Repairs and Pizza

Pagliacci Pizza

Known for their delicious thin crust pizza and exotic toppings, Pagliacci is a haven for college students, pizza lovers, and ironically enough, movie lovers. The space is long and thin, with a mix of benches with tables, tall tables with stools, and booths for ones seating pleasure. It could easily turn into a bit of a dive, but its clean appearance and tidy cooking and front service counters keep it just on this side of respectable. The walls are covered from top to bottom with famous movie posters… all in Italian! Half the fun of the patrons is to sit and look at all the posters which often display wholly unfamiliar art and entertainingly translated titles. Oh, right, and the pizza is DELICIOUS.

Abbey called to say that she had news about the Ducati. Hugo had promised pizza. That leaves only one solution. Pagliacci! It has taken Hugo over two months to find a pizza place that he considered 'worthy', but it was worth the wait. He loves it, from the slightly seedy decor that reminds him so much of NY to the incredibly delicious pizza that they make here. Meeting Abbey outside, he leads the way in, strolling slowly past the salad making area that sports a number of green and pasta salads, past the 'by the slice' pizza's and over to one of the tables. "We'll have to special order what we want … it isn't one of their regular pizzas. Sliding into a booth Hugo picks up the small menu and hands it over to Abbey. "If you like, we can get half and half, on the highly unlikely case you don't like the pesto and pepperoni … or if you just want something else as well." And then he just leans back to let her ponder and peruse both the menu and the place.

Abbey indeed found out some information on the Ducati, she has a few pieces of paper tucked in a hand while sticking the keys to her Mustang into her jean pocket as she catches sight of Hugo. She offers him a smile and a hello as they wander into the place. A glance is offered around while she follows along towards the booths. "That's alright." Is said to the part about having to special order the pizza. She sits down upon the other side of the booth and sets the papers down upon the table. "I'm fine with just the pizza and a beer." What good Irish wouldn't have some type of drink with food after all. "So, you come to this place often?" Is questioned as she tilts her head to glance around the place once more, picking up different things here and there. For sure her first time being here.

"A few times," Hugo admits, his gaze lifting up expectantly, waiting for one of the few waitresses to notice. It's really more of a serve-yourself sort of place. "Took me a while to find it. It's more a college hot spot, hence, well, all the college kids. But it's getting to be more widely known it seems because it's so good." When the waitress arrive, Hugo goes ahead and orders two beers, waiting briefly for Abbey to indicate which of the several brands they have on tap that she would like, and then ordering the pizza - a large pepperoni with pesto and fresh tomatoes. Mmm-mmm-good! With that, out of the way, he taps the table lightly and asks, "So, what's the news? Good? Bad? Indifferent?"

Abbey smiles and nods while she looks back to Hugo. "Seems like its a nice place. But then all these little places that are out of the way tend to be I've found." She offers while letting her arms fold before her on the table while glancing to the waitress and offers a polite nod and smile to her before just getting which ever brand they have on tap. "The news isn't great, but its not /that/ bad either.. It'll take some work to get her up and running again but I get the feeling that I can do it." She takes hold of the paper and offers it to Hugo. "It is as close to an estimate as I can get. Gonna have to clean her up and check out the engine for sure, figure I'd start there at least." Which with cleaning, and taking the engine apart is a bit over $400 dollars. "Gonna take it apart and get all the rest off, and replace any pieces that need it.. Which I get the feeling will be a good amount sadly."

Looking at the estimate, Hugo hmms softly before asking, "So the $400 is basically just to see what else needs to be fixed then? I should note that anything that needs to be replaced, I want it to be exactly the same. Even if you need to have it special ordered from Ducati. Like the menus sometimes say, no substitutions." Fingers drum on the surface of the table as he notes, "I know she needs new brakes. That's a given. The rest I have no idea." His eyes lift from the paper as he asks, "You feel confident you can do the work?"

