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Sakura Sushi House

Breakfast is upon us; at least, breakfast for this particular party-crazed drug-addled fool. He strolls in to the Sakura Sushi House, fully suited and booted and dressed to the nines, a pin-striped suit of exquisite cut, gleaming black shoes and a pale blue shirt, open at the collar. Sunglasses are perched up on his head, and hair has been tousled even more artfully than normal. Gabriel Rosco, maverick student, makes his entrance with aplomb, a good ten minutes before the agreed time of 8pm.

A deft flick of a finger summons a staff member, and he starts discussing things like preparation, the space set aside for him, and a number of other minutiae he'd completely forgotten about until now. His tone and demeanour is animated, business-like and exuding an aura of confidence that is almost entirely fake. One hand pats at a pocket, and he glances around; just checking she's not turned up early, unlikely as it is.

How well he knows her to know it's unlikely for Hailee to wind up early anywhere. Fact is, Hailee's been out at the park meeting with some rather unsavory types, trying to get her next fix. Tasting before buying to ensure she's not shelling out five hundred for pigs blood, she happily carries a new vial of "vintage" V in her purse. Guaranteed to be at least three hundred years old. The good stuff, even though getting it straight from the source of that young vamp was such a rush.

Innocence exudes from her as she enters the sushi house though. A delicate sundress worn, a floral patterned top with a sweetheart neckline, a reddish-brown belt, with a denim-styled skirt to it. Hands cling to a little brown clutch in front of her as she glances around the restaurant trying to find her "date". Truth is, she's not used to being out with Gabriel socially so this is indeed a first for them of sorts.

Click, click go the heels of young Rosco as he saunters over towards the girl. "Hailee!" he exclaims in greeting, oozing joyful reunion from every pore. "You look absolutely fan-fucking-tastic, girl," he tells her, as he approaches, lithe like a cat.

With a new fix in her system, Hailee seems happy, relaxed, calm. The actress in her just smiles at him broadly, leaning toward him as he approaches to do the double air-kiss thing. "Gabriel, darling, I hardly look as wonderful as you do." Once the air-kisses are dispensed with, she runs a finger over his cheek then gives him a gentle little kiss to the lips. "Sorry for being late, I got held up at a meeting."

"Of course," Gabriel replies, flashing a grin that suggests he knows exactly the sort of meeting she means. He makes a mock-biting motion towards the trailing finger, instead flicking tongue out to dart against it. "Now, we've got space for four tables all to ourselves in the quietest corner, complete with flowers and allsorts." Since he's been keeping a little cleaner recently, he's got spare cash to burn. "Please tell me you like sushi."

"Love it. Lived on it in New York. A model's dream food." Provided she doesn't slather it with mayo like some do, or dip it in soya sauce. Salt makes you bloat after all, and let's face it. She may no longer be doing the model thing full force, but she likes to look good. Vanity, thy name is Hailee Rose. "Four tables and a quiet corner? Why, Gabriel, how did you manage that?"

"Exactly the same way I manage most things," he replies, turning and offering her an arm to travel through the restaurant. "By throwing money and charm at it until the problem goes away." Grin. Eyes flash across to her, and he purses lips into an air kiss. "You will not be disappointed with the evening."

Hailee takes his arm, leaning against him a little as the walk through the restaurant. "You do have quite a bit of charm," she says with a laugh, still keeping up the acting even though it isn't entirely untrue. "Why do you think I adore you so much?" Winking at him playfully, she air-kisses back, then smiles. "I am rarely ever disappointed with you, Gabriel."

Gabriel releases himself as they reach the table, turning with easy dexterity to lift her chair out for her and place it back once she's ready. Indeed, the table is decorated in a fabulous fashion, with flowery bits and papery bits and other sundry items that women generally approve of. "You adore me because we spend lovely time together, and you are clearly a fantastic judge of character," he replies, "as well as the prettiest girl in the city."

"Flatterer," Hailee says with a laugh as she gently takes her seat. A glance along the four tables has her looking in awe. Now, she's not the typical girl to be all impressed by pageantry, but even she has to admit that this is quite lovely. "It's beautiful, and you're right. I adore you because we have a wonderful time together, and I'm obviously the best judge of character. You're here, after all."

"Why yes, I do believe I am," says he, slipping in to his own chair with easy grace. "I would suggest simply smiling and nodding and accepting whatever they want to bring," he says, brightly. "They've never failed me yet. Except on wine, but I'll sort that." Gabriel tilts his head to one side, clearly studying the girl opposite with some interest.

"That is because you don't want wine from a sushi restaurant, sug'. You want sake. If I may?" Obviously looking for his permission to order them something delicious and fabulous. "Otherwise, I'll take your suggestion." She'll just have to hope that they don't bring scathes of tempura, or she'll actually have to go to a gym. A napkin is removed from the table, delicately opened with a shake and set upon her lap. Ankles cross together beneath the chair and she leans forward a little.

