Sucks to be You

Cornett Residence

This house has been sectioned off into two living spaces, separated by floor as opposed to wall throughout the middle. The first floor has been reserved for a renter while the second floor has been claimed by the owner of the duplex. The living space is large and spacious, perfect for a summer's day when the windows are open. Much the bachelor pad, it is sparsely decorated. All the basics that are required are there but rarely used and so the area is immaculate. A large living area and kitchen lead to a hallway which contains the doors for the bathroom, master bedroom and guest bedroom. The only difference between the two bedrooms is that the master room contains a computer desk and laptop.

The evening has worn on a little. Serenity has been out for her final walk, just before the sun set fully. Darkness has crept up on the Cornett residence, but the lights still shine within. Hope is currently in the midst of making herself a nice cup of cocoa to curl up with on the couch. So that she can watch the Newlins while they're on the 11 o'clock news.

Serenity is currently curled up on the foot of Hope's bed and happily out for the night.

Boiling the milk on the stove, she whistles the itsy bitsy spider song. The lyrics she learned at the leadership conference aren't really about a spider, but it's the same tune.

The weeks have gone by with little to no word from the man. A letter of congratulations for the engagement. A gift later to follow. Still the former priest-to-be has been mostly void in the life of Hope Tyler. He knows her views on vampires and realizes it would be a bad idea. Yet she's made the headlines on some tabloids as of late and he can't help but attempt to check in on her. Due to his inability to sleep the day away fully, Elliott is up and ready to move as soon as the giant orb sets. Before long he's standing on the front lawn of the Cornett residence. Knocking comes to mind but even then he resists. Instead the baby vampire removes his cell and dials the number of the first girl who ever kissed him.

Just as she's adding the cocoa to the milk, the phone rings. Hope removes the scalding milk from the burner, and goes on the hunt for her phone. She finally finds it in her backpack, flipping it open without looking at the number. "Bobby? Didn't you just get to work?" Since really, he is the only one that calls her.

Resting the phone on her shoulder with her head tilted she moves back to the stove to continue with the cocoa. Pouring some of the powder in, she sets the pot back to the burner and starts to slowly stir it with her other hand.

Being referred to as a different man does not bother him. It is logically, after all, especially if she didn't check the phone prior to answering. There is a moment of hesitation before Elliott speaks. "Hope, it isn't Bobby." His fear is that she's going to freak out. For some reason he closes his eyes, expecting some form of drama to follow. "I'm horribly sorry to bother you at this hour. I saw you in the tabloids recently and was concerned." For all he knows she likely won't even be able to place the voice.

It takes her a few moments to figure out who it is by the voice. "Elliott? How've you been? You were at… a seminar or something, right? How was it?" There's a pause then a little, "Ow." The cocoa is taken off the stove and set onto a hot plate while she goes to collect a mug and turn the burner off. "Oh, the tabloids… right. I'm fine. I mean, they're full of doggy doo-doo. I would never do what they're saying. Mr. Wright is just a very nice man from my church who's going to be running for mayor."

"It was something similar to that." He did mention something along those lines prior to being turned, and in his messages, yet he never could bring himself to admit to the truth. It has to happen at some point. As she says 'ow', he immediately responds. "What happened?" Perhaps Elliott is overly concerned for her. "The rumors are unfounded; of that I have no doubt. Any who have had the pleasure of conversing with you should know this. Yet it does link you directly to this man, and that is why I am concerned."

"I don't mind the link. He's kind of like a mentor for me. I'm going to be working at his campaign headquarters." Hope pours the cocoa into the mug and then moves over to the couch. "You know you could come over so we could talk if that's easier for you? I just made cocoa, and I've got enough for another person." She pauses again. "Oh, I just splashed a bit of scalding milk onto the tip of my finger. It'll be fine, I'm just a bit of a klutz in the kitchen."

How does one go about expressing concern without alerting her to the truth? He considers this while the invite is given. "Honestly? I was walking as I spoke with you, and wound up outside. It is, however, quite late. I'm certain you'll not wish to invite me in." Of that Elliott can be sure. "Please do be more careful, Hope. It would be quite a shame if something worse were to happen to you."

