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Bunker's Garage

Bunker's Garage & Salvage

Bunkers's Garage and Salvage sits on a rather large lot in the West Dallas neighborhood. The parking lot is small, and one spot is occupied at all times by a beat-up tow truck. Two fully equipped bays, complete with safety notices on the walls are for employees only. To the right side of the bays is an office, containing a simple desk with a grubby looking computer, and a filing cabinet. Behind the desk is a small whiteboard which lists inspection prices, and those for other services. The walls are decorated with a few small display cases where items available for sale are located.

Evening is settling over the west side of Dallas, the garage is starting to wind down for the night. Abbey is in the lobby helping with a customer, she is going over the workform from the car she worked on during the day. "Of course its under warrenty Mr. Smith.. We've always done that before haven't we?" She questions while smirking slightly. She is on her own in the lobby, clothing being a ash gray tshirt, jeans and her normal work boots, her hair is pulled back while she speaks with the client.

After a day of running errands, Desiree pulls up to her final stop. Rush hour traffic is a bear to negotiate, but she manages to pull the Mustang into the garage parking lot. It's a pretty car, one she's leased from a dealership. Not new, but only a year or so old, it drives good, and she's not noticed anything wrong with the engine. However, just because she hasn't noticed anything doesn't mean there's not something wrong. Thus, she wants a good mechanic to look it over. She's about to go purchase the car, after all, and she's not made of money. Climbing out of the car, she crosses the parking lot to enter the lobby. It's nice to sit in something not moving, so she doesn't mind plopping into one of the chairs, waiting until Abbey's through with her current customer.

Abbey glances towards the movement and sound of a mustang, she hums osftly while catching sight of Desiree before she looks back to her client and smiles while offering him the keys for the car. "Have a good night now." With the man leaving she turns her pale gaze to Des. "Hey there Desiree. How you doing?" As for the mustang she knows a few things about them as she built her own from the frame up after all.

"Doing fine, but running a little behind schedule," comes the answer as Desiree takes the place of "Mr. Smith" at the counter. "Didn't mean to get here so late." She leans against the counter. "I'm considering buying the Mustang out there," she jerks her head toward the window, "and wanted to have someone look at it. I'm currently leasing it, but … the interest is horrible right now. I'd rather buy it outright." Her eyes regard Abbey for a long moment. "You're the best garage I know, so would you mind having a look at it? It seems to drive well, but I don't want it to go blooey when the warranty expires." She gives a soft laugh. "What'd you guys ever do with the Lexus. I signed it over to you, and bid it goodbye."

Abbey chuckles softly and nods while tilting her head, a glance is sent back towards the mustang before she looks back to Des. "Well so far it looks rather nice." This said with a soft tone. "An sure I can look at it." A faint hum escapes her. "What Lexus?" Is questioned with a raised brow.

"My old Lexus. Hyde towed it in, oh, a week ago. Maybe two. Anyway, it was pretty dead, so I just signed the title and registration over to the garage, so you guys could dispose of it, or … whatever. One of your mechanics told me it would take more money than the car was worth to fix it, so …" She shrugs. "I leased the Mustang, but I'd kind of like to buy it. I just want to know if it's worth the price." She grins. "So, had your date with Skylar yet?— or was that it at the Ren Faire? You looked really nice in the dress, by the way."

Abbey ahs faintly at this. "Most lkely in the back for parts and so forth actually." She offers while shruging. "Sam tends to take care of that stuff." A smile is seen as she nods while picking up a clipboard and scribbles some stuff down. "Well, I can look it over. What's the history on the car?" She blinks and blushes slightly, a soft smile seen. "Thanks.. An, no not yet. Do you know anything about Skylar.. Or Hugo for that matter?" Hugo has come by the shop as well, and she rather enjoyed speaking with him.

