flickers for Quinn and the small dagger she holds in her hand. "Have you found something, kind?"
The request for some time with the other female elicits a response very much like a soft chuckle, only the vampire doesn't make it sound amused and it certainly doesn't echo on his features. "Of course. Meine kleines kind, there is more I wish to see, and the hour is growing later." He dislikes TrueBlood a great deal, but at the moment, that is all that is really within grasp that can be gotten with the least amount of annoyance.
"Good evening."

"You're such a liar, witch. Your mouth says you don't want friends, but you know what? I know different." Tapping the side of her head, she gives Quinn a look. "You think you're not safe to be around, but believe you me… I know far more dangerous people." Like the werewolf that's harassing her family, like the Queen of Iowa who looks so unassuming, but who could likely break her like a twig, like Marius who simply oozes danger to her.

"Yes, of course, Skylar. Thanks for giving us a bit of time. I know you must be busy with your orders and sales." Chances are she won't make it back the next night, but at least she came out as she promised she would. Reaching for the dagger from Quinn, she smiles. "A souvenir then, since I don't plan on using it anyhow. I just wanted to know, so I could get it insured properly. Tha— "

Quickly paying for the dagger, she tucks it into the belt at her skirt not bothering really to make long goodbyes. "See you two around. I've got to go play tour guide!" It's a lie, but a well crafted one in order to get the pair of them out of there quickly.

It's odd, the way everyone's just running away now. Chloe's reactions are especially unique, and yes, they do trigger flags. The first reaction of someone as well trained as Quinn is to resist being disarmed but after a moment's hesitation she backs down. "You know what? Stay out. I said it once and I'll say it again. You have no place here." Let the guys take that as they will.

Marius is stared at in turn. He doesn't feel right, and Chloe is up to something. But instead of causing a scene, Quinn attempts to write it off. "Whatever. You coming, Smallville? These people aren't worth the time." This is of course said as they begin to walk away, and without looking back. "I still have to figure out if I have to pay you for a dance since you're a prostitute now."

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