A Step Taken

It wasn't during broad daylight that he made his ultimatum; in fact, the sun had already set. Even though it was night, it was still quite early into the darkness. A particular Tyler isn't positive if anyone saw her leave, but the last time she was in the house? Ivan was walking out with her literally thrown over his shoulder. The young woman was far too tired to struggle, even if she wanted to. The truth is that she had no idea what she wanted to do.
Straight from the house (aside from a short pit stop to drop off the cat) he drove to the airport. When the pair was done running, they had left the country and wound up in Cabo. The first two nights were decidedly bad, due to having no medication as it was not considered in the rush to leave. The third day was none-other than her birthday, an event that Ivan had forgotten due to the current situation. On that day she received her medication that had been shipped by Hope which was a very good thing.
Now? Now Faith Tyler can sleep, but she isn't. Something about the situation and their location just isn't settling well with her, even though she's actually enjoying her days there. So as Ivan sleeps she slips out onto the balcony that's attached to their room. The small woman leans against the railing there as she looks out over the area, a slight wind catching her hair in the process. It feels good, almost relaxing. Unlike some others, she realizes that things won't change once they return. If anything, they'll be worse.

The events have been.. Interesting to say the least. Since Tripp actually had not completed a bonding with Faith it would end up by complete and random chance that he'd actually arrive in time to see Ivan making some sort of escape to.. Somewhere. That was odd, Faith hadn't told him anything about going on vacation or the like. So he had no choice but to trail along best he could.

With some experience as a drifter it wasn't difficult for him to rough it when necessary; and luckily Isobel was able to get him last-moment flights. Tripp isn't much of a detective so it was extremely difficult from there on.

He suspected he needed to keep a low profile since when daytime hit he was pretty much out of commission from the world and it'd be a nightmare if they vanished when he awoke again. Luckily they hadn't which brings us to now where Tripp Reynolds resides just above Faith, and seeing her just.. Puts his heart at ease. She looked so -gorgeous- tonight. "Psst.. Psst! Faith." he whispers out, clad in about as casual an attire as one can get, white button-up t-shirt and jeans

For her part, she's wearing a white nightgown which could double as a summer dress as long as none got too close to her to notice. She sighs deeply as she looks out over the horizon, her mind so busy racing that she can't possibly be expected to sleep. The situation is rough, and currently she's worried about…
Turning to look up above her, Faith just stares once she notices him. It takes a few moments for it all to register within her. "You're… here?" In that moment she slides the door to the balcony closed as much as she can without making any noise. The last thing they need right now is to be caught. "What are you doing here?" Judging from her smile, however, she's quite happy to see him.

"Yeah," Tripp replies to Rose, with a raised brow. But what did her confusion say about the situation; maybe that Ivan had no intent of letting him do his job, or.. Maybe he figured Tripp would find them somehow? He stays quiet until the door was closed, "It wasn't easy though, your other guardian didn't let me in on the deal."

He didn't sound upset, but he still kept his voice quiet, feeling a bit of excitement when she smiled at him. He'd love to just hop down and give her a big hug, but he'd have to resist for now. For -now-. "I was worried something might be happening or one of you two were in trouble. But I didn't think it'd be wise to call you on your phone.. Is everything all right? What are you two doing all the way out here?"

The response about Ivan not including him in on plans causes her to sigh. She steps back to lean against the balcony railing, using it to brace herself as she looks up. "I think that was his point, and if he'd been thinking clearly he likely would have gotten out before anyone noticed." The way she says this is off. It isn't resentment in her tone but there is clearly frustration there. At least she looks better rested today than other days and so doesn't have to worry about possibly looking abused.
"It was all Ivan's idea. He flipped out when I told him about the claim." Amongst other things. "He left the house for a few days and then came back saying that if I loved him I'd come here with him. No warning, no anything. I barely had time to let Hope know a few days ago so she could ship me my medication."
There's a pause as she looks down, unable to really look at him for some reason. "But you still found me. That means so much." Her heart is beating rapidly again, just like in the hotel room. "You shouldn't have had to come all this way."


Tripp took in Hope's words carefully. Of course she'd tell him about the claim, and .. He could take a guess at what else she mentioned to him, it's only natural he'd be upset. It was a good think he didn't call her after all. What would make him blush is her delight in him having found her- It.. Definatly made him feel kind of like a knight and at that point he couldn't help himself.

