Renaissance Fair - Stepping On Toes

Renaissance Fair (Feast Tent)

This huge pavilion is one of several that has been set up at one end of the Renaissance Fair, and is the backdrop for
the feasts and dances that will happen throughout the time that the Fair will be in town. It, like the others, is a simple
enough set up made more lively by the bright colors of the pavilion. During feasting time, chairs and tables are made
available, and during the dances these are removed and music flows as freely as the ale.

On their way back from the marketplace to the feasting and dancing area, Skylar has been more or less quiet - it's clear that
something is on his mind. However, as the approach the tent where Sky was earlier, he visibly shakes it off, a smile coming
to rest, glancing aside to Quinn. "Thank you for sticking around… I know this isn't easy for you. I just want you to know
that I appreciate it."

His silence is noted, even if it is appreciated. While she's the type to be silent he isn't and so it will be commented on.
Eventually. As it stands, she uses the few moments that she has to just recoup her senses. "You're down to two minutes,
Smallville." This is said as Quinn looks at her imaginary watch, as if she's actually been keeping track. It's just the smart
ass response that she's expected to make so she just /has/ to make it.
Yet she does look at him, as serious as always. This seriousness is slightly different, however, softer somehow. "I know,"
the witch eventually says. "Even if I didn't, I was just told."

"Thank God for slow clocks, that's all I have to say," Skylar says with a light teasing grin, his steps slowing as they reach
the side of the tent. Peering in, he glances around, as if searching for something or someone - and apparently doesn't find
them, as he ends the search with a light frown.
Sky then turns back to Quinn, looking at her bemusedly, and quizzically. "Oh?" he asks, curious. "What exactly did you and
Chloe talk about?"

There is no return comment on his mention of time. She's not going to be that nice to him, not right off. It just isn't in
her no matter how hard she tries. The frown is noted as she's looking at him, so then she instead turns to look inside of the
tent. "I ruined your evening." Not a question but a statement. "Should I track them down for you?"
Even though they're conversing, Quinn keeps her attention away from him now, allowing herself to appear distracted. "She
decided to butt in and tell me how to live my life." That comes out bluntly but is accompanied by a sigh. "You probably
shouldn't associate with her, and if you do? You should be guarded. She has a way of knowing things."

Whether or not it was a question, Skylar is still going to respond to Quinn's words. "Don't be ridiculous. And no, it's fine.
Stop trying to get out of the dance," he says, winking cheerfully. However, his expression turns inquisitive once more. "Is
that your way of saying she offered some advice you didn't like?" He knows how to speak Quinn these days. Or is learning to.
"Oh, I know about that," he says in response to Chloe 'knowing things'. "Have you seen the way she runs through the library?
I was looking for some really obscure books, and she knew exactly where to find them, even though I had been searching for a
half hour. She even knew they had been shelved in the wrong place. I've heard of people with brains like a catalog, but it
still amazes me."
"Anyhow," Sky then says, offering his arm to Quinn and performing a bow, before inclining his head to the tent just beyond.
"Shall we dance, my lady?"

Idiot. "That's not what I mean." How does one of supernatural nature go about explaining such things to a supposed mere
human? "There are other forces out there, Smallville. Supernatural events and people and that like. I don't expect you to
understand so just don't even try." If he's speaking Quinn, that's her way of saying that she's certain that he'll think
she's crazy.
"As for what she had to say? She tried to get in touch with my feelings. I hate that." Obviously so. "But she did have a few
things to say about you." With that said she promptly drops the subject, moving instead to walk into the tent. At first she
begins to walk without him, but after a deep sigh of protest takes the offered arm. The things she has to suffer through,

"Other forces," Skylar repeats slowly, giving Quinn yet another quizzical look. But, since she seems ready to drop that line
of reasoning, so does he. For now. So, he focuses on the other line of conversation. "Yes, I can see how that would annoy
you," he offers, attempting with little success to hide a smile, before he cocks an eyebrow. "Oh? Telling you how manly I am,
I suppose?" he jokes lightly, but there's an underlying current of curiousity there.
Sky actually seems a touch surprised that Quinn accepts his arm, even as she does it with her usual protesting air. Still, he
smiles, and leads the way into the tent, where the current dance number is just winding down.

This is going to be a horrible failure on her end. All she can do is attempt to learn as she goes, using the skills she has
from her frequent training. It is different than actually dancing, though, and so Quinn is more than prepared for the mocking
that will come.
"Yeah. You'll understand when you're older." It's said in the tone that he's a child and she's that much more experienced
than him. In a way she is, depending on how one considers things. If he pries, she'll speak, but will be careful about what
others might hear.
There's a scoff as she dares to look back at him, her amusement in his confidence apparent. "No. She told me how much it
would mean to you if I stayed here. So this is me staying, for now." Is that Quinn admitting to doing something /for/ him?
She won't agree.

