Happy Birthday, Miss Tyler

Holy Water

At first glance, Holy Water looks like a proper upscale bar. Simple grey floors and walls, wine casks and shelves filled with several varieties of wine take up the majority of the room. A light oaken bar is surrounded by several matching chairs. The entire wall behind the bar is a lighted glass cooler of various whites and roses. Several large signs state 'NO VAMPIRES ALLOWED' and 'ANY VAMPIRE ON THE PREMISES WILL BE SHOT WITH SILVER ON SIGHT'. It is no wonder that Holy Water is a favored hangout for those the align themselves with the Fellowship of the Sun.
There is a hidden secret within Holy Water; a secondary lounge in the lower level which most refer to simply as 'The Cellar'. This area contains two billiards tables, a disc jockey booth, and another bar that sells everything except wine, as that can be found in abundance upstairs. Couches and booths line the walls, and a small dance floor is situated in front of the gaming tables.

The sun has been shining all day, with not a hint of clouds in the sky. Birds have been chirping, flowers have been blooming, and there has been not a single thing wrong with the day at all.

In fact, Hope's day started off with a cute little puppy bringing her a wonderful present from her husband-to-be, a day spa pass that she can use to have a stress free day before the wedding. Thoughtful and practical, and just the right way to deliver it.

Then other gifts, and cards, and soon enough? Hope's forgotten that it's the first birthday in 22 years she's not spent with her sister.

Right now, down in 'The Cellar' there is a party going on. Birthday banners, balloons, just a lot of fun and good times that some of her friends wanted to give her. Bobby was there earlier, but he had to leave right after cake since he had to work this evening. With a promise to him to take a cab right to the Warehouse, or to wait here until he was done work, Hope's decided to stay for a little while longer. She is in one of the safest places, after all. No vampires will come in here.

If vampires do choose to grace this location with their presence this evening, they are more than allowed to try. Little hostilities will be offered other than the simple command to leave. They do have their own locations to frequent and the safe atmosphere of Holy Water is rather relaxing. The main issue with this location is that alcohol is served, yet he does well to avoid it on his way to 'The Cellar'. Late to the party is better than not showing up at all, but even so Zane Wright does his best to blend so as to not pull more attention to his tardiness.

Tucked safely under one of his arms is a little wrapped box, the paper being bright pink with little silver hearts on it. The ribbon and bow are silver as well, and there is a card attached to the top. The gift itself is rather lame in comparison but he barely knows Miss Tyler. She is part of the community, part of the family, and this warrants a visit on her second most special of days.

"Mr. Wright!" Hope spots him in the crowd, not even noticing that he's arrived late. "You came! I know that the girls sent the invitation at the last moment, but until a few days ago I wasn't sure what I was doing for my birthday." Well, until a few days ago, she'd had a surprised party planned for her sister, who was unfortunately abducted to Cabo.

Hope is probably a good indicator that though the establishment does server alcohol that you don't need it to have any gold old-fashioned fun. She herself is an extremely sober person except on rare occasions. Even then? One glass of wine and she's done for the night.

"Did anyone get you a piece of cake? Actually, I guess it's more twenty-two pink cupcakes atop a chocolate cake shaped in a heart, so if you didn't get any actual cake make sure to snag a cupcake!" The present is eyed, and her smile brightens all the more. He really didn't need to go through the trouble of a gift since showing up is more than enough, but the thought is just really sweet.

So much for blending in to the crowd. All the same she is greeting with a large smile and if she'll allow it a gentle hug. That is the type of man that he is. "Miss Tyler. Happy Birthday. I'm sorry that I was late." He'll not hide the fact that he's less than punctual but last minute invites do make things rather difficult at times.

The gift is then offered out to her, all pretty and pink. Inside is a complete stationary set, personalized for her. Of course the theme is pink and hearts. It is far from the greatest gift but he still has some things to learn about her before he can claim to know her well. "I hope you like it. If not, just don't tell me and I'll never know the difference." This is offered with a chuckle as he looks around for the so mentioned food. "I promise I'll grab a cupcake before I leave."

The room is studied more before he openly frowns. "I was hoping to meet this sister of yours. Has she left already?"

The hug is accepted, as she knows that it's nothing more than the friendly sort of thing. "Thank you! You really didn't have to go and get me anything, but I'm sure I'll love whatever it is." All of this said before she takes the shiny gift.

There are more important things to do than worry about her sister — like opening the present. She carefully removes the card, reading it before sliding it back into the envelope. The ribbon comes next, and she ties it to her pink headband. Then she carefully unwraps the gift and squeals. "Ohmigawd! I love it, thank you!" Just for that, he gets another hug. A stationary set is an absolute perfect gift for her. To send letters to friends back home, to help write thank you cards after the wedding, it's perfect.

"Unfortunately, my sister is in Cabo San Lucas." Something about the way she says it makes it seem like she's less than thrilled, even though she keeps a smile plastered to her face.

It's at that moment, not just the first hug but also the second, that he catches the flash of cameras. It will make quite the picture for the FotS memories album, certainly. Zane thinks very little else about it as this is a moment for Hope to enjoy. "Don't be silly. It's your birthday. Besides, you seem to be dedicated to the campaign. I'd be a horrible person if I didn't get you at least something." And not campaign buttons, either.

