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Renaissance Fair (Marketplace)

The Marketplace of the Dallas Renaissance Fair is a sprawl of booths put up by locals and visiting merchants and craftsman alike. The booths themselves, much like those who run them, are a riot of different designs, colors, and serving a huge variety of purposes. From blacksmiths to glassblowers to costume stalls to an apothecary or two, the Marketplace truly has it all when it comes to the sale of Period goods and anything that will enhance one's enjoyment of the Renaissance Fair as a whole.

The evening is in full swing. A crowd for the last days hurrah of the faire is out in full force. The merchant tents have lights hanging from their poles, white 'all purpose' string lights announce early 'Midnight Madness' sales to help finish selling off their stock so it doesn't have to get repacked and humped back home.

Ladies are running around in voluminous skirts, laughing and playing a sort of game of 'tag', only it's more like they're running up to the hapless visitor who is decked out in costume and linking their arms with a friendly, 'Good my lord! What exquisite clothing! May I ask your tailor?'.. and once receiving an answer, they move off in search of their next victim.

Brett's been wanting to see the faire, and with the ending of school, all the paperwork is FINALLY done and he can enjoy the summer. He isn't in garb, though it's not because he doesn't want to be; he's just.. not sure exactly what he has would be near what would be expected. Where better, then, to get something from people who life it and breathe it?

Not everyone lives life and breathes it. Some just exist for the sheer purpose of existing. Needing some solitude — that is, away from other vampires in her life — Isobel Symon, Sheriff of Area 9, has taken herself to the faire to see what all the fuss is about.

There is no laughter coming from her, no cheer. There is, however, an extremely authentic costume. The same she wore to the grand opening of her new establishment. A beautiful gown of floral silver brocade with iridescent sky blue sleeves decorated with pearls, and a princess circlet upon her head.

Her senses are heightened as she listens to the whispers and laughter of those around her. Eyes narrowing in at one of the merchant booths.

Corey already had his crash course on the faire. And if he's still miffled that the powers that be wouldn't let him look more the scallywag with a saber on his hip, he no longer shows it. He is in costume — the same costume he wore the first time he and Leigh came here. He still appears the silly rogue of a pirate and swaggers expertly now, thumbs tucked into his belt, beneath the black brocaded frock coat. Today, he's even added a patch over one eye, just for effect, and swapped out the red sash from before for a black one far more like the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Carey Elwes, eat your heart out.

Wandering through the market, this evening, he has a light canvas duffle over his shoulder, out of which sticks a small, cream-colored teddy bear in full chainmail and tabbard… complete with coif. There's even a little lady's favor attached to his belt. A long letter opener is stuck in its belt, only just visible above the tied mouth of the duffle around its waist. It looks very proud, really. And very serious. For a teddy.

"C'mon, admit it!" the Dread Pirate Corey says to the Pirate Lady at his side. "He's cool. You know he's cool. 'Sir Richard Galahad, wielder of Excalibear'. He's perfectly awesome."

Or so declares the Pirate King(-in-his-own-mind, at least).

Carey Elwes, eat your heart out indeed.

Leigh, in the midst of reaching up to prod at the teddy bear, snickers. "You know, a letter opener is still a weapon. I'm surprised they let you carry him around but not a sword." Shaking her head, she grabs the teddy bear out of his duffle and adjusts the chainmail and tabard. "He is cute though." For a bear.

The 'Lady Pirate' is dressed like before, though this time she's missing the tri-cornered hat. An off the shoulder ivory blouse, a gold trimmed and embossed leather corset, tight leather pants, and tall black leather boots that come up over her knees. Instead of the hat, she's using the red bandana to keep her hair out of her face.

"Excalibear," Brett scoffs, though.. yeah.. he's a little envious, but not in a bad way. It is cute.

"I bet mom sent it. It looks like her work. All I got was a giant sock monkey." How's that for a confession?

Slowing down at the crossing of giggling ladies, there is that moment when the dressed girls consider hanging onto Corey for the moment; but to see Leigh dressed in tandem, they decide better of it and move along to their next victim. Brett stops at one of the clothing merchants and searches the first rack he sees.. Tabards?