"Hey, come up here a moment.." Tripp lowered down to Faith, then attempted to scoop her up so that he could raise her to the roof and stand next to him. "I think I may need a list of your meds, I didn't forsee something like this happening.." he notes with a slight frown. "I'm glad you're all right. Well, for the most part."

He wants her to get onto the roof? He's insane. Although he's reaching for her, so all Faith can do is to put faith (pun intended) in his actions. She helps him as best she can but it's easily enough to get her up beside him. A glance is made down to where she was standing. Now there's no way of Ivan knowing where she is unless he happens to wake, go out onto the balcony -and- look up. This could be a good thing.
"It's just something I take to help me sleep. Since I got my memories back I've been having nightmares. It's nothing, honest." What is a Faith to do while alone on a roof with Tripp? Well, she hugs him, that's what. "I'm fine. Better now, at least for now. I'm really glad you're here, but I'm so sorry you had to go through it all. It probably wasn't easy to find me." It's only then that she dares to look him in the eyes. "Are you alright?"

Tripp didn't really think too much about it, he just knew if he wanted to hold her (which he did), he couldn't really go down there. Was he insane? Well, at this point he's assumed that Faith was fearless in a sense, proven further by her lack of yelping when he carried her.

The hug is not only accepted but returned in kind, a small smile upon his features, so glad to be close. Really close to the woman he cares so much for. Of course there was a little excitement over the idea that Ivan actually wasn't that far away, feeling a bit of revenge, but we won't travel down that road just yet.

"Hmn, if you insist.." he replies, regarding the nightmares for the time being. Maybe she'll tell him about them later. "Anyway don't need to apologize, you said I'd have my work cut out for me after all, right?" he asks with a chuckle, "It wasn't easy but it could have been a lot more difficult."

Was he ok? "Well.. Yeah. I didn't have to fight anyone or anything to get here." he added. There was a pause, wait a moment, she's.. In her undergarments, isn't she? "D- Do you.. Er.. Sleep in his bed?"

Fearless isn't exactly a word to describe Faith. She's afraid of many things in life, but it's the small things that she no longer fears. Heights are no problem when one was nearly disemboweled by a wolf. Even so, she holds onto him for as long as he'll allow. It isn't the heights but she'll certainly claim to it if there's a problem.
"Well, yeah, I did say that. This isn't exactly what I had in mind, though. I was afraid that you'd try to find me and get lost, or harmed, or I don't know what. It isn't like I have some sort of tracking device on me or anything." She has very little on her, all things considered.
Does she what? It never once occurs to her that someone might be uncomfortable with her in a nightgown. "We've been living together for months, Tripp." It's as if Faith believes that should explain it all. "And I'm pretty sure he was coming on this trip alone, originally. So yes, there's only one bed." Why does she all of a sudden feel ashamed?

"Hmn yeah, that's a good point," Tripp replies to the first comment, "Well, I get by, I admit I wasn't really thinking much about myself, you were my top priority.. I'll be more careful next time."

It's true though, Tripp was pretty slow on the uptake there, for some reason two plus two didn't add up until then. The vampire's expression seemed a little confused at first. Did he release her at all though? Goodness no, in fact he squeezed just a little tighter, "O- Oh, right. Of course, that much should have been obvious, right? Sorry, I shouldn't be asking you things like that.." Though he was curious about a whole lot more now.

He'd have to resist, and changing the subject might help, "So.. I don't really get it. Why here of all places, does he have work here or something?" he then asks, his gaze averting briefly.

"Tripp! You have to worry about yourself more. I can't do that for you, well, at least not when things like this come up." The idea of making sure he's safe during the day does seem rather tempting at the moment, though. "Because I don't know what I'd do if I had to lose you again. The first time was hard enough." Shudder. This is where her nightmares are from, after all.
In response, she hugs tighter as well, blushing at the whole line of questioning. "I don't mind talking about it," Faith finally says, after she finds her voice. "I don't see the point in keeping secrets. It's one of the reasons that Hope hates him so much. I was still technically completely crazy when we first met." She, much like Scarlett, believes he was taking advantage of Faith.
Yet the subject is changed and she just buries her head into his chest. Ashamed. "He picked here because he wanted to be where you weren't. To prove that I belonged to him and not you." It's the truth, after all. "And I'm pretty sure that he's going to want to get the protection lifted, but he doesn't realize that it won't change anything."