Leaning back into his chair, Gabriel offers up a light shrug and a helpless smile. "Tell you what, you order whatever you want for both of us, and I'll sit here an look pretty, all emasculated by the knowledgable blonde." A hand flicks up; summoning their _personal_ waitress; a cute little Japanese girl. "Go ahead, blondie."

"We'll both have some umeshu to start, with California rolls, Dynamite Rolls, and whatever else you can suggest," Hailee offers to the waitress with a smile. "Plum sake," she explains to Gabriel in regards to the umeshu. "Sweeter than your typical North American, or European wines." With a laugh to her date, she shakes her head, "Hardly emasculated. That word really doesn't suit you, Gabriel. You're just humoring me is all."

As the waitress leaves with a bright little smile and nod, Gabriel releases a rich and pleasant chuckle. "Well, I figure I gotta put you in a good mood before I start dropping social bombs and sticking my foot into my mouth," he says, pleasant in self-deprecation, and clearly fishing for further compliment.

"Gabriel, you're such a charmer that it's doubtful you could ever stick your foot in your mouth." Were it possible, he'd simply back pedal until he got to where he wanted to be in the first place anyhow. She's seen him do it several times. "Social bombs, hmm? Now you've piqued my interest."

Gabriel replies only after an amused little grin touches his expression once again. "Well, now that my ego is stroked, we can get on with dinner," he allows, with a light shrug. "Well, now that I've talked to my parents, I have an offer for you," he tells her, simply.

With a hint of privacy in their little area, Hailee nudges off a shoe. Her toes reach out for his calf, slowly brushing up against it as he speaks. Apparently his ego isn't all she's thinking about. "You have an offer for me? Do tell… though first, remind me what you were talking to your parents about?"

A slender brow arches for that, and Gabriel purses his lips, jestingly teasing, "You can't remember?" Probably the drugs, he muses mentally. "Well, I was hoping you'd give me your parent's phone number," he continues, leg twitching slightly with the rather distracting activity happening below the table. "Because, we've been having this whirlwind romance and all that."

Quite likely, or quite likely she felt the conversation was entirely in jest. "Tch. That may be difficult as I've spoken to neither of them in years." Her past is not half as important as her present. "But you're welcome to whatever contact information I have for them." She wrinkles her nose in a bit of distaste. "Mother stole from me, and father walked out on us when I was still young."

A hand lifts, and rubs gently against Gabriel's chin as his loses himself in thought for a moment. "Well," says he, "considering those thoughts, you think it's really necessary for me to get permission to ask you to marry me?" Suddenly he grins. "If you're still up for a nice little arrangement that puts us both to advantage."

Not a jest then. "You are telling me, that even with everything in the tabloids, your parents agreed?" Hailee laughs lightly, airily. She knows she put on a good show at the soiree the Rosco's put on, but she honestly didn't think they'd go for it. "Considering those thoughts, unless your parents want something in writing, I think you're fairly safe to ask me whatever you want to."

"Hang on," says Gabriel, "what 'everything'?" Again the brow lifts, and he studies the girl. "I don't read 'em, neither do my parents." He does lean forwards now, resting elbows on the table. "I'm glad I'm free to do so," he tells her, with a flashed grin and a curious look. "I've even thought about details."

"There were several rather scandalous things a few years back," Hailee says without hesitation. "Mainly a stint in rehab, though most of the articles were highly exaggerated." Like most tabloid articles are. "It may be a good thing that they never read them, and of course I have enough grace to counterbalance whatever they can dish out." She's a non-entity in the scheme of things now. Below notice. Everything should be safe. "Details, hmm? A 'proper' wedding, and none of that Vegas crap?"

Shrug. Gabriel dismisses the scandal with an airy wave of his hand and a, "In the past, doesn't matter." He throws forth a nod. "Wedding paid for by the father of the groom, and a nice house in the suburbs supplied by the same. In return, I finally finish college and start working for my parents, working three days a week while finishing up extra college stuff." Head tilts as he studies her. "What d'you think?"

Hailee taps a finger against her cheek at how easily he brushes away her past. This causes a smile, but then she is forced to ask, "And my duties would be…?" Their umeshu finally arrives, and she dips her head in a thank you to the waitress. "Though I think finishing school is a great idea, I don't know if you want to be working for your parents. Thought you wanted to y'know, do this to get back at them or something."

"Be a good little wife when business or family demands it," says Gabriel, "and organise massive parties at our house with our vast stock of illegal subtances. No holds on you for anything else; model if you want, don't if you want, whatever. No real strings." Grin. Fingers lift, and wag a little for the last. "No, it sort of is; the work is three degrees of seperation from them so shouldn't be a problem."

Her dainty nose wrinkles up at being a dutiful wife. "I can handle that, of course. Both counts." Hailee can also bring quite a bit more to the massive parties part of things. New dealer, better V… "So it's not dance little puppet dance, I like that." This agreement that will work for both of them, no strings, no jealousies, do what they want sort of deal? A marriage of convenience? She can handle that.

Gabriel responds with a beaming grin. "It's all good; you get to do whatever you want except when we're both getting suited and booted. I get free stuff from the parents and someone to organise my parties for me." He gestures towards the food with a single finger. "Honestly, there's no downsides. Shall we start?"