"Ah.. no."

Looking up from the rack is when he sees the .. exquisitely dressed lady, and there's just.. an air about her. That sort of 'important' air without being oppressive, the 'you will listen to me' air without being harsh. His gaze lingers, probably a little longer than it should before he gets the telltale squirm of the hair on the back of his neck. It doesn't take long at all for him to recognize those signs.

"Cor—" He nods in the lady's (Isobel) direction. "Now that is an amazing outfit."

"That is because," Isobel says without bothering to turn around, "it is authentic." Damn those vampires with their super sensitive hearing.

The Sheriff turns around, looking at the one that spoke. "You are dressed inappropriately for the fair." Motioning to the merchant. Eyeing Brett a moment longer she tilts her head. "Drop yoke shirt in cream, brown belt, brown boots, brown jerkin, black pants." The merchant nods once, happy to be making such a sale so late in the game.

"This will be better suited than what you are currently wearing."

"You're just jealous because you know Mom likes me better," Corey quips in reply to Brett's jibing. He's so totally kidding. Molly Coleman would never differentiate between her sons that way, no matter that Corey's the adopted one. But, the boys can rib about it now. As kids? Not so much. As adults, each comfortable in their own skins and confident in their parents' care throughout their upbringing? Absolutely.

"We got it at South Tower Arms while we were waiting for you to actually get yer tail through the ticket line." So, there.

Nevertheless, he flashes Leigh a grin. "See? They knew better than to try and take on the Great White Bear. It might be possible to separate a pirate from his sword, but never a fighting bear." He winks, jesting.

As Brett points out the exquisitely dressed lady, Corey's brows rise and he nods his appreciation. Icy blond in icy blue and silver. It's quite the sight.

Then, of course, the lady speaks and something of that coldness — to human ears — comes through in her voice. Certainly her disdain seems evident.

As she insults his brother, Corey bristles some, back straightening and shoulders squaring. "Hey…" he starts, scowling a little. Only he's allowed to diss his brother.

Though, to be fair, he can't really argue with her. Brett shoulda found a costume.

In any case, the protest trails off briefly as she starts ordering clothes for him. He glances to Leigh, briefly, silently wondering if her 'wolf senses detect something his merely human ones can't. Or at least to confirm the vague discomforting feeling oozing its way down his spine.

He then glances to Brett, to gauge his brother's reaction before he decides to go any further.

"I still say we should have bought Gwen-A-Bear to go with him. He'll be all lonely on your shelf now." Leigh offers a tiny wink, teasing him, since she knows the teddy will be coming home with her at the end of the evening.

Unlike the others, she doesn't bother checking out the beautifully dressed blonde woman. Instead, she's quickly fixing her expression into something more of a steely gaze, so as to keep the playfully garbed women at bay. She may not get jealous, but the wolf in her is definitely territorial. For all intents and purposes, Corey is hers for the evening.

"She is a vampire," is offered eventually. Even had she not been able to 'sense' it, she would have clued in at the comment about the authenticity of the clothing.

Oh, Brett knows that he's kidding. Even if mom is sensitive every time the boys say something like that, the boys have absolutely no problem with it. The boys are secure in their skins and are sure of their place in the world, as it were. He doesn't get that chance to respond, however, as the lady opens her mouth.

Immediately, there's a feeling of 'D'oh! She heard me!', echoed on his face in almost comic display, but there's no real need for an apology in that it was a compliment. "I.. uh.. it looks it. You know, like those mu—" Not a good direction to go, buddy! Museum pieces?!

In a way, he's chastised, but if it was actually a dis, Brett isn't all that worried. He knows that he's not dressed 'properly', and as the suggestions come and the merchant moves to fill the order, his brows rise. "Oh.. nice earth colours. That works. Nice and.. peasanty. Maybe I'll jump ship and work on yours, Cor." The last is offered with a grin.

"Thank you.." Obviously he doesn't know a name, nor would it be appropriate, maybe, to ask? After all.. "You have my gratitude, my lady." There, better for the faire.. even if there isn't any groveling to go with the outfit.

"I'll add the mud for the outfit later.. probably after dancing and getting slammed off the stage.."

