Silence in the Cemetery

McCree Cemetery

For the most part, the cemetery seems to be a quiet and serene spot for both the souls that rest below and those that come to pay respect to their loved ones. A packed dirt pathway continues through the grounds boxing off expanses of green lawns that have gravestones of different shapes and ages.
Off in the southeast corner is an area of the grounds that seems to have gone forgotten. Overgrown with weeds, vines and various other plants, a cluster of old and broken gravemarkers clutter the area. Even on the sunniest of days, this section has an extreme sense of foreboding to it.

Tonight is the full moon. Though the night is black, it is hardly dark. A soft white glow washes over the McCree Cemetery, dusting the gravestones with a gentle sheen of light.

The cemetery is not a place Chloe frequents too often. She doesn't fear them, she has no reason to not be in them. She just doesn't have the morbid desire to sit amongst the dead. Except for the fact that beyond vampires and books? Sitting amongst the dead is the easiest way to quiet her own mind.

This evening, she's here with a purpose. There are blood red roses in her hands as she traverses one of the pathways, leading her to the newer area of the cemetery. There she stops before a grave, gently tossing the flowers onto it.

Allowed outside a few hours every night, Susan takes the most advantage of the leeway she's given by being indeed outside of the estate every minute she can. Tonight however, she's opted for somewhere quieter, for once not having to converse by paper or to have to explain herself. Marcus, her bodyguard, proved to be a world of improvement compared to Marius and the two of them are now crunching gravel underneath boots and heels in amicable silence. The word around the estate? Sue's been on her bestest behaviour.

There is a faint 'buzz' in Chloe's mind, but as the unsound of two vampire minds approach she doesn't bother tensing up. Much better to run into vampires than a werewolf on a night like tonight. Without a worry, Chloe seats herself at the foot of the grave. There is talking going on, though nothing of the verbal quality. Just a quiet conversation with her father. Something she's been doing at the full moon every month since his death. Which seems like years ago rather than months, but that's how life works sometimes. Wiping a tear from her eye, she turns to glance at who's headed in her direction. A small nod is afforded, but no words as of yet.

Sharp icy blue eyes dart from the girl to the name at the stone and pausing in her steps, Susan asks Marcus with gaze only to wait so she can talk to Chloe for a moment. Marcus complies with an emotionless face and it's Sue who continues on alone, closing the short distance. Keeping a respectful enough distance, she crouches right before Chloe, tilted head asking id everything's alright.

"Susan," Chloe offers. She knows who the woman is. She may not be able to see in the dark like any other creature, but the full moon allows enough light for her to know who it was that was sneaking up on her. "Everything is fine," she answers in response to the body-languaged question. "My father," she says motioning to the grave, "was killed by a wolf four months ago." There's no fear in speaking of that, since it was in plenty of papers.

Narrowing eyes and a nod. The vampire seems to understand loss. A wrinkled nose speaks volumes of her distaste for werewolves. She still doesn't seem utterly convinced Chloe's as fine as stated though, keen eyes scanning her face and body language.

There was great care not to mention werewolves, just a wolf. So far as Chloe is aware, Will is the only one that knows the true nature of the attack, and only because between he and Mischa, someone had to contact Donato and let him know. A sigh and a shrug, and the red-headed woman gets to her feet. Her peace is over, and so with another wipe at her eyes, she forces a smile. "I see that you listened to what I had to say. I'm glad you're able to get out with Marcus."

Rising with Chloe, Susan returns the smile, though hers is accompanied by a quirked brow at the assumption. Not that she's otherwise commenting, but the corners of her mouth lift higher in amusement. A once perfectly manicured thumb points to Marcus, who shifts, after which Sue just gives a thumbs up. Things seem to be working out for her indeed.

Chloe is a very forward girl, with very forward ideas. If mention of behavior was made by her? She'll take credit for it. Seeing Marcus shift a little, Chloe gives him a nod. She knows the guards from the estate well enough to know that if there is a problem, they're quick enough to come to her aid. "Though why, of all places, would you want to visit a cemetery? I can't imagine it… has much for you."

Susan at last pulls out the noteblock and scribbles a few lines in careless handwriting. There's a pause in which she observes the human, then writes something else. And holds up the block for Chloe to read.

Nice 'n quiet? I'm rather bored with having the explain the silent streak.

And below that:

Are you alright. If you want to, we'll continue on.

"Ah, I guess I can understand that, yeah." Chloe's never asked what Susan did to deserve punishment, it's not her place. While Marius may think she's a mouthy, stubborn little brat (and she is), she does know that some things are really none of her business. "I'm fine, honestly. I just make a habit of coming out here now at the full moon. I know mom would do it if she weren't otherwise indisposed, so I do it for her." Shrug.

Keen eyes study her face for a moment longer, then Susan simply nods, scribbling another few words,

We'll leave you your peace.

Lowering the pad, she nods back to Marcus and waits for the man to catch up. Really. Vampires can be so easy, specially when they want to be.

There is a blink at the note, but Susan is already nodding to Marcus. There is a small smile for the woman, something genuine. Though she still doesn't trust her fully, it is a sign of compassion and Chloe can accept that for whatever reason Susan is planning on giving it. "Thank you, Susan." She knows there's a whole game of playing nice with the King's toy in order to get on his good side, but she's not even going to worry about that now. "There's a tree, a little further back. It's off the path a little, but if you want good solitude, that's where you can have it."

Surprise seems to filter through on Sue's face. At the very least there's an appreciative pursing of lips and though the block was already put away, she briefly retrieves it to write,

Thanks. Just what I needed.

She finishes it off with a wink and a flurry of paper when she stuffs it back where it belongs. And mouths, "Good night."

Whether the surprise is true or not, Chloe again accepts it for what it is. For now. Nodding her head once more, both as a farewell and as a 'you're welcome', she looks back at the grave. To it, she mouths a silent, "Until next month," and she starts down the path in the opposite direction, not wanting to cut into Susan's time away from the estate too much.

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