"For the $400 your get it engine checked and fixed if needs be, brakes fixed and it ready to be painted and what ever detail you want done on it. To get the rust off I have to sand it off, have a few tools to use on the smaller parts but it'll still take a while." Abbey offers while glancing to the paper then back to Hugo. "I can normally find places around the states to get the real parts but if you want the stuff right from Ducati I can do that to. I won't over charge you on anything that's for sure. If I don't get it done you don't get charge for it." Half the time she works on stuff like this after-hours so she doesn't tend to charge much for that. "I rebuilt a bike for Mignonette.. If you want I'm sure she'll let you see it. The bike was a 1982 Triumph T140W.. I think it was for her cousin or some such."

Chuckling softly, Hugo notes, "That seems very reasonable then. But like I said, if you need a part and it's expensive to get, don't worry. I'm happy to pay for it. If the parts are available nationally, all the better. I just wanted you to know to spare no expense on this. If the part is only available through Ducati, then by all means, get it from Ducati." Smiling at Abbey, Hugo reaches over and pats her hand lightly noting, "I trust you. It's all good." There. Business concluded. That was easy. Tilting his head to one side, Hugo asks, "Would you like that up front? Or a deposit?" Handing the papers back, Hugo stretches slightly, tilting his head from one side to the other as if working out a kink before asking, "How have you been? Anything exciting happen to you?" He's dressed casually again in a t-shirt that's seen a few too many washings, jeans that are faded and holey, and a serious 5-o'clock shadow going on.

Abbey peers at him curiously, she tilts her head slightly a soft hum escaping her before nodding. "Sure.. I'll do my best to keep it to finding parts in the states at least." Unlike most garage owners she doesn't see a need to rip people off. "If you could pay half now and half when I'm done that would be great. Some money for the cleaning at least." She can let Sam start on that tomorrow." A slight smile is offered to the pat upon her hand and she nods slightly. "Me.. Well I've been alright. No complaints. What of yourself?" Not like she can tell him she went off hunting with the local wolf pack after all.

"Not too bad," Hugo confesses. "Been getting a lot of painting done lately. Finally figuring out a few pieces. That's always rewarding. It always takes me awhile, especially when I'm some place new. NY is easy. I can always find people who trigger ideas. Dallas has been more … elusive. People are not what they seem here. There's the face they show you and then there's the animal inside. It's the true person, the animal, the devil, the angel, the saint, the sinner, the god or goddess that I want to find and capture. But the only way to do that is to really get to know someone. That's harder to do here than NY. In NY, everybody is exactly who they are. They never hesitate to tell you exactly what they think of you, the government, vampires, the postal system, you name it, they have something to say about it." Rubbing at his jaw, Hugo's gaze turns slightly inward, his eyes looking at nothing in particular as he rumbles, "The hard part is when you find someone that has that elusive something that you can almost see and touch, but not quite reach. Like an itch between your shoulder blades. Drives me nuts when that happens."

Abbey ohs softly and nods while watching and listening to what he says. Her pale gaze blinking a few times, mostly when he talks about animals and the like. IF he only knew what she was this might be a bit more interesting. "I suppose you have a point there.." Though when it comes to being elusive she can be to some degree on certain subjects. "I have to admit I've never seen any of your work.. Wouldn't mind seeing it sometime. That is if you don't mind showing it off of course." The last bit is said with a soft smile.

His focus returns to the room, eyes clearing and resting on an Italian poster from Star Wars: A New Hope before flickering over to Abbey with a quick grin. "Sure," he offers in a friendly manner. "Maybe you could come by my studio some time. I could show you what I'm working on. Heck, maybe you could do some posing for me. Maybe I'll figure out all your fascinating secrets and immortalize you on the canvas…" Heh. That's probably the last thing that Abbey would want. But the conversation is paused by the arrival of their food and their beers. The pizza is served on a high platter, so there's room for it and plate below. The waitress serves up the first two slices before departing. It's a two-hand kind of pizza, the crust thin, but not crunchy or soggy. It's greasy and cheesey and smells amazing. Picking up his piece gingerly, Hugo offers, "Bon appetite!" blowing on his piece a few times to cool it off a bit before carefully taking a bite off from the tip and chewing with relish. MmmmMMMMMmmm!