Skylar doesn't, in fact, pry about the supposedly supernatural stuff. Instead, he just grins at the tone Quinn uses, saying,
"Yes, I'm sure I will." Then, he's raising an eyebrow at Quinn relates what Chloe said. He seems a bit surprised - well,
apparently Chloe is more observant then he though. But, the surprise is largely trained on Quinn. Clearly, he -does- believe
that she admitted to just that. "You're a good friend, Quinn," he tells her. Apparently he didn't get the memo about not
using the 'F' word. Or perhaps he thinks she's gotten over it.
As for the dancing? Well, the new dance that begins as Sky and Quinn approach the dance floor is a simple, jolly tune. It's a
dance that will occassionally have them momentarily switching partners, but for the most part, it's Quinn and Sky dancing
together. And for Sky's own part, he does his best to be mindful of where Quinn's feet are, murmuring instructions to her at
first, and then letting her find her rythem. It's not so different from when the two of them spar - just less bruising.

If the dancing is less bruising to him the pre-dance is not. His calling her a friend causes her to jab at his shoulder
quickly, attempting to punch him but not with all of her force. "You're trying to make me walk out, aren't you?" It's an
honest question, as he has to know how uncomfortable she can be in certain situations. "I'm no one's friend. As your red
headed mind reader said so well earlier, I'm lonely." This doesn't seem to be the end of the world for Quinn, yet there's a
flicker in her eyes for a moment. So fast it's gone that he likely doesn't notice.
The instruction for the dance does help her, especially when it comes to changing partners. Unfortunately for those she
happens to dance with, she honestly doesn't pay as much attention to dancing well around them. For Skylar, however, she does
dance her best. There are no bright smiles as she has had while they spar, but she's not openly scowling. It's progress.
Mainly, however, it's concentration.

"I'm sorry," Skylar says, right as they begin to dance, leaning in a touch so she can hear him. And, in response to her
admittance of being lonely, Sky gazes at Quinn for a long moment, before replying simply, "So am I." He offers a small, wry
smile at that, then shrugs… and then there's silence for a moment. Just the dancing. Skylar, at least, is smiling as he
dances, watching her. The music picks up a bit, and all the partners turn to the side, one arm held up for their partner to
grasp and use as a fulcrum. And though Sky is nice and dutiful when it comes to the occassional other dance partner, his
smile seems to grow bigger when Quinn comes back to him, watching her work so hard.

The more it repeats, the easier the dance becomes. It isn't the most graceful act she's performed but at least she's getting
the hang of it and making fewer mistakes. Eventually she gets to the point where she stops questioning her feet and begins to
look up at Skylar. "I find that hard to believe," Quinn mentions when there is appropriate time. "You seemed popular enough
when I first arrived." Even if he doesn't speak back with her, she doesn't mind. A dance was promised, a dance he is having.

"Is that why you left?" Sky queries, as they turn once more. The question is more curious then anything - he's got her here
now, and she doesn't seem about to run off, so he's far more relaxed. But, these kind of questions are important - they help
him figure out what makes Quinn tick. Even as he asks, though, the music picks up, obviously coming close to the conclusion.
"Be ready," Sky warns. "I'm about to lift you." As in: Try not to freak out. And then? All the males on the dance floor grab
their female partners by the waist, lifting them high for a moment and turning about before setting them down once more.

The timing couldn't be worse. He's asking a loaded question and then the dance comes to an end. "What?" He's explained it
well enough but it seems rather sudden to the witch. "I, eh, ACK!" It's almost amazing to her how easily he picks her up. The
natural response is to thrash and attack the person touching her, but Quinn calms herself long enough to find the ground once
more. The widened eyes that greet him are a signal that she's not used to and possibly not comfortable with being touched in
such a way. It actually causes her to forget what she was about to say in favor to just catch her breath and not freak out.

The dance ends with a clapping of hands, people smiling and laughing and finding new partners or staying with the old -
because now, a slow dance is at hand. For Skylar's part, he spends the moment of respite just smiling at Quinn, keeping his
space - watching her to make certain she's ok, but not bothering her recovery with chatter. He's very proud of her for the
not freaking out bit! When the dancers begin to reassemble for the next dance, however, he says, "Shall we get you some
refreshment?" Apparently he's taking her at her word, and assuming now that she's given him the one dance she won't want

If he wants something from her, now would be the time to ask. She's a bit disoriented from the ending and she's more likely
to agree to things right now. Even with couples gathering for a new dance, Quinn remains standing exactly where she is. "Are
you saying that you're going to try and get me liquored up?" It's a tease, really, but it will be interesting to see what he
says. But then she remembers the conversation that they were having.
While it seems like an eternity passes, it really only takes a matter of moments. Quinn does her best to remain her icy
self, the woman who cares little for anyone or anything. She fails. So she slowly reaches for his hands, as if urging him
into the next dance. "Yes, by the way, it is." Yes, she does remember what they were speaking of. "Not because of what I saw,
but because I wanted to see you enjoy yourself. That doesn't happen with me."

"No, that's not what I…" Skylar begins, in protest, before trailing off as it becomes apparent that Quinn is teasing him.
He smiles ruefully, though his expression freezes as Quinn does something unexpected - reaching for his hands, and apparently
wanting to dance again. But his hands are not resistant, clasping hers gently, and moves them into position. "Clearly,
-you're- no mind reader," he says, perhaps remembering the joking (not really but he doesn't know that) comment she made
about Chloe. "You're wrong," he finishes, simply, as the slow music starts up.

