Closed Sundays

Bunker's Garage and Salvage

Bunkers's Garage and Salvage sits on a rather large lot in the West Dallas neighborhood. The parking lot is small, and one spot is occupied at all times by a beat-up tow truck. Two fully equipped bays, complete with safety notices on the walls are for employees only. To the right side of the bays is an office, containing a simple desk with a grubby looking computer, and a filing cabinet. Behind the desk is a small whiteboard, which lists inspection prices, and those for other services. The walls are decorated with a few small display cases where items available for sale are located.

It’s Sunday afternoon and most of the places along this part of town are closed at the moment. Well save for Bunker's garage. One of the bay doors is open, music is heard playing from inside proving that someone is there. Inside the garage Abbey is busy putting a coat of wax upon her own car, a Selby Mustang that is mostly red. One problem living above the garage is that she tends to be there even on her days 'off'. Her clothing at the moment is a simple ash gray t-shirt, jeans and work boots, hair pulled back out of her face as she works on the car. Stretched out near the open garage can be found a rather fluffy red sable Tibetan puppy that is happily asleep, a chew toy trapped between his forepaw proving he was awake not that long ago.

It's a hot day to be out. It's an even hotter day to be pushing along a dead motorcycle, but that is exactly what Hugo is doing. His dark blue t-shirt is damp with sweat, his hair disarrayed and in his eyes, the motorcycle beside him, however, is a thing of beauty, despite the obvious disuse it's been through. A Ducati Sport1000, based off of the famous 1973 Ducati 750 sport, only with more style. Though the classic was yellow, this baby is a bright red. Or it would be if it wasn't covered in dust and grime. Stopping just outside of the bay doors, Hugo pushes down the kick stand with one foot and straightens up, stretching out his back with a soft grunt, wiping the sweat from his brow before calling, "Helloo?" It is a Sunday, so it was a bit of a risk, pushing this motorcycle here. But it was far closer to Bunker's garage than his place, so it seemed the lesser of the two evils. Still, in retrospect? Should have called for a tow.

The movement is picked up outside, though Abbey chooses to wait until someone says something, can't go making like she hears them after all. She lifts her head looking towards the open door and the form that is standing there as she shifts and drops the rag upon a workbench and turns moving to the open bay door. "Afternoon.." Is offered, her pale gaze resting on Hugo and it takes her a moment before she can recall the mans name. "Hugo right?" Is questions with a curious yet friendly tone. Dakota, the puppy sleeps away and doesn't seem to care about someone knew being near by.

"Abbey, right?" he returns, grinning back at the mechanic. He looks quite different out of a tux. More natural and real than the man from the other night. Perfectly at ease with getting dirty and sweaty. "Do you do Italian?" he asks, pushing his hair back from his features as a lazy hot breeze blows it over his eyes. And then, after a heartbeat, he flashes a rakish smile and corrects, "Motorcycles, that is." After all, he didn't win her in the auction. "Or food. Either, really." Hell, why the heck not? She's beautiful and she's a mechanic. Hugo has always like women who work with their hands and aren't afraid to get a little dirty. "I realize it's Sunday, just thought I would take a chance and see if I could drop it off here, that is, if you do Ducatis. Not everyone does. I just rescued her and I'm looking to have her put back into prime condition."

Abbey doesn't look that different from the other night actually, just more relaxed an of course the tattoos and a few scars seen across her forearms. Most likely not all from working on cars mind you, not that she'll admit to it. "Ya.. That's right." She offers with a soft friendly like smile. A faint hum escapes her and she blinks while tilting her head, a glance is sent towards the bike before she glances back towards Hugo, a soft oh escapes her. "Well.. Truthfully I'm more use to the American bikes, only because that's what I tend to get." There's a slight pause as she goes on, a soft chuckle escapes her. "An Italian food is great, especially pizza." Her Irish accent is picked up as she talks, not that thick just enough to be caught. She moves over towards the bike looking over it curiously. "Looks like its been through the ringer." A faint tsk escaping her before she looks back to Hugo. "I'm sure I can ask a few friends that work on bikes in around the area and see what they say. Bet I could find someone you could get it to, or learn enough to work on it myself." Well, she did just redo the old Triumph bike for Migs after all.