Had it been a dis, Isobel would have been up in the poor man's face about it. Instead, she quietly purchases the clothing and nods to the merchant to give it to the wrongly dressed man.

"It was worn in the court of Henry the Eighth," says the icy toned blonde woman. Allow them to make of that what they will. Is she playing a faire game, or is she telling the truth? It certainly looks like something Anne Boleyn would have worn during her short reign.

"You are welcome, twin-souled," she says to Brett, "You can treat the outfit however you wish. It is, after all, yours now."

Corey decides discretion is the better part of valor, now, and wisely (for once) chooses to keep his mouth shut. He nods to Leigh, having suspected as much, and lets Brett handle matters himself. He's better at talking his way out of things than Corey is.

"Y'oughta get changed, then…" the younger Coleman says slowly, after the outfit has changed hands. "Too bad Summer's not here to see it."

He shifts his weight slightly from one foot to another, a lot of the swagger gone from him for the moment. History lessons are largely lost on him, truth be told, not that he wouldn't concede the Lady her point.

"I'm sure we can snap a picture of him in the parking lot before we go. I know it's no pink collar but…"

Leigh has a completely playful grin on her face. She can tease with the best of them when it comes to it, though she in no way is as good at it as the Coleman brother's are. "Okay, Excalibear, back in the bag with you." Giving it a gentle pat on the head as she replaces the teddy, she moves to loop her arm through Corey's.

"Relax," she whispers quietly.

Oh, see.. there was something else Brett really didn't expect, particularly as he was drawing his wallet from his pocket to pay for it. "Oh.. please.. don't, Lady.." For lack of anything better to call her, and in that outfit? She still has that air of 'importance'. "I've got it—"

The bill is paid, and his brows raise at the description of the outfit. There is that question, which isn't schooled from his expression because, well.. he's not one who lives a life of uber sekrit sekrisy. Other than hiding what he is.. "I know it's a major faux pas to ask how old a lady is.." So… "So I won't.." is added quickly. "But, it is remarkable. The brocade, the pearls.." which look like they've been sewn on individually.

The transaction passes, however, and her next words stop him short. Of course she'd know that, but.. "Ahhh… can we please.." He smiles tightly and a little nervously now. "Please? I'm Brett Coleman.." Just in case there is a different type of address that she's looking for?

"And, I really appreciate the help, and the outfit, which you really didn't ahve to buy. Can I get something for you? Um.. maybe.. I don't know."

Brett looks over to his brother and Leigh and grins, the action lopsided, though there's just something that doesn't quite make his eyes. This one isn't like Ronnie, but there hasn't been anything bad or untoward.

Pink! "Oh, hey! Not fair!" That, right there, brings the amusement up onto the rest of his visage. "Cor, you didn't.."

Turning his attention to the Lady once again, "I'll go try this now.."

"Nonsense," she remarks, waving away his offer to pay. It's not so much that Isobel enjoys spending her money on the breathers, but simply that as she is at the faire she may as well spend her money on something that can be enjoyed after her time here is done.

"Let us just say that I am far older than I appear to be." After all, she looks eighteen, nineteen tops. "Original," she says about the dress. "The pearls have had to be resewn to keep them attached, however." Through all of this, she doesn't move all that much, which may be a bit eerie in and of itself.

A gentle incline of her head is given. "Mr. Coleman." There is no offer of her name as of yet, however.

Ronnie, Corey doesn't really worry about. Not even given the end of their last meeting. She's crazy, yes, but it's a mostly-harmless crazy. The only other vampire Corey's met is Michael, and he was… well, a fairly nice guy. A little stiff, maybe, but nothing too scary. There's just something undefinable about this woman that prickles Corey's spine. Maybe it's that air of importance, combined with the cool beauty and neutral, ice blue eyes.

He gives Leigh a lopsided grin as she tells him to relax. It doesn't quite reach his eyes, but the expression is there. He even turns obligingly as she shoves the bear back into the back. Perhaps he'll carve her a display stand to prop it on. A sturdy bit of pine, stained and shellacked afterward. It'd be nice.