Zane is well known for his generosity, though, so it should come as no surprise that he attempted to bring something. "You don't have to say that just because I'm standing here," he jokes. "It seemed appropriate to me. You'll need something to write all of your fans on, after all." He could see her in politics someday as well, and it would be rather fitting for that.

The man is no stranger to speaking ill of a situation even with a smile. He keeps his smile in place, if only to help make her feel better. "Well, now I wish I had thought of that as a gift. Maybe next year, or for your wedding."

There is a laugh, and a shake of her head. "No, really. I do love it. It's the perfect gift for a bride-to-be. Thank you cards to be written for showers, and the wedding, and letters with pictures to those who can't make it." She really does love the present.

As for the cameras? Well Hope really doesn't think anything of them. They've been flashing all night. Who doesn't take pictures at a birthday party?

"Oh, no. Really, that would be far too much. It's just the whole thing came as a surprise to me, and it's the first birthday I've ever spent without her." Yes, even at Green Oaks, Hope faithfully spent the day with her sister. Even if her sister had no idea what was going on, there were party hats and cupcakes.

"I was serious about your fans. They like that sort of thing, or so I hear." He smiles down upon her as he would have smiled upon his daughter. "I'm just glad to see you actually celebrating and not hard at work. I understand keeping busy but there's a point where I'd have to step in." It's as if they've known each other forever, the way he speaks to her. It doesn't seem to bother him in the least.

What Zane hears is almost troublesome to him. "I can still make sure that you get down there. It may not be on the exact day but you two can still be together." Yes, he would do that for Hope. "Maybe she just forgot about what day it was? But you shouldn't let that get you down. There's far too much cake here for that." He might just have to delve into a cupcake sooner as opposed to later.

There is another shake of her head, her eyes tearing up at the offer. "Mr. Wright, that's far too kind of you. She'll be back soon though, I'm sure of it." She hopes. The end to that phone call wasn't really promising. "The offer is appreciated, but I just couldn't accept it." Flying to Cabo, while not overly costly, is just too big a gift to accept from anyone.

Wiping the errant tears away with a laugh, she shakes her head. "I'm sure my only fan, Hana, would love to get a letter from me." Even though they see each other every day now. "I like to keep busy though, it keeps the bad memories at bay. If I have too much time to think about them…" Well that she let's trail off because today is supposed to be a happy day. One wrought with celebration.

As soon as the tears begin to surface a hand rests on her shoulder. It's a firm grasp due to the strength in his hands but it's gentle all the same. "It's not too kind. A smile is worth more than the price of two tickets to Cabo." Two, one for Hope and one for Robert. A fool he may be but the hopeful Mayor does know a thing or two about a successful relationship. "Let me know if you change your mind, honestly. It isn't a take it or leave it option. Hopefully she returns soon, though."

The laugh is a good sign, though, so this is the course that Zane will direct the conversation in. "I can understand, Miss Tyler, but there are so many other great things in life to think of. It doesn't mean that you have to stay busy, you just need to keep your mind active." Now that he's on the campaign trail it's easier for him, even if he has been told that a woman on his arm would be better for his image. "Like today. Just look at how many people have come out, all for you."

He gets a sniff, and another smile when he mentions two tickets to Cabo. "If she's not back in a week, maybe I'll take you up on the offer. But only if you let me work at paying you back." Hope isn't without money, she's really not. She's just saving her money until after paying for two weddings, to make sure she has enough. "I have faith that she'll be back soon." One way or another.

"I know, I'm extremely blessed to have so many wonderful friends with the church, and at school. For every bad thing there definitely is a silver lining somewhere. If you're willing to look for it." Getting bitten by a werewolf, or whatever it was, led to her getting really and truly engaged. Letting Bobby go for a while just had him coming back to her. She's not a person that dwells on the badness, but she never forgets it.

The hand moves from her shoulder and a finger taps the bottom of her chin, as if she were a child. "Last that I remember, you were working for me. That would be the repayment, not that I would ever ask for it." If he can make her happy, that really is all that matters. It wouldn't be the first time that Zane has done such a thing for someone. The positive words she speaks receive a nod but there's only so much he can comment on. His grey cloud doesn't have a silver lining, no matter how he tries to spin it. "I'm glad that you're able to see things in such a way. That's what makes you the best poster child. But if you'll excuse me, I should grab a cupcake before I miss out on the opportunity."

Every cloud has a silver lining. Every one of them. Just some are more noticeable than others. Hope may not know the man's whole story yet, but would he be in politics, fighting for what he believes in if he hadn't experienced some sort of tragedy? "That's right, I am working for you, and I'm going to do my best to get you elected Mayor of Dallas. I even went to the library the other day to do some research on politics so that I'm not left in the dark." An extremely bright smile is beamed at him, and she laughs. "Yes! Don't miss out on those! They're red velvet."

She can research his personal story more and then instruct him what his silver lining really is. At the same time, he can be the silver lining for others in the community. That in itself is rewarding so he will never be one to argue. "That's some dedication, Miss Tyler." She will be a valuable asset, Zane is learning. "I appreciate it. I'm sure it will be what makes my campaign." The promise of red velvet cupcakes does peak his interest. "Happy Birthday again. I hope it's been a great day for you." Another hug is offered before he steps off for some of those delicious pastries.

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