"Whatever works best," Hugo replies with a nod, turning slightly to look back at his new bike. "Some spoiled rich kid got it from his spoiled rich dad. Wanted a Harley I suspect. Took this beauty and treated her like trash. But Ducatis are one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made. Big winners in motorcycle races, a perfect blend of style and performance." It certainly doesn't look like an American motorcycle at all, its lines definitely European and classic versus the monstrosities generally seen on the streets these days. "I just want to give her the care and lovin' she deserved from the start. Fortunately the body is clean. Probably needs a new paint job, but no dents or major scratches. "Definitely different from most other manufacturers. Ducat uses multiplate dry clutches rather than the usual wet clutches. Eliminates the loss of power from oil viscosity drag. But the clutch plates take a beating and the engagement isn't as smooth. Also has the desmodromic valve design, which is fairly unique." Hmmm, seems that Hugo knows his motorcycles beyond just riding them. Or at least his Ducatis. Glancing back at Abbey, Hugo takes in the scars and ink with quiet curiosity and grins in return. "Pizza is great. One of the most perfect foods. Thick crust or thin crust?"

Abbey knows the bike, she's just never actually seen one or been able to work on them. She's been in the illegal bike races for a while now, and manages to win a good number of them on a bike almost like a Ducati but it isn't anything close to it. "That's the problem with spoiled rich kids.. Never enjoy what they got unless they work for it." Needless to say Abs isn't rich, she works very hard for what she has. "I've read some stuff about the bike.. An a Harley isn't a bad bike." She offers with a soft chuckle before pointing towards her own Harley parked near the lobby door. "Sounds like you know some stuff about bikes.." This said while she glances back to offering a smile. "As for the pizza.. Well, thin crust most of the time." As for the tattoos upon her arms they cover more scars up, there is a reason for them being black tattoos after all. "You want something to drink? Got water inside, looks like you was walking the bike for a while."

Some might consider Hugo to be a spoiled rich kid, but nothing could be farther from the truth. He's worked hard to get where he is today and while he is on the swell of a rising wave, he also is fully aware of the fact that it could crash on the sandy shores of reality at any moment. So for now? He's going to enjoy the ride for as long as he can. Grinning, Hugo shrugs as he glances over at Abbey's Harley concurring, "They're good motorcycles. With me, well, I guess you can take the boy out of Europe, but you can't take the European out of the boy." Odd, Hugo doesn't seem to have any discernable accent, though now that's he made the statement, Abbey can likely tell that there's something a little odd about his English - it's not perfectly American. "Ahhhh, but see, thin crust. We can agree about something there." Wiping the sweat from his brow again, Hugo nods and rumbles, "That would be great. This baby weighs close to 400 lbs I'm guessing. Don't know what I was thinking, pushing it here. Didn't dare ride her though. Brakes are shot."

Abbey chuckles softly. "Suppose so.." She was rather young when she came to the states, and its not like Ireland is known for making motorcycles after all. Does catch that his English isn't that perfect American, but really not likes hers is all the time with that accent of hers cutting in. "Come on inside. Cooler in there anyway." Is offered as she turns and makes her way back into the garage. Dakota yawns out, ears perking forward as he seems to finally wake up and lift his head to peer out at whom might be there. With someone new at the garage the pup is up on his paws trotting over to where Hugo is and wrufs up at him. "Don't mind the dog, his just all talk at the moment." Being a puppy his a push over.

Nodding Hugo leaves the bike where it is. Unlikely anyone's going to come up and try to steal it when they're just inside. Tugging lightly on his shirt he asks, "Do you mind?" The urge to remove it is great, but Hugo is something of a gentleman it seems. He is a guest in her place, even if it is just the garage part of it. As the dog trots over, Hugo stops, letting the pup sniff him and accept him before reaching out to pet him and rub behind the ears. "I keep thinking I'd like to get a cat or a dog, but it just never seems to happen. Not sure I'm home enough to do a pet justice…"

Abbey hums softly as she glances over to him, a soft oh escapes her and she hehs before nodding. "Sure.. That's fine." Not like she'll mind /at/ all if he takes off his shirt! Dakota pauses long enough to sniff at the offered hand before leaning back into the attentions, his tail wagging about happily. The pup then follows the two back into the garage and flops himself down upon a rather large dog bed off to the side, that given time the pup will most likely out grown. "His sorta a pet slash guard dog.. Well, he will be when his fully grown." The pup at the moment is close to eighty pounds and won't be fully-grown until nearly two years old. "Nice to have someone around on days like this even if it is just a dog." An it helps her wolf side feel more at ease to. Abs makes her way into the lobby that is just right of from the garage through a door and pauses to lean down and pull a bottle of water from a mini-fridge found there.