As Leigh makes the comment about the pink collar, however, the lopsided grin turns into his more accustomed, genuine, broad spread. "Didn't have to," he tells his brother at the implication. "Cop."

He doesn't offer any more information than that to his brother, but it should be enough for the man to put two-and-two together. Leigh saw the footage. And Corey didn't even have to show it to her.

Footage was seen, and then promptly accidentally 'erased', so that there wouldn't be too many questions in regards to a coyote stealing men's clothing from a book store. Leigh grins broadly and nods, "Sorry, Brett. I promise I won't buy you any pink leather though. Even if it would make Corey laugh quite a bit."

When he finally relaxes, Leigh lessens her grip on Corey's arm. "You know, I've got a camera in the car." Which she took today instead of the bike. "I can definitely snap pictures of the two of you together in costume later. You can send them home if you want."

Out of the three two-natured present, she seems to be the one most at ease, even if her inner hackles are raised. She's had to deal with vampires before, so she knows who to talk to if there's any issues.

Brett nods in the information, taking a step closer if only to look at the beading, the fabric. He's the history buff— the history teacher. It's a little far back for him as he tends to stay 'colonial', but it's really not something to be missed. "Amazing."

He whistles softly and takes that step back once again.

"I'm going to go get dressed.." is given to the group at large. "Without pink."

There's something of a good natured mumble, "Try to be nice to a crazy vampire.." and he catches himself and looks to Isobel, "Not you.."

Once that's established, he offers a good natured grump to the pair; his brother and teh_cop.. in cahoots. "You'll get yours.."

Still, it'd be neat to get pictures, "I'll be back. Two shakes of a lamb's tail."

Holding the bag, the elder Coleman offers a rather poorly crafted but genuine bow. "Thank you again," before he starts for one of the many changing rooms that can be gained in the marketplace.

"It is," Isobel states, as to the claim of her own craftsmanship being amazing. Because it is amazing. Nothing she does would be anything less. She watches the three briefly, then clucks her tongue once.

"A modern digital image can hardly suffice. Should you three want a truly exceptional image, stop by Extreme(ly Elegant) Events, and tell them that Izzy sent you." Still not a full name, but it is hers. "The will do a fabulous portraiture for a very low cost."

A nod is offered to the group, and when the ungarbed one wanders off, she turns back to the merchant to peruse his wares. The other two seem far too on edge, and she is out for a night of relaxation. Something to take her mind off the ill portents.

Corey watches his brother go, and snickers. As the vampire makes her portrait offer, he glances back to Lady — Lady… Izzy? Sounds like something out of a Robert Munsch book, really.

Still, it's a kind offer. "Uh. Thanks," he offers, now. "Thanks very much. That's mighty nice of ya…. Izzy."

See? Look. He's trying to be friendly.

Fact is, Corey isn't a bad guy. He was just caught a little off-guard by the whole thing. He glances to Leigh, now, as the vampire turns away, wondering what they should do next. He offers a hopeful half-smile.

Bail him out?

"Yeah," Leigh says with a sniff, "I know a few who work there." Whether this is a good thing or not? Well, Extreme(ly Elegant) Events is the company responsible for putting on Pack challenges back home.

"They do good work," she offers to Corey, still not implying whether this is a good thing or not. "You two could get a lot of good shots, if you want to go." Rolling her shoulders backward in a small shrug, she eyes the man quietly for a moment.

"Thanks, and give the Sheriff my regards," Leigh says to the woman.

"You are most welcome," she offers with a tip of her head, still not looking away from the merchant. That is, until she hears Leigh.

Isobel turns, a slow smirk appearing on her face. "That will be fairly easy to do, considering that is with whom you are speaking." She does not appear to be insulted, though her mask is one of icy neutrality so the chances of knowing one way or another are slim at best.

"You two enjoy the remainder of your night," she offers, turning away once more so that she can start to make her way into what remains of the crowd to lose herself in it before heading to the restaurant to check on things.

Corey's brows rise dramatically, almost comically. He doesn't know a whole lot about vampire hierarchy or politics — practically nothing, really — but if a 'sheriff' is important enough for Leigh to find it politic to pass on her regards, obviously this vampire is important in undead immortal circles.