It isn't that she appears overly comfortable at this moment, but this is something that is done for him. He asked for
dancing, they're going to dance, since she made his date leave. "No, I'm not the one who is psychic. I'm the witch." Again he
can think that she is joking, but it is rather relieving for her to be able to actually be open about things. Even as they
step into position Quinn continues to converse with him, no punching or name calling involved. Yet. "You say that, but you
don't know. Either way, a bet was a bet, a deal a deal."

"I may not be all knowing, madame witch," Sky replies, likely assuming that she was, after all, joking. "But I do know my own
mind - and I know who I enjoy spending time with." The dance continues, slow and easy, no partners exchanged this time - this
time, Quinn only has to worry about stepping on Sky's feet. "And Quinn… I only wanted you to see my world a bit, to have
some fun. If you are truly uncomfortable, let me know. We can stop. I won't mind," he says, quite honestly. It's clear he's
enjoying herself, but he's not willing to enjoy himself at her expense.

He does believe that she's joking, so she stares at him. It almost hurts, the fact that she's opened up and he just brushes
it off. "One of these days, Smallville, you'll realize that I am telling the truth." He'll likely try to burn her at the
stake but that's what she gets for speaking of her abilities. Despite the fact that Quinn is insistent that dancing with her
is deadly, she's doing quite well with the whole thing. "I try very hard to not enjoy things like this, just like she says
that I do. I am only here because you asked me to be, and quite frankly I doubt I'll be back on my own." She's going to go
home and just drink herself into oblivion. "I said when we met you were a good guy. Why don't you spend your time trying to
find a cute little thing to settle down with?"

It's Quinn's own fault - sometimes it's hard to tell when she's joking or not. For Skylar's part, he just continues to smile
- at least until she brings up the part of him settling down. He gets that look that she's seen before, obviously
uncomfortable with the subject, and attempts to shrug it off. "Just not in the cards for me, I guess," he says. "And despite
what you read in the news paper, I'm not a prostitute. So don't go trying to pimp me out." Then he attempts to turn the focus
of the conversation back on her, as the dancing starts to wind down once more. "And why do you try so hard not to enjoy
things? What's the point of living if you can't drink in moments like this?"

She's /trying/ to be open with him; that should count for something. So Quinn stares at him as he continues to not believe
her. It appears at first that she is actually upset but she brushes that off. Not once does she actually smile, though. Even
when she's feeling comfortable, she's slightly more serious than most other people. "I didn't mean it like that. I know
something happened. Giving away her stuff but not talking about it isn't going to make it better." He did let the name slip
to not only her but to Chloe. The witch isn't stupid, and it seems like an easy pattern.
Since the dance is winding down anyway, Quinn tries to pull away. "I've never lived life to live life . There's always been
a purpose, and that purpose has involved survival, not friends." Perhaps it sounds harsh, but at least she is explaining it.
"One night I may end up dead. It's easier when there aren't attachments."

"If you get to lecture me on the inaccuracies of my own emotional state, I get to do the same to you," Sky replies, frowning
a bit - mainly because he hadn't realized he'd let that much slip. "And what is survival worth, if you don't have friends to
share it with? I've lived both lives, Quinn. I've lived a life of family and friends, and now I live without - and quite
honestly, this life? Is sorely lacking." He shakes his head, glancing around. "Look… thank you for coming. And finally
deciding to stay. I had fun. I just need to… go work off steam. I think I'll go close up the stall." He pauses. "Do you
want to spar tomorrow?"

Good going. This is why she doesn't say things to people. As soon as she attempts to, something always turns out. "This
right here? This is why I don't say things." It would be so easy to use her powers and slip away, but she resists the urge
for just one moment longer. "I fight to save people. I've never fought to know them. I don't know if I want to know what I
stand to lose by failing." It seems like a simple enough response, even if she believes herself to be rather pathetic.
Then he gets distant, or so she believes. This entire night was about him, even if it was against her better judgment. Quinn
lowers her head and begins to walk off. "Of course." She nearly misses it, but he asks a question she doesn't expect. It does
cause her to stop, to just stare at him. "Sparring is easier than talking," she admits. "My place or yours?"

"I think you do," Skylar says, simply. And, in response to her question, he says, just as simply, "Mine." It's only fair they
trade off. But, before Quinn can turn away again and walk out, Sky reaches out for her hand - and assuming she lets him and
doesn't knock him on his ass, he gives it a gentle squeeze. "Thank you for coming, Quinn. It really does mean alot. I'll see
you tomorrow." Then, with a smile, he heads off himself - off towards the market, and time to himself. To think.

His declaration makes her just watch him. He's not like Chloe but he seems to be doing the same thing. "Stop that."
Thankfully they're moving on in conversation and she just nods to the location. As she turns to leave she's caught, her hand
somewhere that it just shouldn't be. Instead of punching him, Quinn just looks at him. "My gift to you, then." Finally
smiling, the witch turns and leaves in the opposite direction.

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