Reaching one arm over his shoulder, Hugo grabs a fistful of fabric and pulls the t-shirt off over his head with a sigh of relief. He uses it like a towel, rubbing off the excess sweat before trotting back outside to toss it over the motorcycle to dry in the hot sun before coming back in. "Thanks," he returns, flashing Abbey a grin before strolling over to the dog and crouching down beside him. The artist isn't ripped, but he clearly works out, his build lean and his muscles nicely defined. "He's pretty mellow for a puppy," he notices, giving the dog another pat before rising up again to follow after Abbey, stopping short of bumping into her when she hands him the cold bottle of water. Cracking it open, Hugo resists the urge to just pour it over his head and instead pours half the contents down his throat, letting out a soft 'ahhhhh' of relief. "You are a life-saver." Taking a leisurely stroll around the Mustang, admiring its sleek lines, Hugo asks, "So… pizza. Thin crust. What do you like on top?"

Abbey chuckles softly. "Not a problem." Is offered to the thanks he gives her for the permission to remove the shirt, though really it is ok with her. An yes she can't help but give him more then a once over once the shirt is gone. "Been through a lot of training with him. Though don't like that fool you he can take off and race around this place like a greyhound." Dakota leans back into the attention and even paws out at Hugo's hands a few times while wiggling about and wruffs out happy. Abs offers him the bottle of water and smiles. "Welcome." Is said while she follows him back into the garage pausing to settle upon a stool while pulling up a clipboard while he looks over the Mustang. "For a pizza.. Well I mostly get just extra cheese and tomato. Nothing fancy and it's always been good. What about yourself?" She questions curiously.

Abbey chuckles softly. "Not a problem." Is offered to the thanks he gives her for the permission to remove the shirt, though really it is ok with her. An yes she can't help but give him more then a once over once the shirt is gone. "Been through a lot of training with him. Though don't like that fool you he can take off and race around this place like a greyhound." Dakota leans back into the attention and even paws out at Hugo's hands a few times while wiggling about and wruffs out happy. Abs offers him the bottle of water and smiles. "Welcome." Is said while she follows him back into the garage pausing to settle upon a stool while pulling up a clipboard while he looks over the Mustang. "For a pizza.. Well I mostly get just extra cheese and tomato. Nothing fancy and it's always been good. What about yourself?" She questions curiously.

"MMmmmMmm, well, I like lots of different kinds of topping. Straight and simple is nice, but there's a place in the city that does true Italian style pizza, with eclectic and interesting toppings. They always have a pizza of the month and then standard toppings. I like just about anything though except anchovies, olives, and absolutely no Canadian bacon and pineapple. Disgusting. Lately I've been fond of this pizza with garlic, artichoke hearts, red onions and chicken. Very tasty. But my default has been pepperoni with pesto and tomatoes. Really good. The pesto makes it something special, beyond the usual pepperoni or tomato." Hmmm. Perhaps Hugo works out a lot, eating like that and looking like he does. Or maybe he has one of those really annoying metabolisms that let him eat whatever he wants without consequence. "Is this yours, or for a customer?" he asks, gesturing to the Mustang.

Abbey chuckles softly. "Well.. I don't know anyone that like anchovies. Fish doesn't belong on a pizza as far as I see it." She says with an amused tone while scribbling down a few things on the piece of paper that is clipped to the board. "Pepperoni and pesto.. That's a different one. I'll have to try it sometime." Her pale gaze drifts back towards him and the car and she ohs while standing up and moves over to where he is. "Its mine. An 86 Selby, the frame was traded to me and I put it back together. Just got it done a few months ago." Needless to say she is very happy with how it turned out. "Took a while but it was worth it."