Desiree ponders a moment. "Well, it's not new, but it's a 2005. Apparently it was leased twice before, but still has low mileage, unless the dealership turned the odometer backwards," she tells Abbey as they head for the door. "It's an automatic, convertible, and I've been driving it about two weeks. I haven't noticed any problems with starting or keeping it running, but what I know about engines you could engrave on the head of a pin and still have room for the U.S. Constitution." She grins, following Abbey. "Skylar?— actually, I know nothing about him. I've never even met him, save at the auction. Hugo, on the other hand— " She smiles slowly. "He's a good guy, lots of fun, and an excellent dancer. We ran into one another at the florist shop. He was sending a 'thank you' arrangement to someone. Delivering it himself, too. A real gentleman. Fine artist, too. Intelligent, fun to talk to." There's a hint of something in Desiree's eyes, but it's very hard to decipher.

Abbey ahs softly and nods as she listions to Desiree and scribbles down the information that is given on the car. A glance is offered back to Desiree and she tilts her head before nodding slightly. "Well I hope to get to know Skylar more, he seems like a really nice guy." This offered while she moves around the counter and towards where the car is parked and starts to look it over, writting down a few things as she listions to the other. "Hugo seems nice too. We talked for a while the other night." Her pale gaze turns back over to Des curiously a moment. "Ah.. You like Hugo or anthing by chance?"

"Sure I like him," Desiree answers, peering over Abbey's shoulder as the Irish woman looks at the engine. Then it dawns— "Oh! You mean /like/ him! Ah … no, not as in wanting to date him exclusively. He's a good guy, lots of fun, but" She pauses. "I don't date /anyone/ exclusively. One bad relationship was enough." There's an underlying hint of anger in the last statement. "Hugo and I haven't even been out on a date, just " A pause. "— I'm just teaching him some new moves. Uh, new dance moves." She chuckles. "Skylar's cute, too. Hell, Abbey, I'd go for both of them. Have some fun. That's what /I'd/ do, given the chance. Wayne's pretty hot, and a good kisser. I'm looking forward to our dates. Plural." Another pause. "Hugo's very … gentlemanly, but there's passion in him. I like his warmth." Especially since she dates a vampire.

Abbey eyes Des a few moments to see if she gets the idea, a soft chuckle escapes her and she shrugs a moment. "Sorry.. Just curious.. Not that I think it'll happen or anything." She offers while opening the door of the car and pops open the hood, moving around she opens the hood and looks around there. "I tend to be a one guy type of gal though.. But really who would want to date me? I spend all my free time in a garage." This said whie she starts to push and pull a few things within. "Wayne.." A glance is offered towards Des. "You and Wayne kissed?.. Cute." This said with an amused tone. "Hugo is very much like a gentleman, but there's that down to earth part about him. Skylar.. Well I just hope to learn more about him when ever we go on a date from the chairty auction."

"We certainly did," Desiree says with a giggle. "After the auction, I gave him a ride home, and we ended up in his apartment. I wanted to change out of those formal clothes, and so did he. We had a beer, and talked, just getting to know one another. Next thing I know, he's let down his hair, I'm running my fingers through it, and … wow. What a kiss." She actually blushes a bit. "I like him. There's something primal and … deep about him. I guess it's that Native American blood. It runs hot, so I hear." She looks at Abbey a long time. "Abbey, you're a pretty woman. You looked nice at the auction, and also at the Faire. You don't give yourself credit where it's due." She ponders something, chewing her lower lip. "Look, I don't mean to be insulting, but if you'd like a little advice on what to wear, make-up, hair and all— just ask. I grew up having to look my best at all times, and, well, I know a little about that stuff. It won't change you to do a make-over. You'll still be you, just …" She stops. How to say this? "… more feminine when you want to."