Tripp frowned a little. He would much rather believe in the better side of the person than the bad, and he had assumed that Ivan wasn't really.. Well. The type to be taking advantage of people like that.

Even if he himself knows the temptation all to well but.. But for him he was convinced it was different, he -knows- Faith, and his version of where she should be in her life is the correct one!

"I know, I know, I'm sorry. Faith. I swear I'll be more careful from now on. And don't worry, you're not going to lose me again. I won't allow it to happen." his hand brushed lightly along her back as he looked down to her once more. "I can't say I blame him, I just didn't expect him to run though, I thought he'd hunt me down to talk or something." Well not talk, but he wasn't going to say 'hunt down'. And he wasn't going to ask anymore about her personal relations, though her offer of not keeping secrets was just sooo tempting. Darn that woman! "Hmn. It goes without saying that I'd better keep a low profile for now. But are you sure it won't change things? Why do you say that?" he asks curiously, trying to give as comforting a hold as possible.

It's all a matter of perspective. Sadly hers is distorted and jaded so it's difficult to tell what the truth of the situation is. "I shouldn't have come here, but I didn't know what to do. He's been so nice to me and a large part of my life since I was allowed to not be institutionalized." Stupid funny farms. "I was hoping that I'd at least be able to talk to you first. I guess I just don't know what to do right now. I don't want to hurt him, but…"
… she has a Tripp, this close. This comfortable.
With her making things so tempting he likely will have plenty enough time to ask whatever questions he'd like, whenever he'd like. "Because of the claim. I'm not changing my mind. Even if he did have the protection dropped, it wouldn't make you go away." At least, Faith hopes not. "And that's his issue right now. That's why I worry."

Tripp does have to take that into consideration as well, but he'd never really want to tell Faith that she's confused or may be confused. Turning whatever she says into solid facts sometimes will certainly be a challenge, but he's more than willing and patient enough to learn- If only he could have more time with her.. If only he had a better grasp of the past couple of years!

"It's not an easy situation," Tripp then murmurs, "Hmn. Well I guess I'd better worry about that then, I'm sure there's something I can do. Hey I was wondering.. Do you and Hope still give each other gifts on your birthday? Did you do it early or what?"

With someone around who remembers certain events, who can help shape and guide her memories, it might be easier to be more normal. Or as normal as she can possibly be at the moment. It's likely that some things will never come back to her but at least she is trying. It may not be the most ideal Faith, but at least she's here. He's here. Heck, they're in -Cabo-, and with a pretty good view.
"Well, it will end somehow. I just refuse to let you go." It sounds sappy, but she can't help it. Still, Faith is distracted by the conversation about her birthday. Someone remembered, and it actually makes her light up. "This is actually the first birthday we've not been around each other. It feels odd." And so sudden, too. "This trip wasn't planned so it interfered. I think Ivan forgot about my birthday." It's silly but she seems somewhat upset about this.

Oh Rose. She certainly knows what to say to make Tripp's heart flutter and just make herself ever so tempting to the young vampire. It's yet to become a true test against his dark side, but who knows how the future will go- And it is all pretty much dependant on how things fold out in the future. Despite the really unsual circumstances, and the slight bit of jealousy (He's never shared a bed with Faith! Well. Not overnight at least.), he's very happy. Like, incredibly so, it's never been so nice to be with another person.

But he was letting himself get a little too sidetracked, "Thank, you Faith. That.. Makes me really happy, to hear that. If I could have my way I'd never leave your side." with a light squeeze of her hand.

His brows furrow a bit to the news of messed up plans, "I bet it does.. I.. Guess you haven't had much time to think alone either, hmn?" He could take a good guess why Ivan may have forgotten, though. There seems to be an opportunity here but.. He doesn't take it. "Yeah, he's probably gone a bit off the deep end."

Ok, maybe he takes it a little.