"It's beautiful," Hugo admires in all honesty, his fingers floating just over the surface of it, not wanting to mess up the wax job that she was doing. Glancing up, Hugo shoots her a smile and promises, "It's delicious. I'll treat you to one, prove it to you." Shifting about, Hugo finds a workbench to press his back up against, leaning on it and taking another long swallow before wiping his mouth, his eyes resting on the tattoo once again. "Does it mean something?" he asks, gesturing to the Celtic pattern that twists and twines over her forearms. What he really wants to ask is where she got all the scars, but Hugo's smart enough to know that that is a pretty personal question to ask someone you've only just met. There seems to be a few too many to be from car repair accidents.

Abbey smiles while holding onto the clipboard. "Thank you. Had help along the way when working on it, but that's no surprised with everything that had to be done with it." She glances to him and chuckles. "Alright.. I'll hold you to it!" Is offered while she grins. A soft oh escapes her and she glances to the tattoos, slipping quiet for a moment. "Truthfully.. Nothing. Just like the pattern.." So not the truth but it's the best answer he'll be getting, at least for now. The clipboard is held out to him. "If you’re still interested in me working on the bike I'll need you to fill this out. But like I said I won't do anything with 'er until I can talk to a few people to figure out what to do, an I'd let you know what I find of course." Best way she knows to get off the question about the tattoos.

"It's lovely," Hugo compliments easily, because it's true. "I've always liked the idea of getting a tattoo, but I've never come upon anything sufficiently inspiring to want to have it inked into my skin for all eternity." A small knowing smile crooks over Hugo's lips as Abbey derails the conversation, pushing away from the table and strolling over to take the clipboard from her, eyes flickering over the text while he asks at the same time, "What is it?"

Abbey offers a faint smile. "Thanks.." It does what she wanted for a tattoo, covering the scars up enough that most wouldn't given a glance to. "Never know.. You might find one you like, I know a guy in town that does mine." Yes she has more then the ones on her arms. "Just a form for your name, phone number and so forth. Need to be able to contact you somehow." Best way she's found to get a guys number to. Not that she actually calls them for anything other then the car or bike stuff.

"I keep my eyes peeled," Hugo concurs amiably, his gaze flickering over the form before he takes the included pen and starts to fill it out. His ocean blue eyes lift, scanning Abbey up and down as he wonders just where those other tattoos might be before he smirks and drops his eyes to the paperwork at hand once more. "One thing's for certain, you know how to make a man curious," Hugo replies as he jots down the necessary information, double checking it before handing Abbey the clipboard. "Here, let me roll her inside for you." Strolling back outside, Hugo picks up his t-shirt and slings it over one shoulder before leaning into the bike and kicking up the leg stand. Muscles flex as he heaves and carefully pushes against the inertia till she's rolling slowly and smoothly toward the open garage doors. "Where would you like me to stick her so she's not in your way?"

Abbey chuckles softly and tilts her head while she watches him curiously a few moment at the look she gets from him and then also the comment. "Oh.. An how have I made you curious?" She questions while lifting a hand and takes hold of the clipboard and glances over the information to make sure everything is filled out. "Alright, thanks." She hums softly while peering over at him curiously as he moves the bike into the garage. Once she catches herself doing this she stops and points over to where the bike lift is and ums softly. "If you just leave it there I'll get one of the guys to move it back into another room in the morning."

"Well, it probably helps that I'm all kinds of curious to begin with," Hugo confesses, "but beyond that you're a woman who is a mechanic. Not the norm. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but it's not the norm. You're Irish to boot, so questions about how you got from there to here and why you stay abound. There's the tattoos, those that can be seen and those that are covered, and what they stand for and hide." He nods as she points out the spot, muscles flexing again as he changes direction and smoothly rolls the Ducati over there, knocking down the kick stand again and settling into place before turning around, his hands coming to rest on his hips. "All kinds of curious."

Abbey is quiet as she listens to him, she tilts her head while and amused look crosses her face. "My.. You are very curious.. Sure your not a cat?" She questions while grinning a moment while she leans back upon the work bench and sets the clipboard down upon it. She would not deny that she is rather enjoying the shirtless guy wander around her garage moving the bike, not that anyone is going to ask her, at least not at the moment. "If your that interested, and perhaps if you hang around long enough you might find out some of those answers."