Lifting up the plum wine, she smile at him. "To us then," Hailee says with another smirk. "You impress me, Gabriel. I don't know how you convinced them of this, but you did." Waiting for his little sake glass to lift to hers before taking a sip, she smiles. "I should warn, the Dynamite roll is spicy. If you'd rather something bland, go with the California."

"Again, I threw charm at it until the problem went away," Gabriel replies, disarmingly. "They're just happy I found a pretty girl willing to go anywhere near me, I think." He lifts glass in return, before starting to attack the food with fingers well used to odd cutlery. "I _love_ spicy," he says, throwing a meaningful glance her way. "In all things."

"I'm positive you've never had an issue getting a pretty girl near you," Hailee remarks with dry humor. Rather than use her fingers, she takes a pair of the chopsticks and uses them quite well. "Too bad we're so public," she says, waggling her brows a little. "Otherwise, I'd show you spicy…" Accenting her words with one of the Dynamite rolls, she winks at him.

"It's keeping them near long enough that's the issue," Gabriel replies, with customary self-deprecating humour. "You, I managed to pin down long enough to realise quite how incredible I am." Beam. He continues with the food, allowing a chuckle for the latter. "Later, blondie. Not in public."

"Actually, it took you multiple pinnings to get me to realize that," she says, washing the food down with the plum wine. Hailee says this with a completely straight face, mind. Her foot working a little further up his leg, then down again. "I'll have to remember to keep the good impression up around your parents. New clothing, less messed hair…" Difficult, but not impossible. She does clean up well.

"Yes indeedy," says Gabriel, flashing another grin as the food is finished; at least, what he wants for the moment. "Sorry, hang on a minute-" he stands, and starts to take steps towards the bar. Suddenly, he stops, and in a flash of movement he's down to one knee, complete with a little box in hand. "Well then, Hailee Smith," he continues, offering up a sly little glance, a sly little smile.

There is a moment of shock. Of complete disbelief. Hailee eyes him curiously, and then opens her mouth in a gape, then closes it again. "How on… how did you… I…" She's been known as just 'Hailee Rose' for so long, that it's rare for anyone to know her real name. Then again, she can't recall if she told him or not, so good is her memory. She puts on a good show though, getting up and eyeing him curiously. Waiting like any woman would for the question.

An eyelid flickers in a wink. "Got my ways," grins Gabriel. "Hailee Smith, you beautiful, wonderful girl. Will you marry me?" The little box open with a dull click, revealing a classic, white gold three-diamond emerald thing suggested by the nice girl in the shop. It's really quite impressive as these things go. Again, that good ol' saving up by not taking quite so many drugs.

Here is where the acting really comes into play. The ring is looked at, eyed, and then there is a small shrill shriek. Hailee runs toward him to wrap her arms around him, nearly tackling him to the floor. "Yes, yes, of course yes!" As there's no clue if his parents have friends that are dining here this evening, and appearances must be kept up. "It's absolutely beautiful!" Her hand is held out to him as she waits the ring to be put on her finger.

Gabriel laughs joyously in response, the consumnate actor within looking up to her with shining eyes. It's not that hard; after all, he's quite fond of her. Slowly, he places the ring on her finger, a perfect fit.

Gabriel laughs joyously in response, the consumnate actor within looking up to her with shining eyes. It's not that hard; after all, he's quite fond of her. Slowly, he places the ring on her finger, a perfect fit. "Thank you, Hailee," says he, looking up to her eyes. "May we have a perfect life together."

As is traditional in these situations, one slightly drunk guy off to one side starts clapping, and the rest of the restaurant in earshot feels obliged to join in. There's a round of applause for the pair, including a couple watching with some interest; friends of the parents indeed.

There is a reason for play acting, and that was indeed it. Hailee gives the ring a generous look. "I'm the luckiest girl," she says, showering his face with tiny little kisses. "How can a life with you be anything but perfect?" Eyelashes fluttering, she releases him so that he can get up before falling. She's good. She's so good that she manages the proper social blush for all the applause.

One of the many reasons he's fond of her. Gabriel comes slowly to his feet, looking visibly shaken as he does so. There's a somewhat foolish smile in place as he makes his way slowly back to his seat, sitting down and completely ignoring the food in front of him. He leans forwards, dropping his voice to a low level. "I'm actually starting to grow incredibly fond of you, blondie," says he, offering a coy little look to her. "Now, how about we ditch this place and go have some fun?"

His acting, the little shaken swagger, makes Hailee bite the inside of her cheek. Keep up the outward appearances until they're back to the privacy of their area. She doesn't sit, instead moving to his side. "To celebrate properly? You're on." Then she leans in to whisper, "Pay the tab, take my hand and smile outrageously as we leave. It's the last sell of the night." Her clutch is obtained and she waits for him to take her hand.

"Fuck paying," says Gabriel, "I've already put this on my mum's account." Grin. He stands up, offering out one hand for her to take, his demeanour still incredibly happy. He does have the suggested outrageous grin. "Let's go," says he, "to celebrate!"

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