Abbey tilts her head while peering at him, an amused look crosses her face before a soft chuckle escapes her. "We're see.. I think I'm the last one you want to be painting." She says with a slight shake of her head. There's a pause as the waitress brings the food and drink and she offers her a soft smile and thanks her before the waitress leaves. "Well.. I have to say it looks and smells great." This offered as she picks up the piece that was placed upon the plate for her and she gives it a few moments to cool down before taking a bite from it. She chews on it a few moments and grins. "I'll have to remember this place, think I found a favorite pizza." This said with an amused tone. "So.. What types of things do you paint?"

Hugo's ocean-blue eyes narrow with encouraged curiosity at that statement, his tone deceptively mild as he counters, "Oh? And why would you say that? You're beautiful, unique, highly competent, and everybody has a hidden myth inside of them. It's just a question of which story you tell." He watches with pleasure as she enjoys the new and different pizza, nodding enthusiastically before pausing at her question. He takes a bite and chews for awhile, swallowing before putting down his pizza to pick up his beer. "Hmmmm, it's really a mix of different styles. Part of the paint is what some might call hyper-realism. Highly realistic looking depictions of people, almost photographic, and then that's usually set into a background that is more abstract and textured, that tells you where the person is, but only in the most general terms, unless specific ones are required. Each painting is filled with symbolism and I guess some would call surrealist in style." His hand waves in the air slightly as he notes, "It's kinda complicated to explain, but clear when you see it."

Abbey hums faintly while she peers at him while chewing on another bite of pizza. She certainly does have something to hide that's for sure. "I'm not sure.. Suppose I never thought about someone being interested in doing artwork of me I suppose." A slight shrug is seen before she takes a sip of her drink, the pizza slice she has is set down and she wipes her fingers off on a napkin. "It sounds interesting.. I paint, just my canvas tends to be cars and bikes. Somewhat different I would imagine."

"Definitely different, but no less artistic I should say. Do you do fancy stuff, like detailing? Flames 'n' shit?" His smile is teasing, but Hugo is decidedly not mocking Abbey in the least. "As for painting you, why not? Could be fun. And it doesn't have to be in the nude, you know, unless you want it to be," he teases some more, eyes twinkling over his slice of pizza before he takes a bite.

Abbey looks amused as she hears him and grins. "Ya.. Suppose you could say that." This said while she chuckles. "An other fancy free handed stuff." She winks at him playful like. "Nude.. You'd like that huh?" She is rather amused as she questions him though, not taking any offense to it.

Grinning unrepentantly, Hugo replies, "Well duh. I'm a guy. Of course I'd like to paint you nude! That goes without saying!" His shoulders roll as he chuckles and notes, "But I generally don't expect my models to pose nude and actually, I rarely want them to. Unless it's important to the piece for some reason. Which isn't impossible to happen. But usually clothed is more appropriate to the piece of art. It's not about titillation after all. That's not what I'm interested in." Taking another bite of his pizza, Hugo finishes off his first piece and takes a second. Cooler now, he doesn't have to pause before biting into it. "Well, I'm glad you like this place. Too bad I don't own my Porsche. I could have you paint some rad flames on it or something," he muses with a wink.

Abbey looks amused as she munches on another bite of pizza. A soft chuckle soon escapes her and she grins. "This is true.. How could I forget that a guy might actually want to see a girl nude." This said while she winks at him playful like. "It is a nice place, I'm going to come back for sure." She grins. "Well.. When ever you do own one I'll be glad to paint what ever you want on it how's that?"