"Well, I'm not dead yet," Hugo offers wryly in return, "So that suggests that I do not possess any feline affinity. Or that I've been through eight of my lives already." He grins and cocks his head to one side, studying Abbey before nodding and confirming, "That is the hopeful plan. Perhaps the first step in that direction is to ask you if you'd like to go out some time for pizza? Allow me the opportunity to prove my point regarding tasty toppings and see if I can't wheedle some answers out of you?" Yeah, he's a flirt, but he's a good-natured one at least. There's nothing sleazy or sly about his interest or his approach.

Abbey chuckles softly. "True.. Though I get the feeling if you was a cat you'd used up all nine lives by now." She grins a moment before shaking her head. The fingers of her right hand tap slightly upon the work bench. "Well.. I suppose that is a possibility. Though I hope you don't expect a discount on the bike work by trying to get me out for pizza." This said with a joking tone. All he would have to do is ask around to find out just how fair her garage prices are, which tend to be the best in the area.

Laughing softly, Hugo smirks and looks both sly and innocent, which is quite a feat in and of itself, whistling sweetly as he glances away and then back again. His hands drop down as he walks toward Abbey and shakes his head. "Absolutely not. The bike is business. Pizza is pleasure. Neither the twain shall meet. Unless you like working late at night and ordering in pizza, but I think the oil and the tomato sauce probably don't go together so well." His eyes twinkle with teasing as he parks his ass next to hers on the work bench, gazing down at her over his shoulder. One brow lifts slightly as he asks, "For that matter… why are you open on a Sunday? I mean sure, it's Dallas, not Beaufunk Texas, but still. Most repair shops close up for the weekend, or at least Sunday."

Abbey hums softly while she tilts her head to peer at him curiously as he wanders over. "Well I dunno.. I've eaten pizza while changing the oil in a car before. An I have to say the taste of oil makes the pizza not taste that good." This said while she chuckles and grins. "Anyway.. I learned my lesson on that, do one or the other but not both at the same time." A soft hum escapes her, pale blue gaze drifting around the garage before she looks back to him. "Actually.. I live upstairs, loft type apartment. I was just down here working on my car, and had the bay door open for the air. So the garage is not per-say open." She also tends to have a hard time saying no when someone needs help with something, even if it is just dropping off a bike. "Though.. I have to admit I won't complain. I've rather enjoyed the company." This comment directed towards him coming to the garage.

"See, my point exactly. So no more mixing repairs with pizza." His eyes drift upward, staring at the ceiling before dropping down to Abbey's face again, reasserting, "See? There you go again, making me all curious!" His gaze strays to her car as he muses, "What you do for work is also what you do for fun. Do you realize how lucky you are in that? Few people can say that they enjoy what they do for a living." Turning his gaze back to hers, Hugo offers Abbey a sunny smile and concurs, "I'm glad you were open, even if you weren't open. And not just because it means I don't have to haul my ass and that bike all the way back to my apartment. I am enjoying the company as well. I should have totally outbid that other guy at the auction."

Abbey chuckles and grins. "Didn't think I was that interesting I suppose." She offers softly while letting her gaze rests on his a moment before looking to the car. "Working on cars, or bikes just always seemed to keep me out of trouble. Worked out nicely that its something I like to do so I have to admit I never thought about it like that." A slight smile is offered. "Well if you had dragged that bike back to your place you might have had heatstroke or something for you troubles." A soft tsk like sounds escaping her at the thought. She blinks and then blushes slightly as he talks about wanting to outbid Skylar. "Don't have to win a bid to enjoy someone's company you know?" A slight smile seen after she says that.

"Maybe I just have a vivid and overactive imagination," Hugo sighs, "and am forever doomed to disappointment once I learn the truth?" He leans back a little, studying her car and nodding. "Art was my escape, though it might have gotten me into more trouble than its gotten me out of." His head tilts to one side as he ponders that statement for a moment before amending, "No, it's also gotten me out of trouble too, though often out of the trouble it got me into, if that makes any sense. So I guess it all breaks even in the end." He tilts his head down, hair falling over his eyes, giving him a boyish look as he peers out between the locks and concurs. "True. But I had been planning on 'winning' someone that night, and it would have been nice if it were you. But! I will get to enjoy the pleasure of your company over pizza and perhaps over the Ducati as well."