Abbey blinks at this and hehs softly. "Wayne is a good guy." She offers softly as she writes down a few things upon the paper while checking across the engine. A screwdriver is pulled out from her pocket and she pries a bit of gunk off one of the bolts while listioning to Des. Her pale gaze drifts towards the other. "Its not insulting.. I mean.. I know I don't looke or act that feminine." She offers while pausing and leans against the car. "But I've just always felt this is me.. An if no one likes 'this' part of me I'm not going to get all dressed and put makeup on to hide it and they like something that isn't me.."

"Well, you don't have to get rid of /you/," Desiree explains, turning her back to the engine and leaning her butt against the grill. "I'm talking about enhancing /you,/ bringing out the you which /is/ feminine. I said it before, Abbey— you're /not/ bad looking. You move well, and you're intelligent, articulate and just plain nice. That's what you want to enhance." She grins. "I'm not going to turn you into Miss America. I'll teach you how to apply make-up so it brings out the color of your eyes and skin. Maybe get you a manicure and pedicure. A ladies' day at the spa." She grins again, wider. "You can be feminine in pants, it just takes the right /kind/ of slacks." There's a sparkle in her eyes. "What d'ya say? You up to the challenge?"

Abbey watches Desiree curiously and lifts a brow, she seems rather unsure about it to say the least. "I don't know.." She offers while shrugging while she goes back to looking at the engie. "Well.. The engieisn't that bad. Looks like stuff the dealer ship will take care of before you buy it really." She goes about looking at the tires and writes down that one of them needs to be replaced. "A spa day.. I'll have to admit I've never done that before." She wouldn't know what to do to say the least. "Suppose I could try it.."

"Great." The spa day or the car? "I'll make us an appointment. It'll need to be a weekend, say a Saturday? Can you get off?" Desiree goes to the passenger side door, reaching for her date-book. "I'll see what's available at the spa, and call you. I have the number for here. Is there a private number for you?" she asks, ready to write it down. "So, the car's worth what they're asking?" She goes on to mention a figure that's really pricey, especially for a used car.

Abbey chuckles softly as she hears Des. "Just whenever really. I can get off when I need to, I own the place after all." She points out before offering up her cellphone number. As for the car.. She glances back to them. "If I was you I'd work on the price, or make them put in a good warrenty. They will also need to replace the muffler." She offers while writing this down on the paper and then pulls off the one under it and offers it to Des. "Take it with you when you go to talk to them. If they want to call me I'll talk to them about it." She offers with a smile.

Abbey chuckles softly as she hears Des. "Just whenever really. I can get off when I need to, I own the place after all." She points out before offering up her cellphone number. As for the car.. She glances back to them. "If I was you I'd work on the price, or make them put in a good warrenty. They will also need to replace the muffler." She offers while writing this down on the paper and then pulls off the one under it and offers it to Des. "Take it with you when you go to talk to them. If they want to call me I'll talk to them about it." She offers with a smile.

Desiree accepts the paper, grinning. "Thanks, Abbey. How much do I owe you?" she asks, reaching for her purse. "I'll do that. I kind of thought the price was a little high when they quoted it to me, but— " She shrugs. "I'm in need of another car, and the lease costs are higher than payments. You have a good point. I'll mention the things that need fixing, and haggle price with them. I'm pretty good at getting men to see things /my/ way." She winks at Abbey. "I'll get back with you as soon as I have a date set." The cellphone number is jotted down. Desiree pulls out a card, writing her own cell number on the back. "So, let's get squared away. I've some more errands to run, and I'd like to go back out to the lake. Alone, this time. I really need to get over the whole thing."

Abbey chuckles softly and smiles while shaking her head. "Don't worry about it.. Its on the house." She offers with a playful wink. "I think it'll be a good car.. But then I do like Mustang's to start with." A soft oh escapes her and she nods with a smile. "Sure.. Sounds like a plan." Who knows she might actually enjoy it. "Going out on your own like that is brave thing for you to do. Just becareful alright?"