The darker side of people is a side that she just so happens to pull out quite frequently, even though by no real desire of her own. Some day she should learn to harness this ability. Currently, she can just smile at the fact that he seems so sweet and is trying to be with her. It's so good that this isn't after September. She'd feel more than a little guilty then.
No matter how sweet the moment, Faith's smile falls completely away when she hears him encouraging her negative thoughts. "This is all his fault to begin with. I don't know why he started yelling at me like he did." He knew what her memory was like, after all. Still, she doesn't want to outright make it seem like he's a bad guy. "You know, it's funny. When we first started talking I told him that he would hate me. I kind of think that he already does. I don't want him to resent me, especially if we're supposed to be getting married." It's not a healthy way to start a marriage.

"…" Continuing to look to Faith, Tripp keeps a fairly straight expression. Well that is until the mention of being engaged, making him appear a little taken aback and then rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand, "R- right, I.. Think you were looking for some time off to think about that.." he rather quickly reminds, even though he's sure she didn't forget.

"Well, if he truly cares for you I don't think he'd ever hate you," he notes, "But he may also not be able to accept the possibility that he's not right for you. It may be more complex that that, or it may not. But either way, I don't think it may be the best idea to be here with him until he cools off."

With that, he quirks a brow again, ".. I'm thinking maybe I should take you home, Faith."

He's known that she's engaged. Even now she wears the ring, even through all the pain that they've been through. "He stormed out as soon as I tried to talk to him," she explains. "I felt so bad that I didn't really sleep much. I ended up working my house more than anything. That's when I realized that I don't want to hurt him, but that there are some things in life I can't change for him." She's come so far, in such a positive way, but Tripp used to be her world. That's not something she's just giving up.
Darn Tripp and his ulterior motives. To Faith he's just presenting a good case, one that easily sinks into her impressionable mind. "I think you might be right," she says softly. "He does yell a lot. I don't really want to be yelled at, at least not right now." Some of the things said can never be unsaid, sadly, but she still doesn't comment about disliking Ivan.
"What?" That catches her attention right quick. "How, Tripp? We'd have to stop during the day and I'm pretty sure that he'd find us." It doesn't even strike her to ask for the motivations behind his decision.

"Well of course you don't. In fact I remember quite well, Ivan said the first time we met that if there was a time when you needed to be alone, he would grant that to you." he notes. Of -course- the vampire would remember that. It was interesting that it'd come up sooner than he expected. "Anyway you wouldn't be easy to catch up with. But it'd make sense for her to deduce that you'd return home." a pause, "Well, on second thought maybe Hope's place would be best to go to. As for how,"

Tripp smirks, "Well how do you think I got here? It shouldn't be difficult to get back at all." there is a brief moment of pause about having to stop during the day though. ".. It'll work out. We should probably get going then. Where are your clothes?" As much as he'd like toting her about in skimpy clothing, doing so at the airline might be a bit much.

It all makes so much sense to her, but she's sleep deprived and very easy to sway. Through all of it she just stands there, taking in his words and doing the best to wrap her mind around it. "I didn't actually think about how you got down here." For all she knows, he could have walked. There's still so much for Faith to learn, and she plans on starting as soon as possible. "Uh, I, I mean, they're in the room." Some of the clothes are new, due to the way that they just suddenly left. Not only will she change, but she'll also grab her id and her phone. "If you get me back down there I can get them…"

Tripp drops to a crouch, keeping hold of Faith's hand as he thinks quietly. "Are you certain you can do it without waking him up?" he asks. Only after that does he mention, "Oh well. I can't fly yet," he confesses with a chuckle, "Got here by plane myself, company perks and all that."

With that he'd carefully lift Faith again and slowly descend to the balcony again, still seeming concerned. "And be absolutly honest. If you're not one hundred percent certain, we can find some other way." He'd go in there himself, but he had a feeling that Ivan probably had a sense for people like him. It'd be best to keep as low a profile and stay as far back as possible. On the other hand, the phone and ID was probably essential so there wasn't really another option available. "I'll be here."

"He sleeps through everything. I'm sure I can do it." It isn't until she's back on the balcony that Faith even considers what Tripp is saying. She looks in through the door at Ivan's sleeping form, then back at Tripp. "I can't keep running. I don't want to hurt anyone, but it can't be avoided. It's best to do it now, right, and not later?" Getting on a regular sleep pattern will help the woman, too. "I'll be right back." With that, she'll sneak back inside to collect her things and go. Of course she leaves a note first, out of respect, but she knows that no matter what there's no turning back now. She'll just meet up with Hope before going home alone.

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