Abbey grins a moment. "Well.. I suppose your just have to wait and find out hum?" She questions while shaking. "Truthfully.. My life isn't that exciting. So I'd hate to be a disappointment if your expecting something wild and crazy." Though she is a werewolf, not that she can tell him that. "I've gotten myself into some trouble thanks to the job, but it mostly leans towards keeping me out of it so its works out in the end. So breaking even sums it up well." Though the illegal bike racing is causing her some major problems anymore. A soft oh escapes her and she nods while tilting her head and watches him. "I'm sorry about that. I personally didn't think I'd get a bid. Did it because Migs convinced me to give it a whirl.. Not that I'm complaining mind you, it was fun."

Sighing softly, Hugo gives Abbey an impish smile and notes mournfully, "I'm not a very patient person, alas. I'm more of the instant gratification sort. But I'll do my best." His head tilts to one side, a wry smile edging out the mischievous one as he notes, "People can be interesting, even if they're not exciting." He shrugs at her apology. "Ahhh, well, we can't all be winners and get what we want. I'm okay with that. It's good to know that you enjoyed yourself at least. Did you go on your 'date' yet? Did you have a good time?"

Abbey hums softly while she peers at him, her arms folding in front of her as she nods slightly. "Well that is true.. On the we can't all be winners part." She offers with a soft tone. "An no, I've not went on 'date' yet. I need to talk to Skylar about that." A slight shrug is seen. "Hopefully I won't make a fool out of myself." This said with a playful tone.

Pushing off from the work bench, Hugo strolls through the garage, ending up by his new Ducati, fingers tracing designs through the dust absently as he notes, "Me neither. The date that is." A soft chuckle escapes him as he ponders just how he's going to get back at Mignonette for setting him up like she did. "It should be an… interesting experience," he muses wryly, glancing over his shoulder to Abbey. "You'll have to let me know if there are any motorcycle clubs in the area. Once she's all fixed up, it would be fun to do a little racing with her. She's pretty damn fast - up to 135 MPH so I'm told…" Turning about, Hugo's brow lifts as he asks, "How would you make a fool out of yourself? You don't seem particularly foolish to me."

Abbey chuckles and grins. "Migs did get you there hum?" She questions with an amused tone. "Todd seems like a nice guy.. Just missing a few things." Still she doesn't say this in a hurtful way or anything like that. A nod is offered. "Sure.. I know of a few around actually. Can see if anyone else knows of one for bikes like yours there." There is a slight pause and she smirks. "I don't tend to go on dates." Seems she doesn't have a problem being truthful at the moment. She leans back so she is sitting on the work bench, hands settled upon the edge of it. "Most guys are turned off at the fact that I know more about cars or how to fight then they do."

"Yes," Hugo concurs, "Todd does seem very nice. It will just be … interesting. He wants to go out for fondue, and the only fondue restaurant that was on the list is apparently one of the most romantic restaurants in Dallas." His lips twist wryly as he shrugs and notes, "Ahh, well, such is life. Perhaps some wild and unsavory rumors will abound in the aftermath. As they say, any press is good press!" Swinging one leg over the seat of his bike, Hugo arches one brow and asks, "Are you dissing my gorgeous Italian motorcycle by suggesting it can't hold its own in a race against other motorcycles?" Sniffing, he points out, "If I had gloves on, I'd be tossing one at your feet right about now. When she's all fixed up, you and me will have a little race and I'll show you what this baby can do." Learning forward, elbows resting on the low handlebars of the Ducati, Hugo seems surprised that Abbey doesn't date much, blinking in reaction. "Let me get this straight? Guys don't like a girl who can fix their cars and kick their asses? Hmmmm. I find this hard to believe 'cause I think it's totally hawt." He could be teasing her, there's certainly a charming hint of teasing in his voice, but Hugo's expression is completely earnest.

Abbey pale gaze rests on Hugo, amusement is seen across her face. "Very interesting.." Is said while she grins. "I suppose that is true on the rumor part.." She chuckles while shaking her head. "I'm not dissing your bike! A race.. really.." This said while she taps a finger upon the bench. "I'll take you up on that when its all fixed up." She won't be using her Harley though that's for darn sure! A slight nod is offered to him asking about what she said dealing with guys. "Well.. Glad you think it is. Most count it as a flaw.." It may have more to do with the fact that during the full moon she is never around for some strange reason or another! She's lost many guys over that little fact.