"Elliott, I've not seen you in ages. I'm sure Bobby wouldn't mind me having company." He's not a possessive jealous freak, after all. She's allowed to have friends that aren't him. "If you're already outside, you may as well come in for cocoa before you head back. After all, you did walk all the way here." Already, she's away from the couch and toward the door. "Something worse than what? Tabloid articles? I really don't see anything worse happening. I mean… it's just a political campaign."

"I was referring to your burn, actually. Yet it would be a shame if something associated with Mister Wright did come to you. If he becomes Mayor, there is no telling the dangers that you could be in." Most vampires likely will not be as kind towards her as he is. For some strange reason, Elliott begins walking to the door, standing out in front of it no matter what. She has to invite him in officially or he will not enter. "I'm not certain that I'm up for cocoa. I honestly do not mind returning home. I would hate to inconvenience you." It doesn't get any more inconvenient for her, if she were to figure it out.

"Well I'm not going to be mayor, silly. I'm just going to work the campaign. You know, hand out fliers and buttons. I'd be doing it anyway because of the church and all." So it's not like she's not used to being targeted for things either. When she gets to the door, she opens it. As she does, she hangs up the phone. "Well come on in then. If you don't want the cocoa that's fine. I'll just reheat it a little later." Provided the top doesn't get all filmy or something.

When she opens the door he can only stare at her. It has been so long since they last spoke, last met, since he last heard the sounds of such a heart beating. Always he's looked out for her but things are different now. Likely the lady will have him killed for being here but he cannot help himself. As Hope shows no overreaction to his presence Elliott enters. It is a stupid idea, he should announce himself for who he is, but still he enters. "It doesn't matter if you are but a campaign member, Hope. I trust that you know the situation better than I, but the media has painted a picture that you are rather close to this Wright. If he is elected and angers the wrong people…"

"The media likes to over step what they should be reporting on for the sake of making up stories to keep people interested." Hope shrugs and moves out of the way so he can enter fully. Then she shuts the door and moves back to the couch. If the man is paler, if he looks different? She doesn't notice. After all, he was pretty pale to begin with. "The wrong people, meaning fangbangers? He can anger them all he wants, the majority of them would likely be too dosed up on some sort of drug to get out and vote anyhow."

He is now inside the house of the Cornett, home of the enemy, followers of the church that stands against him. Leaving is the best option yet he remains there, standing relatively close to the door. "The media is often times a source that is to be ignored. I believe half of what I see and none of what I hear." It is a sound philosophy, as far as Elliott is concerned. "I was speaking more of the undead kind as opposed to those who are so fascinated with them, Hope. It is no secret that the current Mayor is working as best he can to improve relations with them. I just would hate to see any harm come to you."

"The current Mayor and his aide, or public relations guy, or whatever he is, are idiots." Hope says. "My soon to be brother-in-law works for him." Lifting the mug of coca to her lips she takes a sip and then peers at him. "Are you sure you don't want a mug of cocoa? It's nice and warm." Licking her lips she exhales a sigh. "The CoD's won't bother the mayor. Any mayor. Not if they want to keep good relations in the United States. It'd be like declaring war on a city, and then the state, and then the country… and there's more humans than there are monsters. They're evil demon spawn, but I don't think they're dumb."

Just how exactly he is to come back to that he has no clue. "Negotiations occur all the time, Hope. Just because they are not made public knowledge does not mean that they are not currently happening, even at this very moment." He should go; Elliott knows this. So he takes a turn to walk towards the door. "Perhaps I have come at a bad time. It is late and your future husband is not home. It would be more gentleman-like were I to return when he is available." This is likely something that will never happen. "I am glad to see you doing so well, with everything that has happened."

"They can occur, but Mr. Wright is incorruptible. He's one of the good guys, like you and Bobby." Oh, if Hope only knew that her fiance was hiding something from her, and one of her very good friends (or another of her very good friends) is of the vampire-kind. "Oh, stop. I told you, Bobby won't mind. You're a friend and there's no reason for you to go. Besides which, you never did tell me how your seminar went and I want to hear all about it."