Hooooo… Wait until he tells Brett who bought him the clothes!

"Thanks…" he says again. "You have a good night, too…"

As the vampire takes her leave to disappear into the crowd, he turns to look at Leigh. "Sheriff?"

Leigh opens her mouth to speak, then closes it swiftly. She has a distinct look of 'oh crap' at her faux pas.

She sputters briefly, and comes out with, "What happened to Grant?" The other woman is already losing herself in the midst of the fair goers though, so the question seems to be a bit lost.

Looking to her escort, Leigh nods. "Think of it like a vampire version of Pack Beta, I guess? Not someone you really want to mess with." At least the predecessor wasn't someone she ever wanted to mess with.

"Geeeeez!" Corey groans, as it becomes apparent who the lady is. "Wait'll Brett hears that."

His brother won't know how to respond to that. Except maybe to be glad he didn't protest her buying the outfit more strenuously.

He glances off in the direction Brett went to find a change room. "Wanna grab a drink while we wait for him?" Shake off the encounter with the Sheriff some, no doubt.

There would be more explanation, but Leigh doesn't really honestly know more than that. Though with the vampire gone, and Brett off to change, she seems to relax all the more, hairs on the back of her neck standing down.

"You might not want to tell him if you think it'll freak him out," she points out gently. But she nods. "A drink would be great." She doesn't even care whether it be mead, or ale, or water at this point. She's suddenly dry of mouth and needs something to alleviate that. "Think he'll be able to find us?"

"Oh, yeah," Corey says with an easy nod. "Coleman family rule: When separated, always meet at the food court." He flashes a grin once more. Figures that'd been the place a family of shifters would choose to reconnect when at a mall or amusement park. Or faire, as the case may be.

"Oh, hey. I meant to tell you. I heard rumours Motocross is hittin' the city sometime in July. Y'wanna go?"

He skirts his way around a group of giggling tweens looking through the pink and red wooden shields at one of the toy vendors. A little bit of his swagger returns as they leave the merchant behind.

"Motocross? Are you kidding me? Of course I want to go!" Leigh's eyes light up quite a bit at that. "I can't believe you actually had to ask."

The Coleman family seems to be smart, and have good rules. The cop in her can accept these with a smile too. "Separation rules are always good. You have your cell phone in the bag in case he can't find us though, right?" That's her good rule of thumb. Even if she's in a place that frowns on carrying electronic devices around.

"Mind if we stop at the bowyer before we leave the fair? I want to see if I can get my hand on a composite bow."

Corey flashes a wider grin. "Well, you know," he says, eyes sparkling at the reaction. "Just wanted to be sure you really wanted to go." He chuckles softly, clearly having received the response he'd both expected and desired.

"And, no. Yeah. We can stop at the boyer's, sure. I don't mind." He doesn't know much about shooting arrows, aside from what he's seen in movies, for the most part. Okay, there was a brief unit in one of his P.E. classes back in high school, but even so…

"You shoot bows, too?" Did she tell him this before? He can't quite recall.

"That's just cool."

Yeah. He really likes this lady.

There is a lot that Leigh could say based on his reaction to her reaction. Rather than saying any of it, she just smiles. "Rest assured, I really want to go." Especially if he intends on being there. "Just get me the dates when you have the tickets, and I'll make sure to book a few days off."

A laugh rings out, and she nods. "I had trouble between this costume, and something Robin Hood related. I've worked with bows for about ten years. Started in high school to keep myself out of trouble." That is something they've spoken about before, at least a little. "We can head out to the archery range sometime if you want to try your hand at it."

Corey laughs at that. "Yeah, that'd be cool," he decides. "Geez, at this rate, we're gonna turn into something outta Robin Hood." Which just amuses him.

"Hey. Have you ever tried Parkour?" He watches her to see if she's even heard of it. It's not a common sport, after all. "Now, that's something I bet you'd like."

They come upon the food court and begin making their way towards one of the tavern areas. Food and drink can certainly be had there. Even this late at night.

Long distance to Brett, Isobel, and Leigh: Corey grins.

"As long as I don't have to be Maid Marian," Leigh replies with a laugh.