Frowning in bemusement, Hugo sums up the problem by stating, "Clearly you've only been dating stupid men. I will chalk up my good taste and modern sensibilities to being born abroad and living in New York. What man doesn't need a mechanic and a body guard in his life?" he teases. "Especially in New York!" Sitting upright again, Hugo places his hands on the Ducati's haunches, as it were, leaning back, his gaze still affixed to Abbey. "Which reminds me. What brought you to the States? I'm assuming from your accent that you're first generation Irish-American."

Abbey is quiet for a moment and ehs faintly. "Ya.. I'm that lucky at times." She offers with a slight shrug seen before she peers at him and chuckles. "So you'd enjoy having a mechanic slash bodyguard hum?" This questioned while she winks at him playful like. A faint hum escapes her. "Actually.. I'm all Irish." She glances to her hand a moment, fingers rubbing against the tablet. "Came to the states after my parents died. Been around ever since then."

Shaking his head, Hugo corrects, "I know you're all Irish, but now you live in America, I'm assuming as an American citizen or dual-citizenship. So technically you're now Irish American, first generation." But his expression is a puzzled one as he asks, "But why? What made you decide to come to America? Did you have relatives here? People you know? And why Dallas Texas, for that matter? Lots of places you could have chosen to live in … why Dallas?" Clearly Dallas was not, and would not, be Hugo's first choice.

Abbey ahs faintly. "Suppose that is true, never thought about it like that." She smirks, truthfully she never gave it much of a thought at all actually. "It seemed like a good place to go at the time. I was with an aunt and she was able to get work in Texas. So this is where we came. I didn't have much of a choice as I as ten years old."

The details fall into place, Hugo's head bobbing in comprehension now as he sits up and slides off of his bike, giving her a quick pat before plucking his shirt from her handlebars and shaking it out once, twice. Both Hugo and his shirt are now cool and dry. What a relief. Pulling it back on over his head, Hugo rumbles, "Well, that makes sense then. And your aunt? Does she still live here?" He tugs the hem lightly, straightening the fabric before ambling toward Abbey once again.

Abbey looks amused as she watches him and his new toy. "My aunt died a few years ago.." This said with a soft tone. Death is something that she's gotten rather use to over the years. Her pack and parents killed by other wolves, Emily killed by rouge vampires. She can't catch a break. "As you see I don't have a very happy family life." This said while she smirks a moment.

"I'm sorry for your losses," Hugo offers sincerely. "I can't say that I had the happiest of family lives either, but nobody died, even if we might have wished they had at the time." Sighing softly, Hugo looks around the garage one last time before nodding and noting, "Well, I think I've interrupted your waxing and precious free time long enough. Thank you for taking in the Ducati on your day off and for looking into fixing it or finding someone to fix her up. And for the water. You have my number, so give me a call when you know more? I'll treat you to some pizza and you can tell me how outrageously expensive it will be to put her back into perfect running condition," he teases.

Abbey is quiet for a moment and nods slightly, a faint smile seen. "Thanks.." Is offered with a soft tone. "An don't worry. I don't mind the interruption at all." This said while she stands up and glances towards the Ducati. "I'll call you as soon as I have any information on it. May take me a few days though to track down a few things." She chuckles and looks back to him, a grin seen. "Right.. Don't worry I won't take you to the cleaners on it or anything like that." This said while she winks at him playful like.

"No hurries, no worries," Hugo replies with a quick flash of a smile. "I've waited for this long, I can wait a little longer. I'd rather the job be done right than fast." Offering Abbey is hand, Hugo notes, "I'm glad that we got a chance to talk. You're an interesting woman, Abbey, despite what you might think." Taking a few steps backward, Hugo waves and calls out lightly, "Okay, well, see you when I see you. I'll wait for your call. Thanks again!" And with that he turns and heads back out into the sun and the heat of the streets.

Abbey tilts her head and offers a smile before nodding. She lifts a hand and take hold of his in a light shake. "I'm glad we got to talk as well. I wanted to speak with you after the other night actually." With him turning to leave she stands up and waves after him. "Glad someone finds me interesting." This said with a teasing tone. "I'll call you sometime this week. Do take care!"

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