There's a somber expression on Desiree's face. "I'm not a fighter, but neither am I a coward. Whatever that … that /thing/ was that attacked me?— it's probably long gone. I hope so, at least." She grips her day planner in tight fingers. "I want the nightmares to end, but I don't want my mind messed with." Her eyes drop; she's sure Abbey can figure out what she means. "I know what it was, but no one would believe me if I said it aloud."

Abbey tilts her head while she curiously watches Desiree. "Well.. What do you think it was?" She questions with a curious tone and slight shake of her head. "Your not a coward Des, something happened and it was a major thing.. It can change a person."

"There's hesitation in Desiree, and she looks around with a wary eye. It's fully dark, now, and the parking lot is illuminated by street lights. She can see a few people milling about the vacant lot next door, but they're far enough away they probably won't hear their conversation. "I … I think it was a— " She stops, leans close to Abbey, perhaps even invading her personal space. "a /werewolf/ or some kind of shape-shifter who was … ill, or something." Then she looks embarrassed. "See? Not the kind of thing you can just blurt out to another person. You probably think I'm … nuts, but it was real, Abbey. I remember what it looked like, and it was like a horrible combination of a person and a … an animal. Canine, feline— not sure which, but it had claws."

Abbey blinks and lifts her head while she curiously watches Desiree. A soft sigh escapes her and she nods. "No.. I don't think your crazy. Maybe it was a dear or something?" She questions with a soft tone and lifts a hand to brush a bit of hair from her eyes. "Point is.. You managed to make it away from it in one piece, that should mean something right?" A soft smile is offered. "I think your brave to go back there and try to deal with.. I think your be alright.."

"Someone I trust told me there were such creatures in the world," Des explains in a soft whisper. "So, I know it wasn't a deer. I've been deer hunting with my father, so even if stags can get violent— it wasn't a stag." Her tone is adamant. "I know how it sounds, but that's the truth." She backs away, nodding. "I'll be careful. There're a lot more dangers in dark places than creatures of the night. I bought a … stun gun today. It's not as strong as the ones cops use, but if some addict tries to jump me, well, I'll be ready." She grins. "I think it's because I'm a coward for running away to New York immediately after, so … I need to buck up and face this. Alone."

Abbey can almost guess who the 'friend' was that told her that.. A certain vampire perhaps. She clears her throat while peering at her and nods slightly. "Well.. A stun gun will surely give someone or thing a good jolt." A soft smile is offered. "Its alright.. You can do it I know.. An don't worry I won't be following after you or nothing, promise.

"I hope so. I deliberately didn't tell Michael I was going to do this. I /have/ to do it alone, Abbey, otherwise, I'll always be depending on someone else. I don't want to /belong/ to anyone, not even someone I have feelings for. I /need/ my freedom." Desiree takes a deep breath. "Thanks for not thinking I'm crazy. It's good you know where I'm going, though. In case something /does/ happen to me. You can tell the cops where I was headed, and what I was doing there, at least." She smiles. "I'd better get going. I'm brave— but only to a point. If I don't get there soon, I'll talk myself out of going."

Abbey offers a soft smile and nods while she watches Desiree. She takes in a soft breath while holding the clipboard to her chest. "Naw.. I don't think your crazy at all Des.. I still think there are things out there that can go bump in the night after all." She lifts a hand and waves to the other. "If you need anything give me a call, alright?"

Desiree nods, heading to the driver's side door as Abbey closes the hood. "I'll call you when I get home and let you know how it went," she promises. "But, if you don't get a call by, say, three a.m., call the cops." It's a good plan, and Desiree seems pleased. "You're a good person, Abbey, and I really hope we can be friends. We already have a couple of things in common— Hugo and things that go bump in the night." A soft laugh, and Desiree's in the car, starting it up. The engine does sound good— save for the muffler. "I'll call you!" she says, waving. The top is down, and Desiree carefully puts the car in reverse, sedately maneuvering the parking lot. But, there's a squeal of tires as she hits the highway.

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