"Never heard of it," she says, "though it gives me an idea. Loser of the charity game has to do one thing the winner wishes. I think for my part, if I win, I will dress you up as Robin Hood and teach you to shoot a bow." Pause. "Then dinner."

Though she's not dressed as a fair maiden, she does look quite girlish as she twirls away from him, heading toward the tavern. "But right now, a drink before the end of the festivities!"

"Deal!" Corey laughs, not hesitating a moment. He jogs to keep up, grinning the whole while, entirely enjoying the pseudo-chase. "But, if I win, you come down to Houston with me, so I can pick up my bike." It's five hours. One way. "It'll be overnight. Separate accommodations, I promise." No, he's not presuming. "But then we can ride together." Gotta be worth it, right?

He catches up as she enters the line for the drinks. "And you'd love Parkour. You know those punk kids that are always running through places, jumpin' walls and picnic tables and stuff like that? Scaling the sides of low buildings? I know how to do that. It's a lot of fun." A beat. "I just don't do it to show off like they do. That stuff's more FreeRunning. It came outta Parkour, but Parkour's more getting from A to B as fast and efficiently as you physically can."

He did say 'fast'.

"I can show you, if you want. Give you a little practice, I bet you'd beat my tail in no time."

Werewolf genes, and all that.

Presumptions or not, Leigh stops the playful twirling and running so that she can turn to stare at him briefly. "Deal. My bike likely isn't comfortable for five hours on the road for a passenger, but we can take my car if you win." That way he can sit back and relax, just giving directions.

"Scaling up the handrail of the escalator at the mall," she says with a nod. She's seen it then, without knowing what it was. "Fast you say?" A broad grin spreads over her face as she takes off for the tavern once more.

"Fast," Corey confirms, grinning as he catches up with her again. "Yeah. Those kids? They do it for the showing off and the acrobatics. But purists'll tell you that's not what it's about. It's about moving fast and efficiently — past any obstacle in the way." And it's a whole lot more exciting to watch when done by someone that knows what he's doing than a kid who's just punking around.

"I've done a couple of cross-country competitions, and a couple of urban ones. Didn't do too bad, either." Didn't win, mind, or even place. But, he was in the top few in most cases.

Really? He does it for the thrill. There's something to be said for jumping across crazy gaps and trusting your body to do what's necessary.

Leigh definitely understands doing things for the thrill of it. It's why she loves fast vehicles, and shooting arrows, and any myriad of things she winds up doing to pass her free time.

"I like fast," she ways with a grin as she finally comes to a stop at one of the booths. "Competitions, hmm? Got them on video?" Never hurts to see her own 'competition' in something. Especially if he's got good moves that could be advantageous in the basketball game.

"You know, Coleman," she says, watching him as he catches up, "I think I like you."

"Well, I'm glad, Rossum," Corey grins in response. "'Cause I know I like you." He's just being good and not jumping the gun about asking her to 'date'.

Still… He did get that kiss on the cheek the other night. That was nice.

He sticks behind her in line, letting her be first up to the counter. "I don't have a lot on video of myself," he says casually, "Though there's lots of stuff on YouTube about the sport in general." What? Give away his secrets for the basket ball game?

Not likely!

Still. It can be assumed: This white man can jump.

"Good," Leigh says after placing the order. For both of them. Just so she can pay this time and not feel weird about him paying for everything. While she waits for the drinks to be poured, she turns to face him. Leaning against the booth a little.

"Fine, I see how this is. I'll look it up and figure out your secrets from that." Winking, she spins back around to pay and gather the drinks and then offers one out to him.

"I don't feel like sitting down. Think he'll be able to find us if we wander around the food court just to see what's here and scope out costumes?"

"Works for me," Corey says at her suggestion. "If Brett gets too lost, he's got my number." Yeah. He brought his cell phone. It's in a pouch on his belt, along with his watch, his keys, and his wallet. Drink in hand, duffel on his shoulder, he gestures with his free hand for her to go before him, just so he knows which way she feels like wandering. Who knew he'd have such fun at a renfaire? Not him, to be sure.

And, until the other Coleman gets back, wandering with the Pirate Lady is pretty much perfect.

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