Incorruptible is yet to be seen. No man is truly incorruptible, not even a potential man of the cloth. The words she speaks are so ironic that they actually cause Elliott to turn back to her and stare, stone still as if a statue. "The seminar is likely several weeks of nothing entertaining for you, I'm afraid." He's not able to lie all that well in person, he realizes, so he attempts to gloss right over the untruth. Perhaps unexpectedly, he moves to hug Hope if she'll allow, to just feel her heartbeat, her life. "It was just a matter of concern and that I miss our conversations. I am glad to see that you're safe."

Hope is a stout believer in Zane Wright. The man can, and will do no wrong in her eyes. He is one of the purest, kindest people she knows. He will be absolute in his incorruptibility. She will argue this point with anyone. "A lot of bible stuff? I don't mind discussions on theology and the like, but I know that the seminary is different, maybe more private in the way they handle things." The hug is accepted, though warily. Last time she was this close to Elliott was the mishap with her being a Jezebel and kissing him. They're both clothed so there's no distinct cold touch like Tripp has. Nothing to set off her alarms. "Well of course I'm safe, silly. I'm just really busy lately is all."

Albeit hesitant, they are close. This is the closest he's been to a human for any period of time since his turning. Everything about her echoes louder than it used to. Her heartbeat sounds so wonderful, her scent so delicious. Unlike the time where they kissed, he makes no move for her lips. In fact, while hugging her Elliott spots her neck. It is so available, so ripe for the taking. Immediately he scolds himself, but the temptation is so strong that he just cannot pull away. "There honestly was very little of interest. Your company would likely have been appreciated to feed my desire for… solid conversation. Yet it is past now, so there is no need to speak of it."

No stranger to hugs, there's a point when a hug becomes too much for too long for it to be considered friendly. That's the point when Hope starts to draw away. "Well I hope those seminars don't just up and bore you to death," she says with a shake of her head. "So when do you take your vows? I remember you saying that they were months off yet but that was months ago…"

The conversation is allowed to drop at this point as it honestly is not important. This is not why he's come; yet he cannot resist. Elliott is very much a child by comparison, no matter how old he was when he was turned. The child in him cannot control the temptations as an elder would. As Hope begins to push away the vampire uses the new hidden strength that he has to pull her closer once more. Fangs extend and intend to find her neck, to feed from that which he had promised to never harm. Even as he does so the mental battle begins. Still, the hunger is too great, her very life too tempting.

"Elliott, come on now! That's enough hugging!" Hope is unaware that anything is really amiss until she feels a sharp pain on her neck. There's a shriek then. A loud, ear shattering shriek and she tries valiantly to push him away. "Did you just bite me?!?" Elliott has very obviously lost his mind, or he's come to tell her he's not taking the cloth and is trying to have his way with her. There can be no other explanation, right? When she starts to lose the struggle, the mug of hot cocoa is slammed against his head.

Though it is of little use, the calvary comes from the bedroom with a tiny *woof* *woof* in the form of a floppy eared beagle pup.

The struggle is making things difficult. Messy feeding should never happen yet Elliott finds himself struggling to accomplish that which he never intended. Serenity does little to save Hope from her possible fate, but what works for her is the mess of hot cocoa that is likely everywhere. Once it hits him he pulls back, immediately bringing a hand to his mouth to cover the blood and hopefully fangs. "My God." The sign of the cross is made as Elliott continues to back away, his destination the door. "I never. I didn't." Being a child is so difficult at times. "Words cannot express how sorry that I am."

Hope spots blood, and she blanches. "Ohmigosh, did I hurt you? Elliott, I'm sorry… but you weren't listening. It's not like before. I'm going to be a married woman." She's in shock, really. The handle of the mug is dropped to the floor. She'll clean the mess up later. "You should go," she says, turning away from him to try to shush Serenity in her barking. The poor dear always gets so upset when Hope's upset. Animals are very astute at determining human emotion.

It's not until she crouches down, cooing at the beagle pup that she feels a warm moisture at her neck. Assuming it's the cocoa, she just wipes it away with her hand, not giving further thought to it.

Until she sees that it's her own blood, and promptly passes out.

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