"Sounds good," Hugo returns, though in truth he doubts he will ever own a car. It's just impractical when you live in New York City. Too much traffic, no place to park, just too damn expensive. Best thing is to just rent or lease when you need one. "If I wasn't such a classicist snob, I'd have you paint the Ducati, but I think I want her to be just as she was made. At least for awhile." The rest of the evening goes along pleasantly, with casual small talk about this and that as Hugo points out some of the funny translations on the various posters about the restaurant, talking about art and food and motorcycles and whatever springs to mind. Finally, after his fourth piece, he leans back and rubs his belly groaning, "Okay, that's it. I'm done. Stick a fork in me. Ooooof." There's still about a quarter of the pizza left over. Eyeing it dubiously, Hugo offers, "That's all yours. Take it home if you want to…"

Abbey is use to having her own car, truck, bike what have you, makes her life easier to say the least. She grins at the talk of the Ducati. "Oh that's alright, sometimes its better to keep things as they where. If you ever have the need for something more just let me know." She offers while she nods and finishes the piece she was working on. Rather enjoys the conversation dealing with the different posters across the restaurant, a few laughs escaping her at times. She soon chuckles and nods. "Well.. If your sure. I never turn down left over pizza. Great for breakfast I've always found."

"Indeed it is," Hugo concurs, still rubbing his full belly absently, "though I'm apparently a freak of nature and for some reason I just can't eat cold pizza … have to heat it up again." As such he gestures to Abbey and proclaims, "To the victor go the spoils." The waitress returns and glancing up, Hugo asks, "Could you please box that up and bring us the check? Thank you." Picking up his glass, Hugo drains the last small amount of beer lingering at the base before putting it down. "Well, that was excellent. Thank you for coming to meet me and talk about the Ducati and joining me for dinner. Always a pleasure to dine with a beautiful woman, no matter what the reason." When the check comes, Hugo eyes it briefly and then hands over his credit card. "I'll give you a call, set up a time that's convenient for you to come over and see what I do. Maybe model for me?" he adds slyly, a seductive and teasing grin curling Hugo's lips while his eyes finish, ~in the nude!~.

Abbey shrugs slightly and grins. "Its never given me a problem at least. Maybe it deals with the fact that I work to much an I’ve just gotten use to eating cold food.." She hums faintly while letting her fingers tap against the side of her glass. Another polite smile is offered to the waitress and she glances back to Hugo. A slight blush crossing her cheeks and she chuckles softly. "Well.. your welcome. An it was nice thank you for inviting me along." There is a slight pause as he sets his card down on the check and she smirks a moment. "Sure.. An, perhaps I could model for you." "I'll have to think about it.. How's that?"

"Other cold foods suit me just fine," Hugo counters in turn. "It's just cold pizza that doesn't work for me. Something about the congealed cheese I think…" and with that he gives off a little shudder. His gaze studies her bemusedly as he pays and she smirks, asking curiously, "What?" Waving a hand, Hugo rumbles, "Oh, I'm just teasing you. You don't have to pose for me. Unless you want to. Your call, but I certainly don't expect you to."

Abbey looks amused and shakes her head while peering at him and chuckles. "Sorry.. Thought you meant it." She shrugs while leaning back in her seat, picking up the papers she brought in. "Anyway.. Thank you for the pizza and showing me this place."

"I don't not mean it," Hugo returns, "but naturally it's completely up to you." The check comes back along with the boxed up leftovers. Hugo jots down a tip and signs the credit card slip, handing it back to the waitress and then hands Abbey the box of pizza before sliding out of the booth and offering her his hand in assistance to standing up.

Abbey smiles a moment and nods while tilting her head. "True.." She offers softly while taking hold of the box and sets it on the table so she can get up. A glance is offered to his hand then up to his face and she smiles once more and takes hold of his hand while she stands up. "Thanks.." Is said with a soft tone.

Smiling down at Abbey warmly, Hugo nods and rumbles in turn, "Welcome." He studies her face for a moment longer before impulsively leaning in and placing a friendly kiss on her cheek. Quick, before she can perhaps slap him, he gives her a cheeky smile and steps back, noting, "Thanks for coming out… I'll be in touch soon!" And with that he heads for the door, whistling cheerfully, a quick backward glance and wave given to Abbey before he's out of the door and out of sight.

Abbey watches him curiously as he seems to study her face, she would never expect him to kiss her on the cheek so is rather surprised at it to say the least. She blinks and peers at him, though she makes no move to slap him and blushes while glancing to the table a moment. "Alright.. I'll talk to you later then." Its not often that she is caught off guard like that to say the least!

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